Some Mother s Son

Some Mother's Son tells their story through the shared experience of two mothers - one a strident nationalist, the other a pacifist - who must come to terms with the political beliefs that may take their sons' lives.

Author: Terry George

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In 1980 and 1981, imprisoned Irish Nationalists embarked on a hunger strike to protest Margaret Thatcher's British government. Empowered by their belief that they were prisoners of war rather than convicted criminals, the young men refused to wear prisoners' uniforms and began a hunger strike to protest their status both in prison and in terror-stricken Northern Ireland. Led by Bobby Sands - who was elected to Parliament while on strike in jail - and supported by the firepower of the IRA, the prisoners endured a grueling test of faith and will. Some Mother's Son tells their story through the shared experience of two mothers - one a strident nationalist, the other a pacifist - who must come to terms with the political beliefs that may take their sons' lives.

The Routledge Companion to Cinema and Politics

Politics is likewise refused and domestic probity exalted in Titanic Town (Michell, 1998) and Some Mother's Son (George, 1996), two films in which mothers are reluctantly drawn into public life by threats to their children.

Author: Yannis Tzioumakis

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The Routledge Companion to Cinema and Politics brings together forty essays by leading film scholars and filmmakers in order to discuss the complex relationship between cinema and politics. Organised into eight sections - Approaches to Film and Politics; Film, Activism and Opposition; Film, Propaganda, Ideology and the State; The Politics of Mobility; Political Hollywood; Alternative and Independent Film and Politics; The Politics of Cine-geographies and The Politics of Documentary - this collection covers a broad range of topics, including: third cinema, cinema after 9/11, eco-activism, human rights, independent Chinese documentary, film festivals, manifestoes, film policies, film as a response to the post-2008 financial crisis, Soviet propaganda, the impact of neoliberalism on cinema, and many others. It foregrounds the key debates, concepts, approaches and case studies that critique and explain the complex relationship between politics and cinema, discussing films from around the world and including examples from film history as well as contemporary cinema. It also explores the wider relationship between politics and entertainment, examines cinema’s response to political and social transformations and questions the extent to which filmmaking, itself, is a political act.

Contemporary Irish Republican Prison Writing

Midway through the film Some Mother's Son, Gerard—a newly incarcerated Irish Republican Army prisoner—is shocked at Bobby Sands' appearance. It is 1980—the height of the Blanket and No-Wash Protests for political status in the H Blocks.

Author: L. Whalen

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As it traces the textual history of the works of authors like Bobby Sands and Gerry Adams, this book analyses Republican resistance to disciplinary structures, demonstrating the ways in which prisoners appropriate space through discursive strategies.

Mothers Sons and Lovers

object of respect , affection , and comaraderie — as she let her son go to the men . ... I recall during my two years in India that separation from Mother was ritualized , yet some mothers still ran their sons ' homes , giving sons ...

Author: Michael Gurian

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Through exercises and guided meditations, the author provides the means to uncover the influence of the primal bond between a man and his mother and to facilitate healing there—as well as in marriage, parenthood, friendship, and all other relationships of love.

Investigation of the Veterans Administration with a Particular View to Determining the Efficiency of the Administration and Operation of Veterans Administration Facilities

a He states further that he spent 3 months at a certain Navy hospital . Mr. MCQUEEN . There is no connection with the veterans ... I can see no legal excuse for some mothers son to be treated that way after risking his life in battle .

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on World War Veterans' Legislation


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Pt. 5: Includes "Manual of Standardization", by American College of Surgeons (p. 1899-2026); pt.7: July 20 and 21 hearings were held in Wood, Wis.; July 24 hearing was held in Milwaukee, Wis.

A Companion to British and Irish Cinema

... 519 Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em 357 Some Mother's Son 389 Some People 189, 192 Somers Town 131, 552 Song for a Raggy Boy 399, 403n7 The Song of Ceylon 54,560 Song of the Plough 51, 59 A Son of Erin 534 Sons of the Sea 304 Sopocy, ...

