Sunsets Semicolons

The kernel of this book came from requests of those workshop handouts and notes. "This is one writer's life," he says, "from creativity to craft, staring at sunsets to sweating over semicolons.

Author: Greg Lilly


ISBN: 1937556034

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 118

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Sunsets & Semicolons - a Frank & Revealing Field Guide to the Writing Life From struggling as a beginning writer and learning everything he could squeeze out of books and articles on creativity, writing, and publishing, Greg Lilly stepped his way from technical writer to technology analyst to infrastructure architect of a major corporation then took a turn in his path to magazine editor, fiction author and small press publisher. The shift from the Information Technology world to a Writer's Life was a 40th birthday re-invention with some squeaks and bumps along the way. That perilous journey led Greg to develop and conduct several acclaimed workshops and seminars for aspiring writers. He shares his experiences and techniques - things that worked, not in academia or in New York City, but in the real world of freelancing and query letters and book signings. The kernel of this book came from requests of those workshop handouts and notes. "This is one writer's life," he says, "from creativity to craft, staring at sunsets to sweating over semicolons. This is my opinion, but certainly not the only one out there. These tips and suggestions have worked for me over time, and I hope they give you some guidance and sparks of insight." This is a field guide to navigating the Writer's Life. "This guide does not teach you how to write. It gives you tips for the trenches of writing: developing an idea so it makes it to the page; overcoming writer's block when the words don't flow; strengthening the pace of the manuscript so readers are breathless; and finally, how to sell your manuscript to a publisher - from an insider's viewpoint." Discover advice from testing an idea for a novel to perfecting a query letter that sells that novel to a publisher - in a frank and revealing Field Guide to the Writer's Life.

Silhouettes Shadows and Sunsets

You may have noticed that the final sentence of the story closed with a semicolon. It isn't a typo. Project Semicolon is a non-profit movement dedicated to ...

Author: SJ McCoy

Publisher: Xenion, Inc

ISBN: 9781946220745

Category: Fiction


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Manny dedicated his life to his work for more than thirty years. He’s not sure what retirement will hold for him—not sure he’ll be able to slow down that much. But he doesn’t need to figure it out all at once. He’s given himself a month to ease into the transition. He’s rented a house in the lakeside town where some of his friends live. The house isn’t much, but he plans to take good care of it for the widow he’s renting from. Whenever he’s imagined how his new life might look, the picture has never included a woman. He’s always thought of retirement as riding off into the sunset … alone. Nina thought the sun had set on her life a couple of years ago when her husband died, leaving her with a pile of debt and a broken heart. She moved away from the lake for a chance at a fresh start. She even went on a date for the first time. But what she’d hoped might be a bright new beginning is overshadowed when both her safety and her job are threatened. It’s time for her to go home to Summer Lake—the only trouble is, she just rented out her house. Manny thinks he’s renting from some old lady. Nina thinks her tenant is some old guy who’s retiring. Neither of them expects to find an intruder in the kitchen in the middle of the night, but when they do … You’ll have to pick up your copy of this heartwarming romance today to see if these two can overcome what lurks in the shadows and ride off into the sunset together. This book is intended for readers aged 18+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Summer Lake Silver series features couples in their fifties and older. Just because a few decades - or more - have skipped by since you were in your twenties it doesn't mean you can't find love, does it? Summer Lake Silver stories find happily ever afters for those who remember being thirty-something - vaguely. Like Some Old Country Song - Clay and Marianne A Dream too Far - Seymour and Chris A Little Rain Must Fall - Ted and Audrey Where the Rainbow Ends - Diego and Izzy Silhouettes Shadows and Sunsets - Manny and Nina

Self Editing On a Penny

The sun set early; a storm was coming. To reiterate: the overuse of the semicolon can take a reader out of the story. In fact, it is very easy for a reader ...

