How to Get Rich

And because I believe that almost anyone of reasonable intelligence can
become rich, given sufficient motivation and application. It also helps that I am
writing while sipping a very fine wine indeed (a Château d'Yquem 1986 if you
really want ...

Author: Felix Dennis

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440632464

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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Felix Dennis is an expert at proving people wrong. Starting as a college dropout with no family money, he created a publishing empire, founded Maxim magazine, made himself one of the richest people in the UK, and had a blast in the process. How to Get Rich is different from any other book on the subject because Dennis isn't selling snake oil, investment tips, or motivational claptrap. He merely wants to help people embrace entrepreneurship, and to share lessons he learned the hard way. He reveals, for example, why a regular paycheck is like crack cocaine; why great ideas are vastly overrated; and why "ownership isn't the important thing, it's the only thing."

So You Want to Write a Book

Why Do You Want To Write? Of all the things you could do with your time, why
writing? Are you seeking fame and fortune? Dream on, you probably won't get
rich. And as for fame, you will probably only be known to a small number of ...

Author: Donna Bevans

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467053864

Category: Reference

Page: 112

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The answer to why you want to write will tell you the kind of book you will be writing.

Get Rich Playing Games

WRITING. Be Lear-ned English, writing and journalism are all great degrees to
pursue. They'll give you a huge advantage, but aren't necessarily mandatory –
we've ... If we need something translated, we'll freelance that out to someone
more ...

Author: Scott Steinberg


ISBN: 9781430320289

Category: Games

Page: 196

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GET PAID TO PLAY! 30 years in the making, the first book to offer everything you need to go from rags to riches in the fabulous videogame industry is here - are you ready to nail the ultimate high score? A must-have for anyone seeking a career in game art, design, audio, programming, marketing, journalism and sales! Learn how to break into the business and hit the jackpot from industry legends including Shigeru Miyamoto, Sid Meier, Trip Hawkins, Will Wright and more! Foreword by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell."Finally, a book that shows you how to make all your dreams come true - and make serious money doing it!" -Brian Fargo, Founder, Interplay/InXile Ent."Reveals the secrets of playing to win... and how to do it making great games!" -"Wild Bill" Stealey, Founder, MicroProse/Int. Magic"A must-read... The first book on the videogame business that's both insightful and entertaining." -Ed Zobrist, President, Sierra Online

So You Want To Be A Freelance Writer

OK, so if you'restill reading thisthen I'm assuming that you're still interested
inwriting foraliving – either thatoryou're a loyal member of my family. Freelance
writers can earn vast amounts of money, particularly if they specialise in

Author: Deborah Durbin

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781780994932

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 110

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So You Want To Be A Freelance Writer - Writing for Magazines, Newspapers and Beyond does exactly what it says in the title - it shows the reader how to write for the newspaper and magazine industry and how to make it in the world of freelance writing. Deborah Durbin is a qualified journalist and has over 15 year's experience working in print media for national magazines and newspapers as a freelance journalist and features writer. She has written for most of the women's national magazines and several national newspapers. She has also been a columnist for two national magazines and has written for specialist titles such as Writing Magazine and Writers' Forum and has 11 books published.

The Ten Roads to Riches

First, writing is a labor of love and Ienjoy it and have for along time.I have a great
time writing.Second, being alreadyrich, this bookis a way togive back and
showothers how to get rich, so someonelikeyou can if you want. I'm58 and
lateinmy ...

Author: Kenneth L. Fisher

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470454404

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 228

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Discover how your net worth can be worth more The Ten Roads to Riches takes an engaging and informative look at some of America's most famous (and infamous) modern-day millionaires (and billionaires) and reveals how they found their fortunes. Surprisingly, the super-wealthy usually get there by taking just one of ten possible roads. And now, so can you! Plenty of books tell you how to be frugal and save, but The Ten Roads to Riches tells you how you can, realistically, get super-rich. Throughout these pages, renowned investment expert and self-made billionaire Ken Fisher highlights amusing anecdotes of individuals who have traveled (or tumbled) down each road, and tells you how to increase your chances of success. Whether it's starting a business, owning real estate, investing wisely, or even marrying very, very well, Fisher will show how some got it right and others got it horribly wrong. Find out the right questions to ask when starting your own business-the richest road of all Learn what Mark Cuban, Rupert Murdoch, and rapper Jay-Z have in common, and how you can emulate them Discover how to avoid high-profile flameouts like the Enron guys and jailed plaintiffs' lawyer Melvyn Weiss Whether you're just beginning to plan your financial future or well on your way, The Ten Roads to Riches can show you how to gain and, more importantly, maintain the wealth you want.