Author: John Hill

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A stimulating overview of the intellectual arguments and critical debates involved in the study of British and Irish cinemas British and Irish film studies have expanded in scope and depth in recent years, prompting a growing number of critical debates on how these cinemas are analysed, contextualized, and understood. A Companion to British and Irish Cinema addresses arguments surrounding film historiography, methods of textual analysis, critical judgments, and the social and economic contexts that are central to the study of these cinemas. Twenty-nine essays from many of the most prominent writers in the field examine how British and Irish cinema have been discussed, the concepts and methods used to interpret and understand British and Irish films, and the defining issues and debates at the heart of British and Irish cinema studies. Offering a broad scope of commentary, the Companion explores historical, cultural and aesthetic questions that encompass over a century of British and Irish film studies—from the early years of the silent era to the present-day. Divided into five sections, the Companion discusses the social and cultural forces shaping British and Irish cinema during different periods, the contexts in which films are produced, distributed and exhibited, the genres and styles that have been adopted by British and Irish films, issues of representation and identity, and debates on concepts of national cinema at a time when ideas of what constitutes both ‘British’ and ‘Irish’ cinema are under question. A Companion to British and Irish Cinema is a valuable and timely resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students of film, media, and cultural studies, and for those seeking contemporary commentary on the cinemas of Britain and Ireland.

The Crime of Aggression Humanity and the Soldier

Cole Moreton, Rose Gentle: Some Mother's Son, INDEPENDENT (Mar. 16, 2008), 18 Kahn, Paradox of Riskless Warfare, supra note 3, at 4.

Author: Tom Dannenbaum

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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The international criminality of waging illegal war, alongside only a few of the gravest human wrongs, is rooted not in its violation of sovereignty, but in the large-scale killing war entails. Yet when soldiers refuse to kill in illegal wars, nothing shields them from criminal sanction for that refusal. This seeming paradox in law demands explanation. Just as soldiers have no right not to kill in criminal wars, the death and suffering inflicted on them when they fight against aggression has been excluded repeatedly from the calculation of post-war reparations, whether monetary or symbolic. This, too, is jarring in an era of international law infused with human rights principles. Tom Dannenbaum explores these ambiguities and paradoxes, and argues for institutional reforms through which the law would better respect the rights and responsibilities of soldiers.

The Community House

... else to do any way It got interesting some days when some mothers son was found guilty and sent away to do hard time. The mothers would usually sob uncontrollably and the court house gang took delight in that kind of emotion.

Author: Don Hildebrand

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Apache Recon

We set up for the night and call in our support groups to keep us safe incase some mothers son walks up on us and wants to play tag. All goes well like I want it to, on my last mission.

Author: Michael L. Moomey

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Based on a true story The story starts out while in a line company in the Central Highlands of Vietnam where he was a standout machine-gunner, getting the praise and slaps on the back he so cherished; by killing the enemy and keeping his fellow soldiers in a safe zone by not allowing the enemy to be the aggressor when he could, and the few times the enemy did a full scale assault on their position he would again take control of his area allowing his fellow soldiers to get involved in the fight, while staying alive. He was "recruited" to join the Reconnaissance Platoon where he and four others went out on 3 to 5 day and night missions, looking for an enemy that was looking for them. Most of the time they were able to move through the thick jungle without being detected, but not each mission ended that way. There were times they had to fight their way out of a bad situation; sometimes using their support (mortars, artillery, and bombers), you had to know what you were doing when you called in, a 20 meter mistake could end up killing yourself. Going out on a mission with little time left wasn't his idea of anything smart; but it still was his job to go. The 40th reinforced Artillery Regiment surrounded them; they thought it was all over for them. They had them surrounded and were crawling their way up to where they were. Lt. Hadley was among those that came to relieve us and 30 minutes after we were back safe at the firebase the enemy began firing rockets into those that came to save us. In a short time, 15 young men including Lt Hadley were slain.

Saints Herald

Communicafions . er repay them , but God will bless them for all We have read of some mother's son on their good deeds and is doing so now . leaving home , probably going to sea or To - day at ur prayer and sacrament meeting some far ...



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