Sounds Good on Paper

How to Bring Business Language to Life Roger Horberry. SOUNDS GOOD ON
PAPER This page intentionally left blank SOUNDS GOOD ON PAPER HOW.

Author: Roger Horberry

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408122310

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 171

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Understand and use powerful figures of speech to give your business writing more impact.


Students believe it is degrading to pick up paper or clean and dust equipment. In
my opinion, we are ... “No child left behind” sounds good on paper and sounds
good politically, but realistically, it's a “pie in the sky.” I believe in trying to be the ...

Author: Grace Young Smith and Sue Young Hunter

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499014839

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 476

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"Crabapple Blossoms" draws you into the warm rhythms of Georgia farm life as the Depression came and went. Grace Smith and Sue Hunter skillfully capture the sounds and sights of tobacco cultivation and harvest, games children played using only their imaginations, humorous interactions with family and friends, country church services and funerals for pets. the sisters' account of a time at Berry College illustrates the unique nature of the school where sewing and tractor driving could be part of earning tuition--of a place where young people from farm families could learn skills and earn degrees that would open a new world to them. the stories of teaching school vividly present the problems in the days of few standards, a front row seat for what racial integration meant and some frank--and sometimes sardonic--observations of the often illogical curriculum reforms that will be familiar to anyone who taught or sat in a classroom during the last half century. "In 'Crabapple Blossoms,' Grace Smith and Sue Hunter bring the world of girlhood days on a Georgia tobacco farm, college days at Berry and teaching careers to life. with humor, honesty and style, they tell a unique story--one that captures the changing South in context of school, church and family." --W. Winston Skinner, Newnan, Ga. Writer and historian

Mike and Phani s Essential C Techniques

It sounds good on paper. Too bad you don't understand what I'm going through.”
But that's exactly the point of these techniques. We do understand what you're
going through. We've shipped a lot of products under a lot of circumstances.

Author: Michael Hyman

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781430211273

Category: Computers

Page: 240

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C++ is the language of choice for developing the most sophisticated Windows programs, but it is filled with hidden traps for the unwary. Mike Hyman and Phani Vaddadi's no-nonsense book helps C++ programmers avoid these traps by providing invaluable techniques gleaned from a combined 30 years of experience. In this book, you'll find a number of invaluable real-world tips and techniques that will help you improve your code and coding practices.

Cancer Only Sucks on Days That End in Y

As far as the touring with our songs idea goes . . . . it sounds good on paper, and I
don't know about you guys, but I couldn't carry a tune if it was wrapped up nicely
and stuck into a bag! I haven't been sleeping well lately. I wake up and lie there ...

Author: Scott D. Finestone

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465332936

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 229

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About the Book Cancer Only Sucks on Days That End In Y is a combination of a memoir of our exploits battling this disease and a manual for friends and families who find themselves thrust into the wonderful (NOT) world of cancer. This touching and often hilarious story combines flashbacks from journal entries and advice on how to tackle The Monster. Whether you, a family member, friend or neighbor has a child who is facing a life-threatening illness, this book can serve as your insiders look into how one navigates those treacherous waters.

All Hail the Queen

“Nah, I'm good,” Amir said. “Good,” she stressed, keeping her face stoic even as
she felt a wave of tears creep up on her. These men respected her but she ... “
That shit sounds good on paper,” one of the men said. Naeema glanced up at the

Author: Meesha Mink

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476755380

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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In this heart-pounding sequel to the explosive novel Kiss the Ring, Naeema “Queen” Cole races against the clock to figure out who attacked her man and why—before it’s too late. Life finally seems to have calmed down for Naeema “Queen” Cole. After she brought down the Make Money Crew, Newark’s most notorious bank robbing gang, she was able to make peace with the son she never knew. His memory is even starting to feel like a blessing, rather than a curse. She and her on-again off-again husband Tank are back on and stronger than ever. But just when she thought she could put away her undercover identity as “Queen” and just be Naeema, Tank is attacked while out on a job guarding a high-profile celebrity. Everyone thinks it was the celebrity who the target, but Naeema knows the attack was personal. With Tank in critical condition and everyone else looking in all the wrong places, it’s up to her to find out which of Tank’s enemies would dare to mess with her man. Hailed for her “fast-paced action, sizzling erotic sex, and a heartwarming kick-ass heroine,” (Publishers Weekly), Meesha Mink is back with another thrilling tale following Naeema on the hunt for a killer, because she’ll die before she lets anyone take away her king.

