Stories of Mentoring

Describes mentoring of teachers and scholars in the field of composition and rhetoric.

Author: Michelle F. Eble

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC

ISBN: 9781602350748

Category: Education

Page: 348

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Describes mentoring of teachers and scholars in the field of composition and rhetoric.

Global Perspectives on Mentoring

During the course sessions, mentors were also invited to write stories of critical
incidents in their work. A critical incident was defined very generally as the
selection and interpretation of an event or events that are of particular
significance to the ...

Author: Frances K. Kochan

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781607528708

Category: Education

Page: 457

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This book will examine mentoring from a global perspective in an effort to discover the commonalties and differences, not only in diverse fields of practice, but across a wide range of contextual Place your subscription or standing order today! settings. Each chapter of the book will contain an overview of the program, problems encountered and solutions to them, benefits, outcomes, impact, and thoughts for reflection and consideration. The editor will examine common themes and explore their cross cultural implications. The volume is intended for those interested in the concept of mentoring in any professional setting and culture. It will provide important insights into how to create a mentoring program, strategies for overcoming problems, and methods for assessing outcomes and impact.

Mentoring Principals

This indispensable handbook for mentors, mentees, and new principals will jump-start the learning process of new principals by providing case stories and wisdom from leading mentors across the country.

Author: Paul G. Young

Publisher: Corwin

ISBN: 1412905168

Category: Education

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This indispensable handbook for mentors, mentees, and new principals will jump-start the learning process of new principals by providing case stories and wisdom from leading mentors across the country.

Doctors Stories on Teaching and Mentoring

... practice may be valuable in improving our substantive preparation of
beginning teachers . The insights educators can gain from listening to “ doctors '
stories ” about mentoring medical students in family practice is the focus of this
fastback .

Author: Richard H. Dollase


ISBN: STANFORD:36105009197836

Category: Family medicine

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This pamphlet presents the thoughts of six physician mentors in family practice and their third-year medical students, as they reflect on their practice and on their teaching or learning of clinical skills. An examination of the role of the family-practice physician as mentor may help teacher educators and cooperating teachers gain a valuable perspective on the common tasks and challenges that these two caring professions face in preparing the next generation of their members. The pamphlet analyzes the mentor's role in terms of: (1) the mentor's philosophy of care and how the mentor communicates his or her vision to students; (2) the nature of the physician's teaching and mentoring, particularly in regard to how the physician gives "bad news" and deals with difficult patients; and (3) helping prepare the newcomer to tolerate uncertainty and to reflect more critically on the daily experiences of medical practice. Lessons for teacher education are discussed, emphasizing that: competent cooperating teachers, like good medical mentors, are dedicated professionals who follow best practice and provide continual support and increasing autonomy to their students; cooperating teachers must make more explicit the model of problem solving and decision making they employ; and cooperating teachers need to develop ways to promote student teachers' critical reflection. (JDD)

Senior Female Faculty and Mentoring Practices

Several advocates of mentoring suggest that it can be one of the most important
influences on a junior faculty member's success . How do you feel mentoring
influenced your early career ? Can you tell me any specific stories about a
mentor ...

Author: Stephanie G. Riegle


ISBN: UOM:39015059188840



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Case Stories in Mentoring by Eleanor M. Schatz The case stories of Tony , Adam
, Tammy , Jennifer , and Kurt are presented as a way of showing how bonds
between mentors and proteges develop , and why such relationships may be of ...

Author: William A. Gray


ISBN: CORNELL:31924051792624

Category: Counseling


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The Heart of Mentoring

These discussions focus on the mentor imparting wisdom and knowledge in a
particular area of expertise to the person being ... At its heart , Finding Forrester is
a story about the impact mentoring can have on the lives of both people involved

Author: David A. Stoddard

Publisher: Navpress Publishing Group

ISBN: PSU:000058525630

Category: Religion

Page: 217

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How are you investing your life? Spend your time and energy totruly make a difference. Mentoring is a relational process thatinvolves life-to-life exchanges to help others discover and pursuetheir passions. This book provides effective mentors with thebasics.

