East and west are always pronounced as in shore speech, but north and south are only thus pronounced when they stand alone. When used in combination, they are markedly altered in Between each point are half-points and quarter-points, ...

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Landlubbers use a remarkable number of terms and expressions that originated at sea. This readable dictionary of maritime vernacular explains the meanings behind "catspaw," "kick the bucket," "palaver," "three sheets in the wind," and other curious lingo. It's a great gift for any sailor or lover of language. "Entertaining and informative." — The Washington Post.


South , South by West , South South - West , South - West by South , South - West , South - West by West , West South ... North by West , Each point is divided into quarters and the fractional parts are thus expressed : East by South ...

Author: Stephen Bleecker Luce


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A Universal Geography in Four Parts

SOUTH . South by west . South , south - west . South - west by south . South - west . South - west by west . West , south - west . West by south . WEST . West by north . West , north - west . North - west by west . North - west .

Author: Thomas Milner


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The Voyage of Sir Henry Middleton to the Moluccas 1604 1606

The longest part of it lieth north-north-east and south-south-west. Upon the northnorth-west part or ende of the iland there is a river of fresh water. If a man be at the norther ende of Botun, and bee minded to saile to the Kings ...

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A new and enlarged edition, with an Introduction and Notes. For the previous edition, see First Series 19 (1854). The additional material includes an account by Edmund Scott of events at Bantam, 1603-05, and his description of Java. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1943.

The Southwestern Reporter

C. B. Robertson received 100 acres described as being the east 80 acres of the SW quarter and the west 20 acres of the SE quarter of the section. Mona Robertson is the surviving wife of J. H. ... 309 SOUTH WESTERN REPORTER, 2d SERIES.



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Marysville , 2.7 miles south of , 50 feet east of milepost , 139 , at fence , east of track ; iron post stamped " 61 ... 239 56.535 48.722 45.93 53.529 Yuba City west , south , west , and south to point 4 miles west by 2 miles north of ...



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Sessional Papers

7 throughout this Act is to be taken as highwater mark of ordinary spring tides ) 2,380 yards north - west of the tower on the Pier of Port Talbot thence proceeding along highwatermark in a south easterly direction to the boundary of ...

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