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Design Ideas for Great American Houses Taunton Press. A SIMPLE HOUSE THAT PUTS A PREMIUM ON SPACE Within the confines of an uncomplicated Cape , the author and his wife figured out how to make good use of every ... 8 SMALL HOMES Mike ...

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Presents 22 articles from past issues of Fine Homebuilding that feature houses under 2,400 square feet.

Elegant Small Homes of the Twenties

93 certainly could be the inspiration for the similar dwelling in Robert Jones's Small Homes of Architectural Distinction (1929), p. 270. (This volume was reprinted by Dover in 1987 as Authentic Small Houses of the Twenties, ...

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Nearly 100 designs for five- and six-room houses feature New England and Southern colonials, Normandy cottages, stately Italianate dwellings, and other fascinating snapshots of American domestic architecture of the 1920s.

The Giant Book of Tiny Homes

SMALL HOMES ON FOUNDATIONS 160 BEST PLANTS FOR SMALL SPACES How to bring the outdoors inside with greenery. 46 SMALLER THAN SMALL These homeowners went from 672 square feet to 330—and love it.

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If you are weary of a large house with high property taxes, big utility bills, tons of maintenance, and too much stuff, you’re definitely not alone! Millions of Americans are turning to smaller living spaces as a pathway to a happier, stress-reduced life. The Giant Book of Tiny Homes captures the essence of this downsizing trend by showcasing homes across a spectrum of styles and locations, each filled with stylish interiors, ingenious solutions for small-space living, and stories of contented homeowners. Plus, you’ll get great advice and insights from the growing number of talented builders and architects who have trained their skills on creating beautiful, imaginative smaller dwellings. Whether custom-designed for a traditional foundation, assembled on a moveable trailer, or flat-packed and flown in by helicopter, small houses are all about “less is more.” If you’re a small house aficionado or simply considering the possibilities, this book is your inspiration for living large in a small space!

Tiny Homes Plans for Your Perfect Home Design and a Mortgage Free Life Inspiration for Constructing Tiny Homes Using Salvaged

Chapter 15: What to Maximize the Value Of A Small Living Space Small House Plans There are numerous ways to design small-sized houses to maximize the space that is available. These techniques are crucial in communities with limited ...

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Living in a tiny house may seem like a huge challenge to some, but it’s way easier than you think! This book will tell you about the many benefits of tiny house living. It’ll also give you strategies for planning your tiny house and building it for affordable low prices. It also shows you how to transition your lifestyle from a large house to wonderful tiny house living, all without sacrificing a high standard of living or quality of life. This book now and start learning the following • Benefits of living in a tiny house • Some things to consider before going tiny. • Storage space, functionality, water, gray water, electricity, being stationary vs. Mobile, equity, etc. • Examples of tiny house plans • Shipping container homes • Plans for shipping container homes. Nowadays a lot of people work from home. Thanks to the internet that’s more than possible. Some of these people work from home all day long while others only several hours in the evening. All of them need a comfortable working space to get things done as effectively as possible. Although not many homes can have a separate room to make it a home office.

500 Small Houses of the Twenties

We helped to organize the first Better Homes program as a noncommercial, educational movement. In this second year of the campaign the scope of the work has broadened. Model small homes have been furnished, organized, equipped and ...

Author: Henry Atterbury Smith

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Perspective drawings, floor plans, and descriptions of principal features of outstanding '20s designs, many by leading architects of the period. 1,135 black-and-white line illustrations, 262 black-and-white photographs and tone drawings.

The Small housing Scheme of the City of Stockholm

When the municipality decided to develop small homes on a large scale , it was necessary to go outside the city limits to acquire land for the purpose , because practically all available sites within the city had been taken up for other ...

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Small Houses of the Forties

Inasmuch as about one million mortgages have been insured under Title 2 of the National Housing Act since the Federal ... each of these respective three categories would be as follows: T. For Small Homes—lnsured Mortgages_ up to $5,400.

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56 floor plans and elevations of houses that originally cost less than $15,000 to build. Recommended by financial institutions of the era, they range from Colonials to Cape Cods.

Authentic Small Houses of the Twenties

HoME BUILT FROM DESIGN 4-4-14 Even at a casual glance it is easy to understand the popularity of these two small homes. Besides providing their full quota of comforts and conveniences, they have a delightful, homelike charm and ...

Author: Robert Taylor Jones

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Modestly priced, richly illustrated reprint of rare guidebook published in 1920s by Architects' Small House Service Bureau. Designs, floor plans, construction materials, prices for wide variety of small homes. Over 800 line drawings and photographs of models ranging from charming five-room English cottages to attractive, two-story, shingled Colonials.

More Small Houses

Smaller homes are the way of the future. I jkc smaller cars, they're tighter, more energy efficient, and often more affordable. And smaller houses frequently make the most sense for first- time homeowners, young families, ...

Author: Kevin Ireton

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Fine Homebuilding's popular Great Houses collection brings to life the delight and warmth of small houses. Highlighting charming homes under 2000 square feet, this collection features some of today's best compact house architecture.