Breaking Through

Read this book to boost your business tools." —MARTINE DE RICHEVILLE, Entrepreneur and founder, Svelt Coaching "As Martine Liautaud writes, 'Women do not lack courage in life.

Author: Martine Liautaud

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119261346

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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When women succeed, we all win. Breaking Through explores the mentoring relationship, and unravels its effects on women, businesses, society, and the economy. In 2010, author Martine Liautaud founded the Women Business Mentoring Initiative (WBMI) to support women entrepreneurs with the targeted advice and personalized guidance that can only come from a mentor. In late 2015, she set up the Women Initiative Foundation to broaden her action in favor of women in the business world. This book encapsulates the WBMI mission and other similar experiences inside international and US corporations, showing how mentoring and sponsorship can take many forms—and how each form benefits women in business. Through evidence-based narratives, you'll learn what real women have gained from both sides of the dynamic, and why they credit mentoring with the strength of their business success. These stories show how mentoring yields increased efficiency, improved financials, more effective management, increased innovation, a broader talent pool, and increased revenues, and how helping women succeed in business leads to increased philanthropy and improves community sustainability. Gender equality has made huge strides in the US and Western Europe, but this progress is only apparent in the junior levels of the workplace. This book shows how mentoring women entrepreneurs and women managers provides the key that opens the door to the new economy. Understand why mentoring is key to women's economic advancement Learn how mentoring yields tangible benefits beyond the workplace Delve into the experiences of real mentor/mentee pairs Consider the effectiveness of various types of mentoring Despite the increasing opportunities for women in business, statistics and pervading stereotypes suggest that true gender equality is still far on the horizon. Mentoring and sponsorship can be tremendously helpful to women looking to achieve great things—the wisdom of experience is a powerful asset in business strategy and decision-making, and the mentor/mentee relationship benefits everyone. Breaking Through makes a compelling case for the effectiveness of mentoring, with real women's stories of success.

The Mentor Connection in Nursing

Mentor. Connection. : Personal. Reflections. and. Stories. A good story is a kind
of hologram of the life of an individual , a culture , or a whole species . Each of us
hears in it , with ears conditioned by our own history , what we most need at the ...

Author: Connie Vance


ISBN: UOM:39015042152747

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 233

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Mentoring Teachers

This book should be read not only by teachers and mentors but also by administrators, policy makers, and legislators." —Anna E. Richert, professor, Mills School of Education; director, Mills Teacher Scholars

Author: Ann Lieberman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118138939

Category: Education

Page: 192

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Grey Fox Wilderness Stories

In Grey Fox Wilderness Stories, author and wilderness mentor Andy Smith shares stories of following his intuition in leading himself and others to a deeper reconnect with nature.

Author: Andy Smith

Publisher: Inner River Press

ISBN: 0982919107

Category: Nature

Page: 100

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Strategic Relationships at Work Creating Your Circle of Mentors Sponsors and Peers for Success in Business and Life

Get Going on Your Own Developmental Network Decades of research shows
unequivocally that good mentoring ... We share stories and invite you to reflect,
experiment, and learn from your own experiences—and to assess your needs
and ...

