Staff Student Partnerships in Higher Education

A thorough exploration of staff-student partnerships in Higher Education, drawing together perspectives from students and staff.

Author: Sabine Little

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441112224

Category: Education

Page: 256

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A thorough exploration of staff-student partnerships in Higher Education, drawing together perspectives from students and staff.

Enhancing Student Centred Teaching in Higher Education

This book explores student-staff partnerships through a breadth of co-authored research projects.

Author: Karen Gravett

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030353964

Category: Education

Page: 380

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This book explores student-staff partnerships through a breadth of co-authored research projects. There is a significant gap in current literature regarding student-staff partnerships, both in the sharing of examples as well as in the examination of partnership working and its impact. Organised into four thematic sections, the editors and contributors highlight the diversity of routes students and staff can take to work in partnership, as well as how research, learning and teaching can be co-created. Written by both university staff and student researchers, the chapters consider the benefits of student-staff partnerships as an antidote to consumerist visions of higher education, and a way of celebrating the potential of students and their voices. This book will be of interest and value to scholars of student-staff partnerships.

Exploring Professional Development Opportunities for Teacher Educators

'More than customers': Conceptions of students as partners held by students, staff and institutional leaders, Studies in Higher Education. doi:10.1080/03075079.2019.1623769. Hargreaves, A. & O'Connor, M. (2018).

Author: Leah Shagrir

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000410563

Category: Education

Page: 256

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Focusing on the partnerships and collaborations between teacher educators and students with regards to faculty members’ professional development, contributors from around the world provide insight into professional development opportunities in the context of teaching and collaborating with students. Contributions from these distinguished scholars come from a broad range of countries and cultures to ensure that the presented studies reveal rich information about diverse systems of teacher education. The studies presented in the book demonstrate how these faculty student partnerships can significantly assist faculty members to develop professionally and produce benefits and impacts on their professional identity. Providing ideas and tools aimed at teacher educators around the world, this book explores partnerships and cooperation as a tool to lead to development and ultimately promotion. This book is a must-read for all researchers, teacher educators and lecturers looking to expand their knowledge of partnerships with students in higher education.

Exploring Disciplinary Teaching Excellence in Higher Education

This book explores disciplinary teaching excellence through a diverse range of student-staff partnership research projects.

Author: Marion Heron

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030691585

Category: College teaching

Page: 215

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This book explores disciplinary teaching excellence through a diverse range of student-staff partnership research projects. Despite being a highly contested term, teaching excellence is something that universities aspire to and are expected to achieve. However, the editors and contributors argue that not only are definitions of excellence often broad and generic, but they lack nuanced understandings of disciplinary excellence in higher education. This book begins by unpacking some of these contested definitions of teaching excellence, followed by a series of co-authored chapters produced by students and staff who have undertaken research projects where they examine teaching excellence in their respective disciplinary areas. These chapters demonstrate that teaching excellence may be better understood as a process of becoming that is achieved through partnership between teachers and students. This book will be of interest and value to students, educators, and policy-makers concerned about teaching excellence, as well as scholars of student-staff partnerships. Marion Heron is Senior Lecturer in the Surrey Institute of Education, University of Surrey, UK. Her disciplinary background is applied linguistics and she currently researches in the area of educational linguistics. She has worked in a teacher education role in a variety of national and international contexts. Laura Barnett is Lecturer in the Surrey Institute of Education, University of Surrey, UK. Her disciplinary background is in sociology and her research interests relate to everyday social experiences, inequalities and widening participation linked to learning and teaching in higher education. Kieran Balloo was Lecturer in the Surrey Institute of Education, University of Surrey, UK. His disciplinary background is in psychology and his current research broadly explores the impact of students backgrounds and the university environment on their experiences of higher education.

Power of Partnership

This book is an engaging and accessible collection that celebrates the nuance and depth of student-faculty partnerships in higher education.

Author: Lucy Mercer-Mapstone


ISBN: 1951414039

Category: College teaching

Page: 252

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This book is an engaging and accessible collection that celebrates the nuance and depth of student-faculty partnerships in higher education. It aims to break the mold of traditional and power-laden academic writing by showcasing creative genres such as reflection, poetry, dialogue, interview, vignette, and essay. The collection has invited chapters from renowned scholars in the field alongside new student and staff voices, and it reflects and embodies a wide range of student-staff partnership perspectives from different roles, identities, cultures, countries, and institutions.

Transforming Curriculum Through Teacher Learner Partnerships

In S. Little (Ed.), Staff-student partnerships in higher education (pp. 215–226). London: Continuum. Lubicz-Nawrocka, T. (2018). Students as partners in learning and teaching: The benefits of co-creation of the curriculum.

Author: Nair, Pradeep

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799864479

Category: Education

Page: 378

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Empowering learners for life requires a fundamental shift in higher education curriculum design. New priorities, pedagogies, technologies, spaces, and assessment strategies are required to enable learners to take ownership of their learning. “Student-centeredness” concepts are still prescriptive in nature as most decisions on curriculum, assessment, teaching, and learning approaches are still teacher-centric. Teachers are developing student-centered learning environments without the involvement of the learners in the planning, decision making, and/or design process. In addition, some lecturers are still practicing the traditional approaches of content delivery and conventional assessment methods rather than experimenting with innovative practices suited for student-centered approaches. Therefore, there is an ongoing need for research focused on the importance and effectiveness of a paradigm shift in education that involves student-teacher partnerships, fueled by innovative teaching and learning designs, where students take an active role and contribute as partners in learning. Transforming Curriculum Through Teacher-Learner Partnerships captures experiences and evidence among teachers in exploring the possibility of active student participation in curriculum design, delivery, and assessment through teacher-learner partnership. The chapters address issues of teacher-learner partnerships in designing the learning environment and how student-centered methods create resilient, adaptable, and future-capable learners. While highlighting topics within this scope such as learner autonomy, learning performance, self-efficacy, and teaching pedagogy, this book is ideally intended for teachers, administrators, teacher educators, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested in issues related to the teacher-learner partnership.

Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management

Staff-student partnership in practice in higher education: the impact on learning and teaching. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 90, 220–225. Krueger, R. A. & Casey, M. A. (2014).

Author: Kate Black

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429557996

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 326

View: 387


This book advances educational understanding and practice in Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management (OSHRM). It develops new theoretical perspectives on learning in OSHRM and introduces and evaluates a range of educational approaches, methods and techniques to advance teaching and assessment and student learning in the field. Chapters are evidence-based and provide practical advice for enhancing the effectiveness of OSHRM programmes and courses in universities, colleges and human resource development settings globally. With contributions from leading educators in OSHRM, the book both advances understanding and provides practical guidance for the design of programmes, courses and classes. Importantly, it illustrates innovative classroom and virtual learning experiences that will secure student engagement; cultivate critical and creative thinking; and enhance students’ employability, leadership and enterprise capabilities. A distinctive contribution of the book lies in the inclusion of student viewpoints on the understandings and educational advances proposed by the authors. Significantly, the book demonstrates how recent changes affecting higher education, such as globalisation, mass participation and marketisation, and, most recently, the pandemic crisis, can be embraced as opportunities to advance both educational understanding and educational policy and practice in OSHRM. This book will be invaluable for university educators internationally in the fields of OSHRM and for HR developers working in management and leadership development, and the book has relevance to both groups whatever their career stage, from absolute beginners through to advanced practitioners.

Shaping Higher Education with Students

Addressing potential challenges in co-creating learning and teaching: Overcoming resistance, navigating institutional norms and ensuring inclusivity in staff-student partnerships, Higher Education 71(2), 195–208. Carey, P. 2013.

Author: Vincent C. H. Tong

Publisher: UCL Press

ISBN: 9781787351110

Category: Education

Page: 342

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Forging closer links between university research and teaching has become an important way to enhance the quality of higher education across the world. As student engagement takes centre stage in academic life, how can academics and university leaders engage with their students to connect research and teaching more effectively? In this highly accessible book, the contributors show how students and academics can work in partnership to shape research-based education. Featuring student perspectives, it offers academics and university leaders practical suggestions and inspiring ideas on higher education pedagogy, including principles of working with students as partners in higher education, connecting students with real-world outputs, transcending disciplinary boundaries in student research activities, connecting students with the workplace, and innovative assessment and teaching practices. Written and edited in full collaboration with students and leading educator-researchers from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines, this book poses fundamental questions about learning and learning communities in contemporary higher education.

Hopeful Pedagogies in Higher Education

Over the last decade, the idea of student partnership has been taken up with enthusiasm across English-speaking higher education globally, to the extent that by 2014 Healey, Flint and Harrington could argue: Engaging students and staff ...

Author: Mike Seal

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350116542

Category: Education

Page: 320

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Many accounts of critical pedagogy, particularly accounts of trying to enact it within higher education (HE), express a deep cynicism about whether it is possible to counter the ever creeping hegemony of neo-liberalism, neo- conservatism and new managerialism within Universities. Hopeful Pedagogies in Higher Education acknowledges some of these criticisms, but attempts to rescue critical pedagogy, locating some of its associated pessimism as misreading of Freire and offering hopeful avenues for new theory and practice. These misreadings are also located in the present, in the assumption that unless change comes within the lifetime of the project, it has somehow failed. Instead, this book argues that a positive utopianism is possible. Present actions need to be celebrated, and cultivated as symbols of hope, possibility and generativity for the future - which the concept of hope implies. The contributors make the case for celebrating the pedagogies of HE that operate in liminal spaces – situated in the spaces between the present and the future (between the world as it is and the world as it could be) and also in the cracks that are beginning to show in the dominant discourses.

Handbook of Quality Assurance for University Teaching

Oxford: The Oxford Centre for Staff and Educational Development, pp. 176–188. Cook-Sather, A., Bovill, C. and Felten, P. (2014) Engaging Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Author: Roger Ellis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351740326

Category: Education

Page: 510

View: 641


This practical and authoritative handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the issues and approaches to assuring quality in university teaching. Including contributions from major international figures, the book contains a wealth of ideas and practical advice to help universities commit to quality in teaching and offers insights into how the topics raised can be directly applied. The book initially identifies some of the key issues surrounding the topic, such as the evidence-based identification of teaching quality; the training of university lecturers and faculty; external and internal quality assurance; the tension between professional autonomy and governmental regulation; and the involvement of students in developing quality. It then moves on to present ideas and initiatives to address these problems, tackling the subject through four sections: Assuring Quality – questioning what quality assurance means and how it might be practised; Identifying Quality – examining what knowledge exists at present and how it might be further researched; Developing Quality – investigating the development of staff through teacher training and appraisal; Case Studies of Quality Assurance – reviewing six case studies of quality assurance in a range of contrasting subjects including the professional subjects of Medicine, Nursing and Teacher Training which are also addressed systemically in the first section. Full of practical advice, Handbook of Quality Assurance for University Teaching is an invaluable and unique resource for Faculty, Subject Leaders, University Administrators and Quality Assessors.