Studies in the Economic History of the Middle East

the rise of Islam was held at the School of Oriental and African Studies in the University of London in July 1967. It would be pointless to restate the original aims of the organizers here. What the conference in fact achieved for most ...

Author: M. A. Cook

Publisher: Routledge

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African Social Studies

PART II Sociology and economic history: an essay on mediation A NOU AR ABDEL - MALEK From M.A. Cook (Ed) Studies in the economic history of the Middle East, from the rise of Islam to the present day, Oxford University Press, London, ...

Author: C W Gutkind

Publisher: NYU Press

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African Social Studies: A Radical Reader, is an essential and wide-ranging collection of essays by some of the world's finest social scientists, known and lesser-known. This impressive collection covers issues such as the legacy of colonialism, imperialism, problems in the field of African Studies, national liberation movements, and more. No student of Africa should be without this volume.

Middle East Contemporary Survey Volume Xvi 1992

GAD G. GILBAR , PhD ( School of Oriental and African Studies , University of London , 1974 ) . ... Fields of specialization : economic and demographic history of the modern Middle East , with special reference to Iran , Egypt and the ...

Author: Ami Ayalon

Publisher: The Moshe Dayan Center

ISBN: 0813321336

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A number of contributors explore contemporary Middle East countries and look at how and if, they have moved forward. It looks at the rise of religious extremists and the Arab-Israeli peace process, stimulated by the change of government in Israel.

The Oxford Handbook of Nigerian History

“Africa's Top 10 Fastest Growing Economies in 2018. ... In Studies in the Economic History of the Middle East, edited by M. A. Cook, 428–467. London: School of Oriental African Studies/ Oxford University Press. Mähler, Annegret. 2010.

Author: Toyin Falola

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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The Oxford Handbook of Nigerian History provides a comprehensive history of Africa's most populous and most rapidly developing country. Rather than centering the rise of the nation-state, the Handbook reads the narrative of national politics alongside deeper histories of political and social organization, as well as in relation to competing influences on modern identity formation and inter-group relationships, such as ethnic and religiouscommunities, economic partnerships, and immigrant and diasporic cultures. This transnational approach incorporates the most important ideas from the new scholarship emerging in the 21st century, creating a forward-looking volume appropriate for a dynamic, diverse, and swiftly changing Nigeria.

The Cambridge History of Egypt

A Social and Economic History of the Near East in the Middle Ages ( Berkeley , 1976 ) . ... of the Fiscal Administration of Egypt in the Middle Ages , ” Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies , 16 ( 1954 ) , 502-514 .

Author: Carl F. Petry

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Japan and the Contemporary Middle East

In his research, Dr Shimizu is mainly interested in Japan's role in the economic development of the Middle East and ... Kaoru Sugihara is Senior Lecturer in the Economic History of Japan at the School of Oriental and African Studies, ...

Author: J. A. Allan

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Japan is an economic power of global significance; it is also the world's largest single national importer of oil. These two facts alone are sufficient to indicate the significance of Japan's relationship with the Middle East. But in fact, Japan's particularly strong interests in the Middle East extend well beyond oil, and include banking, investment, and an increasing concern with economic assistance. The studies in this book deal with the relevant period of the twentieth century and especially with the rapid transformation of Japan's relationship with the region since 1973. It provides access in English to the current economic and political analysis by Japanese specialists concerned with the Middle East, and it will assist anyone interested in Japan's relationship with the region. The dependence of Japan on Middle Eastern oil is examined together with the changing nature of Japan's energy consumption policies at home, and its involvement in joint ventures in the Middle East. Japan's role as a major provider of economic assistance is reviewed, and its future potential role in this area is emphasised.

Asian and African Studies

“ Midhat Pasha and the Anti - Turkish Agitation in Syria , ” Middle Eastern Studies 10/2 ( 1974 ) : 115-141 . ... Ottoman Egypt Baer , G. , A History of Landownership in Modern Egypt , 1800—1950 ( London 1962 ) .


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The Economies of Africa and Asia in the Inter war Depression Routledge Revivals

David Anderson is Lecturer in History, Birkbeck College, University of London MarieClaire Bergère is Professor at ... Ian Brown is Lecturer in Economic History with reference to South East Asia, School of Oriental and African Studies, ...

Author: Ian Brown

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317574033

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The great inter-war depression has long been seen as an unprecedented economic disaster for the peoples of the non-European world. This book, with its detailed assessment of the impact of the depression on the economies of Africa and Asia, challenges the orthodox view, and is essential reading for those with a teaching or research interest in the modern economic history of those continents. Established specialists in the modern economic history of parts of Africa or Asia put forward a number of revisionist arguments. They show that some economies were left essentially unscathed by the depression, and that for many export-dependent peasant communities which did face a severe drop in cash income as world commodity prices collapsed from the late 1920s, there was a range of important responses and reactions by which they could defend their economic welfare. For many peasant communities the depression was not a disaster but an opportunity.

Bertil Ohlin

... ed . , Studies in the Economic History of the Middle East . London : School of Oriental and African Studies . McNeill , William H. 1977. Plagues and Peoples . New York : Anchor Books . Miskimin , Harry A. 1975. The Economy of Early ...

Author: Ragnar Nurkse Professor of Economics Ronald Findlay

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262062283

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Bertil Ohlin, international trade theorist, winner of the 1977 Nobel Prize in Economics, and leader of the Swedish Liberal Party for more than twenty years, is considered to be the major single influence on the development of international economics in the twentieth century. This volume, celebrating the centennial of Ohlin's birth, examines his life and his influence on modern economic thought. It also contains the first English translation of his licentiate thesis, in which he first set out his theory of international trade.