The Sea Swallow and the Humpback Whale

Two Incredible Journeys Across the Sky and Sea Catherine Barr. Arctic Ocean Europe North America North Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Africa WhaleWhale andand TernTern Asia Humpback populations across the world spend summers in icy.

Author: Catherine Barr

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781526360847

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As the Arctic summer fades, the sea swallow and the humpback whale share the challenge of an epic voyage. Follow the animals on their perilous adventure, as they face drifting fishing nets, lurking killer whales, relentless rain and fierce, icy winds. With breathtaking illustrations by Gerry Turley, travel across the sky and sea to experience one of the longest and most dangerous animal migrations.

He opened his mouth and swallowed the sea in a huge gulp. Where the sea was, now lay the newly created Mother Earth. Visnu was very exhausted by the feat of swallowing up such a vast sea. He lay down to rest and soon fell into a deep ...


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The Apocalypse of Enoch and Bhuśunda The Apocalypse of Enoch and Bhuśunda challenges the underlying assumptions of the classical roots of civilization by restoring the original context of creation mythology. In this second volume of A Chronology of the Primeval Gods and the Western Sunrise, ancient myths from multiple geographies are correlated to spikes in cosmic rays over the past 120,000 years – as documented in ice core data. The chronology and content of these myths tell us that the primary forces behind these cataclysms were the most ancient gods - hyper-nova at the Galactic Center associated with Sgr A*(The Dragon), Sgr West (The Beast) and Sgr East (Hiranyâksha and Hiranyakas'ipu), with secondary supernova seen as the birth of new, destructive gods. Ancient myth has documented the cataclysmic destruction of the world on at least twenty occasions with four major geo-polar migrations, which has resulted in a shift of the earth’s equator on at least one occasion. Multiple myths are shown to represent a view of the sky that can only be seen from the Antarctic region. Multiple versions of the myths of Orion are analyzed, showing clear linkages between the Vedic myth of Trisanku, the Book of Genesis, Senmut's Tomb, and the myths of Prajāpati Daksa representing the oldest version of the Orion myth – older than Trishanku and Genesis by 20,000 years! The stunning conclusion explains how the “Watchers” of Enoch were the Vedic descendants of Ila and Iksvaku. These descendants of the seventh Manu had been observing and recording the stars as a source of cataclysm for at least 15,000 years prior to Enoch, thus allowing Enoch to prophesize a ‘new heaven.’ That prophecy became the foundation for St John’s Book of Revelations, which is shown to be a description of a series of cataclysms attributed to Sgr West. The book offers a new theory for explaining geo-polar migration. That theory suggests small shifts in the location of the earth’s center of gravity underlie each migration, but that there are multiple causes for the shifts.

Swallowing the Sea

Literary Nonfiction. This is an inspiring book about writing and—more unusually—a book that honors ambition, that idiosyncratic drive that compels writers and other artists to action despite every kind of obstacle.

Author: Lee Upton


ISBN: 1936797135

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This is an excellent book about writing and-more unusually-a book that honors ambition, that idiosyncratic drive that compels writers and other artists to action and then keeps them going, despite every kind of obstacle. In a linked series of essays, Lee Upton reclaims ambition as an essential value, describing its roles (as subject, and as motivation) in truly great writing. Upton explores forces that threaten our ability to fulfill the most daring aspirations, and she examines ambition's adjuncts, including failure, boredom, and purity, offering a provocative antidote: obsession. One chapter, "Bigamy for Beginners," celebrates the nerve needed to cross boundaries between genres. Ultimately Upton argues for a new perception of literary art as "a good secret" for our era, when readers' interior lives and our imaginations are under threat as never before.

The Sailors Magazine and Seamen s Friend

I had let go the rigging , but was sucked down in the vortex . I went down a good way - no , I don't know how far ; but this I know , that I was gaping and swallowing sea water . I saw somebody above me in the water and put ...




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Comparative Nutrition

Under these conditions the animals were able to eat the sea - irrigated fodder , consuming up to 5 kg per animal daily ... The large uptake of salts was gradual in sheep and was therefore not as stressful as swallowing sea water in man ...

Author: Sir Kenneth Lyon Blaxter


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The proceedings of the 9th International Symposium, sponsored by the Nutrition Committee, are detailed here. The theme of the book is comparative nutrition in man and animals, covering aspects of digestion, metabolism and the nutritional aspects of disease.


but if it swallows him forever, he is condemned. Also in a Belorus- sian story, ... The keys thus are doubles of the hero, being swallowed by the sea and the fish as he is swallowed by the earth and returning home at the same time.

