The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film

have such few examples of bisexual sleuths that it is difficult to generalize— Dan Kavanagh/Julian Barnes's Nick Duffy being a rare case of a bisexual who has worked out a sexual philosophy that provides structure for him.

Author: Drewey Wayne Gunn

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780810885882

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 426

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This new edition of The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film provides an overview of milestones in the development of gay detectives over the last several decades. Also included in this volume is an annotated list of novels, short stories, plays, graphic novels, comic strips, films, and television series featuring gay amateur sleuths, police detectives, private investigators, and the like.

Girl Sleuth

Mason, Bobbie Ann. The Girl Sleuth: On the Trail of Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton, and Cherry Ames. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1995. McFarlane, Leslie. Ghost of the Hardy Boys. New York: Methuen/Two Continents, 1976.

Author: Melanie Rehak

Publisher: HMH

ISBN: 9780547539898

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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The true story behind the iconic fictional detective is “a fascinating chapter in the history of publishing” (The Seattle Times). An Edgar Award Winner for Best Biography and a Chicago Tribune Best Book of the Year The plucky “titian-haired” sleuth solved her first mystery in 1930—and eighty million books later, Nancy Drew has survived the Depression, World War II, and the sixties (when she was taken up with a vengeance by women’s libbers) to enter the pantheon of American culture. As beloved by girls today as she was by their grandmothers, Nancy Drew has both inspired and reflected the changes in her readers’ lives. Here, in a narrative with all the page-turning pace of Nancy’s adventures, Melanie Rehak solves an enduring literary mystery: Who created Nancy Drew? And how did she go from pulp heroine to icon? The brainchild of children’s book mogul Edward Stratemeyer, Nancy was brought to life by two women: Mildred Wirt Benson, a pioneering journalist from Iowa, and Harriet Stratemeyer Adams, a well-bred wife and mother who took over her father’s business empire as CEO. In this century-spanning, “absorbing and delightful” story, the author traces their roles—and Nancy’s—in forging the modern American woman (The Wall Street Journal). “It’s truly fun to see behind the scenes of the girl sleuth’s creation.” —Publishers Weekly “As much a social history of the times as a book about the popular series . . . Those who followed the many adventures of Nancy Drew and her friends will be fascinated with the behind-the-scenes stories of just who Carolyn Keene really was.” —School Library Journal “Sheds light on perhaps the most successful writing franchise of all time and also the cultural and historic changes through which it passed. Grab your flashlights, girls. The mystery of Carolyn Keene is about to begin.” —Karen Joy Fowler

Spark and the Grand Sleuth

“ You've heard that the Grand Sleuth goes where they are needed , have you not ? ” Agnes asked . " A few times . ” Agnes paused . “ I'm afraid this is another myth . We don't exactly move . " “ But how do you ... lead us ?

Author: Robert Repino

Publisher: Quirk Books

ISBN: 9781683692225

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

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An army of toys, a menacing threat, and a thrilling adventure collide in the high-stakes sequel to Spark and the League of Ursus. Spark may be a cute and cuddly teddy bear, but she’s also a fierce protector. Weeks after rescuing her human owner—a budding young filmmaker named Loretta—from a hideous monster, everything seems to be returning to normal. But then Spark is summoned before the mysterious Grand Sleuth, the high council of teddy bears, who task her with a dangerous mission: locating the portal to the monster’s world. During her daring quest, Spark discovers a terrible secret that changes everything. In order to keep Loretta and their whole town safe, she must enlist the help of her loyal toy friends and team up with an unexpected ally. As the menace grows, Spark realizes that Loretta has a hidden power that may be the key to saving them all . . . This dark middle grade fantasy is perfect for fans of the Nightmares! series and Holly Black’s Doll Bones.

The Sleuth and the Goddess

It is an Athena aspect bound up with her role of enacting the divine necessity of reason in Alex's skills and strategies as a prosecutor.73 Other female authored sleuths contain Athena characteristics. Even loner, Kinsey Milhone, ...

Author: Susan Rowland

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000047141

Category: Psychology

Page: 272

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Rowland presents a detailed exploration of how the archetypes of ancient goddesses Hestia, Artemis, Athena and Aphrodite breathe into and shape female-authored detective fiction. Representing aspects of characterisation not bound by gender, the book examines how these archetypes emerge in themes like the home and hearth, hunting, survival and desire. Rowland assesses numerous examples from a range of works, providing a clear illustration of each archetype and illuminating aspects of femininity, psyche and being. This uniquely interdisciplinary work of literary analysis sheds light on the popularity and underlying mystique of the genre.

The Spanish Sleuth

The purpose of the following charts is to give the reader the means for comparing the new Spanish sleuths at a glance . The detectives ' names are arranged in alphabetical order . NAME : Arenas , Bárbara PROFESSION : Private detective ...