Conversations with Raymond Carver

There are, however, a lot of serious writers out there who have to try to balance
art with budget: You want to write good, ... I knew I was never going to get rich
writing poems, not when I was getting paid a dollar or five dollars, or else being
paid ...

Author: Raymond Carver

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 0878054499

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 259

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This collection of Raymond Carver's interviews reveals him to have been perhaps the premier short-story writer of his generation, a lyric-narrative poet of singular resonance, and a staunch proponent of realistic fiction in the wake of postmodern formalism. The twenty-five conversations gathered here, several available in English for the first time, include craft interviews, biographical portraits, self-analyses, and wide-ranging reflections on the current literary scene. Carver discusses his changing views of his widely influential fiction collections What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (1981), Cathedral (1983), and Where I'm Calling From (1988). Carver explains how at the height of his fame as a fiction writer he turned to poetry, producing three prize-winning books in as many years. Finally, in the closing months of his life, he talks about the coming of his last triumphant stories, the ones that secured his reputation.

Become a Freelance Writer and Live the Life You Desire

If you want to get down to the sheer basics of what you need to know about
getting started as a freelance writer, here it is. ... you might be in a position where
you have no other choice but to find a way to earn some money from writing, so
you ...


Publisher: Healing Self And Spirit Ltd




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How To Be A Writer

But if you have an ear for dialogue and an eye for a good human-interest story,
and can write a persuasive pitch synopsis, it's worth a go. The trouble with
starting out if you are not already established is that an agent will want to see
evidence that you can do this sort of writing. They may ... Travel Writing Again,
you will not get rich writing travel pieces, but you might attract new readers if you
produce lively, ...

Author: Sally O'Reilly

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748120642

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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How To Be a Writer is a comprehensive guide to the career of writing from experienced writer and creative writing tutor Sally O'Reilly. The book will cover questions such as: If you want to be a writer, should you invest in a creative writing course? If so, which one? Are writing groups a good thing? What grants, awards and prizes are available to the aspiring writer? How should you plan your career in the long term? It will also feature an introduction from Fay Weldon - 'Why I wish I'd read this book when I was 25' - and will include comments and case studies from other established authors, agents and industry experts. How To Be a Writer will include everything that a writer needs to know about running their own career, from choosing an agent to café scribbling, and from filing a tax return to flirting with the literati and will be an essential reference book for any author who takes their work seriously.

How to Write About Music

And what we have in response is a younger man saying, “I realize you have to
treat me like a celebrity, because that's the reason I was pushed into this press
box. But I ... People will tell you it's impossible to make money writing about music


Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781628920468

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 432

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If writing about music is like dancing about architecture, you'd do best to hone your chops and avoid clichés (like the one that begins this sentence) by learning from the prime movers. How to Write About Music offers a selection of the best writers on what is perhaps our most universally beloved art form. Selections from the critically-acclaimed 33 1/3 series appear alongside new interviews and insights from authors like Lester Bangs, Chuck Klosterman, Owen Pallet, Ann Powers and Alex Ross. How to Write About Music includes primary sources of inspiration from a variety of go-to genres such as the album review, the personal essay, the blog post and the interview along with tips, writing prompts and advice from the writers themselves. Music critics of the past and the present offer inspiration through their work on artists like Black Sabbath, Daft Punk, J Dilla, Joy Division, Kanye West, Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiohead, Pussy Riot and countless others. How to Write About Music is an invaluable text for all those who have ever dreamed of getting their music writing published and a pleasure for everyone who loves to read about music.

Just Effing Entertain Me A Screenwriter s Atlas

quick types, in other words, who figure because they liked Superbad or AVATAR,
they will just play a little Hollywood Powerball and get rich quick. But just like
American Idol, the writers who can't really write get sorted out rather quickly and ...

Author: Julie Gray


ISBN: 9781304404831

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 270

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A comprehensive guide to screenwriting with proven methods to help you test your ideas BEFORE you write your script, outlining tricks that make every page fascinating, chapters on character development, dialogue, theme and so much more. Includes the top 200 movies you MUST see if you wish to write for entertainment and chapters on how to get an agent in Hollywood. One of the most valuable, complete books on screenwriting available today. Recommended by Hollywood professionals.

Nice Girls Don t Get Rich

What hasn't changed, however, is what I write about in Nice Girls Don't Get the
Comer Office. Women have been reluctantly invited to join the old-boys' club but
told not to act like the other members if they want to maintain that membership.