Author: Ashlyn Forge

Publisher: Ashlyn Forge

ISBN: 9781393254195

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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You've just written a book—a masterpiece, the next great classic, the single piece of literature that's going to be required reading a hundred years from now long after you're good and dead and most of mankind has been replaced by robots. what? Can you afford an editor? How do you decide on a good one? And how much of it can you do by yourself? Grammar Style Syntax Plot Development Proofreading Formatting And cost-saving methods Self-Editing on a Penny was written by an independent author FOR independent authors. Don't make the same costly mistakes I've made. Self-Edit first.

Sunsets Over Charleston

I'm not a big fan of the semicolon, but I love the comma. They're traffic signs. Slow down and stop. And equally, they can destroy a story.

Author: W. Thomas McQueeney

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781614237808

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 336

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Charleston is among the world's most cherished destinations, and its history is told and retold to the mass of travelers in search of the storied, classical southern ambiance touted in a bygone age. The people of Charleston have witnessed this awakening from within, and author W. Thomas McQueeney presents a glimpse of that shared experience through conversational interviews with some of the city's more notable inhabitants. Explore the area's recent past and present by reading about just some of this city's more interesting personalities who were born in or drawn to a place America has come to love. Each is testament to why the Holy City has become one of the most livable and enjoyable places to be.

Spectrum Language Arts Grade 6

After the sun sets, the lights come on; the city is beautiful at night. Semicolons are also used to separate words or phrases that already contain commas.

Author: Spectrum

Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 9781483812106

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 184

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An understanding of language arts concepts is key to strong communication skillsÑthe foundation of success across disciplines. Spectrum Language Arts for grade 6 provides focused practice and creative activities to help your child master vocabulary, parts of speech, sentence types, and grammar. --This comprehensive workbook doesnÕt stop with focused practiceÐit encourages children to explore their creative sides by challenging them with thought-provoking writing projects. Aligned to current state standards, Spectrum Language Arts for grade 6 includes an answer key and a supplemental WriterÕs Guide to reinforce grammar and language arts concepts. With the help of Spectrum, your child will build the language arts skills necessary for a lifetime of success.

Language Arts Grade 6

After the sun sets, the lights come on; the city is beautiful at night. Semicolons are also used to separate words or phrases that already contain commas.

Author: Spectrum

Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 9780768238662

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 184

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Test with success using Spectrum Language Arts for grade 6! The four-part lessons encourage creativity and strengthen writers by focusing on gerunds, colons and semicolons, and double negatives. The book features easy-to-understand directions and includes an answer key, a writer's handbook, and helpful writing tips. Today, more than ever, students need to be equipped with the skills required for school achievement and success on proficiency tests. This 184-page book aligns with state and national standards, is perfect for use at home or in school, and is favored by parents, homeschoolers, and teachers.

Not Without My Semi colon

Against a background of purple painted clouds, soft orange sunset closes in. Passion's arms enfold me, and tantalize my sense: arrogant whispers beckon with ...

Author: Randall Eckstein


ISBN: 9781435742710


Page: 248

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Classical Style with a Modernist Feel. This collection of poetry is a contribution to the body of poetic art. These poems are not gothic, hateful, or bitter poems, but rather they are well educated, thoughtful poems about life and the human condition.

Spectrum Grade 6

After the sun sets, the lights come on; the city is beautiful at night. Semicolons arealso used to separate words or phrases that already contain commas.


Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 9781483824321

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 320

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Spectrum(R) Grade Specific for Grade 6 includes focused practice for reading, language arts, and math mastery. Skills include grammar and usage, parts of speech and sentence types, vocabulary acquisition and usage, multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals, equations and inequalities, problem solving in the coordinate plane, probability and statistics, and ratios, rates, and percents. Spectrum Grade Specific workbooks contain focused practice for language arts mastery. Each book also includes a writer's guide. Step-by-step instructions help children with planning, drafting, revising, proofreading, and sharing writing. The math activities build the skills that children need for math achievement and success. Children in grades 1 to 6 will find lessons and exercises that help them progress through increasingly difficult subject matter. Aligned to current state standards, Spectrum is your child’s path to language arts and math mastery.