Author: Patricia Hart

Publisher: Associated University Presse

ISBN: 0838632785

Category: Authors, Spanish

Page: 252

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A history of Spanish detective fiction from Alarcon's "El clavo," published twelve years after Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue," up to the present. The presentation of the highly entertaining sleuth characters is based on a detailed examination of the works and, in many cases, personal interviews with the writers.

The Sleuth Book for Genealogists

91 Erie Stanley Gardner, "The Case of the Crying Swallow" (1947) in Ernst, ed., Favorite Sleuths, 283. 92 Truman, Murder in the White House, 198. 93 Tey, Daughter of Time, 133. 94 Christie, "The Mirror Crack'd," Five Complete Miss ...

Author: Emily Anne Croom

Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com

ISBN: 0806317876

Category: Reference

Page: 290

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Originally published: Cincinnati, Ohio: Betterway Books, 2000.

Are You an Art Sleuth

Sleuth? ou probably are. In fact I'm sure you are. Go ahead, try it. Take a look at one of the paintings in this book. Then go back and look again—really closely this time. You'll see things you didn't notice the first time.

Author: Brooke DiGiovanni Evans


ISBN: 9781631591310

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 104

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From Monet to Renoir and from Boston to Paris, kids search famous paintings to complete a checklist of things to find in each. Are You an Art Sleuth? You probably are. Each of the twenty full-page paintings, drawn from museums around the world, are fun, lively, and full of small details, that can be spotted, counted and checked off a list of things to find. Invite children to see what they can discover when they look at art very closely. Following each close-up is an accompanying spread full of fun facts and activities, including write-in and draw-in projects related to the painting and the story it tells. Prepared by a member of the education staff of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the facts and historical bits will be specially selected and written to engage young children and encourage them to come in closer and have fun looking at art. Some of the artists included in the book are Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Georges Seurat, Fra Angelico, Vittore Carpaccio, William Hogarth, Quentin Metsys, Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, William Holman Hunt, Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Breughel, and Henri Rousseau.

The Book of Extraordinary Amateur Sleuth and Private Eye Stories

With all due respect to police officers and eminent official representatives of the law, it can easily be argued that the amateur sleuth, whether intentionally or not (or dutifully employed as a private investigator) has for almost two ...

Author: Maxim Jakubowski

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 9781642500790

Category: Fiction

Page: 277

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A cornucopia of the best new whodunits, collected by one of the mystery scene’s eminent editors, “a giant of the genre” (Lee Childs). One of the best mystery books of the 21st century, this volume features outstanding new stories of crime, derring-do, fast-paced adventures, and puzzles, featuring hardy amateur detectives ranging from young to old and grizzled private eyes whose patches cover the city streets, all in the hallowed tradition of Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, and Philip Marlowe. Jakubowski’s many anthologies, like The Book of Extraordinary Historical Mystery Stories, have attracted plenty of attention and awards. His newest collection, The Book of Extraordinary Amateur Sleuths and Private Eye Stories, features never-before-seen short fiction by some of the most renowned American and British crime and thriller authors of today. Whether the victim was done in at the party uptown or discovered in the other room of a particularly difficult woman or man, these mysteries will have you reading at the edge of your seat. Praise for Maxim Jakubowski and His Books “I have been a fan of Maxim Jakubowski for years. There just is no finer mystery writer and editor anywhere. Find a comfortable chair and a strong drink and prepare to be enthralled.” —Alexander Algren, author of Out in a Flash: Murder Mystery Flash Fiction “Maxim Jakubowski is deeply experienced in the field . . . Sometimes a brief zap of great writing is just what you’re in the mood for or have time for. That’s when anthologies like his are ideal . . . intellectually outstanding.” —New York Journal of Books

Miss Marple Christian Sleuth

I only know that her inclusion in the pantheon of iconic sleuths seems secure. I believe that Miss Marple's unique mind and spirit offer a valuable perspective thatcould easily be lost in the rush and flashof more overt manipulations in ...

Author: Isabel Anders

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781780995441

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 112

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The rage for crime fiction today mysteriously includes a wide and enduring attraction to the few remaining wholly admirable role models still available to readers. The iconic Miss Marple, ‘faved’ by traditionalists and pop fans alike, deftly models her love of God and neighbor in concrete terms—and stands boldly for Truth and Good. This beloved, enigmatic, mild-mannered spinster champions the triumph of order over chaos in society, through her process of detection in which the solution rests in provable fact.

Sly the Sleuth and the Food Mysteries

Sleuths. Do. “Sleuths don't stop people,” I said. “Sleuths find out who's doing what. And why.” “Then find out why Princess wants to ruin my club,” said Kate. “And I'll stop her.” “How do you know she wants to ruin it?

