Successful Writing at Work

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Author: Philip C. Kolin

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305667611

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SUCCESSFUL WRITING AT WORK, 11th Edition, features an abundance of real-world examples and problems, an accessible writing style, and detailed guidelines for planning, drafting, revising, editing, formatting, and producing professional documents and graphics in the global workplace. Students are presented with topics in four logically sequenced sections, beginning with a discussion of the writing process and collaboration, followed by material on basic business communications (including e-communications and social media), letters, and resumes; conducting research and documenting sources; and more advanced tasks such as preparing visuals, websites, instructions, procedures, proposals, short and long reports, and presentations. With each new writing assignment, students learn to become effective problem solvers, to work effectively as members of a collaborative team, to understand their global audience, and to select the best communication technologies to accomplish their goals. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Successful Writing at Work Concise Edition

The distinctive features that have made Successful Writing at Work, Concise Edition, a user-friendly text in the contemporary workplace continue to be ...

Author: Philip C. Kolin

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285974347

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Packed with real-world examples, SUCCESSFUL WRITING AT WORK: CONCISE, 4e delivers a practical yet succinct introduction to effective workplace writing for a variety of communication tasks. Based on the market-leading SUCCESSFUL WRITING AT WORK, 10e, the CONCISE edition covers the most essential skills for effective workplace communication. The text begins with writing basics, emphasizing the characteristics of effective writing, the writing process, ethics, and the importance of audience. It covers basic business correspondence, walks students through formatting letters for a variety of business situations, and features a step-by-step chapter on getting a job. More advanced chapters focus on document design and visuals, writing instructions and procedures, writing reports, proposals, and making business presentations. The Fourth Edition emphasizes ethical considerations throughout as well as integrates guidelines for greening the workplace. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Successful Writing at Work

Consequently, almost every chapter in this new edition has increased coverage of writing for international read— ers and non—native speakers of English.

Author: Philip C. Kolin

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781133713340

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This respected market-leading text offers students a comprehensive, practical introduction to workplace writing to prepare them for a range of communication tasks. SUCCESSFUL WRITING AT WORK,10E, features an abundance of real-world examples and problems as well as an accessible writing style and detailed guidelines for planning, drafting, revising, editing, and producing professional documents and graphics. Students are presented with topics in four logically sequenced sections, beginning with basic business communications and proceeding to conducting research, documenting sources, and handling more advanced tasks such as reports, proposals, and oral presentations. With each new task, students learn to become effective problem solvers at work, to understand their audience, and to select the best communication tools to accomplish their goals. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Successful Writing at Work with 2016 MLA Update Card

Each student text is packaged with a free Cengage Essential Reference Card to the MLA HANDBOOK, Eighth Edition.

Author: Philip Kolin

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337285013

Category: Education

Page: 752

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SUCCESSFUL WRITING AT WORK, 11th Edition, is a comprehensive introduction to workplace writing with real-world examples and problems; an easy-to-read style; and thorough guidelines for planning, drafting, revising, editing, formatting, and producing professional documents in the global workplace. After a discussion of the writing process and collaboration, the author explores basic business communications (including e-communications and social media), letters, resumes, and other job search materials; proceeds to how to conduct research and document sources; and ends with guidance on more advanced tasks such as preparing visuals, websites, instructions, procedures, proposals, short and long reports, and presentations. You will learn how to be an effective problem solver at work, understand and write for a global audience, write clear and effective sentences, paragraphs, and documents, and select the best communication technologies to accomplish your goals. Each student text is packaged with a free Cengage Essential Reference Card to the MLA HANDBOOK, Eighth Edition.

Exploring the Rhetoric of International Professional Communication

6. P. C. Kolin, Successful Writing at Work (4th Edition), Heath, Lexington, Massachusetts, 1994. 7. M. Treece, Successful Communication for Business and the ...

Author: Carl R. Lovitt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351844444

Category: Psychology

Page: 326

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Presents a collection of fourteen essays that responds to the need for a more rhetorical conception of professional communication as an international discipline. This book challenges the adequacy of relying on preconceived notions about the factors that determine discourse in international professional settings.

Adam Eve and the Riders of the Apocalypse

About the Poets textbook, Successful Writing at Work, now in its 11th edition with Cengage Learning. Cameron Alexander Lawrence is a graduate of the ...

