Letters from an American Farmer and Sketches of Eighteenth Century Ameri

... 9-14 orthography of,30-31 Sketches of EighteenthCentury America discussed, 23-25 See also American Farmer; Letters from an American Farmer Crime, 71, 124-26 Croskaty, 116-17 Customs, see Manners Dancing, 158,295 Danes, fisheries of, ...

Author: J. Hecor St. John de Crèvecoeur

Publisher: Penguin

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America’s physical and cultural landscape is captured in these two classics of American history. Letters provides an invaluable view of the pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary eras; Sketches details in vivid prose the physical setting in which American settlers created their history. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Sketches of Eighteenth Century America

The insertion in his first French edition of such essays as “ A Snow Storm as It Affects the American Farmer , ” “ The Man of Sorrows , ' “ The History of Mrs. B. , " and his sketch “ On the Manners of Americans , ” show also that such ...

Author: J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur


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Crevecoeur's Books Outline The Steps Through Which New Immigrants Passed, Analyze The Religious Problems Of The New World, Describe The Life Of The Whalers Of Nantucket, Reveal Much About The Indians And The Horrors Of The Revolution, And Present The Colonial Farmer - His Psychology And His Daily Existence. His Charming Style, Keen Eye, And Simple Philosophy Are Universally Admired.

British French Exchanges in the Eighteenth Century

JOHN DE CRÈVECOEUR'S LETTERS FROM AN AMERICAN FARMER DEIDRE DAWSON 'American literature, as the voice of our national ... Letters from an American Farmer and Sketches of Eighteenth-Century America, ed. by Albert E. Stone (New York: ...

Author: Kathleen Hardesty Doig

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

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France and Great Britain, so close geographically but separated by language, culture and history, had been exchanging merchandise, visitors, rulers and ideas for hundreds of years before the eighteenth century. The flow of traffic only quickened during this period, and became a flood, in the direction of Great Britain, during the decade following the Revolution. While certain of these exchanges, such as Voltaire’s sojourn abroad, have been studied in detail, others are coming into focus only as scholars study secondary figures in the host country and the interactions of various groups with its citizens. British-French Exchanges in the Eighteenth Century gathers together fourteen recent essays by scholars from Great Britain and the United States who have examined various parameters of the subject. Correspondences and translations are obvious forms of cultural sharing and are in play in many of the essays. Others recount and analyse the stories of persons who actually visited the other country in circumstances ranging from pure tourism to emigration to a hostage exchange. A final group of essays treats intellectual influences in realms as diverse as encyclopaedism, cultural analysis, connoisseurship, and cosmopolitanism in the arts. The volume is appropriate for collections in history, literature, and culture. TABLE OF CONTENTS Part I: Translations and Correspondence 1 Bernardin de Saint-Pierre’s English Correspondents During the French Revolution MALCOLM COOK 2 The English Translations of Voltaire’s La Pucelle J. PATRICK LEE† 3 Enlightened Exchange: The Correspondence of André Morellet and Lord Shelburne DOROTHY MEDLIN and ARLENE P. SHY 4 The Scottish Enlightenment in Action: The Correspondence of William Robertson and J.-B.-A. Suard JEFFREY SMITTEN Part II: Sojourns Abroad 5 ‘The Only Disagreeable Thing in the Whole’: the Selection and Experience of the British Hostages for the Delivery of Cape Breton in Paris, 1748-49 ROBIN EAGLES 6 Peregrinations to the Convent: Hester Thrale Piozzi and Ann Radcliffe TONYA MOUTRAY MCARTHUR 7 Friend or Foe? French Émigrés Discover Britain ROSENA DAVISON 8 ‘Genuine Anecdotes’: Mary Charlton and Revolutionary Celebrity GILLIAN DOW Part III: Intellectual and Artistic Exchanges 9 Two Partial English-Language Translations of the Encyclopédie: The Encyclopedias of John Barrow and Temple Henry Croker JEFF LOVELAND 10 British Biography in the Encyclopédie méthodique: Histoire KATHLEEN HARDESTY DOIG 11 Diderot, Dentistry and British Politics: Two Neglected Pamphlets DAVID ADAMS 12 British and French Influences on Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur’s Letters from an American Farmer DEIDRE DAWSON 13 A Commonwealth of Connoisseurs: British Humanism in the Art and Science of the Ancien Régime ELIZABETH LIEBMAN 14 An Anglo-Swiss Connection in the Age of Voltaire: Jean Huber’s British Friends and Relations GARRY APGAR