Into the Sunset

Notes about the Translations Many of these authors had a predilection to crafting
extremely long sentences , reveling in phrases held together by series after
series of commas , semi - colons , and hyphens . I have attempted to hold to the ...

Author: Richard D. Hacken


ISBN: UOM:39015056673802

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 455

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A collection of prose fiction written in Austria and Austria-Hungary in the 19th century. Seen as a whole, the fiction of the region began the 19th century as romantic flights of fancy and left that century drenched in the depressing trivia of reality.

The Fire Tried Golden Heartbeats of Golden Agers at the Sunset of Life

or Semicolon in our love letter to our beloved, the Supreme. It is because of this enlightened view that Death has lost its terror over my beloved ...

Author: Rev. Benjamin A. Vima

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490793917

Category: Religion

Page: 226

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In the Bible, God’s heroes pour out so many of their beliefs about God’s greatness and their failures and successes in abiding by God’s premonitions and promises. At the brink of death, they cry out for the strong and saving presence of God; at the same instance, their hearts rise up with grateful beats for God’s positive promises for them. Reverend Vima acknowledges himself as one already entering the threshold of golden age, hearing the same heartbeats from his inner spirit as well as from so many of his peers. This book contains a hundred such fire-tried golden heartbeats. The contents of this book have been gathered by the author for more than ten years and intensively worked on it in his retirement life. They are framed as small articles under many titles. In his foreword, Reverend Vima underlines this book is a gift of love from him to his readers, young and old: I offer it to the young ones so that either they can fight against them or bite them or munch them or even digest them for getting stronger in their holdings of Christian faith. I present it to the golden agers so that these heartbeats of mine may join with their own, making their inner holdings wrapped around and getting stronger or dance according to the beats as a sort of spiritual exercise in their lone world stage.

Sunset at the Temple of Olives

I changed a comma to a semicolon in one. Tooka stanza from another one and put it into yet another, then removed it again. I experimented with different ...

Author: Paul Suntup

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9781935904236

Category: Poetry

Page: 200

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Paul Suntup, like many great artists of their time, has spent years in near obscurity with respect to his poetry. The publication of Paul's first full length book of poetry will finally establish this man as one of the most original and gifted voices of his generation. The imagery and cadence in Paul's poems is nothing short of miraculous. With very few words he is able to speak to our senses in a way that is at once reminiscent of some of the great poets, and at the same time, delivered in his own fiercely original and inventive voice. This long-awaited first book will please fans who have already discovered his writing, and will also open the doors for new readers to enjoy. This collection of poetry will become one of the more prized and admired works from a modern day poet. The world needs to KNOW what a fantastic writer this guy is. Seriously. One of the great unheralded writers of our time. - Victor D. Infante, “City of Insomnia” There is an abiding innocence throughout Paul's work that is impervious to the cynicism of our times, and that is the best thing of all, for it makes him one of the most gifted and original voices of our generation - Amélie Frank, author

Thoughts About Living from Sunrise to Sunset

Author: Rosalyn M. Lampkin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781984547576

Category: Poetry

Page: 54

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Every morning when I wake up, before my feet touch the floor, I am so grateful for who I am and for the simple things I have. I give thanks unto God. This is not a poetry book about religion. It is a series of poems with pictures telling a story about living life in a world that has become so busy that we forget to slow down, take time to think about the what-ifs and the many possibilities that can or will happen if we take time out to render gratitude or thankfulness in the midst of experiencing joy and sorrow, hope and peace. My inspiration to write these poems is based on how busy we have become in our daily routine. We are so busy; oftentimes, we forget to take time out of our busy hours and think about the simple things in life and how amazing our lives are or how amazing our lives can be if we slow down, breathe, and think. From the imagination of the writer, the intent is to inspire, encourage, and comfort. Enjoy the story of each poem as told by the writer. I hope my readers find inspiration in the words I have written so they, too, can be inspired to slow down, breathe, and think.