Author: Lois P. Frankel

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446568647

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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If you have outstanding balances on your credit cards...don't have assets in your own name...are saving instead of investing, then chances are you're not rich and not living the life you want. Without your awareness, behaviors learned as a girl are preventing you from becoming a woman who is financially independent and free to follow her dreams. Now, with the same frank advice and empowering information that made Nice Girls Don't Get the Comer Office a bestseller, Lois Frankel tackles the 75 financial mistakes that keep women from having the wealth they deserve. She isolates the messages about money given to little girls that little boys never hear. Then she helps you discover the financial thinking that is keeping you stuck in old patterns, dependent relationships, and jobs where you earn less than you deserve. Once you get to the root of the problem, Frankel helps you solve it-with fabulous results. Her coaching tips help you take control of your finances and make more money than you ever thought possible. Do you make these "nice girl" mistakes? Mistake #4: Not playing to win. Being polite, quiet, and fair to a fault is playing the financial game "like a girl." Mistake #10: Choosing to remain financially illiterate. Knowledge is power. Learn to manage your major purchases, investments, and banking. Mistake #20: Spending as an emotional crutch. Understand your emotions; don't make purchases just to lift your spirits. Mistake #45: Saving instead of investing. Fear can keep your funds in low-interest accounts. Get educated about investing. Get wealthy. Frankel gives you the financial savvy to change negative behaviors, make smart money choices, and embrace the life you want sooner than you think.

The Writer s Guide to Getting Published

Your aim is the same as if you were sending a conventional query : to persuade
the editor you have a great idea that is just ... You need to make sure the purpose
of the e - mail is clear and unambiguous . ... days is inundated with ' spam ' ,
uninvited e - mails advertising everything from sex aids to get - rich - quick scams

Author: Chriss McCallum

Publisher: How To Books Ltd

ISBN: 1857038770

Category: Authorship

Page: 182

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The aim of this book is to answer some of the questions asked by struggling writers, wheter of fiction, non fiction, drama, poetry or articlesThe book offers help and advice ranging from copyright to getting an agent.

Cash to Spare

This is how I've always been able to tell those “get-rich-quick” scams apart from
legitimate work opportunities. The con artist ... Good, honest work is the way to
get the money and security you need, and for you to succeed using what this
book will teach you, you are going to have to work. Still here? Great! ... When
most people think of a writer, people think of a book author or a newspaper

Author: Richard Gonzalez

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468940398

Category: Self-Help


View: 411


A easy step-by-step guide to a simple way that almost anyone can earn income. This is perfect whether you are looking to make a little extra money or if you are out of work and need a job fast. From students to retired seniors, mothers to anyone looking to make a little extra, this book has something to offer.

Financial Peace Revisited

Within the first couple of years after college I invited several very wealthy people
out for dinner in order to pick those successful brains. ... him for answers as to
how I might duplicate his success, he finally looked me square in the eye and
said, “Boy, seems to me you want to know how to get rich quick. ... A personal
friend was a writer for one of the very well known country music groups a few
years back.

Author: Dave Ramsey

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101554449

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

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Dave Ramsey knows what it's like to have it all. By age twenty-six, he had established a four-million-dollar real estate portfolio, only to lose it by age thirty. He has since rebuilt his financial life and, through his workshops and his New York Times business bestsellers Financial Peace and More than Enough, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people to understand the forces behind their financial distress and how to set things right-financially, emotionally, and spiritually. In this new edition of Financial Peace, Ramsey has updated his tactics and philosophy to show even more readers: how to get out of debt and stay out the KISS rule of investing—"Keep It Simple, Stupid" how to use the principle of contentment to guide financial decision making how the flow of money can revolutionize relationships With practical and easy to follow methods and personal anecdotes, Financial Peace is the road map to personal control, financial security, a new, vital family dynamic, and lifetime peace.

Money Energy How to Attract Money and Create the Life You Want

I was inspired by this very project to become the writer and author that I am today.
... Mind, which is the part of the mind responsible for our habits and ultimately
responsible for how we emotionally think about things like money and business. I


Publisher: Peter Abundant


Category: Finance, Personal


View: 580


Like attracts Like. To attract money, you must be money. Money Energy will ultimately show you how to attract money by doing what you love and using your passion as a vehicle to contribute to the world. Your heart is in a good place and all you need is the fundamental foundation in which to build your idea and pursue your passion. This book is for people who wish to live from the heart rather than from the ego. It is more than just a call to action in taking your dreams, but a call to action to become those dreams. This book give you a sure way to become clear and focused as to what it is you want to attract, how you want to do it. Most people want to make a difference in the world and I'm sure you are one of these people. Energy Money gives you a way to focus on sharing and serving others in order to attract great amounts of money as a result. People often ask if they can make a living doing what they love. If you are one of these people this book will show you how you can.

Making Money As a Student

I don't want you to have to suffer the situations I did, I want you to be able to
splash the cash on these wild adventures, become ... Freelancing gives you this
opportunity, you could earn an average of £8 per 500 words (to a seasoned
writer like ...