Author: D. S. Martin

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532638879

Category: Religion

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Adam, Eve, & the Riders of the Apocalypse brings together 122 poems about the people from the stories in the Bible. It arises from the meditations and fascinations of gifted writers, who ask themselves about the significance of these stories for our lives today. This anthology is a companion for your own reflections—a place for imagination and inquiry—and a collection of poems for you to share with the people who ponder the beauty, and mystery, and significance of Scripture along with you.

Successful Writing for Qualitative Researchers

Bassey , M. ( 1995 ) Creating Education through Research : A Global ... Bolton , G. ( 1994 ) ' Stories at work : fictional - critical writing as a means of ...

Author: Peter Woods

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415355397

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 182

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Discussing all aspects of translating research into writing, this text should be of use to students, researchers and writers concerned with getting their research written and having it published.

Success on the Job Writing at Work

FORMS ON THE JOB Air Express Service Label Many companies use services such as ... TO Recipient's Name Barry Alexander Company Whole Grocers International ...

Author: Stephanie Deveau

Publisher: Walch Publishing

ISBN: 0825138671

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 128

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Designed to correlate with the National Standards for Business Education Students gain proficiency in the writing skills they need for entry-level positions Reproducible activities teach students how to write clear business correspondence, instructions, descriptions, memos, summaries, and reports

American Learned Men and Women with Czechoslovak Roots

Regarded as an international authority on Tennessee Williams, ... released the 10th Edition of his widely respected Successful Writing at Work.

Author: Mila Rechcigl

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781728371597

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Apart from a few articles, no comprehensive study has been written about the learned men and women in America with Czechoslovak roots. That’s what this compendium is all about, with the focus on immigration from the period of mass migration and beyond, irrespective whether they were born in their European ancestral homes or whether they have descended from them. Czech and Slovak immigrants, including Bohemian Jews, have brought to the New World their talents, their ingenuity, their technical skills, their scientific knowhow, and their humanistic and spiritual upbringing, reflecting upon the richness of their culture and traditions, developed throughout centuries in their ancestral home. This accounts for the remarkable success and achievements of these settlers in their new home, transcending through their descendants, as this monograph demonstrates. The monograph has been organized into sections by subject areas, i.e., Scholars, Social Scientists, Biological Scientists, and Physical Scientists. Each individual entry is usually accompanied with literature, and additional biographical sources for readers who wish to pursue a deeper study. The selection of individuals has been strictly based on geographical ground, without regards to their native language or ethical background. This was because under the Habsburg rule the official language was German and any nationalistic aspirations were not tolerated. Consequently, it would be virtually impossible to determine their innate ethnic roots or how the respective individuals felt. Doing it in any other way would be a mere guessing, and, thus, less objective.

Teaching and Learning with Virtual Teams

Kolin's text Successful Writing at Work, now in its 7th edition and used in the ... and communication needs and traditions of a global audience” (p. xxi).

Author: Ferris, Sharmila Pixy

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781591407102

Category: Education

Page: 303

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"This book investigates issues around teams in the virtual and hybrid classroom, offering a view of current research and practice on the subject of virtual and collaborative teams in teaching and learning"--Provided by publisher.

A Survival Guide for Research Scientists

Usually a couple of paragraphs is all that is needed to make your point come across. ... Ohio: ASM International. ... Successful writing at work.

Author: Ratna Tantra

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030054359

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 232

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Research scientists play a pivotal role in society. Their passion for science will drive them forward, leading to new discoveries that will ultimately make the world a better place. Unfortunately, as the professional environment becomes more and more competitive, research scientists today cannot just rely on technical knowledge to carve successful careers. Besides technical skills, they will need to acquire other skills, such as how to communicate their science to the outside world. A Survival Guide for Research Scientists is a one-stop-shop that will help you to develop those core skills not often taught at school or university. The book has been written by an author with more than 20 years of scientific research experience (across different scientific disciplines). She has not only been a research scientist but also a writer, a consultant, a sole-trader and a project manager. A Survival Guide for Research Scientists takes on a holistic approach in order to help you pave the way for success. As such, it features practical guidelines on how to: • conduct your scientific research (how to: do literature review, design experiments, adopt best practice, ensure health and safety, etc.). • write and edit (reports, bid proposals, peer review publications, etc). • interact with the outside world (be a team leader, manage a project, network, deal with difficult people, do presentations, organise meetings, etc.). • look after your career (and get your dream job). • look after yourself (and how to manage stress). • look for a job (develop your CV, prepare for interviews, etc.). • become self-employed (and achieve business success). • deal with redundancy (and move forward in life, etc) Whatever your scientific background may be, this book is the perfect accompaniment, to guide you at every stage of your career.