Aviation Instructor s Handbook

SRM sounds good on paper, but it requires a way for pilots to understand and
use it in their daily flights. One practical application is called the “Five Ps” (5 Ps). [
Figure 9-8] The 5Ps consist of “the Plan, the Plane, the Pilot, the Passengers, and

Author: Federal Aviation Administration

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9781602397774

Category: Education

Page: 160

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The Aviation Instructor’s Handbook is a world-class educational reference tool developed and designed for ground instructors, flight instructors, and aviation maintenance instructors. This information-packed handbook provides the foundation for beginning instructors to understand and apply the fundamentals of instructing. It also provides aviation instructors with detailed, up-to-date information on learning and teaching, and how to relate this information to the task of conveying aeronautical knowledge and skills to students. Experienced aviation instructors will also find the new and updated information useful for improving their effectiveness in training activities. No aviation instructor’s library is complete without the up-to-date Aviation Instructor’s Handbook.

Aviation Weather Services Handbook

SRM sounds good on paper, but it requires a way for pilots to understand and
use it in their daily flights. One practical application is called the “Five Ps” (5 Ps). [
Figure 9-8] The 5Ps consist of “the Plan, the Plane, the Pilot, the Passengers, and

Author: Federal Aviation Administration

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9781602399440

Category: Transportation

Page: 216

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"Written by Robert A. Prentice with assistance from Douglas D. Streu, and edited by Cynthia Abelman and Tom Dulong"--Frwd.

Something She Can Feel

That sounds good on paper, or maybe in a daydream, but I am not entirely sure
that this is truly what most women are looking for. Please do not let this line
offend you. As you read on, you will see why I highlighted this point. I know that
women ...

Author: Terrell Monger

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1463439377

Category: Fiction

Page: 84

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With the follow up to his book “The Art of Strategic Conversation”, which changed the way modern day leaders pursued evangelism; Terrell Monger now brings us “Something She Can Feel” the book that will reform the dynamics of Christian relationships. This book journeys into the emotional needs that women posses and reveals things that men must do to satisfy them. It also exposes inaccurate teachings of fornication but details the truth about pre-marital sex. You will find answers to key questions: • Am I ready to be a wife? • What are the deal breakers? • Is he ready to be a husband? • Are you addicted to being single? While most seek to use Biblical teachings on sex to scare you into marriage Terrell Monger uses teachings in this book to provide a vision for healthy and mutually satisfying relationships that add to your life. This book reminds men that if they desire to keep the woman; to please the woman; to satisfy the woman, he must give her Something She Can Feel.

The Air I Breathe

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Well, it looks good on paper and it even
sounds good, but when you have to live it and you are in the midst of
circumstances, it's a different story”? Now it was time for me to live what I
preached. I felt helpless ...

Author: Deborah Wells

Publisher: WestBowPress

ISBN: 9781490819266

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 122

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God gives us unconditional love, and so as parents we must learn to give the same unconditional love to our children and grandchildren.

Gil s All Fright Diner

I was always a night person anyway, and the powers can be kind'a cool. But, I
mean, this whole undead stuff sounds good on paper, but it ain't all it's cracked
up to be. “See, the way I got it figured, dying is sort'a like the thing that gives your
life ...

Author: A. Lee Martinez

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781429913621

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Bloodier than Fried Green Tomatoes! Funnier than The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Welcome to Gil's All Night Diner, where zombie attacks are a regular occurrence and you never know what might be lurking in the freezer . . . Duke and Earl are just passing through Rockwood county in their pick-up truck when they stop at the Diner for a quick bite to eat. They aren't planning to stick around-until Loretta, the eatery's owner, offers them $100 to take care of her zombie problem. Given that Duke is a werewolf and Earl's a vampire, this looks right up their alley. But the shambling dead are just the tip of a particularly spiky iceberg. Seems someone's out to drive Loretta from the Diner, and more than willing to raise a little Hell on Earth if that's what it takes. Before Duke and Earl get to the bottom of the Diner's troubles, they'll run into such otherworldly complications as undead cattle, an amorous ghost, a jailbait sorceress, and the terrifying occult power of pig-latin. And maybe--just maybe--the End of the World, too. Gory, sexy, and flat-out hilarious, Gil's All Fright Diner will tickle your funnybone--before ripping it out of its socket! At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Homeownership Built to Last

Now all this sounds good on paper, but how does SEH perform under realworld
conditions? An evaluation by Kenneth Temkin, Brett Theodos, and David Price of
the Urban Institute sought to answer this question by examining historical data ...

