Sissi s World

room mentions him rarely, and only to remind the visitors that he was Sissi's husband. The main point of the entire Sissi room is how much Sissi loved Hungary and how much Hungarians loved her back. Sissi's political mission ...

Author: Maura E. Hametz

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501313455

Category: History

Page: 408

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Sissi's World offers a transdisciplinary approach to the study of the Habsburg Empress Elisabeth of Austria. It investigates the myths, legends, and representations across literature, art, film, and other media of one of the most popular, revered, and misunderstood female figures in European cultural history. Sissi's World explores the cultural foundations for the endurance of the Sissi legends and the continuing fascination with the beautiful empress: a Bavarian duchess born in 1837, the longest-serving Austrian empress, and the queen of Hungary who died in 1898 at the hands of a crazed anarchist. Despite the continuing fascination with “the beloved Sissi," the Habsburg empress, her impact, and legacy have received scant attention from scholars. This collection will go beyond the popular biographical accounts, recountings of her mythic beauty, and scattered studies of her well-known eccentricities to offer transdisciplinary cultural perspectives across art, film, fashion, history, literature, and media.


as most of the pictures show them, but the general impression is more charming than any painting in the world could even remotely reproduce.” “In the 1860s and 1870s Elisabeth was regarded as the most beautiful woman in the world.

Author: Ludwig Merkle

Publisher: Stiebner Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 9783830708308

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Sissi -- ihre Träume, ihr Schicksal. Welch ein Leben. Blutjung mit Kaiser Franz vermählt, als Kaiserin gefeiert und verehrt. Es folgt die Trennung von Franz Joseph und die Emanzipation zur rebellischen Individualistin, die sich fortan nur noch ihrer Schönheit, dem Reiten und dem Reisen widmet... bis sie 1898 einem Attentat zum Opfer fällt. Dieser opulent ausgestattete Band ist populär und amüsant geschrieben -- eine reichhaltig illustrierte Biographie, die mehr ist als nur die verherrlichende Sissi-Darstellung bisheriger Werke. Text auf Englisch, Bildunterschriften auch auf Japanisch.

The Sissi Principles

There are 137 business corporations around the world, with sales exceeding $2,500,000,000. Of these, 82 are U. S., 40 Europeans, 11 Japanese, and 2 Canadians. Exxon is the largest corporation. The first company in the United States to ...

Author: Dr. Jesse R. McGuire Sr.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781463484804

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The SISSI Principles is an informative exposition introducing the five primary principles used to amass monetary wealth in the world today: Sales, Investments, Salaries, Services, and Inheritances. Our target audiences are those who have become victims of either secular wealth-building or religious wealth-promising scams. This book suggests that these scams and those who perpetrate them, pervade the whole of both contemporary secular and religious society, and further suggests that these same perpetrators became wealthy by using one or more of The SISSI Principles. Finally, this work suggests that everyone who will take the initiative to implement at least one of these concepts can become monetarily wealthy through their personal implementation of The SISSI Principles.

Children s Home Musical Experiences Across the World

... talked about other instruments: Sissi: O.K. . . . a lot, like . . . a lot of recorders . . . piano ... guitar ... well . . . [confers privately with her mother]. Mom: We have musical instruments from all over the world, ...

Author: Beatriz Ilari

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253022172

Category: Music

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This book offers a fresh and diverse perspective on home musical activities of young children from a variety of countries, including; Brazil, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Kenya, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, South Africa,Taiwan, the UK, and the United States. Narrowing their study to seven-year-olds from middle-class families, the articles in this volume argue that home musical experiences provide new and important windows into musical childhoods as they relate to issues of identity, family life, gender, culture, social class and schooling. Though childhood musical engagement differs considerably, it has direct implications for a better understanding of music education and childhood development. Using a wiki to share data and research across time and space, this volume is a model for collaborative cross-cultural research and is centered on the home as a primary research site for children's musical engagement.

