Sharing Sensory Stories and Conversations with People with Dementia

You may be sharing this story one to one, in which case you could pat your own
legs with a footstep rhythm and encourage the person you are sharing the story
with to copy you, or you could begin by patting your own legs and then move ...

Author: Joanna Grace

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781784507695

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

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Sensory Stories contain just a few lines of text, and are brought to life through a selection of meaningful sensory experiences. They have been found to be highly effective in helping care for people with dementia, and can enable them to engage with their memories, life history and more, in a way that would otherwise not be possible. Despite these benefits, there is very little guidance on how to incorporate this approach in everyday care. This book looks at how sensory engagement can help someone with dementia feel safe and secure, minimise their anxieties, support their cognitive abilities, as well as other benefits. Full of practical advice, this book provides everything you need to put Sensory Stories into practice. Written at a level suitable for both family members and practitioners, this innovative book will be invaluable for anyone supporting a person with dementia.

Secret Sharers

Early and contemporary English critics talk of the story ' s operatic melodrama , its
mixture of characters from classical comedy and its atmosphere of increasing
pathos . The ruthless killing - off of the two lovers and the blithe survival of evil ...

Author: Anthony Fothergill

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3039102710

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This is the first book-length account of Joseph Conrad's reception in Germany, a virtually unresearched area of Conrad studies. It demonstrates that Conrad was read and used by his German readers as a cosmopolitan literary and moral voice against the prevailing nationalism of Germany in the 'dark times' of the 1930s and 1940s, when their own voices were being silenced. Challenging the longstanding assumption that Germany remained largely indifferent to his works, this book demonstrates that, particularly after the translation of the complete fiction commencing in the 1920s, Conrad's works achieved near cult status in Germany. On the basis of diaries and letters, contemporary reviews and essays, unpublished archival material as well as novels and films, the author illuminates the range and importance of Conrad's presence as a powerful liberating imagination within twentieth-century German culture. Championed by Thomas Mann, lauded by Hermann Hesse, and decried as 'Conrad the Jew' by the Nazis, Conrad has remained an influential presence in post-war German culture. The study offers a completely fresh perspective on Conrad's works and speaks eloquently for the importance of recognizing the way trans-national literary cultural relations have helped to shape European cultural history.

Tell Me a Story

Sharing Stories to Enrich Your Child's World Elaine Reese PhD. Colleague
Robyn Fivush and I proposed that grandparents can play a vital role in passing
down family history, given that their own experiences and their memories of
family ...

Author: Elaine Reese PhD

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199333790

Category: Psychology

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Family storytelling offers many of the same advantages as book reading - and some new ones - for children's language and emotional development, coping skills, and sense of belonging. Tell Me a Story: Sharing Stories to Enrich Your Child's World shows parents how telling and sharing stories about family experiences can help children grow into healthy, happy adolescents and adults. Dr. Elaine Reese outlines the techniques that work best with children of all ages, from toddlers to teens, including children with learning delays and difficult temperaments. She also tackles challenging issues such as whether children profit at all from the stories that they experience through TV, movies, and video games; how storytelling differs from daughters to sons; and the best ways to continue to share family stories with children after a separation or divorce. Finally, Reese shares tips specially designed for storytelling with grandchildren, demonstrating how parents can and should continue to nurture family storytelling long after their children are grown, and especially once their children become parents themselves. Providing guidance on a positive, portable, and free way to enrich children's development, Tell Me a Story deserves a place in every parent's library.

Dream Sharers

His dad and step mom are still unaware that Michael and Darla are dream
sharers. They thought he wrote a great story about a great myth that they grew up
with as kids. They were very proud of him. Darla's parents and Michaels parents ...

Author: Tabatha Weatherbee

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781622129782

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 336

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Michael and Darla have been friends since childhood and each has an extraordinary gift: they are able to use their souls to enter the sleeping minds of others and join in, or alter, their dreams. However, neither initially reveals their dream-sharing power to the other. As Michael and Darla enter the same elite boarding school they are still unaware that each has this power, although they frequently dream-share with each other. Their close relationship is encouraged by their powerful and wealthy families. Together with their friends Earl and Lori, the students join the Outdoor Club, which takes them on a trip to Tibet. There, deep in a frozen cave on the side of Mt. Everest, Michael discovers ancient scrolls that seem to tell of himself and Darla. But as Michael struggles to fully decipher the text, Darla grows weaker, finding herself unable to resist the allure of the dream world. Michael must decode the prophecy and keep Darla from becoming lost in a dream state. Will he be able to save her before the nightmares keep her soul forever?

Story Works

AsoneGrade 8 student commented upon the completion of my research, “
Teachers are the primary texts; they are 'The Givers.' ” Sharing Stories When
children become a village of listeners, the community's story experience is
composed of ...

Author: David Booth

Publisher: Pembroke Publishers Limited

ISBN: 9781551381251

Category: Education

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The definitive guide to using shared stories in the modern, up-to-date classroom. Child-tested and ready for integration into any curriculum, the book explores how to nurture the sense of story within the imagination of children. Learn effective ways to encourage students to use ideas, values, and language from their reading in their own stories and listen to each other, respond, and build on collective responses.

Story Sharers

Have you ever woke from a dream and think,"That would be a great movie" and want to continue the story in your head? This is your creativity begging to be let free. There is nothing like letting your imagination free and being creative.

