Something to Be Tiptoed Around

Something to be Tiptoed Around is a gorgeous experimental blend of fictocriticism and autofiction that explores grief, femininity, morality, abjection, time and fear.

Author: Emma Marie Jones


ISBN: 0987625381

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

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Something to be Tiptoed Around is a gorgeous experimental blend of fictocriticism and autofiction that explores grief, femininity, morality, abjection, time and fear. Through a series of short essays that draw from Greek mythology, Jones weaves a tale that is deeply moving, reflective and utterly enthralling.

Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs

He tipped up the tinker with tinkers , tinkering , tinkered wheelbarrow and the sand poured into a heap on the ground . tinker with sth to make small changes to something , usutiptoe around / round tiptoes , ally trying to improve or ...


Publisher: Ernst Klett Sprachen

ISBN: 3125335876

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Something Fierce

The Niece's status was even higher now, and the teachers tiptoed around her. Curfew was still in effect, and one evening we were at the stone steps when the little bread-selling lady staggered down the lane, hanging on to passing walls ...

Author: Carmen Aguirre

Publisher: Portobello Books

ISBN: 9781846274022

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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One minute, 11-year-old Carmen is watching her hippy mum put curlers in for the first time, the next she is being dragged with her sister through LA airport with her mother muttering about 'the patriarchy' under her breath. The three of them board a plane that takes them to Peru, next door to the Chile from which the family had fled after Pinochet's coup. Eight days after landing in Lima, and still perplexed by their mother's disguises and lies, they're off again, on a bus bound they know not where. They are then to spend most of the next decade, the 1980s, moving from dictatorship to dictatorship, evading capture, torture and peril at every turn. It is no way to spend your teenage years, until, overnight, it becomes the way Carmen herself chooses.

The Silk Purse

I liked them too, even though we had to be very quiet and tiptoe around, something I never understood since ... The thing about Titi Ginny's visits is that they were always short and usually a surprise so Rosemarie and Doña Provi rarely ...

Author: Raquel Ortiz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462812597

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 178

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Memoir of a South Bronx Childhood The Silk Purse, a memoir set in the l950s tells of Raquels ingenuity, courage, and inner strength as she struggles to keep her dreams alive while living under the close supervision of at least a dozen pairs of vigilant loving eyes. Raquels early childhood was filled with strict rules, traditional expectations, and myriad household duties imposed by her Puerto Rican Cuban extended family. From age 3-18, she lived under the watchful gaze of her parents, maternal grandparents, a great aunt, her half-sister, their majestic collie Sabu, various tenants, and many of the residents of the South Bronx, New York, apartment building where they all lived. Some episodes are touching examples of growing up; others are painful and poignant passages in the life of this young girl and her family. The story themes are about friendship, loyalty, childhood pranks, her first job, first love, first separation and much more. In spite of the cramped quarters located in the midst of a neighborhood that is showing signs of devastation, decay, and danger the apartment and building were a sanctuary for Raquel and her family. Raquel Ortiz writes with such humor and vivid description, I felt I was eating a juicy mango too! The coming of age stories of this young Latina are written with simplicity, humility and such dulzura you cant help but journey with the author to bitter sweet places in your own heart. -Linda Soto-Harmon, First Book, (A national childrens literary organization) Buy Your Copy Now!! Call 1-888-795-4274 Ext. 479 or Visit us @ (click search) Resellers, distributors and bookstores: call the above toll free number to place your order with the booksellers discount (40% soft cover / 20% hard cover) off the retail price.

Grace Under Pressure

What if the murderer had returned to the scene of the crime? Trite as it sounded, it wasn't out of the realm of possibility. I listened as the intruder tiptoed around the room, apparently searching for something. Items were moved about, ...

Author: Julie Hyzy

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101187890

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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From the author of the successful White House Chef mysteries. Everyone wants a piece of millionaire Bennett Marshfield, owner of Marshfield Manor, but now it's up to a new curator Grace Wheaton and handsome groundskeeper Jack Embers to protect dear old Marshfield. But to do this, they'll have to investigate a botched Ponzi scheme, some torrid Wheaton family secrets-and sour grapes out for revenge.