Author: Wendy Murphy

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071824781

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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THE MUST-HAVE GUIDE TO MENTORING For managers. For entry level. For executives. For entrepreneurs. For everyone. With job mobility increasing, globalization expanding, and technology advancing, you need more than a steady job and a solid network to keep your career on track. You need mentors--to learn and to grow--whether you're just starting out, are firmly established, or at the top of your profession. Everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to teach. Introducing Strategic Relationships at Work: The first comprehensive mentoring guide written specifically for 21st-century career building, this entrepreneurial approach to work relationships addresses the key issues of our time: Job Mobility: How to make personal connections you can transfer from job to job Globalization: What you can learn from new mentors in a larger global context Technology: How to engage with the latest advances in social media and technology Pace of Change: What you can do to keep up--with a little help from your friends Using simple tools and proven strategies, this essential guide shows you how to leverage the relationships you already have to map out a new developmental network that grows with your career. You'll learn the secrets of companies with excellent developmental cultures, including IBM, Procter & Gamble, Sodexo, and KPMG. You'll discover the most effective ways to develop new talent in your workplace through formal programs that leverage mentors, sponsors, coaches, reverse mentors, and mentoring circles. You'll learn how leaders create work cultures where both formal and informal mentoring thrive. And you'll find handy charts and checklists to assess your work, your relationships, and your career path. MENTORING FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM Whether you plan to move in and out of the workforce, make lateral or nontraditional career moves, or simply want to learn or teach new skills, Strategic Relationships at Work will help you take control of your destiny--and build the career or company that you envision. This powerful guide helps you leverage your interpersonal skills using the most effective tools available. You'll find ready-to-use checklists and worksheets, self-assessments, refl ective exercises, graphs, charts, and other visual tools to map out your own personal network of developers inside and outside of work. This is how you build a career that grows along with you. This is Strategic Relationships at Work. "Receiving and providing mentoring are crucial for professional growth at any age, but too often we leave these learning opportunities to chance. This much-needed book offers a smart, practical plan for taking charge of our own development by building authentic relationships throughout our careers." -- JOHN R. RYAN, President and CEO, Center for Creative Leadership "Murphy and Kram show us why you can't go it alone--no matter how talented or hardworking you are--and that the best route to cultivating great mentors is learning to be a great mentee." -- SHEILA HEEN, coauthor of Thanks for the Feedback and Difficult Conversations "A perennial resource for people at all phases of their careers." -- RANDY EMELO, President and CEO, Triple Creek River "Life is tough enough--make it easier by reading this book and following the authors' insights." -- RICHARD BOYATZIS, PhD, coauthor of Primal Leadership

A Disciple Maker

John Hardison lives a plain and ordinary life as a veterinarian in Southern California, yet he reaches hundreds and touches thousand with the love of Jesus. This is his advantage.

Author: Paul Slater

Publisher: R. R. Bowker

ISBN: 1733535101

Category: Religion

Page: 88

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A Disciple Maker is a personal story that invites all to love youth just as they are. John Hardison lives a plain and ordinary life as a veterinarian in Southern California, yet he reaches hundreds and touches thousand with the love of Jesus. This is his advantage. He has no theology training, no church title, yet he is a "father to the fatherless," doing for decades. His act of love to countless children and youth brought him a group of young ethnic guys who proclaimed themselves "Docs Boys to Jesus Men." That simple title describes the transformation of many of them to be successful in profession and family matters. Doc Hardison loves them just as they are. He loves teens who have depression, considered suicide, had same-gender attraction, possessed criminal records, came from broken families, lived in poverty, and the list goes on. This book contains his story but, just as important, their story. He invited "Docs Boys" from around the world to write their account of the power of acceptance and love. They get to tell their side of what it looks like to be mentored and fathered in the Kingdom of God. Not all the young people Doc cares for have rosy, picture-perfect stories but they know who to call if they need help. He remains in touch with many and even as their families grow he remains a blessing across generations. John encourages everyone to take the time to buy a hamburger and talk to young people with the Truth of God's Word, sharing the love of Jesus, doing so in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Mentor

A collection of short stories about the outdoors, hunting, and mentoring youth.

Author: Kenny A. Noble

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1547276053


Page: 166

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A collection of short stories about the outdoors, hunting, and mentoring youth.

Creative Teaching Strategies for the Nurse Educator

Features : The book includes testimonies of nurses and their mentoring
experiences , interviews , definitions of concepts , interviews with mentors and
protégés , and international stories of mentoring . It gives us a down - to - earth
view of ...