A Companion to German Cinema

... 2000: 114), tried to explain the Sissi-phenomenon in its press release: In a world of nuclear reactors, satellites, supersonic speeds, psychoanalysis and theory of relativity, in a world of the Iron Curtain and economic battles [.

Author: Terri Ginsberg

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781405194365

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A Companion to German Cinema A Companion to German Cinema regards the shifting terrain of German filmmaking and film studies against their larger social contexts with twenty-two newly commissioned essays by well-established and younger scholars in the field. While several of these focus on classic topics such as Weimar cinema, Fifties cinema, New German Cinema and its legacy, and Holocaust film, the collection is distinguished by its focus on new developments and the innovative light they may shed on earlier practices. A Companion to German Cinema includes essays on Berlin Film, Neue Heimat Film, New Comedy, post-Wall documentaries, the post-Wende RAF genre, and Rabenmutter imagery, as well as on the persistently overlooked and under-theorized Indianerfilme, post-AIDS documentaries, sexploitation films, and new multicultural and transnational films produced in Germany under the auspices of the European Union. Organized into three “movements” representing the significance of these developments for their aesthetic theorization, A Companion to German Cinema challenges its readers to address critical gaps in the field with the aim of opening it further onto new terrains of intellectual engagement.

Excavations at Sissi

Pickles 2004 = J. Pickles, ▫ A History of Spaces: Cartographic Reason, Mapping, and the Geo-Coded World, 2004. Sissi I ▫ = J. Driessen et al., Excavations at Sissi. Preliminary Report on the 2007-2008 Campaings (Aegis I), ...

Author: Jan Driessen

Publisher: Presses univ. de Louvain

ISBN: 9782875580030

Category: Excavations (Archaeology)

Page: 231

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Since 2007, the Belgian School at Athens has undertaken excavations on the Kefali or Buffo hill, east of the village of Sissi, on the north coast of Crete where a Minoan site was occupied approximately between 2500 and 1200 BC. This volume is the follow-up of an earlier one on the 2007-2008 excavations (published as 'Aegis 1') and presents a preliminary report on the excavations carried out in 2009 and 2010. It concentrates on the different zones examined within the cemetery and settlement. There are also reports on the Late Minoan pottery, site conservation and environmental analysis as well as a paper on the use of GIS at Sissi.

The Routledge Concise Compendium of the World s Languages

... JEastãssor Rissol ###xssassistašassossssssssssss Ross'ssi asāikāśāsīāvasis is Kossos osassissions==#oassos oss Assisi são *sissis wross-RSaš555 roofs=&soll - 55-gassssssssss=&st===s**E=1##|Näääsions ===I&z=#so saxso ...

Author: George L. Campbell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135692636

Category: Foreign Language Study

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This second edition of The Routledge Concise Compendium of the World’s Languages has been completely revised to provide up-to-date and accurate descriptions of a wide cross-section of natural-language systems. All cultural and historical notes as well as statistical data for each language have been checked, updated and in many cases expanded. Now offering an even broader range of languages including a greater number of the lesser-known ones, such as Cree, Maltese and Haitian Creole, this new edition of The Routledge Concise Compendium covers a total of 111 languages. Key features include: complete rewriting and systematization of the phonology sections for all languages provision of IPA symbol grids arranged by articulatory feature and by alphabetic resemblance to facilitate use of the new phonology sections expansion of morphology descriptions for all languages provision of new illustrative text samples addition of a glossary of technical terms comparative tables of the numerals 1-10 in all languages covered, and also grouped by family classification by genetic relationship of all languages covered. Using the wealth of recent developments and research in language typology and broadened availability of descriptive data, this new incarnation of The Routledge Concise Compendium brings a much-loved survey emphatically into the twenty-first century for a new generation of readers. The Routledge Concise Compendium of the World’s Languages remains the ideal compact reference for all interested linguistics and professionals alike. Gary King is Series Advisor for the Roultedge Colloquials and the author of numerous books on language and linguistics. He is also UCAS co-ordinator and a lecturer at a large sixth-form college. George L. Campbell worked for the BBC World Service and was a polyglot linguist and translator.

