Annual Report Indian Council of Social Science Research

... Department of Physical Education , Faculty of Arts , Banaras Hindu University , Varanasi , Uttar Pradesh , " A Study of Socio - Psychological Differentials between Sports Participants and Non - sports Participants Female Tribals " .

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Readings In Applied Psychology

Male and female both participate social ceremonies as they are basically and naturally festival lovers. ... Customs, conventions, habits and different rituals in different tribals are also the reasons behind drinks.

Author: R. Gunthey

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World and human society are ruled by contemporary currents and such a current has put Psychology in the position of pre-eminence in educational world. The impact of globalization on human behaviour is perceptible even to the naked eye of the laity. Change is the law of nature and no aspect of life remains untouched by the changing panorama of things. This book embodies the research works undertaken in the field of application of the principles of Psychology, and I am deeply indebted to all those scholars who have made their valuable contribution to the formation of this book. I am sure that the book would prove useful to students engaged in research work.

Handbook of Social Psychology

Polyandry: 2% males to 1 female, Female stress on physical beauty. 'Tribal organization; patrilineal descent; sex segregation as to residence; also some sex differentiation in occupations. High stress on ceremonials, handled by men; ...

Author: Kimball Young

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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Tribes Education and Gender Question

Dibakar Kundu , Suryanath U. Kamath , Saradindu Mukherji & S.P. Shukla Indian Women : Status , Participation and ... Dak • Socio - Economic and Psychological Causes of Suicide in Jheneidah District : Mohammad Habibur Rahman Rural Woman ...

Author: Sanjay K. Roy

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Despite 58 years experimentation with the policy of protective discrimination and planned development a large majority of the 80.2 million tribal people languish in abject poverty, landlessness, powerlessness, illiteracy and malnutrition. Being caught in the hangover of the strong patriarchic tradition the women of nearly 700 marginalized tribal communities find themselves highly exploited, subjugated and voiceless. The present book, first of its kind on tribes living in northern districts of West Bengal (popularly known as North Bengal), explores the areas of subjugation of tribal life and particularly that of the tribal women and analytically presents the case of tribal women in a tea garden locale in the Dooars region of Jalpaiguri district. The focus of the study has been education, i.e. how the tribes in general and tribal women in particular are doing in the field of education. The field of education is chosen because it is generally considered the most important force of empowerment, enlightenment and social transformation and because it provides us with a field to explore the areas of gender discrimination subsumed in tribal patriarchy. The book has approached the problem of tribal education and the gender question in education against the backdrop of the dialectics of dominant-subordinate relationship between the state and the dominant society on the one hand and the marginalized tribes on the other. The uniqueness of the book lies in its critical approach to the state-sponsored development strategies and its emphasis on a ‘cultural approach’ for a better understanding of the problem and for working out alternative development strategies for improving the educational status of the tribal communities. Sanjay K. Roy, Reader, Department of Sociology, North Bengal University, West Bengal, had his Ph. D. from Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, and pursued post-Doctoral research at the University of Sussex (UK) and University of Wollongong (Australia). Dr Roy has edited a volume on Refugees and Human Rights (2001) and contributed a good number of research papers to the leading journals, volumes and to national and international seminars/workshops. His areas of interest include sociological theories, urban poor, refugee studies, political sociology and gender studies. Dr Roy has completed a number of research projects; the latest being Gender Profile of Tribes of North Bengal, which has been carried out for the Centre for Women’s Studies, North Bengal University.

Women s Human Rights

A Social Psychological Perspective on Resistance, Liberation, and Justice Shelly Grabe ... Although diverse ethnolinguistic and cultural groups from Northeast India use the term “tribal” to assert their ethnocultural and political ...

Author: Shelly Grabe

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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This book contributes to the discussion of why women's human rights warrants increased focus in the context of globalization. Further, it also illustrates how psychology can provide the links between transnational feminism and the discourse on women's human rights by drawing on activist scholarship and empirical findings based on grassroots resistance.

Invitation to Social and Cultural Anthropology

This impact has psychological , socio - cultural and economic consequences . In tribal areas ... The major power , irrigation project and steel industries are the major causes of displacement of tribals in different region of India .