Effects of Airline Deregulation and Legislation to Advance the Date for Sunset of the Civil Aeronautics Board

... and ( ii ) in subsection ( b ) by inserting “ and ” immediately before clause ( 2 ) of the second sentence and by striking the semicolon after the word ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Public Works and Transportation. Subcommittee on Aviation


ISBN: LOC:00019958802

Category: Aeronautics, Commercial

Page: 934

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The Imaginary Voyages

The first of each pair , separated by semicolons , is Rees ' s text : sunset / sun -
set ; observe / watch ; till / until ; after / afterwards ; appeared / became ; he thinks
/ I thought ; must arise / must have arisen ; He computes / I computed ; which ...

Author: Edgar Allan Poe

Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA

ISBN: STANFORD:36105003800617

Category: Fantasy fiction, American

Page: 667

View: 579


The first volume of a new edition of Poe, this includes three of Poe's longest prose works, three related by reason of journey motifs underlying their structures.

Grammar to Get Things Done

Semicolons can give your writing a flow that other punctuation can't. ... the best place in the whole county to watch the sun set over the towering pines.

Author: Darren Crovitz

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781134836871

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 232

View: 272


CO-PUBLISHED BY ROUTLEDGE AND THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH Grammar to Get Things Done offers a fresh lens on grammar and grammar instruction, designed for middle and secondary pre-service and in-service English teachers. It shows how form, function, and use can help teachers move away from decontextualized grammar instruction (such as worksheets and exercises emphasizing rule-following and memorizing conventional definitions) and begin considering grammar in applied contexts of everyday use. Modules (organized by units) succinctly explain common grammatical concepts. These modules help English teachers gain confidence in their own understanding while positioning grammar instruction as an opportunity to discuss, analyze, and produce language for real purposes in the world. An important feature of the text is attention to both the history of and current attitudes about grammar through a sociocultural lens, with ideas for teachers to bring discussions of language-as-power into their own classrooms.

Simple Steps for Sixth Grade

Semicolons con be used to join two independent clouses, to sepdrate clouses ... After the sun sets, the lights come on; the city is bequtiful of night.


Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 9781483831510

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 320

View: 441


Simple Steps for Sixth Grade helps your child master math and language arts skills such as fractions, decimals, ratios, percents, integers, expressions, equations, geometry, statistics, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, usage, and sentence structure. A standards-based resource that simplifies key concepts for easy understanding, Simple Steps for Sixth Grade provides learners with easy-to-follow units, clear explanations, skill-reinforcing activities, and an answer key to check accuracy. By preparing students for today’s rigorous academic standards, this comprehensive resource is ideal for supporting classroom learning and enhancing home school curriculum. A unique workbook series that offers step-by-step guidance, Simple Steps breaks down essential concepts so that learners can develop a deep understanding of both math and ELA skills for improved academic performance. With Simple Steps for Sixth Grade, your child is one step closer to complete school success!

Grammar to Go How It Works and How To Use It

A semicolon (;) separates independent clauses that are short or closely related in meaning; ... The sunset, however, has never been more spectacular.

Author: Barbara Goldstein

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781305478084

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 288

View: 423


Brief and basic in its coverage, GRAMMAR TO GO, 5th Edition, offers students a unique focus on sentence diagramming that helps them visualize and understand how words connect. Perfect as a primary text or as a supplement for courses with an emphasis on learning basic grammar and punctuation skills, this edition incorporates a wide range of material to help students hone their skills, including additional “GrammarSpeak” features (which provide guidance on common errors in daily speech and writing); a new “Write Now” feature in each chapter that offers a specific writing topic for paragraph development while focusing on the grammar lessons of the chapter; and more integrated exercises on interesting topics from sports to history to the arts. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

English Skills Grade 7

Directions: On the lines below, rewrite the sentences, adding colons and semicolons where needed. Circle the punctuation that you add. 1.

Author: Deborah White Broadwater

Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 9781580378079

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 122


Help English language learners write and speak in English with English Skills for grade 7. This 128-page book teaches English skills through whole-group and individual instruction and includes reinforcement and enrichment activities. This book covers topics such as grammar, punctuation, and writing. The book also includes reproducibles, a glossary of terms, and an answer key.