Crossing Divides

Redesigning Composition for Multilingual Realities. Urbana, IL: NCTE. Kolin, Philip C. 2012. Successful Writing at Work. Concise. 3rd ed. Boston: Wadsworth.

Author: Bruce Horner

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781607326205

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

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Translingualism perceives the boundaries between languages as unstable and permeable; this creates a complex challenge for writing pedagogy. Writers shift actively among rhetorical strategies from multiple languages, sometimes importing lexical or discoursal tropes from one language into another to introduce an effect, solve a problem, or construct an identity. How to accommodate this reality while answering the charge to teach the conventions of one language can be a vexing problem for teachers. Crossing Divides offers diverse perspectives from leading scholars on the design and implementation of translingual writing pedagogies and programs. The volume is divided into four parts. Part 1 outlines methods of theorizing translinguality in writing and teaching. Part 2 offers three accounts of translingual approaches to the teaching of writing in private and public colleges and universities in China, Korea, and the United States. In Part 3, contributors from four US institutions describe the challenges and strategies involved in designing and implementing a writing curriculum with a translingual approach. Finally, in Part 4, three scholars respond to the case studies and arguments of the preceding chapters and suggest ways in which writing teachers, scholars, and program administrators can develop translingual approaches within their own pedagogical settings. Illustrated with concrete examples of teachers’ and program directors’ efforts in a variety of settings, as well as nuanced responses to these initiatives from eminent scholars of language difference in writing, Crossing Divides offers groundbreaking insight into translingual writing theory, practice, and reflection. Contributors: Sara Alvarez, Patricia Bizzell, Suresh Canagarajah, Dylan Dryer, Chris Gallagher, Juan Guerra, Asao B. Inoue, William Lalicker, Thomas Lavelle, Eunjeong Lee, Jerry Lee, Katie Malcolm, Kate Mangelsdorf, Paige Mitchell, Matt Noonan, Shakil Rabbi, Ann Shivers-McNair, Christine M. Tardy

The Foundations of Communication in Criminal Justice Systems

Emerging trends and challenges in information technology management (p. 2). Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing. Kolin, P. (2012). Successful writing at work ...

Author: Daniel Adrian Doss

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781482236606

Category: Law

Page: 640

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Myriad forms of communication occur within the criminal justice system as judges and attorneys speak to juries, law enforcement officers interact with the public, and the news media presents stories of events in courtrooms. Hindrances abound, however. Law enforcement officers and justice system personnel often encounter challenges that affect their

Disrupting Pedagogies in the Knowledge Society Countering Conservative Norms with Creative Approaches

In Moi, T. (Ed.), The Kristeva reader (pp. ... International Journal of Educational Research, 46(3-4), ... Successful writing at work: Concise (2nd ed.).

Author: Faulkner, Julie

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781613504963

Category: Education

Page: 366

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"This book examines a range of 'disruptive' approaches, exploring how challenge, dissonance, and discomfort might be mobilized in educational contexts in order to shift taken-for-granted attitudes and beliefs held by both educators and learners"--Provided by publisher.

Learning Culture and Language through ICTs Methods for Enhanced Instruction

Methods for Enhanced Instruction Chang, Maiga, Kuo, Chen-Wo ... Kolin's text Successful Writing at Work, now in its 7th edition and used in the SVSU Writing ...

Author: Chang, Maiga

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781605661674

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 390

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"This book offers readers an authoritative reference to the current progress of Chinese language and cultural e-learning"--Provided by publisher.

Mastering Selling Skills

Emotional intelligence pocketbook: Little exercises for an intuitive life. Capstone. ... Successful writing at work (10th ed.). Cengage Learning.

