Storytelling about Your Brand Online Offline

A Compelling Guide to Discovering Your Story Bernadette Martin, Jason Alba ... .40 The Visibility Branding Storytelling Tool (VBST) . . .44 2.0 Storytelling—Communicating Your Story Online.

Author: Bernadette Martin

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 9781600051456

Category: Branding (Marketing)

Page: 169

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Neurological research has confirmed the power of storytelling as a communicative tool. In "Personal Branding Strategist," Bernadette Martin demonstrates how stories have transformed corporate images as well as professionals' careers. Using this book, professionals and executives of all types, entrepreneurs, consultants, musicians, academics and students will undergo a "personal branding process." From Storytelling 2.0 or Digital Storytelling, to interviews with experts to the Branded Bio tool, Martin guides you in developing your own compelling story and then covers the gamut of online and offline opportunities available to reach your target and impactfully market the "Brand Called You."

Personal Branding Storytelling and Beyond

Word of mouth and word of web may travel far and generate a majority of your business in the long run. ... Integrating Online Networking and Offline Networking with Storytelling Storytelling is a powerful tool for integrating online ...

Author: Dr. Amit Nagpal and Dr. Prakash Hindustani

Publisher: StoryMirror Infotech Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 9788193287675

Category: Self-Help

Page: 222

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When it is the work of two great minds, the story only comes out to be fantabulous! The new book - ""Personal Branding, Story Telling and Beyond"" authored by eminent authors and successful professionals Dr. Amit Nagpal and Dr. Prakash Hindustani surely conveys the powerful message - 'Branding is only the journey and Bonding is the destination'. As you go through the book, you would understand the rationale of story-telling and becoming the architect of your own personal brand using the Social Media skills while you dwell into the positivity of authentic personal branding. And by the virtue of which you are sure to steer swiftly in your pathway which eventually takes you smoothly towards your destination. This books is a playbook for success using two of the most effective strategies in life and business. Each section provides a concise explanation of what you need to know and why. Tips are included so you can return to the text when you need help.

Personal Branding For Dummies

To tell a good story, you need to have a good story. Here are 20 questions from Bernadette Martin, author of Storytelling about Your Brand: Online & Offline (Happy About), to get your story started. If you're a natural storyteller, ...

Author: Susan Chritton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118915554

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 360

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The simple guide to managing your personal brand, a vital element of success in the professional world Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is your guide to creating and maintaining a personal trademark by equating self-impression with other people's perceptions. This updated edition includes new information on expanding your brand through social media, online job boards, and communities, using the tried and true methods that are the foundation of personal branding. Marketing your skills and personality, and showing the rest of the world who you are, gives you a competitive edge. Whether you're looking for your first job, considering changing careers, or just want to be more viable and successful in your current career, this guide provides the step-by-step information you need to develop your personal brand. Distinguishing yourself from the competition is important in any facet of business, and the rise of personal branding has evolved specifically to help candidates stand out from the global talent pool. Establishing a professional presence with a clear and concise image, reputation, and status is a must, whether you're a new grad or an accomplished executive. Personal marketing has never been more important, and your personal brand should communicate the best you have to offer. Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition, leads you step by step through the self-branding process. Includes information on how to know the "real" you Explains how to develop a target market positioning statement Helps you make plans for your personal brand communications Instructs you with ways to make your mark on your brand environment The book also discusses continued brand building, demonstrating your brand, and the 10 things that can sink your brand. A personal brand is more than just a business card and a resume. It should be exquisitely crafted to capture exactly the image you wish to project. Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition provides the information, tips, tricks, and techniques you need to do it right.


This is a must-read for anyone in the marketing and media ecosystem." —Nancy Hill, President and CEO, American Association of Advertising Agencies "I have known Gaston for years.

Author: Gaston Legorburu

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118871232

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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How to use powerful tools to engage customers with your brand Marketers, technologists, and corporate leaders are looking for ways to more effectively connect consumers with their brand. Storyscapes introduces "storyscaping" as a way to create immersive experiences that solve the challenge of connecting brands and consumers. This book describes a powerful new approach to advertising and marketing for the digital age that involves using stories to design emotional and transactional experiences for customers, both online and offline. Each connection inspires engagement with another, so the brand becomes part of the customer's story. Authors Gaston Legorburu and Darren McColl explain how marketers can identify and define the core target audience segment, define your brand's purpose, understand the emotional desires of your consumers, and more. Shows how to map how the consumer engages with the category and product/service Explains how to develop an organizing idea and creative plan for an immersive storyscape experience Defines the role of marketing channels around the organizing idea Establishes how technology can be applied to the experience Learn how to measure, optimize, and evolve the customer experience through the use of strong narratives that compel consumers to buy into your brand.