Author: Eric S. Belsky

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815725657

Category: Political Science

Page: 487

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The ups and downs in housing markets over the past two decades are without precedent, and the costs—financial, psychological, and social—have been enormous. Yet Americans overwhelmingly still aspire to homeownership, and many still view access to homeownership as an important ingredient for building wealth among historically disadvantaged groups. This timely volume reexamines the goals, risks, and rewards of homeownership in the wake of the housing bubble and subprime lending crisis. Housing, real estate, and finance experts explore the role of government in supporting homeownership, deliberate how homeownership can be made more sustainable, and discuss how best to balance affordability, access, and risk, particularly for minorities and low income families. Contributors: Eric S. Belsky (JCHS); Raphael W. Bostic (University of Southern California); Mark Calabria (Cato Institute); Kaloma Cardwell (University of California, Berkeley); Mark Cole (Hope LoanPort); J. Michael Collins (University of Wisconsin– Madison); Marsha J. Courchane (Charles River Associates); Andrew Davidson (Andrew Davidson and Co.); Christopher E. Herbert (JCHS); Leonard C. Kiefer (Freddie Mac); Alex Levin (Andrew Davidson and Co.); Adam J. Levitin (Georgetown University Law Center); Mark R. Lindblad (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Jeffrey Lubell (Abt Associates); Patricia A. McCoy (University of Connecticut School of Law); Daniel T. McCue (JCHS); Jennifer H. Molinsky (JCHS); Stephanie Moulton (Ohio State University); john a. powell (University of California–Berkeley); Roberto G. Quercia (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Janneke H. Ratcliffe (University of North Carolina); Carolina Reid (University of California–Berkeley); William M. Rohe (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Rocio Sanchez-Moyano (JCHS); Susan Wachter (University of Pennsylvania); Peter M. Zorn (Freddie Mac)

The Advantage

It must be based on the real motivations of the people who founded or are
running the organization, not something that simply sounds good on paper.
Identifying an organization's true purpose becomes difficult when that
organization has ...

Author: Patrick M. Lencioni

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118266106

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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There is a competitive advantage out there, arguably more powerful than any other. Is it superior strategy? Faster innovation? Smarter employees? No, New York Times best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni, argues that the seminal difference between successful companies and mediocre ones has little to do with what they know and how smart they are and more to do with how healthy they are. In this book, Lencioni brings together his vast experience and many of the themes cultivated in his other best-selling books and delivers a first: a cohesive and comprehensive exploration of the unique advantage organizational health provides. Simply put, an organization is healthy when it is whole, consistent and complete, when its management, operations and culture are unified. Healthy organizations outperform their counterparts, are free of politics and confusion and provide an environment where star performers never want to leave. Lencioni’s first non-fiction book provides leaders with a groundbreaking, approachable model for achieving organizational health—complete with stories, tips and anecdotes from his experiences consulting to some of the nation’s leading organizations. In this age of informational ubiquity and nano-second change, it is no longer enough to build a competitive advantage based on intelligence alone. The Advantage provides a foundational construct for conducting business in a new way—one that maximizes human potential and aligns the organization around a common set of principles.

Absolutely Powerful

“That would be great! Now you are ... “Well, that sounds good on paper but I also
hear most Africans who go there with their wives eventually lose them via divorce
because African women grow horns as soon as they land in America. I am told ...

Author: Philip A. Ochola

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453525708

Category: Political Science

Page: 342

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Managing Country Risk

It all sounds good on paper: Country X is growing rapidly, it has a democratic
government, demand for your product there is high, and the country or buyer
appears to have the money to pay for it. But in an era when economic volatility is
high ...

Author: Daniel Wagner

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781466558953

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 308

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What would you do if a law that enabled your investment to operate successfully abroad suddenly changed, and your business could no longer operate profitably there? Imagine exporting goods to a government buyer only to discover after the fact that your home country, or the United Nations, has just imposed an embargo on that country. Managing Countr

City Kids City Schools

Sounds good on paper, right? Yet CASE became another beast of standardized
testing that measured not student progress, but the already existing inequities of
the city's school system. Magnet school students did great. Non–magnet school ...