The Colonial Mind 1620 1800

In the conclusion of “ The American Belisarius ” he gives vent to his anger against those who outrage common morality ; if it were not for the fact that this is a moral universe ... 27 Sketches of Eighteenth Century America , p .

Author: Vernon Louis Parrington

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Examines the writings of John Winthrop, Roger Williams, Cotton Mather, Jonathan Edwards, Benjamin Franklin, Tom Paine, and Thomas Jefferson

Cr vecoeur s Eighteenth Century Travels in Pennsylvania and New York

No doubt the histories of many early colonists in America were much alike, but the reader prefers fewer samples than Crèvecoeur chose to give. One of the objects of the present translation is to provide a representative selection from ...

Author: Percy G. Adams

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

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Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crèvecouer, long regarded as a chief figure in American letters of the Revolutionary period, is remembered as the author of Letters from an American Farmer and the posthumous Sketches of Eighteenth Century of America, but his last and most ambitious work has been almost entirely neglected. Published in France as Le Voyage dans la haute Pensylvanie et dans d'état de New York, Crèvecouer's last book was never popular and has not heretofore appeared in English. Yet the Voyage has much to add to Crèvecouer's picture of eighteenth-century America, and to our own picture of the American Farmer as a man and writer. The Voyage, written after Crèvecouer's sojourn in France and his return to America as French consul, records a new phase both in American history and in the author's life. Adams has arrived at a selection of extracts from Voyage which will be of interest to Crèvecouer's many admirers among students of American history and literature. The editor has translated, arranged, and annotated these selections to form a collection will be a fit companion for Crèvecouer's two volumes of English essays and will supplement the earlier books by recording Crèvecouer's final view of the American scene. In his introduction to this collection, Adams presents a thorough analysis of the content and significance of the Voyage and convincingly justifies his contention that, though the work contains much that is not worthy of translation or republication, the selection here published for the first time in English may be regarded as a significant addition to Crèvecouer's writings.

Declarations of Independency in Eighteenth century American Autobiography

W The Carrils ' close identification with art and illusion may explain the names Brown chose for the Sketches leading ... favored by the Carrils , and Robert Orme , an eighteenth - century historian of British colonization in India .

Author: Susan Clair Imbarrato

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press

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In this ambitious work, Susan Clair Imbarrato examines the changes in the American autobiographical voice as it speaks through the transition from a colonial society to an independent republic.Imbarrato charts the development of early American autobiography from the self-examination mode of the Puritan journal and diary to the self-inventive modes of eighteenth-century writings, which in turn anticipate the more romantic voices of nineteenth-century American literature. She focuses especially on the ways in which first-person narrative displayed an ever-stronger awareness of its own subjectivity. The eighteenth century, she notes, remained closer in temper to its Puritan communal foundations than to its Romantic progeny, but there emerged, nevertheless, a sense of the individual voice that anticipated the democratic celebration of the self. Through acts of self-examination, this study shows, self-construction became possible.In tracing this development, the author focuses on six writers in three literary genres. She begins with the spiritual autobiographies of Jonathan Edwards and Elizabeth Ashbridge and then considers the travel narratives of Dr. Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth House Trist. She concludes with an examination of political autobiography as exemplified in the writings of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. These authors, Imbarrato finds, were invigorated by their choices in a social-political climate that revered the individual in proper relationship to the republic. Their writings expressed a revolutionary spirit that was neither cynical nor despairing but one that evinced a shared conviction about the bond between self and community.