The second edition of Sourcework, designed to help students make use of outside sources, has been updated and enhanced to better guide writers through the challenges of their first academic research papers.

Author: Nancy E. Dollahite

Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Pub

ISBN: 1111352097

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The second edition of Sourcework, designed to help students make use of outside sources, has been updated and enhanced to better guide writers through the challenges of their first academic research papers. With new university-level readings and updated activities, this flexible text helps students master the writing and critical thinking skills necessary to produce strong academic essays using supporting evidence.

The Source Work

Author: Sirshree


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Succeed @ Work by accessing the Source within you Had it been a few years ago, Karmant would have savoured the serenity of the beach. But today, he was too preoccupied to sense these delights of nature. “I wish life were that easy… that the waters of time would wash away the mistakes made in the sands of life,” he thought.He was unhappy thinking about his work and his life. “What am I doing wrong? Why is it so difficult to succeed at work? Why do I always mess up in my communication? I don’t mean anyone any harm. Why do I always have to deal with people who irritate and anger me? I am a real failure, a misfit in the office and at home as well. I haven’t been a good father or a supportive husband… being a good manager is still farfetched. Will I ever find inspiration at work and happiness in life?” What happens to Karmant? Does he rise above his uninspiring work-life and attain harmony at the workplace and at home? Join Karmant in his encounters with Jeeodee, a surprising source of inspiration and be inspired in turn to thrive at work. You may realize that your own source of inspiration is not very far away…

Mw History Ol nl Tackng Source based Qns

Part One : Understanding Sourcework Skills A The Requirements of the Examination 1 Skills Regardless of which syllabus you are studying , there is an ...


Publisher: Pearson Education South Asia

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Experiencing Philosophy

... Radical Skepticism 214 ORIGINAL SOURCEWORK David Hume , Skeptical Doubts Concerning the Operations of the Understanding 223 ORIGINAL SOURCEWORK Patricia ...

Author: Anthony F. Falikowski

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: IND:30000086244518

Category: Philosophy

Page: 457

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This useful and richly informative book will inspire and motivate readers to appreciate the importance and relevance of philosophy in their everyday lives. A user-friendly format provides detailed content coverage and critical reasoning skills development. Its “applied focus” pays attention to the personal and practical relevance of philosophy by focusing on its experiential, therapeutic, and social applications—complemented by a built-in study guide and substantial excerpts from classical original sourceworks. Six chapters cover: what philosophy is, philosophies of life, logic and philosophical method, epistemology and metaphysics, ethics, and political philosophy. For individuals new to, and interested in, the study of philosphy.

RDA Resource Description and Access 2013 Revision

Reciprocal relationship: summary (work) derivative work A work that is a modification of a source work. Reciprocal relationship: based on (work) abridged as ...

Author: Joint Steering Committee, JSC

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838996898

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This e-book contains the 2013 Revision of RDA: Resource Description and Access, and includes the July 2013 Update. This e-book offers links within the RDA text and the capability of running rudimentary searches of RDA, but please note that this e-book does not have the full range of content or functionality provided by the subscription product RDA Toolkit. Included: A full accumulation of RDA the revision contains a full set of all current RDA instructions. It replaces the previous version of RDA Print as opposed to being an update packet to that version. RDA has gone through many changes since it was first published in 2010. Cataloging practice described by RDA has not changed dramatically due to the changes above, but nearly every page in RDA Print was impacted by the changes, with the result that an RDA Print update packet would require nearly as many pages as the full revision. The most current RDA the revision contains all changes to RDA up to and including the 2013 RDA Update approved by the JSC. Annually the JSC considers proposals to update, enhance and maintain RDA as a current cataloging standard. These updates can and often do change the cataloging process as described by RDA. The JSC also periodically issues changes to RDA to fix errors and to clarify meaning. These changes do not typically change cataloging practice as described by RDA. Reworded RDA the revision includes the reworded version of RDA instructions. To improve readability and comprehension of complex instructions, RDA has been edited and reworded since its original release. The rewording was carried out by the JSC, RDA Copy Editor, and reviewed by the U.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee.

The Viewpoints Book

Source Work can be anything your imagination devises, as long as it moves the company closer to the material and an investment in it. Source Work allows for ...

Author: Anne Bogart

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

ISBN: 9781559366779

Category: Performing Arts

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First major exploration of a ground-breaking new technique for actors and theatre artists.

EBOOK Understanding History Teaching

Perhaps this approach, currently championed in recent school textbooks and editions of Teaching History, isn't yet fully equated with 'sourcework', ...