She Felt No Pain

“But something isn't right. I never liked the loose ends. ... What the hell was Joel doing with it? I don't fancy him the literary type ... She tiptoed around the sensitive subject of Holly's missing mother. “My father the absent-minded ...

Author: Lou Allin

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459703865

Category: Fiction

Page: 284

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The verdant lushness of Vancouver Island is not without its dangers... Summer on Vancouver Island gets off to a rocky start with the discovery of the body of a homeless man. RCMP Corporal Holly Martin notices drug paraphernalia nearby, and the autopsy reveals death from a combination of heroin and a synthetic opiate. Information leads Holly to believe that he had hidden something of value at the site of his death. As Holly struggles to connect the dots, a record drought heats up the vacation paradise, and one match could send Canadas Caribbean into flames.

The Secret of the Lake

What have you been doing since i have been gone?” “you seem ill tonight, what is wrong? did things not go as planned? ... even chow Kling knew something was not right. He tiptoed around the table in silence like a chinese cat.

Author: JB Faw

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781463409210

Category: Fiction

Page: 136

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LOCAL GIRL FOUND AFTER TWENTY YEARS The head lines shocked Lora Watson as she sat on the patio drinking her morning coffee. She calls her friends to meet her at the Tavern's Inn. Lora writes a gossip column for the local newspaper and Lisa Young had been gossip since high school. Lisa Young was a spoiled rich girl with long blond hair and a coke bottle figure and all the boys were crazy about her. They lavishly covered her with expensive gifts. While in college Lisa was having an affair with Mr. Gibson, a prominent attorney in Brownsville. They both got mixed up in drugs and greed put them on the wrong road with Drug Dealers. Lisa was looking for a rich life and lots of money. Mr. Gibson knew how to deal with Drug Dealers and Lisa Young was the perfect entertainer for the men from the Drug Cartel. They were not beyond murder. They thought they would never get caught. Two of the townsmen turned up dead, no one suspected sweet Lisa Young, and certainly not the town's greatest attorney. Soon everything began to change and Lisa found out she had a conscience and wanted out, a remarkable series of events begins to unfold. . . . she finds two friends that she can trust but Lisa wonders if it's too late.

Dawn s Shadow

He tiptoed around the lifeless form, debating what he should do next. “Got it. I will wrap you up. I can load you into that ancient dumb waiter, yeah. It is lucky for me that I explored this dump for emergency hiding spots.

Author: Bonnie Williamson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479749584

Category: Fiction

Page: 484

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Jeffery Mitchell, housed in the North Bay Hospital in a unit for the criminally insane, masterminds a perfect escape after a two-year stint, leaving staff and authorities baffled and outraged. He was the last person the townsfolk would have guessed to be responsible for the murder of his lovely wife and three young children. Jeffery heads westward, landing in the scenic and beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, injured and requiring medical help. He risks aid at Mercy Hospital, only to have his world thrown into utter chaos by spotting young Dr. Meyers on his way out the door. Could it be her? How? She is dead, his mind screams as he ogles the doctor. Dr. Meyers's organized and ideal life turns upside down by the relentless endeavors of Jeffery stalking and harassing her, and she soon experiences a loss of all that matters to her. Jeffery, astute and able to stay forever a step ahead of the authorities, sends a ripple of fear and uncertainty upon this once-peaceful-and-safe city. The police have their hands full with unsolved crimes as the human carnage mounts around them, most victims being young children. The public screams for justice and answers, but none is forthcoming. The voices in Jeffery Mitchell's mind continue to instruct him and encourage him to fulfill his unique mission, beginning with Dr. Meyers. His mind cannot sort through what is real and what is not. Disturbing memories of the long-ago past invade and plague his present, causing confusion and uncertainty. Remaining free is detrimental to him, and he will stop at nothing to be sure this is intact. When Dr. Meyers runs out of options to maintain her peace of mind and physical safety, she transfers to a hospital on the ocean-side city of Vancouver, not realizing her shadow is hot on her trail. The death of Jeffery's roommate sets in motion events of revenge as Oliver begins to trail him to avenge his beloved sister's morbid death. D482E Bonie Wiliamson Jeff cannot escape his past any more than he his present, leaving his future uncertain and open for a loss of his most valued treasure, his freedom. After great determination, Oliver locates the murderer of his sweet sister Mariah, with plans of his own. A cabin set in the middle of nowhere awaits Jeffery Mitchell, and new life is breathed into his memories of a brutal and horrific past.