Internet Your Way to a New Job

Paperback: $19.95 eBook: $14.95 Storytelling About Your Brand Online & Offline This book covers the gamut of online and offline opportunities available to tell the story about the “Brand Called You” to your target audience in a ...

Author: Alison Doyle

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 9781600052002

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 153

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This is the third edition of this popular book. Just a few years ago, you could upload your resume to one of the top jobs sites, click a few times to apply for some jobs, and consider your job search well underway. Today, that isn't enough. The job market is becoming increasingly competitive. Hiring managers are overwhelmed with applications and are looking at new and different ways to recruit online. Hiring has changed and so has job searching. It's more complicated than it used to be and job seekers need to be prepared to use all the online job search tools to their advantage. Online job searching often seems like it can be a complicated endeavor. It doesn't have to be - there are tips and tricks you can use to make the process run smoothly and simply. Alison Doyle will provide you with everything you need to know on how to build your career and find a new job. Goals for the reader: This book will provide you what you need to know and step you through the process of online job searching, professional branding, social and professional networking, and career building with uncomplicated advice, tips, and techniques on how to effectively find a new job and grow your career.

Build Your Brand Unleash Your WOW

CHAPTER 5: BUILD YOUR ASSETS There are a number of assets that require attention when you're building your personal brand. Learn how to build your online and offline assets so you can build your overall network.

Author: Murali Murthy

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781039120112

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 222

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"Building a brand can be confusing but Murali explains it all with granular clarity. In 10 clearly laid-out chapters, with 10 tips in each and 10 examples of brands that got it right." - MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, NEW YORK TIMES AND WALL STREET JOURNAL BEST-SELLING AUTHOR "If you want to establish your brand and are wondering where to start, read this book. Murali lays out what you need to do, why it matters, and how to do it quickly and easily." - MARCIA MARTIN, TRANSFORMATIONAL THOUGHT LEADER, GLOBAL SPEAKER AND AUTHOR, EXECUTIVE COACH "Packed with real experience and wisdom, Murali shows how getting your branding culture right can have game-changing results. It is is a must-read if you wish to accelerate your personal and business growth. Grab your copy!" - JAMES MACNEIL, INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLING AUTHOR, SPEAKER, COACH, FOUNDER, PURE SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE "Murali understands what it takes to build a strong brand - online and offline. Build Your Brand, Unleash Your WOW! gives you a comprehensive, proven approach to differentiate yourself from the pack." - MARK MATTESON, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR AND GLOBAL SPEAKER, CEO, SPARKING SUCCESS

I m in a Job Search Now What 2nd Edition

Paperback: $19.95 eBook: $14.95 Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline This book covers the gamut of online and offline opportunities available to tell the story about the "Brand Called You" to your target in a compelling way.

Author: Kristen Jacoway

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 9781600052262

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 145

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In the 2nd edition of the book, 'I'm in a Job Search--Now What (2nd Edition)' you will have a step-by-step guide for the job searching process. The book not only covers job searching strategies, but additionally gives information on how to be in a continuous process of career management. No longer are people climbing ladders in employment. Instead, they are on a ramp and need to constantly make strides to progress and maintain their position. The newly updated and expanded book provides 100+ resources and tips to guide you through the job searching process to help you stand apart from your competition. Included in the book: Goal Setting Personal Branding Five strategies for building visibility on Google to accelerate your job search since recruiters, employers, and companies Google potential candidates prior to contacting them for an interview Using Social Media platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) in the job search process New section on Pinterest giving you information on the potential this hottest social media platform has for a person in a job search, including tips on how to use it as part of your career marketing plan Interview with Erin Blaskie on how to develop compelling content and capture quality videos for the new, emerging platform for video biographies, Google visibility, etc. Interview with Jeff Lipschultz, Principal at A-List Solutions and a recruiter, on tips for working with recruiters, getting your resume to the top of the pile, etc. Developing a targeted list of companies where to work Research tools to help in interviewing Interview strategies, including the questions you want to research BEFORE an interview to stand out in the interview process Networking Tips on how to customize your resume for different positions to demonstrate to the employer why YOU are the best fit for the position and much, much more!

The Experience Effect for Small Business

It is available online at or at other online and physical ... Red Fire Branding: • Storytelling About Your Brand Online & Offline: ...