Author: Chris Husbands

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335225842

Category: Education

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"Understanding History Teaching is an enjoyable read with a logical and flowing structure. It lives up to its goal of appealing to both academic and professional readers with both academic depth and real insights and opportunities for the professional teacher to draw from. It presents its data and interpretations in a manner which does not avoid the issues revealed within the research but has an uplifting effect on the reader and leaves them feeling optimistic about the quality of History teaching in UK secondary schools." Robert Wyness, Student, De Montfort University, Leicester,UK * Why do we teach and learn about the past? * How is history taught in schools? * What are the influences on the way teachers teach and pupils learn about the past? History is one of the most ideologically disputed of school subjects. Over the past generation, the subject has experienced fundamental changes in content, pedagogy and approach. This book is the first detailed account of the way history is taught in schools to be published for 30 years. Drawing on fieldwork in comprehensive schools, and on research studies worldwide, the authors pose fundamental questions about the way teachers teach and learners learn. They consider its purposes on teaching about the past in a world of accelerating change. The book sets out to explore the realities of classroom history teaching and to offer pointers for the development on the subject in a new century.

Teaching History in a Neoliberal Age

Laura seemed to agree with this perspective, giving her students the narratives of Unstead to read instead of, or perhaps as a scaffold for, 'sourcework.

Author: Mary Woolley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000681185

Category: Education

Page: 198

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This book explores changing practice in history classrooms from the autonomy of the 1980s through the introduction of GCSEs and the National Curriculum to the prescription of the National Strategies and the pervasive influence of league tables in the first decade of the twenty-first century. It uses individual narratives from history teachers to shed light on a changing profession. Showcasing research that is crucial reading for leaders in education, it uses oral accounts from 13 experienced teachers to provide a rich testimony of the constraints and affordances acting on history teachers. The book offers a unique perspective to show how teachers experienced steady but substantial changes in policy and autonomy and how this affected their practice; this detail enhances an analysis of policy and curricular documents across three decades. The findings are crucial for educational settings today, facing crises of teacher recruitment and teacher retention. This book will be of great interest to academics and higher degree research students in history education, history of education and education policy. It will also be of interest to beginning history teachers and senior school leaders responsible for teacher development and curriculum.

Global Mandatory Fair Use

These are (i) the nature and purpose of the quotation, (ii) the size of the quotation and its proportion in relation to the source work, (iii) the harm to ...

Author: Tanya Aplin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108875592

Category: Law


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In a path-breaking work, Tanya Aplin and Lionel Bently make the case that the quotation exception in Article 10 of the Berne Convention constitutes a global, mandatory, fair use provision. It is global, they argue, because of the reach of Berne qua Berne and qua TRIPS, and its mandatory nature is apparent from the clear language of Article 10 and its travaux. It relates to 'use' that is not limited by type of work, type of act, or purpose and it is 'fair' use because the work must be made available to the public, with attribution, and the use must be proportionate and consistent with fair practice. By explaining the contours of global, mandatory fair use - and thus displacing the 'three-step test' as the dominant, international copyright norm governing copyright exceptions - this book creates new insights into how national exceptions should be framed and interpreted.

Trustworthy Execution on Mobile Devices

... Full-virtualization Open-source Work-in-Progress CodeZero Para-virtualization Open-source Work-in-Progress EmbeddedXen Para-virtualization Open-source ...

Author: Amit Vasudevan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461481904

Category: Computers

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This brief considers the various stakeholders in today's mobile device ecosystem, and analyzes why widely-deployed hardware security primitives on mobile device platforms are inaccessible to application developers and end-users. Existing proposals are also evaluated for leveraging such primitives, and proves that they can indeed strengthen the security properties available to applications and users, without reducing the properties currently enjoyed by OEMs and network carriers. Finally, this brief makes recommendations for future research that may yield practical and deployable results.

The Technical History Of China s Grand Canal

2.2.1 Water-Source Work Each river system in the Beijing area had the typical characteristics of northern rivers — severely inconsistent annual distribution ...

Author: Tan Xuming

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9781945552052

Category: Science

Page: 324

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Based on the past 30-years' research on the technical and cultural values of China's Grand Canal, this book, based on interdisciplinary research, studies the natural and social background of the evolution and development of different sections of the Grand Canal in different historical periods, as well as the interrelations between the Grand Canal and the Chinese politics, economics, and culture. It also assesses the effects of the Grand Canal on the progress of the Chinese civilization, engineering technology achievement, the natural environment, and the society, providing the readers with an understanding of China's Grand Canal from the perspectives of hydraulic engineering and history.

The Copyright Pentalogy

these creators is such that it is the creator of the source work who may profit economically from their work; the creator of the UGC may use the modified ...

