Social Policies and Populatio Cb

Above all, these effects emphasised the need to take account of the growing pressure of population on the social and ... new projections of population growth which were made as a necessary part of our task of formulating social policy ...

Author: Brian Abel-Smith

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Predicasts Basebook

Compensating Foreign Service Personnel CB Rpt 820–Conference Board Report 820 Corporate Contri. butions Function CB Rpt ... CB Rpt 823–Conference Board Report 823 Impact of Social Welfare Policies in the United States CB Rpt ...

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Social Policy for an Aging Society

The text distinguishes between "needs" and "rights" and describes those policies and services that best ensure that the rights of older adults are actually metóparticularly programs that enable people to remain in their own communities so ...

Author: Carole B. Cox

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As people age, they are at increased risk of having their basic human rights threatened or violated. When age is perceived as incompetence, it can easily lead to discrimination that impacts human rights. Based on the premise that social policy must reflect human rights principles, this graduate-level textbook views the challenges associated with aging as opportunities for policy development that stresses the rights of older adults rather than needs. The text distinguishes between “needs” and “rights” and describes those policies and services that best ensure that the rights of older adults are actually met—particularly programs that enable people to remain in their own communities so they can benefit from continued integration and participation in society. Issues and challenges surrounding such efforts, and gaps in social policies faced by specific subsets of older people, are critically examined. The book first analyzes current aging policies and rights and considers the Older Americans Act as a basic policy framework. With an eye to promoting independence, the book discusses issues of income, housing, transportation, health, and home care and what constitutes a “livable community,” along with policies that promote wellbeing and focus on preventing senior abuse and exploitation. Challenges faced by older workers are covered, as are issues particular to family caregivers, older women, and grandparents as caregivers. Gaps in social policies for LG BT seniors and older members of specific ethnic groups are discussed. Particular attention is given to global issues and aging policies in diverse countries and the ways in which they reflect human rights concerns. Each chapter concludes with probing discussion questions for classroom use. KEY FEATURES: Presents a human rights framework for aging policy Distinguishes between needs and rights of older persons Focuses on policies and programs that can help older people to remain in the community Explores the issues and challenges of specific older populations Discusses global responses and concerns with regard to older persons and human rights Carole B. Cox, MSW, PhD, is professor at the Graduate School of Social Service, Fordham University. She is a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and a Fulbright scholar. She is the author of more than 50 journal articles and chapters dealing with various aspects of aging and caregiving, with extensive research on caregivers for persons with dementia, their needs, and their use of services. Her recent work includes a study of the impact of dementia on the workplace. Her caregiving research also includes that of grandparents raising grandchildren, leading to the development of a curriculum, Empowering Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: A Training Manual for Group Leaders (Springer Publishing Company, 2000). She is the editor of To Grandmother’s House We Go and Stay: Perspectives on Custodial Grandparents (Springer Publishing Company, 2000). Her other books include Home Care for the Elderly: An International Perspective, coauthored with Abraham Monk (1991); The Frail Elderly: Problems, Needs, and Community Responses (1993); Ethnicity and Social Work Practice, coauthored with Paul Ephross (1998); Community Care for an Aging Society: Policies and Services (Springer Publishing Company, 2005); and Dementia and Social Work Practice (Springer Publishing Company, 2007).

Social Policy and Policymaking by the Branches of Government and the Public at Large

... U.S. Census Bureau , Current Population Survey Reports : Poverty in the United States : 1997 ( Washington , D.C. , 1998 ) . * Includes non - means - tested transfers such as social security payments and unemployment compensation .

Author: Theodore J. Stein

Publisher: Columbia University Press

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An essential resource for students of social policy and social welfare as well as for social welfare practitioners and other human services professionals, this text examines the policymaking activity of the different branches of the American government and of the public-at-large as well as the interactions between the branches of government and the general public in the formation and implementation of social policy. In addition to examining the role of the legislative and executive branches of government, Theodore J. Stein covers the often-overlooked role of the judiciary in policymaking. He addresses the ways social welfare practitioners should interpret (1) conflicting judicial rulings in cases where courts of equal jurisdiction rule differently on the same matter and (2) judicial rulings that signal significant changes in the law. The book looks at politics, practice, and implementation and provides a historical background of social policy and social work practice plus a wealth of descriptive and analytic information concerning policymaking processes, specific social policies, and the effect of social policy on social programs.