Author: K. N. Dash

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Invitation To Social And Cultural Anthropology Is Highly Useful Book For The Students At Degree Level Of Different Universities And Civil Service Examinees. Keeping In View The Requirements Of Students Of Both The Categories, The Book Includes Some Special Topics Like Fieldwork, Tribal Situation In India, And Problems Of Tribals And Tribal Welfare In India Besides The Traditional Topics Of Social And Cultural Anthropology. This Would Provide The Readers With A Helpful Frame Of Reference. All Possible Attempts Have Been Made To Cite The Examples From Vast Materials Of Indian Ethnographic Data To Help The Students To Develop A Clear Perception On The Indian Anthropology. The Uniqueness Of The Book Lies Not Only In The Incorporation Of The Data, Both Of Indian As Well As Those Of The Other Societies Of The Rest Of The World On A Comparative Basis, But Also In The Application Of Social And Cultural Anthropology For The Welfare Of The Tribal Societies In India Which May Cater To The Requirements Of Administrators And Policy Makers In Solving The Problems Of Tribals In India. The Book Would Effectively Help The Target Groups To Understand The Science Of Social And Cultural Anthropology In A Broader Perspective As Very Few Books Are Available On This Topic In The Indian Context.

Women in Social Change

Tribals are not a part of the Hindu social order, although few sociologists have tried to include tribes in the Hindu social ... On the whole, tribals differed from Dalits in political, religious, economic and psychological aspects.

Author: Ghazala Jamil

Publisher: SAGE Publishing India

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Women in Social Change: Visions, Struggles and Persisting Concerns captures the evolution of key debates on women’s rights in independent India. Authored by eminent scholars and emerging experts of their time, the articles encapsulate developments which have given the women’s rights movement and women’s studies imaginative new models. They also indicate fundamental concerns that have endured over decades. The articles have been grouped into categories that cover diverse themes such as the conceptualization of women’s rights and laws pertaining to the same, changing notions of women as workers, women’s political participation and cultural representation, and, finally, the impediments, roadblocks and violence experienced by women. The editor’s introductions provide critical historical context for the juridico-political paradoxes and internal contradictions that confront the women’s rights movement today. The sectional introductions place each article in a larger context, pointing out the importance of their approach, methodology and salient arguments. The series ‘Social Change in Contemporary India’ brings together key texts published in the prestigious journal Social Change, from 1971 till present times. These writings, most of which are considered canonical, address important issues in health, education, poverty and agriculture, with special focus on the disadvantaged groups. The essays will help readers identify key points in the history of policymaking in India and major discourses and debates and their impact.

The Psychology of Women and Gender

Their work demonstrates how gender bias and race bias can easily affect research in the social sciences. ... And some tribes had a matrilineal system of inheritance, meaning that women could own property, which would be passed from ...

Author: Nicole M. Else-Quest

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781544393612

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A psychology of women textbook that fully integrates transgender research, issues, and concerns With clear, comprehensive, and cutting-edge coverage, The Psychology of Women and Gender: Half the Human Experience + delivers an authoritative analysis of classical and up-to-date research from a feminist, psychological viewpoint. Authors Nicole M. Else-Quest and Janet Shibley Hyde examine the cultural and biological similarities and differences between genders, noting how these characteristics can affect issues of equality. Students will come away with a strong foundation for understanding the dynamic influences of gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity in the context of psychology and society. The Tenth Edition further integrates intersectionality throughout every chapter, updates language for more transgender inclusion, and incorporates new content from guidelines put forth from the American Psychological Association.

The Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology

(See terrorism , psychology of ; tribal culture and violence ; women and peace hypothesis.) ANTECEDENT INTERPRETATIONS These fall into two main categories, the biological/sociobiological and the social psychological.

Author: Daniel J. Christie

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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The Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology, available online through Wiley Online Library or as a three-volume print set, is a state-of-the-art resource featuring almost 300 entries contributed by leading international scholars that examine the psychological dimensions of peace and conflict studies. First reference work to focus exclusively on psychological analyses and perspectives on peace and conflict Cross-disciplinary, linking psychology to other social science disciplines Includes nearly 300 entries written and edited by leading scholars in the field from around the world Examines key concepts, theories, methods, issues, and practices that are defining this growing field in the 21st century Includes timely topics such as genocide, hate crimes, torture, terrorism, racism, child abuse, and more A valuable reference for psychologists, and scholars, students, and practitioners in peace and conflict studies An ALA 2013 Outstanding Reference Source

Socio cultural History of Sh pfomei Naga Tribe

A Historical Study of Ememei, Lepaona, Chüluve and Paomata Generally Known as Mao-Poumai Naga Tribe William Nepuni. are universal with Shüpfomei society . bu there is not much breakage and divorces eve .. 2.2.2 . Causes of Divorce in ...

Author: William Nepuni

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