Author: Jim Joseph

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 9781600052095

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 199

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As every customer knows, the shopping experience is critical to brand satisfaction and loyalty. We all care deeply about the overall experience of the buying process--the marketing message, subliminal cues, the sales approach, personal human interaction...and more. When all of these elements come together in a cohesive and seamless package, a loyal customer is born. Brand strategist "Jim Joseph" calls this the experience effect. In a groundbreaking volume called The Experience Effect (2010), Jim showed big business how to create the total brand experience. Now he customizes that very same expertise for the backbone of the American economy, small business. While it is often said that small business is key to recovery, all around us we still see small business suffering the most. Flex and wiggle room is at a minimum, small business simply cannot afford the resources and the access to big brand thinking that the corporations do. Jim believes that there's simply no reason why a small business cannot perform like a big brand, even within our turbulent times. His perspective makes "The Experience Effect For Small Business a timely and compelling read, particularly now. Filled with practical advice and real-life examples that will resonate with readers, "The Experience Effect For Small Business" teaches small business owners how to understand their brand's target audience, conduct effective market research, connect with customers on an emotional level, establish unique and engaging touchpoints, and much, much more. Readers learn how to replicate these activities on limited budgets and few resources. Loaded with inspiration, Jim Joseph's book will touch a chord with you, the small business owner in today's America economy.

I ve Landed My Dream Job Now What

Paperback: $19.95 eBook: $14.95 Storytelling About Your Brand Online & Offline This book covers the gamut of online and offline opportunities available to tell the story about the “Brand Called You” to your target audience in a ...

Author: Scot Herrick

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 9781600051692

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 104

View: 230


Given current economics, every new hire must hit the ground running. This makes the new hire's first 30 days at the new job filled with anxiety because everything is new--corporate culture, team dynamics, and management styles. "Scot Herrick" wrote "'I've Landed a Dream Job--Now What '" to be your companion for your first thirty days at your new job. It helps you think through what you need to accomplish from day 1 all the way to day 30. Weekly action items keep you on track and end-of-week reviews help you measure success. With "Scot Herrick's" book at your side, you can survive and thrive in your new cubicle.

The Language of Branding

Storytellings will help you discover your company or brand story and tell it ... in a way that creates these enduring emotional bonds. ... It increases consumer engagement with a brand online and offline. It helps consumers identify ...

Author: Dawn Lerman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136494321

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

View: 659


The Language of Branding: Theory, Strategies and Tactics shows marketers how to use language successfully to improve brand value and influence consumer behavior. Luna and Lerman are among only a few researchers who take a multidisciplinary perspective on the ways language influences how consumers act. Together with Morais, an anthropologist engaged in market research, they show how understanding the power of language can impact the essence – and sales – of a brand. The book covers the fundamentals of brand language and applications for an array of marketing initiatives. Readers will learn why brand language matters, how language is used in marketing, and how to build a brand strategy that capitalizes on the richness and complexity of language. This book includes real-world case histories that demonstrate vividly how brand language is created and exercises that enable both students of marketing and marketing professionals to apply the book’s concepts and stimulate class discussion. The Language of Branding: Theory, Strategies and Tactics can be used in a number of courses, including consumer behavior, branding, advertising, linguistics, and communications.


This way, your brand story is visible to a much larger audience which could further lead to enhanced sales of your products. Make sure you maintain a fine balance between your offline and online activities In every brand story, ...

Author: IntroBooks

Publisher: Can Akdeniz



Page: 40

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We love being in constant communication with each other. We love to share our experiences be it about what we had for lunch or about the latest game out in the market. Humans share things happening in their lives and this is called as storytelling. The narration of life instances and experiences is an art form and once mastered, can yield you huge returns in the future.

IPad Means Business

A. Message. from. Happy. About®. Thank you for your purchase of this Happy About book. It is available online at ... tweet Book01: • Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline: ...

Author: Julio Ojeda-Zapata

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 9781600051944

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 170

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The iPad is more than a plaything. Apple's touch-screen tablet is being embraced by individuals, companies, schools, and universities as a business and productivity device. With the power of a lower-end laptop and a smartphone's ease of use, not to mention thousands of third-party apps, the iPad can do real work. While this device isn't perfect, its future in the work world is assured. This book shows how the iPad Means Business.

I m on LinkedIn Now What Third Edition

It is available online at or at other online and physical bookstores. ... Other Happy About books available include: • Storytelling About Your Brand Online & Offline: ...