Author: Donna Jo Napoli

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101503058

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 128

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Sly (aka Sylvia) is now famous around the neighborhood for her problem-solving abilities. With her Sherlock Holmes type observations, Sly solves three new cases, each with a foody theme. And there are always lots of funny moments to keep kids laughing.

Confessions of a Teen Sleuth

Several other sleuths attended the funeral to pay their respects: Cherry Ames, who was still a student nurse at Spencer Hospital School of Nursing but hoped to join the Army Nurse Corps, was present, as was Vicki Barr, a stewardess with ...

Author: Chelsea Cain

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781596911215

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

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In a fictional memoir, popular girl detective Nancy Drew Nickerson sets the record straight about her life and her investigative exploits, revealing that Carolyn Keene, Nancy's college roommate, shamelessly plagiarized her tales from Nancy's real-life adventures, and offers startling revelations about the Hardy Boys, nurse Cherry Ames, Bess, George, and her husband, Ned. Reprint.

The Sleuth of St James s Square

Post, however, created no less than 5 other series sleuths, in‐cluding lawyers Randolph Mason and Colonel Braxton, and the detectives Sir Henry Marquis and Monsieur Jonquelle. His to‐tal oeuvre is estimated at around 230 works—though ...

Author: Melville Davisson Post

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781479452064

Category: Fiction

Page: 267

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Once considered by many to be the greatest American mystery writer of all time, Melville Davisson Post (1869-1930) has begun to fall into undeserved obscurity in the near century since his death. The Sleuth of St. James’s Square, first published as a book in 1920, aptly demonstrates his strengths, and it makes a good place to start for anyone encountering Post’s work for the first time. This volumes includes 16 mystery stories, each connected—if sometimes tangentially—to Sir Henry Marquis, head of the Criminal Investigation Department of Scotland Yard, who is called upon to solve some of the strangest and most puzzling cases in Britain. It starts with a locked-room mystery and ends in Scotland, at a house by a Loch where more is going on than meets the eye. A first-rate collection.

Max Booth Future Sleuth Film Strip

Max and Oscar - Bluggsville's sharpest pair of sleuths - can't believe their luck when they find a 400-year-old roll of film. They soon discover it contains a log-lost happy snap, and know they've found something super-special.

Author: Cameron Macintosh

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781922265661

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 130

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In the year 2424, it seems crazy that people once needed film to take photos. Max and Oscar – Bluggsville’s smartest sleuths – are shocked when they find a 400-year-old roll of film. They’re even more shocked to discover that it still seems to contain someone’s happy snap! Unfortunately, they’re not the only people who realise how rare, and valuable, this photo could be. Max and Oscar are going to need all of their wits to make sure the photo ends up in the museum, where it belongs!

Sly the Sleuth and the Pet Mysteries

“Like what?” “I don't know.” “What good is it to keep looking, then?” This was not an encouraging question to hear on my first case. I held my head high.“That's what sleuths do,” I said. “That seems dumb to me,” said Kate. “Do you want.

Author: Donna Jo Napoli

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101144046

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

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There are some strange new pets in Sly's neighborhood: a cat on a diet that keeps getting fatter, a fish that seems angry at its owner, and a peculiar pet named Wilson that suddenly disappears! Only Sly the Sleuth can solve these mysteries. Grade-schooler by day, private detective by afternoon, Sly (a.k.a Sylvia) uses her sharp wits and reasoning skills to get to the bottom of these odd goings-on. Donna Jo Napoli teams up with her son, Robert Furrow, and illustrator Heather Maione to create a heroine who is not only smart and spunky, but also tremendously funny.

Death on Beguiling Way Secret Sleuth cozy mystery series Book 3

Just know detectives and amateur sleuths look for inconsistencies, then follow them up.” She sighed. “I need to read more murder mysteries.” The last business on Beguiling Way before the cross street was an eye doctor's office.

