Sport Medicine Ethics

Finally, in Part V I address issues that are at the vanguard of medical practice and research in sports medicine: genetic technology and genetic ethics. While it is easy to be drawn into discussion of the inevitability of genetic ...

Author: Mike McNamee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134618330

Category: Philosophy

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The ethics of sports medicine is an important emerging area within biomedical ethics. The professionalization of medical support services in sport and continuing debates around issues such as performance-enhancing technologies or the health and welfare of athletes mean that all practitioners in sport, as well as researchers with an interest in sports ethics, need to develop a clear understanding of the ethical aspects of the sport–medicine nexus. This timely collection of articles explores the conceptual and practical issues that shape and define ethics in sports medicine. Examining central topics such as consent, confidentiality, pain, doping and genetic technology, this book establishes an important baseline for future academic and professional work in this area.

The Ethics of Sports Medicine

This phenomenon however has not been accompanied by a parallel development in sport medical ethics. Yet, what precisely are the aims pursued within sport medicine? Its scientific ethos might be summarised by the goal of transcending ...

Author: Claudio Tamburrini

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317967880

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The book aims to establish a critical dialogue between sports ethicists and bioethicists across the range of sporting disciplines at elite level. It will address questions such as: are the increasingly intrusive testing methods of elite sports compatible with the right to autonomy and privacy granted to patients in general medicine? could there be a moral obligation to correct injustices produced by the genetic lottery? how should the goals of sports medicine be viewed from the perspective of rationing scarce health care resources? This book was published as a special issue in Sport, Ethics and Philosophy.

Ethics in Sports Medicine an Issue of Clinics in Sports Medicine

Ethics in sports medicine. Am J Sports Med 2007;35:840–4. 3. Devitt BM, McCarthy C. “I am in blood Stepp'd in so far.”: ethical dilemmas and the sports team doctor. Br J Sports Med 2010;44:175–8. 4. Testoni D, Hornik C, Smith PB, et al.

Author: Stephen R. Thompson

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323417716

Category: Medical ethics

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The world of sports medicine faces unique medical ethics issues. In this issue articles will include: Fundamental Ethical Principles in Sports Medicine, Confidentiality in Sports Medicine, Informed Consent in Sports Medicine, Conflicts of Interest in Sports Medicine, Performance enhancing drugs in sports medicine, Gene doping in sports medicine, Ethical considerations for analgesic use in sports medicine, and many more!

Sport Medicine and Health

The medicalization of sport? Dominic Malcolm. sanctity of the confidentiality of medical exchanges. Historically, the primacy of patient confidentiality has been central to medical ethics; it is the concluding item of the Hippocratic ...

Author: Dominic Malcolm

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317576389

Category: Medical

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The relationship between sport, medicine and health in our society is becoming increasingly complex. This important and timely study explores this relationship through an analysis of changing political economies, altered perceptions of the body and science’s developing contribution to the human condition. Surveying the various ways in which medicine interacts with the world of sport, it examines the changing practices and purposes of sports medicine today. Drawing on the latest research in the sociology of sport, this book investigates the scientific discourse underlying the promotion of physical activity to reveal the political context in which medical knowledge and public policies emerge. It considers the incongruities between these policies and their attempts to regulate the supply of and demand for sports medicine. Through a series of original case studies, this book exposes the social construction of sports medical knowledge and questions the potential for medicine to influence athletes’ well-being both positively and negatively. Sport, Medicine and Health: The medicalization of sport? provides valuable insights for all students and scholars interested in sports medicine, sports policy, public health and the sociology of sport.

Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine For The Primary Care Practitioner Fourth Edition

The sports medicine provider's chief concern must be to evaluate and decide based solely upon the health of the athlete and should not ... Anderson L. Writing a new code of ethics for sports medical providers: Principles and challenges.

Author: Richard B. Birrer

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781482220124

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Primary care practitioners are often the first medical professionals to see patients after an injury, making it critical for them to stay up to date on the latest developments in sports medicine. Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Practitioner contains the most current information on major topics in sports science and clinical medicine. It is a valuable resource for primary care physicians and allied health professionals who practice, teach, and hold specialty certifications in sports medicine and related fields. The book discusses key concepts related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sports injuries. This edition adds new sections on pro-inflammatory treatments, field-side acupuncture, and brief musculoskeletal ultrasound as well as a new chapter on wellness and video illustrations of important musculoskeletal maneuvers at The book follows the Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy (SORT), which addresses the quality, quantity, and consistency of evidence. It recommends levels of patient-oriented evidence to assist physicians in their diagnoses. Also included is a link to videos that demonstrate important musculoskeletal maneuvers used in sports medicine. As exercise and sports move beyond the realm of leisurely activity to a necessary component of good health, this book has become an important resource for all those involved in sports medicine.

ACSM s Sports Medicine

SUMMARY □ Sports medicine requires ethical treatment of athletes in all situations (5). □ Familiarity with many disease states that can affect an athlete's ability to participate is required (1). □ Athletes can only participate if ...