Author: Jason Alba

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 9781600051982

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 155

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"I'm on LinkedIn--Now What? (Third Edition)" is a book designed to help you get the most out this popular business networking site. This new edition follows the best-selling first edition and includes the latest and great approaches for using LinkedIn. With over 100 million members there is a lot of potential to find and develop relationships to help in your business and personal life, but many professionals find themselves wondering what to do once they signup. This book explains the different benefits of the system and recommends best practices so that you can get the most out of LinkedIn.

The Hook

How to Share Your Brand's Unique Story to Engage Customers, Boost Sales, and Achieve Heartfelt Success Richard ... Set the tone for online and offline brand narratives that will lead to the future success of your company and product.

Author: Richard Krevolin

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 9781632659866

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 209


Corporations can no longer just worship the bottom line. Consumers and customers want to be associated with brands that align with their values. For business success today, your company needs to tell a compelling story that creates engagement, word-of-mouth, and brand loyalty. The Hook gives you a proven methodology to create a compelling narrative, then shows you how to share your story with the world and get consumers and customers to listen to and remember your message. More specifically, The Hook will teach you how story-selling can be used as an incredibly powerful instrument to: Create an emotional connection between your organization and its target market, or between a product and consumers. Generate interest, enthusiasm, and support for a person, company, or product. Demonstrate the benefits and potential of any product, service, company, or individual. Create a culture of inclusion for any company or product. Enhance staff commitment to mission and objectives. Improve the power, tone, and texture of speeches, proposals, presentations, and printed materials.

I m on Facebook Now What 2nd Edition

How to Use Facebook to Achieve Business Objectives Jason Alba, Jesse Stay, Rachel Melia ... Fonmono u Boa Bun: Paperback: $19.95 eBook: $14.95 Storytelling about Your STORYTELUNG ABOUT Brand online & Offline YOUR BRAND Using this book, ...

Author: Jason Alba

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 9781600052323

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 172

View: 746


Facebook is one of the hottest websites in today's world, and is having a major impact on career and business. This book explains the different parts of Facebook and helps you understand how you can get the most out of your Facebook account. It helps you understand what you could or should do in Facebook to further your career, business, or job.

Personal Branding Techniques

How does it affect us normal folks and what can we do to make the most of personal branding? This book will explain what it is, what you should be doing, and what you can expect from it. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn.

Author: Consuela Groshong


ISBN: 9798536513309


Page: 216

View: 389


You might have heard about personal branding, it is a much-hyped concept that is all over the web at the moment. How does it affect us normal folks and what can we do to make the most of personal branding? This book will explain what it is, what you should be doing, and what you can expect from it. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... - Why Personal Branding is very important? - How to improve your brand by observing corporate brands - Personal Branding success stories - Understanding your targets - How to become the master of your niche - Personal Branding Blueprint - How to define what makes your special - How to tell your story - How to avoid personal branding mistakes - Building your brand in your current job for more success - Online and Offline Tips, Tools and Techniques for building your brand - Killer Social Networking Mistakes - Much, much more!

Nonprofit Internet Strategies

When taking your nonprofit brand online, you will mostly likely be seeking to increase your support base and/or enlist volunteers in your organization. ... the opportunity to experience your story and interact with your brand promise.

Author: Ted Hart

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471716198

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 360

View: 953


Nonprofit Internet Strategies offers every charitableorganization the opportunity to analyze their options and selectthe appropriate strategy to integrate traditional marketing,communications, and fundraising practices with their onlineefforts. It is an excellent how-to guide--a practical manual for nonprofitstaff written in non-technical language--prepared by experts in thefield based on real-life experiences and case studies.

You Branding

Quick Tips for Building Your Story Double Down on Honesty Your Opportunity to Shine Stories Work for Your Branding Needs No Matter What They Might Be Chapter 10: Step Seven – Online and Offline Tips, Tools, and Techniques for ...