The Redundant Dragons

She wanted to stamp and shout and throw things but for a time, she tiptoed around, carefully placing her candlestick on ... anything else. Her eyes grew weary of reflected glory. The entire chamber was eerily quiet except for the candle ...

Author: Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing

ISBN: 9781619503427

Category: Fiction

Page: 281

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Queen Verity is queen only because her mother has said she has to be. She agrees because, after all, somebody has to liberate the dragons who have long toiled in the boiler room bowels of the city. Now that they are free, nobody has any idea what to do with them or how to feed them. Everyone is used to dragons being docile cogs in the machinery of industry, tamed into tranquility by food treated with a hypnotic tranquilizer, now largely destroyed, leaving a lot of huge hungry beasts roving the capital city of Queenston. Verity needs to act fast, before the dragons remember what dragons once did to feed themselves. The crown has scarcely mussed her hair before her political enemies have her shanghaied and sold to an outward bound vessel, leaving the kingdom to the random mercies of her erstwhile assistant, Malady Hyde.

The Corded Saga

She was too young to understand what we were talking about, but she'd recognize her name if she was awake. “There isn't anything. ... Something is going on. ... Normally I would have tiptoed around things, but this wasn't the time.

Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy

Publisher: Alyssa Rose Ivy


Category: Fiction

Page: 588

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A complete Dystopian Romance series all in one set... In a world where women are commodities, the only thing more rare than finding true love is a happy ending. Kayla is in hiding—her only crime being born a girl in a society of 99 percent men. When her sister and niece are kidnapped, she is willing to do anything to save them. Kayla ventures into the dangerous streets of the city, a place where a woman can be claimed by anyone unless she has been marked by a club. Desperate, she turns to Mason, a powerful club leader whose help comes at a cost—her freedom.

Untamed Reaper

At least, that's what it seemed like we were doing. My scythe had taken on a soft glow where I held it ... good thing about where we were now was it wasn't raining. ... I tiptoed around what I wanted to ask. “Tracking isn't one of my ...

Author: Ann Gimpel

Publisher: Ann Gimpel Books, LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 348

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I did it! I’m free. Well sort of. Freedom isn’t as cut and dried as the word implies. In this case, I’m at the top of Death’s Worst Reaper Ever list. What it signifies remains to be seen. I broke free from Death because there wasn’t any other way out of Reaping Vampires. She refused to let me off the hook or consider other arrangements. I’d have been content leaving it at that, but word about my choice got out. Other Reapers clamored for independence too. Death’s fury expanded another notch with every defection until nowhere is far enough away for me to run to. If I was only fighting her, it might be manageable. Toss in Vampires who hate my guts, a phalanx of dark gods who want my hide, and a bunch of bigoted mortals who’ve decided magic is holding them back. Pah. Humans are their own worst enemy, but they’re the least of my problems. It’s been a rocky journey. Along the way I’ve uncovered allies and even a man who loves me. Will we be enough to slam the gates and send darkness packing? We have to be. No prisoners. No choices.

The Charleston Trilogy Complete Collection

“At first everyone over there tiptoed around what happened to avoid upsetting me,” she said. “Then when I was finally ready to talk about what had happened, no one wanted to hear.” “Really? Not even your friends?