Author: William Ayers

Publisher: The New Press

ISBN: 9781595585608

Category: Education

Page: 384

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Of the approximately 50 million public school students in the United States, more than half are in urban schools. A contemporary companion to City Kids, City Teachers: Reports from the Front Row, this new and timely collection has been compiled by four of the country’s most prominent urban educators. Contributors including Sandra Cisneros, Jonathan Kozol, Sapphire, and Patricia J. Williams provide some of the best writing on life in city schools and neighborhoods. Young people and practicing teachers, poets and scholars, social critics and journalists offer unique takes on topics ranging from culturally relevant teaching and scripted curricula to the criminalization of youth, gentrification, and the inequities of school funding. In the words of Sonia Nieto, City Kids, City Schools “challenge[s] the conventional wisdom of what it means to teach in urban schools.”

Family Squeeze

It sounds good on paper, but I come from a long line of gifted worriers. And so as
the days passed, I worried about what to do next. And I asked questions of God,
questions I'd never wrestled with before: How can someone who has spent a ...

Author: Phil Callaway

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 9780307561503

Category: Humor

Page: 208

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You’ve been warned about middle-age spread. But no one told you about the squeeze. You’re in the “Middle Ages”–sandwiched between the “greatest generation” and the “gimme” generations, busily juggling both with no relief in sight. Children are driving, and parents are not. Money is tight and so are your favorite jeans. And things that never ached before are beginning to give you trouble! For every baby boomer who wonders if it’s possible to navigate the Middle Ages with grace and style, Phil Callaway offers plenty of hope and a little hilarity, too. Because there’s nothing like a smile to make wrinkles less noticeable. The author of Who Put My Life on Fast Forward? and Laughing Matters offers this lighthearted look at the challenges of the middle years — and promises that while we can’t slow down the aging process, we can ease the worries it brings by focusing on what really matters most.

My Fractured Life

God that sounds good on paper , but when you think about it " Apocalypse Now
meets Catcher in the Rye ” means a bunch of stoned soldiers show up in New
York and shoot down a kid who has flunked out of prep school . I mean it just ...

Author: Rikki Lee Travolta

Publisher: Infinity Pub

ISBN: 0741412675

Category: Fiction

Page: 180

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Classroom Teaching

Since I published my first work almost thirty years ago , some readers have told
me that “ all that sounds good on paper but it ' ll never work in the real world . ”
There is nothing impractical , I respond , about developing visions of what could
be .

Author: Joe L. Kincheloe

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 082047858X

Category: Education

Page: 402

View: 618


Classroom Teaching: An Introduction provides both prospective and practicing educators with a provocative examination of some of the most practical concerns of teaching. Topics include classroom management, effective and creative teaching methods, classroom violence, motivation, legal issues of teaching, technology, diversity, and parental involvement in their children's educational progress. Throughout this volume, special attention is given to respect for the profession and to the capacity for self-direction among educators. Both practical and visionary, Classroom Teaching: An Introduction examines the challenges of today's classroom new and exciting ways and engages teachers with questions involving educational purpose, curriculum development, contemporary educational politics, the various contexts in which schooling takes place, and the conceptual frameworks on which teachers can ground their teaching. This is a smart book on the nature of teaching and how to do it well. There is no other book like it.

Just Add Water

Sounds good on paper. Unfortunately, some caliche layers can be very deep. I've
looked down leach field trenches (10'-12') and not seen the end of it. I don't
believe you are going to dig through that. Probably the best idea if you need to
plant ...

Author: Jim Koweek

Publisher: Just Add Water

ISBN: 9780615174655

Category: Gardening

Page: 196

View: 630


An Arizona commercial landscaper and nurseryman presents advice on growing plants in the higher elevations of the Southwest, how best to care for them, how to make the most efficient use of water, and more.

Marxism 1844 1990

Of course much of this sounds good on paper . Yet it may be — as many have
claimed — that radical visions are really unrealistic fantasies . However , if we
abandon these visions we also abandon human life to its current misery , with
little to ...

Author: Roger S. Gottlieb

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415906547

Category: Political Science

Page: 248

View: 431


Is Marxism really dead, or can it play a positive role in creating a just and fulfilling society? This study responds to these questions with an assessment of Marxism from its origins to the present day. It provides an overview of the content, strengths and weaknesses of Marx's own work.