Author: Judith W. Herrman

Publisher: F A Davis Company

ISBN: UOM:39015073607817

Category: Education

Page: 326

View: 710


Discusses the expectations of today's media savvy students. Uses self assessments to help you to determine which strategies will work best for you and the best ways to implement them. Lists the challenges presented by the learning situation and then demonstrates potential solutions and teaching methods to overcome them. Offers operational guidelines for implementing innovative strategies, describing their advantages and disadvantages, using humor, finding teaching fuel or material, and guidelines for PowerPoint presentations. Uses tabbed sections for the types of educational settings to make finding relevant material easy. Includes references from the literature. Offers a comprehensive, annotated bibliography to help you locate original sources.

Visual Arts Research

I would like to tell two stories about mentoring that involve and revolve around the
theme of mentoring as caring , that is pedagogical nurturance of the intellect and
spirit . Kathryn Pauley Morgan ( 1996 ) has described the role of feminist ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106017478766

Category: Art


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Breaking the Circle of One

Redefining Mentorship in the Lives and Writings of Educators Carol A. Mullen
Maggie D. Cox, Cindy K. Boettcher, Diane S. ... Chapter 10 , “ Full Circle : Insights
on Mentoring from My Mentor ' s Heroes ” ( Kealy ) , tells the story of an ongoing ...

Author: Carol A. Mullen

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015040355177

Category: Education

Page: 222

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Breaking the Circle of One offers lively, personal accounts of graduate students' and professors' experiences of mentorship within universities and schools. This self-study writing group formed in an effort to provide and receive support. The circle of one the group signifies remained open to others and became integrated within multiple communities and represents the experience of isolation, competition, and abandonment faced by many in education. The chapters, diverse in their stories and points of view, redefine mentoring relationships and structures. Contributors engage their circular model of education as a framework for analysis. They also view their model as representative of a process throughout life that brings mentors and mentees close together at times, and further away at other times. This book is organized around four themes: the actual teaching of preservice student teachers; the use of innovative approaches to mentoring within established university systems; the interpersonal design of school-university partnership programs; and the search for new patterns of mentoring within teacher education.

Mentoring Leaders

Going beyond the traditional one-to-one model of mentoring, this reader-friendly text provides in-depth discussion on various ways and forms mentoring can place, including group and offsite mentoring.

Author: Elnora M. Gilfoyle

Publisher: American Occupational Therapy Association, Incorporated

ISBN: 156900319X

Category: Leadership

Page: 207

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As the workplace becomes increasingly diverse and collaborative, many health care professions have recognized the importance of building a leadership culture through mentoring. Mentoring Leaders presents a unique guide to this fundamental topic by demonstrating how storytelling can powerfully inspire, motivate, and teach both mentors and mentees. Going beyond the traditional one-to-one model of mentoring, this reader-friendly text provides in-depth discussion on various ways and forms mentoring can take place, including group and off-site mentoring. A workbook offers readers many stories reflecting the core concepts as well as questions for self-reflection. Highlights and topics include leadership and communication, self-reflection, community building, building followership, and leading for the future. Mentoring Leaders is an entertaining yet instructive guide for experienced and novice mentors and mentees who seek to become--and inspire--future leaders.

Mentoring Minutes

This user-friendly book will be an encouragement to schools, youth workers, mentors, parents, grandparents, employers of young people, indeed, anyone who wishes to see young people fulfill their potential.

Author: Robin Cox

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725269453

Category: Religion

Page: 268

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Mentoring Minutes: Weekly Messages to Encourage Anyone Guiding Youth aims to encourage and equip people working with youth with the knowledge, strategies, ideas, and recent youth research to build meaningful and developmental relationships with these young people. There are five daily messages for fifty-two weeks of the year which cover topics like: understanding the world of youth, self-image, the impact of technology on youth, resiliency, goal setting, effective communication, values, how to resolve conflicts using a positive mindset, the role of family and other networks in the lives of youth, and the power of mentoring. True stories of mentoring experiences of the author and others are included, along with short daily tips to promote the spirit of mentoring, and weekly quotes to inspire the reader. The hundreds of strategies and tips are arranged into general themes focused on the development of the whole person. This user-friendly book will be an encouragement to schools, youth workers, mentors, parents, grandparents, employers of young people, indeed, anyone who wishes to see young people fulfill their potential.