Story Fix

Your story is getting a "Meh..." when you had hoped for an "Amazing!" But have no fear--the piece you've sweated and bled over isn't dead on arrival. It just needs fixing. Story Fix is the answer to your revision needs.

Author: Larry Brooks

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781599639130

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 240

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Reinvigorate Your Fiction! You've written the first draft of your novel or screenplay, and you've released it into the world: to your critique group, to your most trusted beta readers, or even to an agent or an editor. But something's wrong. You're not getting the glowing response you had expected, or you might have even received a rejection. Your story is getting a "Meh..." when you had hoped for an "Amazing!" But have no fear--the piece you've sweated and bled over isn't dead on arrival. It just needs fixing. Story Fix is the answer to your revision needs. With practical techniques from critically acclaimed author and story coach Larry Brooks, you will learn how to: • Develop a story-fixing mind-set • Navigate the two essential realms of revision: story and execution • Evaluate your novel or screenplay against twelve crucial storytelling elements and essences. • Strengthen your concept and premise. • Punch up the dramatic tension, pacing, thematic weight, characterization, and more. • Align your story with proven structural principles. Filled with candid advice on the realities of the publishing world and helpful case studies of real authors who fixed their own stories, Story Fix isn't just about revision--it's about resurrection. Infuse your fiction with a much-needed jolt of electricity, and bring it back to life. "Larry Brooks is a superb storyteller and teacher. If anyone can fix your novel, it's him. Put this one on your desk and read it often." --Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon and New York Times best-selling author of My Sister's Grave "Story Fix is the ultimate writer's companion for taking any manuscript to the next level. A staple for the beginner, a refresher for the pro." --Joe Moore, #1 Amazon and international best-selling co-author of The Blade and The Shield

Short Story Press Presents Fix Reset and Reload

Our ULTIMATE goal is to share our short stories to the world! We strongly believe
that our publishing company is unique because we focus on unique and original
short stories written by everyday people throughout the world. Our short stories ...

Author: Short Story Press

Publisher: Short Story Press

ISBN: 9781648913815

Category: Fiction

Page: 30

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Short Story Press Presents Fix, Reset, and Reload by Blaise Marcoux Crusher Bruskiewicz doesn't believe he can be stopped. The fifteen-year old takes every challenge thrown his way, bolstering his fearsome reputation and encouraging his bullying ways. Some of his adventures are hazy in his mind, though, and hard to remember specifically. What the teenager doesn't know is that he keeps dying from his misadventures, only to be teleported into the future and repaired before being sent back to his own time. • Who is Crusher's real father, and how does that play into why the boy keeps being patched up by medics from a completely different century? • What strange future keeps its watchful eye on a young hooligan as he risks life and limb far in the past? • What plans are being made concerning Crusher's fate by his father? How could it spell a very bleak destiny indeed for the misbehaving kid? Welcome to a future where corporations own people completely and time travel is a study option at the university. A time full of hovercars and holograms, space aliens and a totally privatized military industrial complex. Crusher had better prepare himself for another Fix, Reset, and Reload, because next time, he could very well meet his doom. Short Story Press publishes short stories written by everyday writers.

Fix It with Focus A Story about Ignoring Distractions and Staying on Task

... Lisa M., 1972- illustrator. Title: Fix it with focus : a story about ignoring
distractions and staying on task / written by Bryan Smith ; illustrated by Lisa M.
Griffin. Description: Boys Town, NE : Boys Town Press, [2020] | Series: Executive

Author: Bryan Smith

Publisher: Boys Town Press

ISBN: 9781545753446

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 35

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Focus. Focus. Focus. That’s the advice Blake frequently hears but fails to follow. Blake stumbles from one mishap to another because of a complete lack of concentration. He carelessly demolishes a Lego volcano in his rush to look out a window. A baseball bruises his elbow (and ego) because a dirt clod takes his focus off the game. And he ends up all wet when he interrupts his own story to do something foolish. Can using manipulatives, including squishy erasers, stress balls and glove taps, help Blake maintain focus and strengthen his concentration muscles?