Author: Deborah Sevilla

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 153964152X


Page: 102

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Have you ever woke from a dream and think,"That would be a great movie" and want to continue the story in your head? This is your creativity begging to be let free. There is nothing like letting your imagination free and being creative. School curriculum can stifle a child's creative writing and thinking. Kids are overly concerned and anxious about handwriting, spelling, punctuation, word counts, and right answers. This is not how you create. Creativity flows best with freedom and practice. Boundless Beginnings starts you off with a paragraph or two. The first person writes their name in the left column and then continues the story in their space. When you run out of space you pass it on to the next person that picks it up from there and so on. When it's time to end the story you can have a story ending party and sit around to finish it off together as a group. Visit for more: Story Starters, Story Sharers, Bedtime Story workbooks.


1 Activity for Playing with Dough Read the story to the children . Ask the children
to think about all the different things we share in school . Scribe a list as they think
of ideas . Ask the children to draw items from the list such as ' pencils ' , ' toilets ...

Author: Janine Amos

Publisher: Cherrytree Books

ISBN: 1842344978

Category: Interpersonal relations

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These books for young children develop a child's sense of self and of the needs of others.

Is Sharing Cultural

... go looking for Generation Share, because I believe in the power of positive
stories and books to catalyse that bigger change. ... parts of the world.6 But their
real impact is how, in combination, they tell the bigger story of the Sharing

Author: Matofska, Benita

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781447358640

Category: Business & Economics


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Generation Share takes readers on a journey around the globe to meet the people who are changing and saving lives by building a Sharing Economy. Through stunning photography, social commentary and interviews with 200 change-makers, Generation Share showcases extraordinary stories demonstrating the power of Sharing. From the woman transforming the lives of slum girls in India, to the UK entrepreneur who has started a food sharing revolution; you’ll discover the creators of a life-saving human milk bank, a trust cafe and a fashion library who are changing the world. A collaboration between speaker, social innovator and global Sharing Economy expert Benita Matofska and photographer Sophie Sheinwald, Generation Share brings to life the phenomenon causing the most significant shift in society since the Industrial Revolution.

Communication in Action

As a storytelling group shares Gerald McDermott's The Stonecutter , each
participant tells a part and adds a different colored ... Different colored and
shaped blocks make excellent story - sharing visuals because once a collection
of blocks has ...

Author: Dorothy Grant Hennings


ISBN: UOM:49015000485756

Category: Authorship

Page: 495

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Early Childhood Literature

Story. Sharer. Local or regional radio programs , tape cassettes , and audio reels
of children ' s tales , when well presented and faithful to their sources , stir the
imagination and young children are forced to sculpt their own characters , paint ...

Author: Eileen M. Burke


ISBN: UCAL:B3398140

Category: Children

Page: 277

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Stories in the Classroom

2 As story sharers, we become all the voices we have ever heard. Each story
releases the natural rhythms of language and emotion in us, and sophisticated
varieties of style and originality are within each individual's abilities, at least over
a ...

Author: Bob Barton


ISBN: PSU:000026264530

Category: Children

Page: 194

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The New England Story book

Stories by Famous New England Authors. to distinguish ... sharers . We come to
help thy Thane . We have “ Could he ? " Gerty interposed . I replied , that I heard
that a wretch does him hurt in the dark night . supposed he could , and went on .



ISBN: SRLF:AA0000235259

Category: Short stories, American

Page: 176

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Tragic Sharers

The most pertinent discussions of Neoptolemus ' story are D. Roberts , " Different
Stories : Sophoclean Narrative ( s ) in the Philoctetes , " TAPA 119 ( 1989 ) 161-
176 and R. Hamilton , " Neoptolemus ' Story in the Philoctetes , " AJP 96 ( 1975 )

Author: Dana R. Smith


ISBN: UCAL:C3372282


Page: 458

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The Story of the Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768 1943

They take no share , but they are first in the first class of residuThe proper
description of this class of persons is zavi - ul ... They reduce the shares of some
and females take together as residuaries by an express provision of the sharers ,
but ...

Author: Paul Robert Kruse


ISBN: UOM:39015087701473

Category: Encyclopaedia Britannica

Page: 451

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ACA Meetings as Story Telling Events

Analysis of Four Shares and One Story We have made a cursory review of the
stock locations , times , characters , plots and ... Sharers offer evaluations and
apologies , often in a style less articulate than evidenced in the telling of the
p.e.n. for ...

Author: Danusha Veronica Goska


ISBN: UCAL:C3370796


Page: 428

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Encourage the participants to share what they thought was going to happen , or
how they felt at certain times in the story . * Talk about which parts of the story
they liked best ; which animal would they like to be ; what would it be like to be in



ISBN: STANFORD:36105034745591

Category: Books and reading


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... Personal Digital Historian ( PDH ) , an interactive system that facilitates face - to
- face conversation and story sharing . ... design focuses on providing the right
tools and visualizations for the listeners of the story as well as the story sharers .



ISBN: CORNELL:31924092829112

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A magazine for designers of interactive products.


You will want to make sure that you share the gospel as you tell your story .
Include how you ... Even theirs . THE MOST AWKWARD MOMENT IN LIFE
Sharers of the gospel are not immune from feelings of fear , embarrassment , or
doubt .

Author: Jim Wilson


ISBN: 0966177851

Category: Christian life

Page: 96

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The Global Scout

Every camping experience should include a sharing fire – there is something
wonderfully elemental and comforting in ... What a shame that . . . o I would like to
share a story with you that means a lot to me . . . o I wonder what would happen if

Author: Frank Opie

Publisher: Pearson South Africa

ISBN: 0636017265

Category: Child environmentalists

Page: 196

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This text integrates, in a practical way, Scout thought and method with the most popular approaches to environmental education. The book provides a starting point for environmental action by Scouts and non-Scouts alike.