Contemporary Southeast Asia

Muslims in Southeast Asia have long been characterized as secular, tolerant, modernist, and development-oriented. Moreover, many people within and outside Southeast Asia had believed that the violence and terrorism, which is a daily ...



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Southeast Asia in Perspective

... private investment in Southeast Asia , 214 - 17 ; conditions on economic aid , 232 ff . ; congressional attitudes toward economic and military aid , 234 ff . ; and Southeast Asian economic development , 240 ff . ; and colonialism ...

Author: John Kerry King

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The United States and Southeast Asia


Author: Robert Kerrey

Publisher: Council on Foreign Relations Press

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"Though a central part of our modern history, Southeast Asia has tended to be relegated to the backwaters of U.S. foreign policy - except at moments of crisis. The July 1997 collapse of the Thai baht that threatened to destabilize the world financial markets was a chilling reminder of Southeast Asia's importance - and of the complex challenge it poses for the United States. The 1999 East Timor crisis was another tragic event that caught America off guard. The U.S. experience in Asia - where we have fought three wars in the past six decades - instructs that we ignore the region only at great cost." "The Independent Task Force on the United States and Southeast Asia sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and chaired by former Senator Robert Kerrey, was formed to examine these issues. The Task Force found that instability or conflict in Southeast Asia - whether financial instability, genocide in Cambodia, turmoil in Indonesia, or potential conflict in the South China Sea - can rapidly become a matter of major global import that could ultimately threaten U.S. vital interests. The Task Force also concluded that U.S. policy toward Southeast Asia has been perceived in the region as hectoring, unnecessarily ad hoc, overbearing, and reactive." "The Task Force assessment and recommendations offer some guidance for more focused, better-integrated, and more valuable U.S. relations with Southeast Asia at a time of transition."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Europe and Southeast Asia in the Contemporary World

The tasks for ASEAN are enormous, given the history and diversity of cultures in Southeast Asia. There is a sense that a historical unity for the region is still elusive. Certainly, Southeast Asia does not form a single civilization.

Author: Franz Knipping

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Islamic Banking in Southeast Asia

The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies was established as an autonomous organization in May 1968. It is a regional research centre for scholars and other specialists concerned with modern Southeast Asia, particularly the multi-faceted ...

Author: Mohamed Ariff

Publisher: Inst of Southeast Asian Studies

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Southeast Asia and the Middle East

Ties between Southeast Asia and the Middle East have been extremely important for well over seven hundred years, but historical linkages between the two regions have attracted little attention, and assessments of their significance are ...

Author: Eric Tagliacozzo


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Acknowledgments p. vii Orthographic Note p. viii 1 Southeast Asia and the Middle East: Charting Directions Eric Tagliacozzo p. 1 I The Early Dimensions of Contact 2 Finding Java: Muslim Nomenclature of Insular Southeast Asia from Sþrvijaya to Snouck Hurgronje Michael Laffan p. 17 3 The Hajj, Islam, and Power among the Bugis in Early Colonial Riau Timothy P. Barnard p. 65 4 The Origins and Contributions of Early Arabs in Malaya Mohammad Redzuan Othman p. 83 II The Colonial Age 5 The Middle East Connection and Reform and Revival Movements among the Putihan in 19th-century Java M.C. Ricklefs p. 111 6 The Skeptic's Eye: Snouck Hurgronje and the Politics of Pilgrimage from the Indies Eric Tagliacozzo p. 135 7 Challenging Inequality in a Modern Islamic Idiom: Social Ferment amongst Arabs in Early 20th-century Java Sumit K. Mandal p. 156 8 Southeast Asian Debates and Middle Eastern Inspiration: European Dress in Minangkabau at the Beginning of the 20th Century Nico J.G. Kaptein p. 176 III The First Half of the 20th Century 9 Topics and Queries for a History of Arab Families and Inheritance in Southeast Asia: Some Preliminary Thoughts Michael Gilsenan p. 199 10 From Golden Youth in Arabia to Business Leaders in Singapore: Instructions of a Hadrami Patriarch Ulrike Freitag p. 235 11 M. Asad Shahab: A Portrait of an Indonesian Hadrami Who Bridged the Two Worlds Mona Abaza p. 250 IV Into Modernity 12 Jihad and the Specter of Transnational Islam in Contemporary Southeast Asia: A Comparative Historical Perspective John T. Sidel p. 275 13 Some Comparative Notes on Three Muslim Rebellion Movements in Southeast Asia (Burma, Thailand, and the Philippines) Moshe Yegar p. 319 14 Political Islam in Post-Soeharto Indonesia: The Contest between "Radical-Conservative Islam" and "Progressive-Liberal Islam" M. Syafi'i Anwar p. 349 Contributors p. 386 Index.

Southeast Asia in Search of an ASEAN Community

Protocol Amending the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia Philippines, 15 December 1987 The Government of Brunei Darussalam The Government of the Republic of Indonesia The Government of Malaysia The Government of the ...

Author: Rodolfo Severino

Publisher: Inst of Southeast Asian Studies

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"... This volume reappraises the organization from the inside, through controversial or perplexing issues such as the "ASEAN Way", the accession of the new members, including Myanmar, the principle of "non-interference", regional security, regional economic integration, the haze and SARS, and ASEAN's future"--ISEAS Publications Unit.

Southeast Asia in Transition

Does Indonesia have ambitions to be the power in insular Southeast Asia? Both Prof. Mansbach and I suggested that U.S. policy makers have identified Indonesia as a kind of regional non-communist manager or proxy.

Author: Melvin Gurtov


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Southeast Asia s Changing Landscape

Promote more balanced international investor perceptions of Southeast Asia. Rejuvenate enthusiasm to counter overreaction to the crisis through focusing on persistent strengths — high saving rates, fiscal policy, and education.

Author: Gerrit W. Gong


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