Author: Francis G. O'Connor

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9781451104257

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The field of sports medicine is evolving, accelerated by emerging technologies and changing health care policies. To stay up to speed and ace the Boards, you need a resource that moves at your pace. Sanctioned by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), this handy review addresses all areas of the sports medicine subspecialty board examination--with coverage that spans the full spectrum of sports medicine, from medical to skeletal conditions related to the athlete. The editors and authors include orthopedic surgeons, family physicians, pediatricians, internal medicine specialists, physiatrists, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, psychologists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and more, ensuring that you'll benefit from the broad spectrum of expertise embraced by the specialty. Look inside and explore...* Seven convenient sections address general considerations, evaluation of the injured athlete, medical problems, musculoskeletal problems, principles of rehabilitation, sports-specific populations, and special populations.* Comprehensive coverage includes all topic areas featured on sports medicine subspecialty board exams.* Easy-access bulleted format makes essential facts simple to locate and recall.* Tables, figures, and algorithms make complex ideas easy to grasp and retain. PLUS...* An online companion resource includes nearly 1,000 board-style practice questions with rationale for correct and incorrect responses--a great way to test your knowledge and improve your exam performance!

The Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine Genetic and Molecular Aspects of Sports Performance

From the thick interpretation perspective, however, the use of technology in sport cannot be reduced to a question of objective progress and records alone. In terms of explanatory and moral power, I believe thick interpretations still ...

Author: Claude Bouchard

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444348293

Category: Medical

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This is the latest volume in the IOC Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine series, summarizing the evidence from all relevant sources on the genetic and molecular basis of sports and other human physical performance. The initial chapters address the basic science of genomics and genetics and the regulation of gene expression. Additional chapters provide authoritative information on the genetics of complex performance phenotypes, the contributions of small animal research, family and twin studies, and ethnic comparisons. A final section addresses the issue of the contribution of specific genes and molecular markers as related to endurance, strength and power, and responsiveness to specific conditioning programs. This latest volume in the Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine Series from the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee is a must for sports and exercise scientists who require a thorough guide to the most cutting edge science in this expanding field.

FIMS Sports Medicine Manual

SportsMedicine. Ethics. Contributed by Michael McNamee, Professor, Centrefor Philosophy,Humanities andLaw,University ofWales, Swansea, Wales In everyday sports medicine discourses, clinicians may refer inpositiveterms tocolleagues ...

Author: David McDonagh

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9781451154344

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Published in association with the International Federation of Sports Medicine, FIMS Sports Medicine Event Manual covers all aspects of setting up sports medicine care for sporting events along with what to do to care for the athletes. This emergency sports medicine manual addresses an array of essential issues including: planning the medical aspects of sporting events, evaluating the “return to play” conundrum, and on-field treatment of an injured or ill athlete. These topics and skills are crucial for all event physicians to master. Separated into five sections, the book will cover everything from planning the medical aspects of a sports event to providing a sport specific list of conditions an event physician must be able to treat. Ideal for sports medicine physicians and athletic trainers who coordinate care for events, this manual covers practical how-to-do-it coverage of injuries to athletes.

The Ethics of Sport

Sports, Virtues and Vices. Abingdon: Routledge; 2008. 33. E. Cassell. The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Medicine. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2004. 34. Y. Lurie. The ontology of sports injuries. In Pain and Injury in Sport: ...

Author: Arthur L. Caplan

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190210991

Category: Medical

Page: 530

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Sports are more than just "games". They can unite countries, start wars, and revolutionize views on race, class, and gender. Through works from philosophy, sociology, medicine, and law, this collection explores intersections of sports and ethics, and identifies the immense role of sports in shaping and reflecting social values

Sport Ethics and Neurophilosophy

Concussion in sports medicine ethics: Policy, epistemic and ethical problems. The American Journal of Bioethics 13 (10): 15–17. doi: 10.1080/15265161.2013.828123 MCNAMEE, M.J., PARTRIDGE, B., and ANDERSON, L. 2015.

Author: Jeffrey P. Fry

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429685743

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 158

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The growth of neuroscience and the spread of general interest in the brain have prompted concern for ethical issues posed by neuroscientists. Despite the growing interest in the brain, neuroscience, and the profound issues that neuroscience raises, up to this point, relatively little attention has been given to, broadly speaking, neurophilosophical reflection on the brain in the context of sport. This book seeks to address this gap. Sport abounds with issues ripe for neurophilosophical treatment. Human movement, intentionality, cognition, cooperation, and vulnerability to injury directly and indirectly implicate the brain, and feature prominently in sport. This innovative volume comprises chapters by a team of international scholars who have written on a wide variety of topics at the intersection of sport, ethics, and neurophilosophy. Not only are the issues presented here of pressing philosophical and practical concerns, they also represent a new mode of fluid interaction between science and philosophy for the future of sports scholarship. This book was originally published as a special issue of the journal Sport, Ethics and Philosophy.