Author: Lowell Edmunds

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 9780299148539

Category: Social Science

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Classicist Lowell Edmunds and folklorist Alan Dundes both note that “the Oedipus tale is not likely to ever fade from view in Western civilization, [as] the tale continues to pack a critical family drama into a timeless form.” Looking beyond the story related in Sophocles’ drama—the ancient Theban myth of the son who unknowingly kills his father and marries his mother—Oedipus: A Folklore Casebook examines variations of the tale from Africa and South America to Eastern Europe and the Pacific. Taking sociological, psychological, anthropological, and structuralist perspectives, the nineteen essays reveal the complexities and multiple meanings of this centuries-old tale. In addition to the well-known interpretations of the Oedipus myth by Sigmund Freud and James Frazer, this casebook includes insightful selections by an international group of scholars. Essays on a Serbian Oedipus legend by Friedrich Krauss and on a Gypsy version by Mirella Karpati, for example, stress the psychological stages of atonement after the Oedipus figure learns the truth about his actions. Anthropologist Melford E. Spiro investigates the myth’s appearance in Burma and the significance of the mother’s identification with the dragon (the sphinx figure). Vladimir Propp’s essay, translated into English for the first time, and Lowell Edmunds’s theoretical review discuss the relation of the Oedipus story to the larger study of folklore. The result is a comprehensive and fascinating casebook for students of folklore, classical mythology, anthropology, and sociology.

Rough Breathing

bright, light, and speckle-patterned; hearing the sea's weeded throat stuttering, swallowing, glottal and gutteral, spitting at froth, its brine chafing at pebbles seeing the tremulous salt-packed sea-cold water of a lochan's inlet cut ...

Author: Harry Gilonis

Publisher: Carcanet Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781784103736

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For over three decades Harry Gilonis's poetry has milled cheerfully in the literary avant-garde: Rough Breathing is the first substantial gathering of his poems. Most previously appeared in small-press publications or little magazines on both sides of the Atlantic; some are published here for the first time. Gilonis's work has a light, lucid beauty underpinned by formal and procedural invention, with lyrics written from love and landscape as well as poems made from the innards of language. There is collaged bird-song, experimental versioning from the ancient Chinese and text written by a 'bot'. Borders between 'original' and 'translation' are straddled, or blurred, in intriguing and innovative ways. Objectivist after the fact, party without nostalgia to the British Poetry Revival, cognisant of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, Gilonis's poems are aware of their shape on the page and the sound they make as they go past the ear. They insist on being themselves as fully and openly as possible. The versatility and range of Rough Breathing, its use of processes, transparent or opaque, make it - besides being a fine collection - a radical pattern-book to challenge teachers and students alike. An Introduction by Philip Terry offers biographical and critical context. 'What becomes increasingly clear as one reads,' Terry writes, 'is that this is a body of work of the highest ambition, and highest order.'

Garry Kilworth SF Gateway Omnibus

Those on board found it difficultto breathe, since theairwas so full of stinging spray they swallowed sea water ... Dakuwangaswam inthe midst of thestorm, having just missed swallowing thesau of one of Ru's relatives as it made its way ...

Author: Garry Kilworth

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473201965

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From the vaults of the SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal introduction to the work of the WORLD FANTASY AWARD-winning author, Garry Kilworth. In addition to a decorated career in SF and fantasy, Garry Kilworth has been twice shortlisted for the prestigious CARNEGIE MEDAL for his children's writing and is a highly regarded writer of historical military adventure novels. This omnibus collects his critically acclaimed Navigator Kings trilogy, THE ROOF OF VOYAGING, THE PRINCELY FLOWER and LAND-OF-MISTS.

The Birds of Africa Volume IV

55, A 223-224. new swallow from Cameroon. Ibis, 148-151. ... Roosts of Swallows (Hirundo rustica) and House Martins (Delichon urbica) during the migration in tropical Africa. Ostrich 34, 99-101. ... Grey-rumped Swallows at sea.


Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472986542

Category: Nature

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Universally recognised as by far the most authoritative work ever published on the subject, The Birds of Africa is a superb multi-contributor reference work, with encyclopaedic species texts, stunning paintings of all species and numerous subspecies, hundreds of informative line drawings, detailed range maps, and extensive bibliographies. Each volume contains an Introduction that brings the reader up to date with the latest developments in African ornithology, including the evolution and biogeography of African birds. Diagnoses of the families and genera, often with superspecies maps, are followed by the comprehensive species accounts themselves. These include descriptions of range and status, field characters, voice, general habits, food, and breeding habits. Full bibliographies, acoustic references, and indexes complete this scholarly work of reference. This fourth volume in the series deals comprehensively with broadbills, pittas, larks, swallows and martins, wagtails, pipits and longclaws, cuckoo-shrikes, bulbuls, waxwings, dippers, wrens, accentors, and chats. The editors and artists have worked closely with other authors - all acknowledged experts in their field - to produce a superb reference in which comprehensive texts on every species are complemented by accurate and detailed paintings and drawings of the birds themselves.

The Ocean Waifs

Snowball , sea - duck that he was , might have held out a good while ; but the sailor , weighted with Lalee ... sooner or later must the Coromantee become also the prey of the all - swallowing - ocean , For several minutes — they seemed ...

Author: Mayne Reid


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