Author: Adam Hammond


ISBN: 9781456614317

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 3

View: 832


Being a student often means juggling a small amount of income from part time jobs with studies. But it doesn't always have to be so difficult as Adam explains in this ebook. Learn where to find work online to add to your income and allow yourself to work where and when you want to. This ebook is a must read for any current student or one heading off to university next year.

The Invention of Ana

the people behind them, people who'd soon be sharing in my memories, when a
woman stepped away from the bar and gave ... You want something—to get rich
or hunt bison or whatever. I laughed. Well, I'm definitely not here to hunt bison.

Author: Mikkel Rosengaard

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062679093

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Combining the infectious narration of Nick Hornby’s Funny Girl, the philosophical lyricism of Roberto Bolaño’s The Savage Detectives, and the mesmerizing power of Anna North’s The Life and Death of Sophie Stark, a breathtaking debut, brimming with youthful brio and irresistible humor, that chronicles a young man’s friendship with a most peculiar artist. On a rooftop in Brooklyn on a spring night, a young intern and would-be writer, newly arrived from Copenhagen, meets the intriguing Ana Ivan. Clever and funny, with an air of mystery and melancholia, Ana is a performance artist, a mathematician, and a self-proclaimed time traveler. She is also bad luck, she confesses; she is from a cursed Romanian lineage. Before long, the intern finds himself seduced by Ana’s enthralling stories—of her unlucky countrymen; of her parents’ romance during the worst years of Nicolae Ceaucescu’s dictatorship; of a Daylight Savings switchover gone horribly wrong. Ana also introduces him to her latest artistic endeavor. Following the astronomical rather than the Gregorian calendar, she is trying to alter her sense of time—an experiment that will lead her to live in complete darkness for one month. Descending into the blackness with Ana, the intern slowly loses touch with his own existence, entangling himself in the lives of Ana, her starry-eyed mother Maria, and her raging math-prodigy father Ciprian. Peeling back the layers of her past, he eventually discovers the perverse tragedy that has haunted Ana’s family for decades and shaped her journey from the streets of Bucharest to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and finally to New York City. The Invention of Ana blurs the lines between narrative and memory, perception and reality, identity and authenticity. In his stunning debut novel, Mikkel Rosengaard illuminates the profound power of stories to alter the world around us—and the lives of the ones we love.

Work in Your Pajamas A Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writer

If you want to be a writer from home, you will want to start out with a place that
can give you some experience. ... Even a weaker writer can make money doing
this job they just won't make as much as someone who is an a little better as a
writer ...

Author: Mandy Robinson

Publisher: Mandy Robinson


Category: Computers


View: 956


“Work in Your Pajamas: A Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writer” is the story of a mom who went from answering surveys and trying to make a few bucks at home to earning a full-time income. If you have been looking into becoming a freelance writer, you have found the right book for you. This book will give you all of the tools to get started in this job. I have been working as a freelance writer from the comfort of my home for four years now. Now I am sharing how to get started with you. I went into this job totally blind and it was hard to figure it all out. It took me years to learn the things that will be shared with you in “Work in Your Pajamas: A Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writer.” This book shares how to get started on this career and also goes into detail about things you will need to do to be successful at this job. You do not need a career in Journalism to make a full-time income from your pajamas in the comfort of your own home. This book will help you to start living your dreams.

Complete Guide to Writing for Publication

So if you want to become known as a great writer , choose another genre . Do
you want to make a lot of money ? The royalty arrangement needed to make the
book financially feasible will preclude your getting rich . Even if a lot of books are

Author: Susan Titus Osborn

Publisher: Acw Press

ISBN: 1892525097

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

View: 403


Gathered together in this one volume are twenty-four of the industry's experts in the field of writing and publication. Each contributor focused on their area of expertise from using the internet and research, to making a living as a freelance writer. Whether you're a writing novice or simply want to polish or broaden your skills, you're sure to find the help, encouragement and advise you need to be a successful writer in this useful guide.

Wallace D Wattles the Science of Getting Rich

In modern life, we have no patience for the preamble so here's the 411: 4There is
a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its ... doubt, that if
you completely and utterly fix the above concept into your mind and operate from
its truth then you will have everything you want. ... Write to Santa requesting it?

Author: James Robinson

Publisher: Infinite Ideas

ISBN: 9781906821302


Page: 128

View: 962


The Science of Getting Rich was written by New ThoughtMovement author Wallace D. Wattles in 1910. It is his bestknown work and is based on his concept of "the Certain(positive) Way of Thinking". This new trend for using `mindover matter' was made even more unusual, yet popular, byWattles' application of it to business prosperity, ......