Author: Mark Cijo

Publisher: Mark Cijo

ISBN: 9781495404214

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 238

View: 176


Discover the Secrets of Personal Branding. Hi, my name is Mark and I am going to reveal to you my proven, step-by-step method of Personal Branding. In this book, I am going to outline many of the methods and secrets that I've used to create a successful personal brand. Have you ever used Google to look yourself up? Go ahead and take a moment to enter your name into the search engine. I’ll wait. Are you back? Great! What pops up first? Do you even show up at all? What does the world have to say about you? What do your social networks have to say to anyone else who might Google you? For a lot of us the result is an uncontrolled mess of descriptors and identifiers that lacks the necessary cohesion to arrest an audience. Others of us find that we are invisible. This is just one example I use to convey to you the necessity of personal branding. It might seem daunting. It may seem downright terrifying. But I know that if you are willing to trust yourself to me, I can lead you on your journey to reinventing your personal identity and transforming it into a strong and memorable personal brand. I won't lie, building and maintaining an exemplary personal brand isn't easy. If it was, brands such as Cocoa Cola and Disney wouldn't be such an anomaly. Nor would people like Oprah and David Beckham. But I promise to make it simple. Don't believe it can be simple? Maybe you will be convinced by the countless personal testimonies successful people have been kind enough to contribute to this book. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn… Why Personal Branding is very important? How to improve your personal brand by observing corporate brands Personal Branding success stories Understanding your targets How to become the master of your niche Personal Branding Blueprint How to define what makes your special How to tell your story How to avoid personal branding mistakes Building your personal brand in your current job for more success Online and Offline Tips, Tools and Techniques for building your personal brand Killer Social Networking Mistakes Much, much more! Order your copy today! Check Out What Others Are Saying… "Solid information presented in a professional yet entertaining manner." Grady Harp "I have never thought of associating "branding" with an individual, after I read this book I realized how important branding is to everyone. This book shows that personal branding could help in every aspect of the career, to win a job, to get your boss's approval, to seal a deal... there are case studies in this book to prove all these. The author also introduces useful offline and online tools for branding yourself. I particularly like how the online tools were introduced in detail. For non tech-savvy guys like me, having a guide to creating a blog, managing the server issues, using LinkedIn and all sorts of technical matters surely saves lots of time." Moore Ronson "Mark Cijo paints a good picture for you on how to market yourself, how to get your message out there, how to gain the accolades that you deserve." William D. Curnutt aka Pastor Dan "My favorite part of this book is when the author highlights four successful brands and shows how you can apply the techniques of their success to your own personal branding. I hadn't thought so deeply about how to an analytical approach to my self presentation online, and I loved both the information and the advice on how to track my progress." Carla Davis Tags: personal branding, you branding, self branding, self packaging, self promotion, brand you, the brand called you, personal identity, personal branding for dummies, personal success

Understanding Digital Marketing

1 It's all about the story: whether it is online or offline, journalists want to hear about the 'story'. Storytelling is the big buzz phrase of the moment because it is a way of conceptualizing what your company is about, ...

Author: Damian Ryan

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749478445

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 464

View: 772


Understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and enhance your digital marketing practice with the new edition of this essential guide, now one of the bestselling books in the industry and required reading for more than 100 universities and colleges, including Harvard University and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. The world of digital media is changing at a phenomenal pace. Constantly evolving technologies are transforming not just how we access our information but how we interact and communicate with one another on a global scale. Understanding Digital Marketing is a practical, no-nonsense guide to digital marketing, the rules of new media and understanding the behaviours of the new generation of digital consumers. Thoroughly revised, this fourth edition features more information, fresh examples and case studies, and in-depth insider accounts of the latest developments in the industry from internationally recognized brands and digital marketing campaigns. Clear, informative and entertaining, this book covers key topics such as search marketing, social media, Google, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, performance marketing, customer engagement and digital marketing strategies, making it essential reading for both practitioners and students alike. Online resources include bonus chapters, contributor views, and case studies on Kwik Fit, Battersea Dogs Home and Yves Saint Laurent.

Getting Your Personal Brand Story Straight

When you're crystal clear on the story you want to tell you're on the road to a successful personal brand!It's also the place where most of us trip up. The purpose of the ten exercises in this workbook is to assist you in the process.

Author: Joanne Tombrakos


ISBN: 0984007660



View: 663


Getting clear on the story you want to tell is not an easy feat, but it's an essential part of any branding process - including personal branding - and it's more important than ever before in a world where the first impression you make might very well be online. It requires some soul searching, a lot of introspection, hard work and asking tough questions like who are you, what do you do and why do you do it. But the payoff is huge! When you're crystal clear on the story you want to tell you're on the road to a successful personal brand!It's also the place where most of us trip up. The purpose of the ten exercises in this workbook is to assist you in the process. Be forewarned this will not be easy. Some of the exercises may be more challenging than others. At times you may feel that you've already answered a question. That's done intentionally to help you really hone in on the essence of your brand story. But if you're willing to invest your time in the work, at the end you will have the information you need to get your personal brand story straight both online and offline.In order to take your career and your business where you want it to go, in order to get clear on what we like to call our "personal brand," in order to present yourself in a way that is authentic to you - online and offline - the first thing you need to do is get your story straight. This easy to follow workbook is your first step!