Moral stories written by Neela Sonalkar

... gadgets book and concept e-books seems are to be disappearing fast and the youth today will enjoy reading these e-stories. ... Miss Neela Sonalkar has shown keen interest in writing short stories in English for the readers.

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This is a small effort to spread awareness of good values which can help to live a virtuous life. Our country is rich in its culture through the medium of Vedas and Upanishads. People from western countries are trying to get hold of our ancient rich literature which is so meaningful With the help of these teachings, life becomes enriched with positive thoughts that in turn makes any difficult work also seem very easy. The result is life becomes stress free and healthy.

How To Write And Sell Great Short Stories

Students constantly ask me how I know when my stories/novels are finished. This is one of the most difficult aspects of writing, I believe; knowing when to stop writing only comes from a great deal of experience in writing and revising.

Author: Linda M. James

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How to create characters who are more real than your family and friends? How to make these characters speak with their own dialogue, not yours? How to create vivid locations that readers can actually see? How to create such intriguing plots that readers are desperate to carry on reading? How to be really creative with words? You don’t? Then you need to buy this invaluable book. It will not only teach you fascinating story-telling techniques, but how to market your polished short stories once they are written so that they sell worldwide!

Great Stories Don t Write Themselves

A quick example: Imagine if you were pitching a story featuring Superman as your hero. In fact, that's your story idea: I'm going to write the next great Superman story. The end. Your pitch probably wouldn't even need to get into the ...

Author: Larry Brooks

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One of the most common questions new writers ask professionals is how they wrote their book—what was their process for storytelling? Did they use an outline to plan the book, or write it from the seat of their pants? But really the question should be about the general principles and nature of storycraft—does every part of a story have what it needs to keep readers turning the pages? Bestselling author and creator of Larry Brooks changes the sound of the writing conversation by introducing a series of detailed criteria for novelists of every level and genre to refer to while writing, regardless of their preferred writing method. Beginning with the broadest part of the story, the early checklists help writers to ensure that their novel is based on a premise rather than an idea, and gradually hones in on other elements to keep the story moving forward including: · dramatic tension · narrative strategy · scene construction Readers won't know or care about the process. But what Brooks offers here is a chance for readers to make the most of whichever process they choose, and in doing so cut years off their learning curve.

How To Write and Sell Short Stories For Writers

A Fiction Writing Guide For Fiction Writing Connor Whiteley. So to allow myself to keep busy, productive and allow my author business to keep growing, I did a short story a day the Monday to Friday of that week.

Author: Connor Whiteley

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Short stories amaze writers with their money-making opportunities and money. Writers love short stories for their benefits, and short stories are so much fun. This great insightful book based on practice, listening to professionals and personal experiences, you’ll learn how to improve your short story writing, why short stories are amazing and why they’re great for money-making opportunities. If you want to investigate the amazing world of short stories. You NEED this book. BUY NOW!

How to Write Your Life Stories

Why Write Memoir? I've become a big fan of the memoir. Over the years I've read and listened to thousands of life stories written by hundreds of men and women. I've seen the benefits reaped, and they have nothing to do with getting ...

Author: Steve Boga

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781441577757

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Do people say you should write your life stories? This clear hands-on approach guides you through the process of writing your personal stories so that future generations can truly know your life and times. By reading your memoirs, they will become intimate with your culture, understand your work, lifestyle, travel, values, and beliefs; and they will get to know the people you loved and lost. If your stories are well written, they will be fascinated by what you have to say. If your life has known goals and obstacles, conflict and motion, you have the makings of a gripping story. Discover how to • Find the time to write regularly • Set manageable goals • Improve you writing skills • Craft gripping leads • Become a captivating storyteller • Find a publisher for your writing

How to Write Plays Monologues Or Skits from Life Stories Social Issues Or Current Events

A personal historian can be an employee or an independent contractor. You can transcribe oral history tapes or work with creating audio and video files from your already written book or story.

Author: Anne Hart

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595318667

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Learn to interview people of all ages and write their life stories, experiences, highlights, and turning points as events and rites of passages in plays, skits, and monologues. Write radio and Internet-broadcast plays and make videobiographies. Interview people, and write dramatizations for the high-school or older adult audience with performers of all ages. Write for radio, interactive education, multimedia, netcasting, and the stage, video or film...using excerpts from the life stories of real people, current events, social issues, and history. Learn to adapt and write multi-cultural, ethnic, and specific niche audience plays, skits, and monologues for the stage. Perform or write life stories from diaries and journals. Choose an audience--older adult, all ages, children, junior and senior high schools/teens, or college students. Then interview people and select excerpts from life stories or news to turn into plays, skits, monologues or videobiographies. Make time capsules or broadcast drama on the Web. Your playwriting skills now can use personal and oral history to develop powerful drama, motivate, and inspire memories. Perform the original three-act play, Coney Island, in this book or the monologue that follows. Write, adapt, or perform plays with multi-ethnic themes for a variety of audiences of all ages.

How to write your own stories

To know the basic requirements of the story as a genre. ... Methodology Proposition of analysis of determined stories. Active participation about the given propositions. ... Exercises written by the students of the course.

Author: Miguel D'Addario

Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

ISBN: 9781547523047

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Since mankind exists, we have felt the need to communicate, to express our feelings, to cultivate our imagination and we have done it through a gift that differentiates us from the rest of living beings. Writing is a vocation, born from a need of each person. It is an inner manifestation, a communicational expression, be it artistic, scientific or of another literary genre. It is a property of the human being, communication through writing. This means that each one will do it in their own way and form, in the same way that each reader will interpret the content of a book, magazine or other, in a different way, understanding according to their own abilities and knowledge.

REMEMBRANCE WRITING 101 The Easy Way to Write and Share the Stories of Your Life A Guidebook

The Easy Way to Write and Share the Stories of Your Life, a Guidebook Claudia Carroll. Keep this one idea in the front of your mind at all times: “Respect what you've remembered, and what you've written, and try not to lose the ...

Author: Claudia Carroll


ISBN: 9781257620180

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A guidebook primarily for adults, with or without writing experience, who wish to leave evidence of their lives for others.

How to Write Short Stories and Get Them Published

If they have asked for a Microsoft Word document, with the text double-spaced in a 12pt Arial or Times New Roman font, they don't want to receive an Adobe PDF file that contains a story written in 18pt Comic Sans.

Author: Ashley Lister

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472143778

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This book will help you plot like a pro, master the art of suspense like Poe, craft captivating dialogue like Twain and - most crucially - get your short stories published. How to Write Short Stories and Get Them Published is the essential guide to writing short fiction. It takes the aspiring writer from their initial idea through to potential outlets for publication and pitching proposals to publishers. Along the journey this guide considers the most important aspects of creative writing, such as character, plot, point of view, description and dialogue. All of these areas are illustrated with examples of classic fiction, and accompanied by exercises that will help every writer hone their natural skill and talent into the ability to craft compelling short stories.

Write Your Own Realistic Fiction Story

BE REALISTIC Good we ood writing starts with lots of reading . You might choose to read realistic fiction about racism , running away , or what it's like to have a mother with purple hair . This genre includes many kinds of stories .


Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 0756516420

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Explains how to create realistic fiction, from crafting believable characters to creating intense plots, with examples from successful drama and comedic fiction books.