Great Stories Don t Write Themselves

I had his books Story Engineering and Story Physics and I soon thereafter bought
his brilliant Story Fix. We look for those teachers who can take a complicated
mess and, somehow, miraculously unravel it. Larry, unbeknownst to him, had ...

Author: Larry Brooks

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780593188286

Category: Reference

Page: 256

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Story is the exploration of something that has gone wrong and a lot has to go right during the telling of that story to render it a success. Yet one of the most common questions new writers ask professional writers is about how the author wrote their book, what was their process for storytelling (and from this we get plotters and pantsers)? But really the question should be about the general principles and nature of story--does every part of a story have what it needs to keep readers turning the pages (regardless of how the author got there)? Does every scene, every part of the story support the strategic narrative objective of providing new information a scene will inject in the story (the key principle of writing fiction)? In Great Stories Don't Write Themselves, Larry Brooks has developed a series of detailed checklists backed by tutorial content for novelists of every level and genre to refer to as they write regardless of which writing method they prefer. Beginning with the broadest part of story, the early checklists help writers to ensure that their book is based on a premise (aka plot) rather than an idea, or how you can elevate your idea into an actual premise where other story elements can be developed. Great Stories Don't Write Themselves gradually hones in on other story elements like hero empathy, dramatic tension, thematic richness, vicariousness of story, narrative strategy, scene construction, etc. each with their own checklists with specific, actionable items that ensure that key principle (providing information to move the story forward) occurs.

Reading Planet Fix the Mix up Red A Comet Street Kids

Ready-to-read activity Soy the title of the story (Fix the Mix-up) and clap a simple
four-beat rhythm as you say the words. Take turns to clap the rhythm. Then
experiment by speeding up, slowing down and adding extra Before redding Look
of ...

Author: Adam Guillain

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781471896262

Category: Education

Page: 12

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Comet Street Kids reading books follow the adventures of Rav, Asha, Tess and Finn, four of the residents of Comet Street. There are 72 exciting stories in the series that children won't be able to put down. Asha's dad works at the museum, and Asha and Tess are going with him today! When he asks them to help him, they're happy to brush the wigs – but what happens when they get them all mixed up? Reading age: 4-5 years

Leaves from Nature s Story book

40 American liistory Stories. Vol. I. (Illus. bds. 198 pp.) ... .36 , Story of Columbus. '
Illus. bds. 180 pp. ... Stories of India. (Illus. lids. 200 pp). Stories fix Shakespeare.
Vol. I. (Illus. cloth, 166 pp.) .50 Vol. II. (Illus. cloth, 1 56 pp. ") 50 EDUCATIONAL ...

Author: Meriba Ada Babcock Kelly


ISBN: STANFORD:36105049316214

Category: Natural history


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How to Fix Copyright

Because the copyright industries—which are after all in the storytelling business
— have constructed a very powerful story about copyright, a story policymakers
want to believe.11 Think of copyright as a movie: we want our movies to have ...

Author: William Patry

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199912919

Category: Law

Page: 336

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Do copyright laws directly cause people to create works they otherwise wouldn't create? Do those laws directly put substantial amounts of money into authors' pockets? Does culture depend on copyright? Are copyright laws a key driver of competitiveness and of the knowledge economy? These are the key questions William Patry addresses in How to Fix Copyright. We all share the goals of increasing creative works, ensuring authors can make a decent living, furthering culture and competitiveness and ensuring that knowledge is widely shared, but what role does copyright law actually play in making these things come true in the real world? Simply believing in lofty goals isn't enough. If we want our goals to come true, we must go beyond believing in them; we must ensure they come true, through empirical testing and adjustment. Patry argues that laws must be consistent with prevailing markets and technologies because technologies play a large (although not exclusive) role in creating consumer demand; markets then satisfy that demand. Patry discusses how copyright laws arose out of eighteenth-century markets and technology, the most important characteristic of which was artificial scarcity. Artificial scarcity was created by the existence of a small number gatekeepers, by relatively high barriers to entry, and by analog limitations on copying. Markets and technologies change, in a symbiotic way, Patry asserts. New technologies create new demand, requiring new business models. The new markets created by the Internet and digital tools are the greatest ever: Barriers to entry are low, costs of production and distribution are low, the reach is global, and large sums of money can be made off of a multitude of small transactions. Along with these new technologies and markets comes the democratization of creation; digital abundance is replacing analog artificial scarcity. The task of policymakers is to remake our copyright laws to fit our times: our copyright laws, based on the eighteenth century concept of physical copies, gatekeepers, and artificial scarcity, must be replaced with laws based on access not ownership of physical goods, creation by the masses and not by the few, and global rather than regional markets. Patry's view is that of a traditionalist who believes in the goals of copyright but insists that laws must match the times rather than fight against the present and the future.