African American Social Workers and Social Policy

U.S. Census Bureau, [Online] Available: < 0026.html>. Cox, C.B. (2002). Empowering African-American custodial grandparents. Social Work, 47, 45-54.

Author: Carlton Munson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317788331

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Critical analyses of policies that significantly affect African-American families and communities! African-American Social Workers and Social Policy is the first book of its kind to combine the voices of African-American social work professionals on social policy in one volume. You'll learn about the impact of health, child welfare, and aging, the implications of welfare reform, and the harsh statistics about race and imprisonment from respected practitioners in the field. Each chapter ends with recommendations for policy advocacy, giving you the tools you need to help reform the system. The issues addressed in African-American Social Workers and Social Policy include: how proposed Social Security reforms can help or hinder efforts to bridge the wealth gap the role of grandparents as caregivers the implications of child welfare policies, including the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act of 1994 the effects of race, class, and gender discrimination on African-American women's health the significance of the Human Genome Project how social workers can stand up to the biases of the criminal justice system African-American Social Workers and Social Policy also presents an eye-opening review of the history of mental health policies for African Americans and an action agenda focused on knowledge and empowerment as a solution to pervasive institutional racism. This book is a welcome forum for policy educators, advocates, and those committed to social justice. You will value African-American Social Workers and Social Policy for its clear identification of issues, thorough analysis of the social policy arena and its impact, and comprehensive description of new goals, directions, and possibilities. This book will help you better understand vital social policies that affect African Americans today.

Handbook of Labor Economics

People with disabilities ( ADA definition ) A С B + C B Disability - transfer population Eligible disabilitytransfer population if not working Fig . 12. Targeting social policies on the working - age population with disabilities .

Author: Orley Ashenfelter

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A guide to the continually evolving field of labour economics.

Encyclopedia of Policy Studies Second Edition

Resources , Environment , and Population : Present Knowledge , Future Options . Oxford University Press , New York . ... Social science and population policy . Population and Development Review 14 ( September ) ... Keeley , C. B. ( 1979 ) ...

Author: Stuart Nagel

Publisher: CRC Press

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"This entirely updated and enlarged Second Edition of a landmark reference/text continues to provide comprehensive coverage of every important aspect of policy studies--discussing concepts, methods, utilization, formation, and implementation both internationally and across each level of government."

Aging Welfare and Social Policy

The First World Assembly on Aging in 1982, for example, greatly affected China's aging policy which led to a formal expansion of its ... Population aging and social policy: Chinese Jia in elder care research. ... Cox, C. B. (2004).

Author: Tian-kui Jing

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030108953

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This perceptive volume presents conceptual, theoretical, and empirical approaches to social policy analysis comparing China and Nordic countries in their treatment of the elderly. An international panel of experts offers valuable policy insights into issues of housing, community care, family care, pensions and social security, and mental health as China translates and adapts Western examples, particularly those set by Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The book contrasts shared issues in the contexts of economic history, accountability and service improvements, and sustainability while also examining specifically Chi nese problems such as care gaps between urban and rural elders. Coverage also considers the centrality of aging policy in China as the nation works toward its long-term goal of eradicating poverty. Included among the topics: Building a welfare system with Chinese characteristics: from a residual type to moderate universalism. “Aging in community”: historical and comparative study of aging welfare and social policy. Sweden: aging welfare and social policy in the 21st century. Policy responses to aging: care services for the elderly in Norway. China’s elderly care policy and its future trends. Aging Welfare and Social Policy will interest professionals and researchers addressing questions of Chinese and comparative social policy, health psychologists, and sociologists focused on family, youth, and aging.