Tools for Institutional Political and Social Analysis of Policy Reform

Introduction to the Sourcebook: Tools for Institutional, Political, and Social Analysis (TIPS) in PSIA Objectives of the Sourcebook Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA) refers to the analysis of the distributional impact of policy ...


Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 9780821368916

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"Analysis of the distributional impact of policy reforms plays an important role in the elaboration and implementation of poverty reduction strategies in developing and transitional countries, promoting evidence-based policy choices and fostering debate on policy reform options. International agencies and national partners are increasingly encouraging a more systematic application of policy reform analysis. Requisite to a systematic application is capacity building within countries as well as within donor agencies." "Tools for Institutional, Political, and Social Analysis of Policy Reform: A Sourcebook for Development Practitioners contributes to this agenda by introducing a framework and a set of practical tools that analyze the institutional, political, and social dimensions of policy design and implementation. The authors fill a perceived gap in knowledge of the application of social tools and complement existing guidance on conventional economic analysis of distributional impacts of reform." "This book will be of interest to commissioners and practitioners working in policy analysis in a range of areas - including macroeconomic, sectoral, and public sector policy - that are subject to ongoing policy reform discussions."--BOOK JACKET.

Methods For Social Analysis In Developing Countries

On the demand side, African governments have not conducted very much social analysis of their development projects except when required to do so by external development agencies. The reasons are numerous: (1) The governments have ...

Author: Kurt Finsterbusch

Publisher: Routledge

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This book fills the gap between social science methodology books and the realities of conducting social research under Third World conditions. It focuses on social impact assessment methods and cost effective social analyses for development projects and programs in US and Third World countries.

The SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis

Johansen, U. and White, D.R. (2002) 'Collaborative long-term ethnography and longitudinal social analysis of a nomadic clan in Southeastern Turkey', in R. van Kemper and A. Royce (eds.), Chronicling Cultures: Long-Term Field Research in ...

Author: John Scott

Publisher: SAGE

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This sparkling Handbook offers an unrivalled resource for those engaged in the cutting edge field of social network analysis. Systematically, it introduces readers to the key concepts, substantive topics, central methods and prime debates. Among the specific areas covered are: Network theory Interdisciplinary applications Online networks Corporate networks Lobbying networks Deviant networks Measuring devices Key Methodologies Software applications. The result is a peerless resource for teachers and students which offers a critical survey of the origins, basic issues and major debates. The Handbook provides a one-stop guide that will be used by readers for decades to come.

An Introduction to Social Research

CHAPTER XXIV Types of Procedure: Social Analysis and the Social Denominator 402 Social research and social analysis — Limitations and prospects — Social analysis and the social denominator — Simple illustrations — Folk-background ...

Author: Howard Washington Odum


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The Polish Sociological Bulletin

Wiley, D. E., and Wiley, J. A., The Estimation of Measurement Error in Panel Data, American Sociological Review, 1970, V. 35, pp. 112–117. I. 5. Secondary Analysis with Micro-Level Data As tin, A. W., and P a nos, R. J., A National Data ...



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Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement

HAYES , PATRICK . Mathematical Methods in Social and Managerial Sciences . New York : Wiley Interscience , 1975 . HARMAN , HARRY H . Modern Factor Analysis . 2nd ed . Chicago : University of Chicago Press , 1967 . HORST , PAUL .

Author: Delbert Charles Miller

Publisher: David McKay Company

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" "If a student researcher had only one handbook on their bookshelf, Miller and Salkind's Handbook would certainly have to be it. With the updated material, the addition of the section on ethical issues (which is so well done that I'm recommending it to the departmental representative to the university IRB), and a new Part 4 on "Qualitative Methods," the new Handbook is an indispensable resource for researchers." "Dan Cover, Department of Sociology, Furman University The book considered a "necessity" by many social science researchers and their students has been revised and updated while retaining the features that made it so useful. The emphasis in this new edition is on the tools with which graduate students and more advanced researchers need to become familiar as well as be able to use in order to conduct high quality research.

A Conceptual Approach to Social Impact Assessment

As a donor country, the U.S. requires preparation of environmental impact statements as specified under NEPA, to include the assessment of impacts on human populations. Social soundness analysis (SSA) was developed by the U.S. Agency ...

Author: Rabel J. Burdge

Publisher: Dog Eared Pub

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Contemporary Sociological Theory

... 285n Mobility, social, 140, 273 Mobilization, of classes, 77-81, 117-22, 141 Models, qualitative, 219 (see also Sociological theory) Modern societies (see Industrial society) Monasteries, network analysis of, 282 Money, 40 Monopoly, ...

Author: Ruth A. Wallace

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Social Action

7.50 This is a critical analysis of the impact of the IMF loan on the Indian economy with special reference to welfare of the poor, balance of payments situation and prospects for long-term growth. Church and Society: Sociological ...



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