4 Story Bargin

Fix-fix-fix- fix-fix-fix, I gotta have a fix. One swift blow from his lead-filled leather,
tool-of-the-trade, took the spunk out of Evellyn—temporarily. A second blow
directly against her temple turned her lights out—permanently. She was dying, as
the ...


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Don t Fix Me I m Not Broken

Before exploring how to reframe negative descriptions, it is helpful to understand
the stories we create about our child ... Eventually we will explore howtolove what
is without creating a story,but right now aswe begin our journey it is helpful to ...

Author: Sally Patton

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781846949326

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 168

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Parenting from unconditional love rather than fear means recognizing the spiritual truth of our children rather than focusing on brokenness and deficits. No child is a mistake; no child is broken. Don't Fix Me I'm Not Broken teaches the perspective that parenting is a spiritual classroom in which parents can learn to parent from a place of inner peace no matter what struggles their children are having. When we trust God's voice of oneness in the world as it works through us and through our children, we learn to accept what is. We can either buy into the traditional stories about these labels or choose peace instead. Parents of children with labels or any child who is struggling or just being every-day difficult can either embrace this opportunity for spiritual growth or stay stuck in the anger, pain, and the sadness. It is a choice.

Fix Six

After the first commercial break, however, McClean and the Action 5 news team
had to dig deep for second-tier stories to deliver, ... “Locally tonight, an
investigation has begun at Santa Anita racetrack where allegations of race fixing
have been ...

Author: Noel Michaels

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469114071

Category: Fiction

Page: 241

View: 288


Fix Six Takes a Satirical Look at Horseplayers and Horse Racing Horse racing is a potentially lucrative game that is constantly hounded by cheats and manipulators who would do just about anything to get rich quick. With his new novel, Fix Six, author Noel Michaels invites readers to take a satirical look at the gamblers and opportunists who are always lurking on the fringes of Thoroughbred racing threatening to undermine the integrity of the Sport of Kings. Fix Six is a racy farce about a small-time professional gambler whose plans to go straight must take an unfortunate detour when his misfit college buddies land him in an overly ambitious race-fixing scheme that goes horribly and hysterically wrong. Many infamous real-life racing scandals are parodied when the band of degenerates goes in search of one of the biggest pick six jackpots in racing history. The story takes the would-be race-fixers on a wild ride of twists and turns that begins in New York and then winds its way through Las Vegas and Mexico before ending in Los Angeles at the scene of the ultimate crime stately Santa Anita race track. Along the way, the gang encounters a colorful cast of characters including a vigilante detective, a psychotic veterinarian, a motorcycle gang from South Central LA, a blood-thirsty mob of exotic dancers, an unsavory group of homicidal jockeys, and a dominatrix on the police payroll, who all get themselves involved in the plot, either to help the hapless degenerates or to stand in their way. Before its all over, some of those involved will be dead, some will be hospitalized, some will be arrested, and one person will end up filthy stinking rich. Who will get away with the loot? Read the book to find out.

Fix it Phonics Level 2 Teacher s Booklet

Stories in the workbooks have a phonic focus on the sounds covered in each
section. The stories also combine decodable words with a few essential high-
frequency words. If you left a child to try and read these stories on their own they
may ...

Author: Holt Lisa

Publisher: Letterland

ISBN: 9781862096776


Page: 32

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The second level of Fix-It Phonics system reviews the sounds and shapes from Level 1 and builds on them introducing 26 new digraphs.