Author: Michael Geist

Publisher: University of Ottawa Press

ISBN: 9780776620848

Category: Law

Page: 478

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In the summer of 2012, the Supreme Court of Canada issued rulings on five copyright cases in a single day. The cases represent a seismic shift in Canadian copyright law, with the Court providing an unequivocal affirmation that copyright exceptions such as fair dealing should be treated as users’ rights, while emphasizing the need for a technology neutral approach to copyright law. The Court’s decisions, which were quickly dubbed the “copyright pentalogy,” included no fees for song previews on services such as iTunes, no additional payment for music included in downloaded video games, and that copying materials for instructional purposes may qualify as fair dealing. The Canadian copyright community soon looked beyond the cases and their litigants and began to debate the larger implications of the decisions. Several issues quickly emerged. This book represents an effort by some of Canada’s leading copyright scholars to begin the process of examining the long-term implications of the copyright pentalogy. The diversity of contributors ensures an equally diverse view on these five cases, contributions are grouped into five parts. Part 1 features three chapters on the standard of review in the courts. Part 2 examines the fair dealing implications of the copyright pentalogy, with five chapters on the evolution of fair dealing and its likely interpretation in the years ahead. Part 3 contains two chapters on technological neutrality, which the Court established as a foundational principle of copyright law. The scope of copyright is assessed in Part 4 with two chapters that canvas the exclusive rights under the copyright and the establishment of new “right” associated with user-generated content. Part 5 features two chapters on copyright collective management and its future in the aftermath of the Court’s decisions. This volume represents the first comprehensive scholarly analysis of the five rulings. Edited by Professor Michael Geist, the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, the volume includes contributions from experts across Canada. This indispensable volume identifies the key aspects of the Court's decisions and considers the implications for the future of copyright law in Canada.

The Aesthetics and Ethics of Copying

They may do this not by literally physically harming the source work (as in the Rauschenberg case), but rather by spoiling our subsequent appreciation of ...

Author: Darren Hudson Hick

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474254533

Category: Philosophy

Page: 352

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The Aesthetics and Ethics of Copying responds to the rapidly changing attitudes towards the use of another's ideas, styles, and artworks. With advances in technology making the copying of artworks and other artefacts exponentially easier, questions of copying no longer focus on the problems of forgery: they now expand into aesthetic and ethical legal concerns. This volume addresses the changes and provides the first philosophical foundation for an aesthetics and ethics of copying. Scholars from philosophy of art, philosophy of technology, philosophy of law, ethics, legal theory, media studies, art history, literary theory, and sociology discuss the role that copying plays in human culture, confronting the question of how-and why-copying fits into our broader system of values. Teasing out the factors and conceptual distinctions that must be accounted for in an ontology of copying, they set a groundwork for understanding the nature of copies and copying, showing how these interweave with ethical and legal concepts. Covering unique concerns for copying in the domain of artworks, from music and art to plays and literature, contributors look at work by artists including Heinrich von Kleist, Robert Rauschenberg, Courbet and Manet and conclude with the normative dimensions of copying in the twenty-first century. By bringing this topic into the philosophical domain and highlighting its philosophical relevance, The Aesthetics and Ethics of Copying establishes the complex conditions-ontological, aesthetic, ethical, cultural, and legal-that underlie and complicate the topic. The result is a timely collection that establishes the need for further discussion.

Copyright for Archivists and Records Managers

The source work may for instance be hard copy, an audio book or available online, including one available on subscription. However, if the source work is ...

Author: Tim Padfield

Publisher: Facet Publishing

ISBN: 9781783304486

Category: Law

Page: 384

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As an archivist or records manager it is essential to keep up to date with the complexities of copyright legislation, and Copyright for Archivists and Records Managers has been described as an ‘unparalleled’ resource for that purpose. What is copyright? Who owns it and for how long? What rights does it confer, and what are the limitations and exceptions? This comprehensive manual uniquely outlines copyright law in the UK with special reference to the unpublished materials commonly found in archive and records collections such as maps, legal records, records of local authorities and parish registers. It also gives comprehensive information on authorship and duration of copyright in older as well as modern works and on the wide range of exceptions and limitations to copyright, particularly those relevant to archivists, records managers, librarians and curators. It offers advice on rights in the electronic environment, moral rights and rights in databases and contains extensive tables of duration of copyright in other countries. The sixth edition of this respected work has been extensively revised and updated, in particular by: revision of the commentaries on the nature of originality in literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and of a substantial part of a copyright work updating of the explanation of how a work of overseas origin qualifies for copyright protection in the UK, to reflect changes to the legislation revision of the commentaries on publication, issue of copies to the public and communication to the public more explanation of the exceptions for quotation, text and data mining, disability, rental and lending, education, broadcasts, access to digital material on the premises and the publication of older unpublished works updating of the charts for the duration of copyright where countries have amended their legislation This book will be useful reading for all archivists and records managers; LIS professionals in libraries, museums and galleries; students, researchers and genealogists.

Relevance Pragmatics and Interpretation

the source work. Although her utterance makes significant demands on the audience's cognitive resources, it requires no gratuitous effort to produce ...

Author: Kate Scott

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108418638

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 332

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Showcases recent research by leading scholars working within the relevance-theoretic pragmatics framework.

Federal Register

New kiln Startup and shut Major or area source Work practices down . ( 63.1346 ( f ) ) Existing clinker cool Normal operation Major or area source PM 0.07 ...



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