Small Press Record of Books in Print

Record of Books in Print , 13th Edition ( 1984 ) , Fulton , Len Small Press Record of Books in Print , 14th Edition ( 1985-86 ) . Fulton , Len Small Press Record of Books in Print , 15th Edition ( 1986-87 ) , Fulton , Len Small Press ...



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Introduction to Technical Services

A good guide to the output of small presses is Small Press Record of Books in Print (SPRBIP, Dust books). The SPRBIP is the definitive record of books in print by the small-press industry, listing more than 40,000 titles from more than ...

Author: G. Edward Evans

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781591588894

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Used in library schools worldwide, this standard text provides students with a thorough understanding of technical services. Updated and expanded, the eighth edition further emphasizes the rapidly changing environment in which technical services are conducted. The book covers all aspects of the field—from acquisitions to managing the cataloging department—with five new chapters. "Technical Services Issues" includes material related to physical space needs; "E-resources Issues" examines how the growth of e-materials impact technical services work; "Copy Cataloging" reflects the ever increasing need to be more efficient and also to save limited funds for technical services activities; "Overview and Decisions" addresses the issue of why and how the local OPAC has become a gateway to the universe of knowledge; and "Processing Materials" covers the activities involved in making sure items that go into a library's collection are properly identified as belonging to the library and where the item is physically located in the collection. All other chapters have been extensively rewritten and updated to reflect 2010 technical service functions and activities. Complete with helpful illustrations, statistics, and study guide questions, this text is a must for library and information science students!

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2149 Burns, Grabt: Dustbooks' guide to the small press: a review article. Libr. ... The International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses, 1984—85, 20 edition. ... Small Press Record of Books in Print.

Author: Henryk Sawoniak

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110975062

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Collection Management Basics 7th Edition

Although they were not included in the original categories listed by the Book Industry Study Group, small presses are ... The SPRBIP is the definitive record of books in print by the small press industry, listing more than 44,000 titles ...

Author: Margaret Zarnosky Saponaro

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440859656

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If the heart of the library is its collection, this textbook provides the keys to the heart of your library. Alongside standards of basic principles and processes, you'll find practical guidance on everything from acquisitions to preservation. Managing collections in today's libraries is more complicated and challenging than ever. Electronic formats, new options for collaboration and sharing, and the drive to use data for evaluation purposes are just a few of the changes now driving collection management. This updated edition of a classic text addresses changes in the field and provides a thorough overview of what collection development specialists now need to know to effectively and efficiently manage processes that range from selection and assessment to sharing resources, handling challenges, weeding, and preservation. Readers will find increased coverage of technical services, intellectual freedom and censorship, and collection policy development, as well as budget development and tracking, joint purchasing, and negotiating with vendors. Updates on e-resources, user needs assessment (including data visualization), and disaster management, along with suggestions for further reading, are also included. Engagingly written and easy to understand, this is a valuable text for students preparing for careers in public, academic, school, and special libraries. It will additionally serve as a training resource and professional refresher for practitioners. Provides faculty and students with a thorough, up-to-date overview of all aspects of the collection development process Helps collection development librarians to address new challenges such as online resources, how to use new tools for assessing your library's collection, developing a budget, and negotiating with vendors Engages readers and is easy to read, with real-life examples to clarify principles and concepts May be used as a text for LIS courses on collection development as well as a resource for training and personal or professional enrichment

How to Publish Your Nonfiction Book

Nonfiction , how - to art , craft , and photo books . Avg press run 3–5M . Pub'd 4 titles 1999 , expects 4 titles 2000 , 5 titles 2001 . 21 titles listed in the Small Press Record of Books in Print ( 28th ed , 1999-00 ) .