Author: Sherryl Woods

Publisher: MIRA

ISBN: 9781488099748

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Revisit the beloved Charleston Trilogy with #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods in this collection of heartwarming tales. THE BACKUP PLAN It’s finally time for Dinah Davis to go home. The world-weary correspondent wants to settle down with the sweet guy she left behind in South Carolina’s Low Country. Instead, she’s confronted by his black-sheep brother, and—despite her longing for serenity—sparks fly. FLIRTING WITH DISASTER There’s a fine line between desire and disaster. At least, that’s what improper Southern belle Maggie Forsythe thinks when she’s unceremoniously dumped by a fiancé even her mother approved of. Maggie has never cared what anyone thinks, so why is she hiding away from her South Carolina Low Country home? WAKING UP IN CHARLESTON The moment Amanda defied her rich and powerful father to marry Bobby O’Leary, Big Max disowned her. Even now, with Bobby dead and Amanda mired in debt, he refuses to forgive her. Caleb, the new man in Amanda’s life, is determined to mend fences between father and daughter. He also has a far more personal mission—to make Amanda and her family his own. Titles originally published in 2005 and 2006.


How different things might have been, had Edmund not been blown to the sky that day in Kaamberoo. ... and all the times Edmund had recounted the story, she had never voiced out loud the thing that tiptoed around the back of her mind.

Author: Thea Devine

Publisher: Brava

ISBN: 9780758284181

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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They were adventurers and the closest of friends--until the day Hugo Galliard deserted Edmund Renbrook in South Africa, robbing him forever of his diamonds, his woman, and his future. Now, years later, a son and daughter will meet to settle the score, using every bit of sensual cunning at their disposal. . . Everything She Believed. . . Wild, beautiful, unwilling to bend to anyone's rules, Jancie Renbrook is governed by one overwhelming desire: to make Lujan Galliard want her, marry her, and serve as the instrument of her father's revenge. But life at the Galliard manor proves a treacherous den of iniquity, where Jancie is coveted by many, and the only man who could prove her ally is Lujan himself. . . Everything He Desired. . . Lujan Galliard has cut quite a swath through the gambling dens and whorehouses of London. But at least he's an honest rakehell, unlike his father who masquerades as a gentleman while gazing at Jancie as if she were a ripe piece of fruit for the taking. Not that Lujan believes for a moment that the girl is an innocent come to care for his dying mother. The only way to uncover her scheme--and thwart his father--is to seduce and marry her. But a taste of what he hungers for proves more tempting than Lujan can resist. . .and soon, he wants Jancie body and soul. . . Everything Has Its Price Blinded by vengeance, trapped by uncontrollable passion, two lovers have become pawns in a dangerous game of sin and secrets, and the only way out is to surrender to a love neither is ready to trust. . .

Angel in Armani

Not after she did what she was about to do. Not unless he decided to have her arrested or something. She crept back into the main room, tiptoed around picking up her clothes and donning them as fast and silently as she could.

Author: Melanie Scott

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781466835665

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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WILL A LOVE OF THE GAME Sara Charles is striking out on her own. With her dad out of commission, Charles Air has only one helicopter left—and only Sara to fly charters. With the family business in jeopardy, Sara needs all the clients she can get and the newest one is New York Saints team surgeon, Lucas Angelo. When an unexpected flirtation escalates into a night of pure blind passion, Sara is in agony over what she believes was extremely poor judgment on her part. She wants nothing more than to avoid Lucas. And keep her business her business. But she needs him—in more ways than one. LEAD TO A FIELD OF DREAMS? But there is a catch: Lucas also needs Sara. Spring training is upon him, and his schedule is madness. So he asks Sara to be his personal pilot. It's an offer she can't refuse. She intends to keep him at arm's length—especially when she discovers just what different lives they have. Little does Sara know that, for Lucas, the only thing more important than business is pleasure. He only plays to win. And he intends to hit it out of the park...

Untimely Ripped

Something was up. It didn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure that out. Libby had been putzing around the cabin all morning. A little dusting, a little mopping, ... But just to be sure I tiptoed around the cabin like it was a minefield.