Author: Patricia McLinn

Publisher: Craig Place Books

ISBN: 9781944126476

Category: Fiction

Page: 330

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No zen in sight as Sheila untangles a yoga instructor's murder. Sheila Mackey’s settling into life in Haines Tavern, Kentucky. Sure, she has secrets to keep, but things are rolling along nicely. Trips to the dog park with her rescue collie Gracie, meeting her friend Clara and Gracie’s friend LuLu. Preparing for more work on her house by another dog park acquaintance, former cop Teague O’Donnell. And regular, relaxing yoga classes at the Beguiling Way studio … until Sheila and Clara encounter a new twist when someone murders their instructor. Law enforcement says the killer was a passing-through stranger now long gone. Amateur sleuths Sheila and Clara have their doubts. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ This whodunit with humor is the third book in USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn’s new cozy mystery series, Secret Sleuth, which begins with a murder on a transatlantic cruise in Death on the Diversion. In Death on Torrid Avenue and later books, accidental investigator Sheila Mackey returns to dry land in the Midwest, where mysteries abound in her new small-town home. Secret Sleuth: female sleuth, amateur detective, traditional mystery, mystery with humor, mysteries with humor humorous mysteries with dog, mystery with dog Secret Sleuth series Death on the Diversion Death on Torrid Avenue Death on Beguiling Way Death on Covert Circle Death on Shady Bridge Death on Carrion Lane Death on the Diversion "is such an enjoyable story, reminiscent of Agatha Christie's style, with a good study of human nature and plenty of humor. Great start to a new series!” – 5-star review Death on Torrid Avenue "is told with a lot of humor and the characters are good company. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to the next story.” – 5-star review More cozy mystery from Patricia McLinn: Caught Dead in Wyoming series Sign Off Left Hanging Shoot First Last Ditch Look Live Back Story Cold Open Hot Roll Reaction Shot Body Brace Cross Talk (2022) "While the mystery itself is twisty-turny and thoroughly engaging, it's the smart and witty writing that I loved the best." -- Diane Chamberlain, New York Times bestselling author "Colorful characters, intriguing, intelligent mystery, plus the state of Wyoming leaping off every page." -- Emilie Richards, USA Today bestselling author If you like mystery with romance and a bit of humor, try also: The Innocence Trilogy Proof of Innocence Price of Innocence Premise of Innocence Ride the River: Rodeo Knights (romantic suspense; includes cameos from Caught Dead in Wyoming characters) Bardville, Wyoming series (romance with a little mystery) A Stranger in the Family A Stranger to Love The Rancher Meets His Match

The Sound Sleuth

From The Sound Sleuth . Copyright © 1998 Good Year Books . 1 1 1 ; ! i } ! 1 1 1. Page 45 ea .... ... Page 40 Skill : Recognizing and sounding out the digraph ea Before completing this page , introduce children to the rule " When two ...

Author: Kylie Dunn

Publisher: Good Year Books

ISBN: 0673363902

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 104

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A mystery novelist invites his wife's lover to his house and plays diabolical and deadly tricks on him, only to have the games returned in revenge.

Author: Anthony Shaffer

Publisher: Marion Boyars Publishers

ISBN: UVA:X004235626

Category: Drama

Page: 93

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A mystery novelist invites his wife's lover to his house and plays diabolical and deadly tricks on him, only to have the games returned in revenge.

The Sleuth Investor

This is the only way to reveal the actual truth about a company's real value-and its future. Investing expert Avner Mandelman honed this highly effective, money-sleuthing approach at his investment firm, Giraffe Capital Corporation.

Author: Avner Mandelman

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071509039

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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To make real money in the stock market you have to act like a sleuth. It's not enough to rely on SEC files, annual reports, and press releases. To uncover the most lucrative investments, you must dig beneath the printed surface of public information and sleuth for physical evidence. This is the only way to reveal the actual truth about a company's real value-and its future. Investing expert Avner Mandelman honed this highly effective, money-sleuthing approach at his investment firm, Giraffe Capital Corporation. Now, in The Sleuth Investor, he shares his proven intelligence-gathering methods for obtaining exclusive information even before industry insiders do-and using it to gain a decisive edge in buying and selling stock. Through step-by-step guidance and illustrative examples, Mandelman demonstrates how you can track the four physical elements of a company: People (employees, customers, suppliers), Product (inventory, the product's physical movement, competing products), Plant (production facilities, offices), and Periphery (physical surroundings, community, the economic eco-chain). Obtaining physical clues gives you the ability to anticipate key company developments, such as imminent high growth, a coming disaster you can short profitably, and new product launches. Using Mandelman's strategies and techniques, you'll learn how to: Follow the physical movement of a product, either directly or indirectly, and connect it to financial results Obtain exclusive information from low-level employees to make nearly sure bets Collect information from a company's clients and suppliers-and use it to make lucrative investments Integrate legal precautions into your sleuthing The amount of “foolish” money available to be taken by money sleuthing is enormous. Become a sleuth yourself by following the methods in The Sleuth Investor and you'll be making more money than ever before-perhaps even a fortune.

The Mystery Readers Advisory

MYSTERY SUBGENRES : CHARACTERISTICS AND APPEAL AMATEUR SLEUTH — IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DONE RIGHT , YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF Generally , there are two types of amateur sleuths . There are those amateur detectives who seem to enjoy and ...

Author: John Charles

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 083890811X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 227

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Three librarians from Scottsdale, Arizona provide library staff with an introduction to the mystery genre and offer tips and techniques for providing advice to mystery readers in the library. They include some of their own bibliographies, but refer readers elsewhere for fuller ones. They also include a brief history of the genre to pass on to readers new to it.