Author: Hassan El-Zein

Publisher: Hassan El-Zein


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 40

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Introduction Selling is a process that proceeds from devising into prospecting, encountering, and then closing. Questions that are related to these four stages must be catered to: · What technological tools must the salespeople be empowered with? · Should a salesperson interact more with existing customers or new customers? · What are the right questions that salespeople should use in addressing prospects? · What are the tactics or strategies to close the sale? After understanding all the critical elements in the selling process, one should have a deeper insight into the essentials of service, communication, and negotiation, without overlooking the importance of cultural and emotional intelligence. Service is all about consistency and catering to the needs of the customers. One of the major needs of the customer is the competitive price. What are the other major needs? What additional needs must be fulfilled for each service or business one is in? Tenacity is a major skill needed by both salespeople and customer service personnel. What are the other necessary skills? What is customer relationship management? Surely, we will answer all of this in a highly concise communicative style! Communication is all about listening, body language, proper usage, and skills of both e-mail and telephone operations, as well as presentation skills such as PowerPoint. This book has a section called “Helicopter View” that will concisely explain CRM sales and service as well as major useful shortcuts in PowerPoint. Communication must also be clear, concise, and complete. Based on this, this eBook is built! Negotiation is all about planning and anticipating. One must be well prepared to overcome impasses, know his or her reservation prices, master the major negotiation tactics, and counter them meticulously. This is not all! What happens if you have to sell something abroad? Do you have the necessary cultural intelligence? How much knowledge do you have of various cultures? What is your level of adaptation? And is that motivating enough to you? In addition to the cultural quotient, we will also cover the criticality of the emotional and adversity quotients. As you can see, selling requires a lot of skills. Yet if you attain them all as this eBook will guide you, it is guaranteed you can sell any good product or service!

Writing for Academic Success

You might need to work at not being too independent, at accepting an appropriate level of ... Some international students can find it difficult to join in, ...

Author: Gail Craswell

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780857029270

Category: Study Aids

Page: 248

View: 466


Writing for Academic Success is a vital practical guide for any graduate student. The authors show you how to acquire communicative rigor in research essays, reports, book and article reviews, exam papers, research proposals, and literature reviews, through to thesis writing, posters and papers for presentation and publication. This Second Edition has been fully revised to reflect the online learning explosion. The authors provide insightful new material about how to work productively in different online contexts such as with blogs and wikis, setting up an e-portfolio, and raising an online profile. They also set out a focused guide to issues unique to digital communication, and working with and across different media and technologies.

Exploding Technical Communication

International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being, 2, 68– 75. Kolin, P. C. (2009). Successful writing at work (2nd ed.).

Author: Remley Dirk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429652585

Category: Psychology

Page: 186

View: 809


Within the framework of New Literacy Studies, Dirk Remley presents a historical study of how technical communication practices at a World War II arsenal sponsored literacy within the community in which it operated from 1940 to 1960 and contemporary implications of similar forms of sponsorship. The Training within Industry (TWI) methods developed by the U.S. government and industry at that time included multimodal literate practices, particularly combinations of visual, oral, experiential, and print-linguistic text. Analyses reveal a hierarchy in which print-linguistic literacies were generally esteemed at the workplace and in the community. This literacy hierarchy contributed to a catastrophic accident that killed 11 people, prompting changes in the approach to designing certain training documents. This book links technical communication, especially the multimodal forms of representation commonly found in technical communication and instructional materials, to the concept of literacy sponsorship. The TWI methods used in training and system improvement during World War II are currently applied in business and industry as part of the "lean operating" and "continuous improvement" philosophies. These methods have also become part of the experiential learning philosophy favored in academia. Remley includes examples of current applications of multimodal forms of technical communication similar to those used at the arsenal as well as new media-related applications related to training and instruction. He also discusses their implications for literacy sponsorship. This book provides useful information for technical communication and literacy scholars and educators as well as practical case studies for business leaders, consultants, and practitioners. Intended Audience: Scholars in technical communication and literacy/writing studies; scholars in business (especially management and organizational analysis) and business communication consultants; scholars in history and sociology.

Virtual Technologies Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

national collaboration also demands significant instructor time for dialogue ... Kolin's text Successful Writing at Work, now in its 7th edition and used in ...

Author: Kisielnicki, Jerzy

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781599049564

Category: Computers

Page: 1842

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"This publication presents incompassing research of the concepts and realities involved in the field of virtual communities and technologies"--Provided by publisher.