Something Startling Happens

This clever book reveals the 120 minute-by-minute story genome that unites all successful films.

Author: Todd Klick


ISBN: 1615930590

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Everyone knows you need a beginning, a middle, and an end. But then what? What about all the in-betweens between major plot points? For the first time, Something Startling Happens breaks down what successful movies do exactly the same during every single minute, and how industry professionals can use that knowledge to elevate the drama in their screenplay or movie. • 120 distinct, minute-by-minute story beats keep writers from getting 'lost in the soup.' • Easy-to-remember catch phrases for each minute beat. • 42 successful movies of all genres are used as examples, including: Star Wars, Forrest Gump, Being John Malkovich, The Godfather, Rashomon, Halloween, Jaws, Juno, Knocked Up, The Matrix, Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense, and Spider-Man.


Climbing up onto the massive pile of dirt from which we took our bucketfuls, she suddenly spied something shiny lying on top of it. ... But now, as he follows Jesus in the work of detaching and unmasking, something startling happens.

Author: Bill Delvaux

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781535939461

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It’s in the movies we see. It’s in the news we hear. It's in the stories we tell. Every man is stirred by the heroic. From boyhood, we search for heroes, starting with our fathers. But somewhere along the way, all our heroes disappoint us. And our attempts to be a hero fair no better, leaving us confused and unsure. Yet the heroic longing never leaves us. We want to be that heroic man, but we do not know how. Jesus does. He is the great Hero of all time. And He calls men to follow Him. As we follow, we will quickly realize that the path is surprising. He will first lead us into a place of fear and trembling. He will lead us into death. It is our initiation as men into the new life of the heroic. But the death will be followed by a stunning resurrection. We will find out our true names before Him and be given a heroic quest for His kingdom. And most importantly, we will discover the secret of true greatness, letting our lives go to serve others. In the end, we become most heroic in the silence of His presence. Here we will feel His love, as he remakes us into His heroic image, uniting us to Himself.

The Report of the Thirteenth Triennial International Conference and Jubilee Celebration of Young Men s Christian Associations London June 1st 7th 1894

They said , Show us something extraordinary , show us something miraculous , and then we will believe . " 44 My brothers and sisters ... We call it a Divine providence if something startling happens to us ; but , brothers , God opens ...




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The End of the World and Beyond

Something. Startling. Happens. With. one pump gone, our sole remedy was to work the remaining pump harder and faster. This meant that if the speed and force of our labors caused the first pump to break, we were now putting the second ...

Author: Avi

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781616208769

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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In this sequel The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts by Newbery Medalist Avi, Oliver’s adventures take him to the 18th century American colonies, where he is forced to fend for himself in the harsh wilderness, live as an indentured servant, and come face to face with the brutality of enslavement.

Engaging Adolescents

The first sort is where you feel compelled to act immediately when something startling happens — like when your teenager stays out way too late or they've raided your drinks cabinet. The second type of problem, and probably the more ...

Author: Michael Hawton

Publisher: Exisle Publishing

ISBN: 9781775593355

Category: Family & Relationships

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The Wisdom of Your Heart

Something startling happens. Before your conscious mind has time to sort and interpret what happened, your amygdala has already raised the alarm.1 Your body responds to that alarm with urgent action. Hormones are pumped into the ...

Author: Marc Alan Schelske

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 9780781414654

Category: Religion

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Christians believe many myths about emotions: Emotions lead you astray. Emotions aren’t spiritual. And the biggest myth: God is not emotional. The truth is emotions are a God-given source of wisdom when we know how to interpret them. Marc Alan Schelske explores: How to notice our emotions and hear their truth Brain research that gives unexpected insight into emotions’ purpose Why denying our emotions hurts couples, families, and even the church Why no one can mature spiritually without maturing emotionally The Wisdom of Your Heart provides a path for listening to the spiritual insights that your emotions offer every day.

This Strange and Sacred Scripture

... of Lamentations, something startling happens.Faith breaks through tears ofanguish. Initially, Lamentations3 talksof how God hasmade people's “teeth grind on gravel” and has caused peopleto forget“what happiness is” (3:16–17 NRSV).

Author: Matthew Richard Schlimm

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 9781441222879

Category: Religion

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The Old Testament can seem strange and disturbing to contemporary readers. What should Christians make of Genesis 1-3, seemingly at odds with modern scientific accounts? Why does the Old Testament contain so much violence? How should Christians handle texts that give women a second-class status? Does the Old Testament contradict itself? Why are so many Psalms filled with anger and sorrow? What should we make of texts that portray God as filled with wrath? Combining pastoral insight, biblical scholarship, and a healthy dose of humility, gifted teacher and communicator Matthew Schlimm explores perennial theological questions raised by the Old Testament. He provides strategies for reading and appropriating these sacred texts, showing how the Old Testament can shape the lives of Christians today and helping them appreciate the Old Testament as a friend in faith.

A House Divided

Verbs and pronouns scatter in the air and then something startling happens. The body jumps into another level. In a series of electro—convulsive motions, the body flails out of control, whipping and spinning appallingly.

Author: Mark Miner

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781441563149

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In the mind of a killer, everything seems normal. In the actions of a killer, everything has a higher reason. In the eyes of a killer, anybody could be next. Matt just wanted a normal, easy life. After ending a relationship with his partner, Matt moves back to his hometown. Albany, Oregon. Matt runs into some old friends and some new friends. But Matt's new friends are anything but friendly, they're dead. The body count builds, the truth comes out, and revenge is justified. But who ends up alive at the end?


So, be ready for anything! The second trimester is the time ... By the 23rd week, your baby is much more sensitive to sound and touch coming from the outside so you can expect that you will get a response if something startling happens.



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The Road to Eternal Life

... and so we are not aware of anything beyond them. our conscience is mostly blank. occasional glimmers of something else are ... and so it loses contact with the reality of a changing situation; unless something startling happens, ...

Author: Michael Casey

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814633847

Category: Religion

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In the Prologue of his Rule, St. Benedict maps out the road that leads to heaven; he lays the foundation for life in a community that seeks God. The themes that are present throughout the Rule 'obedience, humility, prayer, fear of the Lord, eternal life 'are grounded in the Prologue. By reflecting on the Prologue one verse at a time, Michael Casey, OCSO, delves into the richness of meaning that can be found in Benedict's words. These reflections, first given as talks and made available on his community's web site, build a bridge between the sixth-century text and twenty-first-century Christians.In The Road to Eternal Life, Casey invites readers to reflect on the Prologue in light of their own experiences, to seek the road that leads to salvation. Michael Casey, OCSO, has been a monk of Tarrawarra Abbey (Australia) since 1960. After completing a degree in Scripture at Leuven, he received his doctorate from Melbourne College of Divinity for a study of desire for God in the writings of Bernard of Clairvaux. For the past decades he has been engaged in exploring different aspects of monastic spirituality, writing, and giving conferences throughout the English-speaking monastic world. His books include Strangers to the City (Paraclete Press, 2005), A Guide to Living in the Truth (Liguori, 2001), and Sacred Reading (Liguori, 1996).