The Forever Fix

Many a desperately researching parent has discovered the story of an astute
mother in Norway who noticed that her children's diapers had a strange odor. Her
observations, told to intrigued experts, led to one of the greatest success stories
in ...

Author: Ricki Lewis

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781429941471

Category: Science

Page: 336

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Fascinating narrative science that explores the next frontier in medicine and genetics through the very personal prism of the children and families gene therapy has touched. Eight-year-old Corey Haas was nearly blind from a hereditary disorder when his sight was restored through a delicate procedure that made medical history. Like something from a science fiction novel, doctors carefully injected viruses bearing healing genes into the DNA of Corey's eyes—a few days later, Corey could see, his sight restored by gene therapy. THE FOREVER FIX is the first book to tell the fascinating story of gene therapy: how it works, the science behind it, how patients (mostly children) have been helped and harmed, and how scientists learned from each trial to get one step closer to its immense promise, the promise of a "forever fix," - a cure that, by fixing problems at their genetic root, does not need further surgery or medication. Told through the voices of the children and families who have been the inspiration, experimental subjects, and successes of genetic science, THE FOREVER FIX is compelling and engaging narrative science that tells explores the future of medicine as well as the families and scientists who are breaking new ground every day.

The Moon Upstairs A Biker s Story

routine of fixing the broken furniture that came his way. Occasionally he got to
utilize his carpenter skills, but more ... The man over there told me that you can fix
this,” the monk inquired. When Blues looked up, he was quite surprised to see an

Author: Edward Winterhalder

Publisher: Blockhead City Inc

ISBN: 9780977174782

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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After serving ten years in prison for manslaughter, former Skuldmen motorcycle club president Landon “Blues” McKendry is released on parole. Instead of using violence to make his mark in the world, he is now armed with a university degree in architecture and a new guiding light—Buddhist philosophy. The biker is on a mission to reunite with his fourteen-year-old daughter Justine, the only surviving member of his family, but a restraining order and condition of parole prohibits Blues from seeing her. The restraining order, put in place by the maternal grandparents who have raised the girl since the death of her mother and brother, mandates that Blues will return to jail if he contacts the teenager. Appearing to lead an exemplary lifestyle, Blues has hardly become a model citizen. As he tries to rebuild his life, he crosses paths with bikers who have anything but his best interest at heart. The biker breaks parole by contacting his daughter, and learns in the process that she harbors a deep hatred for him, as he begins the long, hard journey to reconnect with the only family he has left.

Monthly Packet

And so strongly does everything connected with a dear darling story ' fix itself on
the childish mind , that I can recall even the when and where of the relation of this
favourite tale . A low - roofed parlour in a parsonage house , in a lonely , flat ...



ISBN: UVA:X004827175



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The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended

... between the wall of the Temple , and another wall without : they were e built in
two rows three stories high , and - O- ... cubids : the chambers were five cubits
broad in the lower story , fix d 1 King . vi . broad in the middle story , and seven ...

Author: Isaac Newton


ISBN: KBNL:KBNL03000117298

Category: Chronology, Historical

Page: 376

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User Stories Applied

However, for bugs that the team expects to be able to fix quickly, you should
combine the bugs into one or more stories. With cards you can easily do this by
stapling the story cards together along with a cover story card. Then, for planning

Author: Mike Cohn

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN: 0321205685

Category: Computers

Page: 268

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"Offers a requirements process that saves time, eliminates rework, and leads directly to better software. A great way to build software that meets users' needs is to begin with 'user stories': simple, clear, brief descriptions of functionality that will be valuable to real users. ... [the author] provides you with a front-to-back blueprint for writing these user stories and weaving them into your development lifecycle. You'll learn what makes a great user story, and what makes a bad one. You'll discover practical ways to gather user stories, even when you can't speak with your users. Then, once you've compiled your user stories, [the author] shows how to organize them, prioritize them, and use them for planning, management, and testing"--Back cover.