Author: Joel Weinsheimer

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595199563

Category: Fiction

Page: 233

View: 831


The first woman he ever loved is dead, and Evan Wade is compelled by demons of his own to discover her murderer. As this gripping tale of suspense unfolds, Wade comes to understand his own role in the crime, and the hunter comes to be hunted by the very murderer he seeks. In the chilling climax, Wade finds out more than he ever wants to know about himself, and that knowledge changes him forever. Set against the backdrop of one of the great social and moral controversies of our time, Untimely Ripped explores the relations between parents and their children, born and unborn, loved and abandoned. Yet, however serious and thought-provoking, the novel will delight as much by its uproariously funny scenes as its somber ones. For it tells not only a deeply moving, tragic tale of love and death but a heart-warming and comic story of love, life, and birth.

Against This Rage

And speaking of the Droeshout, something interesting. ... They were in what seemed to be a large banquet room. On the front wall looking ... Instead, she tiptoed around behind him and tried to see what he was seeing in the big portrait.

Author: Robert D'Artagnan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453582688

Category: Fiction

Page: 595

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AGAINST THIS RAGE --by Robert D'Artagnan Randall and Gloria set off to England on a quest with a lofty if unrealistic goal... To prove the true identity of Shakespeare. They never bargained for the murder they would encounter along the way. Nor dreamed of the web of intrigue they would stumble onto in their search to clear up what should have been purely literary mysteries...

Moochi s Mariachis

I don't know what made me so clumsy.” A smile tiptoed around her mother's mouth as she leaned down to give her daughter a hug and a kiss. “I think you've managed to clean it up quite nicely already, Mija.” Looking at Josh, she said, ...


Publisher: Mary Ann Hutchison

ISBN: 9781935636304



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Lone Star Lovers Boxed Set

“He's doing exactly what I asked. I got so damn sick of them all tiptoeing around me I told them I'd kick all their behinds if they didn't start acting normally.” Seeing her confusion, he continued. “You never had brothers, ...

Author: Jean Brashear

Publisher: Jean Brashear

ISBN: 9781942653318

Category: Fiction

Page: 999

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Lone Star Lovers Books 1-3 (Texas Heartthrob, Texas Healer, Texas Protector)

The Man with the Baltic Stare

The face tiptoed around appearing cagey. “Not exactly.” “What, exactly?” “On the one hand you might say that a woman disappeared.” Faint alarm bells rang. This wasn't a road I wanted to go down. “Been there, done that.

Author: James Church

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1429938617

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 921


From James Church, the author of the critically acclaimed Inspector O series, comes The Man with the Baltic Stare--another riveting novel set in the mysterious world of North Korea Autumn brings unwelcome news to Inspector O: he has been wrenched from retirement and ordered back to Pyongyang for a final assignment. The two Koreas, he learns, are now cooperating—very quietly—to maintain stability in the North. Stability requires that Inspector O lead an investigation into a crime of passion committed by the young man who has been selected as the best possible leader of a transition government. O is instructed to make sure that the case goes away. Remnants of the old regime, foreign powers, rival gangs—all want a piece of the action, and all make it clear that if O values his life, he will not get in their way. O isn't sure where his loyalties lie, and he doesn't have much time to figure out whether ‘tis better to be noble or be dead.

Lights Camera Danielle

As if to influence me to take something that would be harmful! Satan knew what he was up to. ... My aunt came round to visit once and dad showed up uninvited with her. ... They just tiptoed around him and put up with his nonsense.

Author: Danielle Miller


ISBN: 9780244732387

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 90

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Witnessing death. Surviving abuse. This is the true story of former model Danielle Miller. In her own words. On her way to uncovering hidden truths about the world. She found herself in some pretty tumultuous relationships. Falling in love with two men at the same time certainly wasn't part of the plan! Her world was further turned upside down, when she experienced strange happenings that confirmed her longstanding belief in God; but if God is real. Then the devil must be too..right? A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR: This is my story minus the filters and soft focus. Just the unphotoshopped truth. I felt pushed into a life in front of the camera for reasons you'll find out in my book. I was on my way to becoming famous and spiralling out of control. When I chose to walk away from that life. To pursue a deeper, more meaningful path.