Author: Rudy Shur

Publisher: Square One Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 0757000002

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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While many writers dream of seeing their books in print, most don't succeed simply because they don't know the ropes. Written by a publisher with over three decades of experience, How to Publish Your Nonfiction Book was designed to maximize your chance of getting your nonfiction work published. The book begins by helping you define your book's category, audience, and marketplace. You are then guided in choosing the most appropriate publishing companies for your work, crafting a winning proposal, and submitting your package in the best way possible. Special sections allow you to be a savvy player in the contract game, and fill you in on options such as self-publishing. Most important, this book helps you avoid the errors that often prevent writers from reaching their goal. Here is a proven system for taking your work from the desk drawer to the bookstore.

Book Publishing 101

... Directory ( International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses ( For self-publishers and small press listings Small Press Record of Books in Print ( ...

Author: Martha Maeda

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781601385642

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Nothing rivals the sense of accomplishment that comes from getting your first book published. It is thrilling and exciting to see your name in print. As a first-time author, you are eager to share your work and voice with the world, but you may be wondering just how to break into this challenging and ever-changing industry. The Complete Guide to Getting Your First Book Successfully Published is here to help make your dream a reality. This helpful book details the types of publishing you may choose, including traditional, subsidy, vanity, print-on-demand (POD), and self-publishing. You will learn about the tried-and-true basics of book publishing as well as about innovative additions to the industry, such as e-readers like Amazon s Kindle and Apple s iPad. You will learn everything from copyrighting and cataloging to book printing and binding. This book will also show you the different tax write-offs available for authors. You will be taught how to write a killer query letter and a perfect book proposal to increase your chances of having your book considered by traditional publishers. You will also discover what to look for in a literary agent and how to read the fine print on publishing contracts. This book discusses how to create, develop, and maintain a strong relationship with your editor, which is an integral part of getting your publishing success. Recognize how to find the right freelance editor to objectively edit your book without compromising your tone. And learn about the types of editing you may need and how much to charge an editor for those services. Once the editing is complete, you re ready for the design process. But don t worry this book will guide you through it. Learn how to create a cover and interior design that will grab your readers attention and complement your book s theme and tone. Reader familiarity is the biggest factor in sales, with 60 percent of readers saying their decision to purchase a book hinges on already being fans of the author. Thus, it s important to establish yourself as a likable and talented author. Although you may be tight on your promotion budget, this book arms you with dozens of low-cost tactics to get your book and your name in the limelight, increase your following, and maximize your sales. You will learn about book tours and signings, sending out press releases, preparing for news interviews, getting your Web site high in search engines, and tapping into social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You will also learn how to market your book on Amazon, the key player in book sales, in order to get your book maximum exposure. Take advantage of the expert advice we ve gathered from all types of publishers and authors to give you a real-life glimpse into today s publishing industry. An extensive resources section of this book includes places to find literary agents and POD companies as well as a sample query letter, a book proposal, and a press release. You ll also benefit from referring to a sample blog post and a fact-based article to craft your perfect marketing campaign from these examples. With The Complete Guide to Getting Your First Book Successfully Published in your hand, you re sure to hit the ground running to becoming an established, respected author in the publishing industry.

How to Publish Your Children s Book

Avg press run 3-5M . Pub'd 4 titles 1999 , expects 4 titles 2005 , 5 titles 2006. 21 titles listed in the Small Press Record of Books in Print ( 28th ed , 2003–04 ) . Avg . price , paper : $ 15 . Discounts : for resale : 20-40 % off ...

Author: Liza N. Burby

Publisher: Square One Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 0757000363

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 272

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How to Publish Your Children's Book provides a working knowledge of the children's book publishing process, explains the importance of understanding audiences and marketplaces, and offers a proven system for selecting and approaching the right publishing firms. The author also offers practical tips and advice from experienced editors and publishers, as well as insights from such popular children's book authors as Jane Yolen and Johanna Hurwitz.

The Publishing and Review of Reference Sources

It lists small presses and small non-commercial magazines and will be useful in locating that literary press or magazine which you cannot find in Books in Print. They also publish the Small Press Record of Books in Print which lists ...

Author: Bill Katz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000759013

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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This book, first published in 1987, provides important information on reference publishing, including valuable guidelines on evaluating publications and sources. The articles contained here are all written by leading experts in the field.