An English and Turkish Dictionary

c .; Glücwg ! ùsst - kÀt , The upper story ; cleji -kÀtmak ( with a pronominal afÀlt -
kìt , The lower story ; fix added to wgl àng ) , v.a. To clioli kÀt - kÀt , In folds , layers
, cause to walk before or in front strata , stories ; Lju oli kàt of one's self . - Ènder ...

Author: Sir James William Redhouse


ISBN: NYPL:33433081888970

Category: Turkish language


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fix Young America

Who doesn't love a story about a geeky guy in a college dorm room, hovering
over a keyboard, writing code, plotting to best the arrogant frat boys, and
ultimately developing a product that literally changes the world? The problem is
that the ...

Author: Young Entrepreneur Council

Publisher: Advantage Media Group

ISBN: 9781599323251

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

View: 245


Our government is being strangled by partisan politics, youth employment is at a 60-year low, and student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion--and yet young Americans are starting businesses in record numbers, all over the United States. If we want Millennials (and future generations) to survive and thrive in the new economy, then we need to funnel this entrepreneurial energy into something positive, or risk turning the Millennial generation into a lost generation. The solutions in this book represent the beginning of an important conversation about how to support and foster the real leaders of tomorrow. From policy ideas and educational programs, to private sector solutions and philanthropic activities, #FixYoungAmerica provides best practices and tangible solutions for solving the epidemic of youth unemployment--straight from the individuals and organizations that are already in the trenches, working to rebuild an entrepreneurial America right now.

True Story

If they aren't, what are the plans to fix that problem? Like it or not, this is part of
your story, and not fixing it will become more and more toxic to your success over
time. The last thing you want to do, by the way, if you discover something about ...

Author: Ty Montague

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 9781422187562

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 916


Is your company a storyteller—or a storydoer? The old way to market a business was storytelling. But in today’s world, simply communicating your brand’s story in the hope that customers will listen is no longer enough. Instead, your authentic brand must be evident in every action the organization undertakes. Today’s most successful businesses are storydoers. These companies create products and services that, from the very beginning, are manifestations of an authentic and meaningful story—one told primarily through action, not advertising. In True Story, creative executive Ty Montague argues that any business, regardless of size or industry, can embrace the principles of storydoing. Indeed, our best-run companies—from small start-ups to global conglomerates—organize around a coherent narrative that is then broadcast through every action they take (from product design to customer service to marketing). Montague shows why storydoing firms are nimble, more adaptive to change, and more efficiently run businesses. Montague is a founder of the growth consultancy co:collective and the former president and CCO of J. Walter Thompson, the largest advertising agency in North America. He brings his depth of creative business experience to the book and provides a clear framework and proven process for bringing you and your customers together in the creation of your brand story. Montague introduces five critical elements—what he calls the “the four truths and the action map”—that are the foundation of storydoing: • the participants (your customers, partners, and employees) • the protagonist (your company today) • the stage (the world around your business) • the quest (your driving ambition and contribution to the world) • your action map (the actions that will make your story real for participants) The book is filled with examples of how forward-thinking organizations—including Red Bull, Shaklee, Grind, TOMS Shoes, and News Corporation—are effectively using storydoing to transform their organizations and drive extraordinary results.

The Sociolinguistics of Narrative

We might point to how some stories fix and recycle cultural happenings and
values that have special importance for a ... The cultural richness of a story may
lie not so much in its documentary function as a true historical record, and more
in its ...

Author: Joanna Thornborrow

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027294272

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 300

View: 658


This book aims to appraise sociolinguistic work devoted to the form and function of storytelling and to examine in detail the ways in which narrative constitutes a fundamental discursive resource across a range of contexts. The chapters presented here bring together some of the most recent work in the theory and practice of narrative analysis from a broad sociolinguistic perspective. They address some of the questions left implicit whenever stories are brought within the analytic frame of sociolinguistics: What exactly do we mean by 'story'?; what kind of social and contextual variations can determine the production and shape of situated stories, and what are the core elements of narrative as a discursive unit and interactional resource?; how is the relationship between narrative discourse and social context articulated in the construction of cultural identities? The data come both from institutional settings such as workplaces, courtrooms, schools, and the media, as well as from informal everyday settings.