Sissies and Tomboys

When I was growing up, the world around me was similarly arranged in twos, some more understandable, other things just as random: two parents, two children, two languages, two countries, two sexes, two races. Everything set out in pairs ...

Author: Matthew Rottnek

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814774847

Category: Medical

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In 1973, homosexuality was officially depathologized with a revision in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatry. In 1980, a new diagnosis appeared: Gender Identity Disorder of Childhood (GID). The shift separated gender from sexuality, while it simultaneously reinforced traditional concepts of "male" and "female" and made it possible for cross-gendered behavior and/or identification to be deemed psychiatric illness. What is the difference then between a child being called a sissy on the playground and being labeled with a disorder in a psychiatric hospital? Combining theory and personal narrative, this volume interrogates the meaning of "the normal" that pervades the literature on GID and investigates the theoretical underpinnings of the diagnosis. Sissies and Tomboys considers how the stigma of illness influences a child's development and what homosexual childhood, freed from the constraints of conventionally acceptable gender expression, might look like.

Positive Thinking Is for Sissies

If ... . you truly look, you may also about beitlS » control become aware of just how little of your life, excellence is demonstrated in but rather about the world. I say that the world is being in command of starving for excellence.

Author: Sensei Ron Thomas

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781608440658


Page: 170

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You've tried positive thinking, now what? As popular as the notion of positive thinking may be, the truth is it's not enough Positive thinkers everywhere still struggle with getting the results they want, they still struggle with their inner feelings and, yes, they struggle with negativity In this book - the first in a series - Sensei Ron invites the reader to go beyond thinking positive as a mere strategy for life, and begin the journey to self-mastery by being positive as a way of life. Far too many people are ruled by their emotions. Here, Sensei Ron identifies your inner "opponents." Six core emotions that are at the heart of negativity. These opponents will beat you up, down and sideways, and damage you in ways you may not realize. Learning to master your emotions will put you more in alignment with Universal Laws like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Balance and the Law of Harmony. By giving up the resistance present in all negativity, you will be more in the flow of life where you will have greater access to happiness and joy. If you are a slave to your emotions, if negativity has stopped you from being happy, healthy and successful, then this book is for you "Few people understand the psychology of winning better than Sensei Ron" -Sarano Kelley, leading financial coach and author of "The Game" "At the highest level of athletics, or life for that matter, a peak mental state is essential. Handling negative emotions and finding the Zone are challenges. There is nobody better suited to help tackle these challenges than Sensei Ron " - Gabe Kapler, 2-time World Series Champion with the Boston Red Sox Co-Star of the original "Karate Kid" turned Transformational Life Coach; Sensei Ron Thomas combines his extraordinary background with his unique skill set to facilitate powerful change in the lives of others. His accomplishments as a professional actor, world class martial artist, athlete, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, speaker, author and avid student of spirituality, are all a reflection of his belief in the power of inner mastery and uniquely qualify him as one of the foremost experts in the field of human excellence and potential. He is a master at teaching Universal Principles - like the Law of Attraction - and uses their potent messages as a catalyst for transformation and lasting change. As global consciousness is shifting into a grand awakening, Sensei Ron focuses on aligning individuals with the bigger picture by causing an inner awakening through a shift in personal consciousness.

Why Regions Matter Small Worlds in Comparative Perspective

IsusIs uaels tools,sırıslı III sınıf: Nossae làssissiliLaeli,* Nossae sisäisissae iussi Łisosios saeisae sissis=!s ||I||IshiiNos sists****] i si H* Nossae aerae--—, qılo , I so, f♭)| ≤ ||first sae*** Hiraesaei ae*** ...

Author: Ailsa Henderson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317979630

Category: Political Science

Page: 120

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Bringing together experts on regionalism and federalism this collection explores the impact of legislative regions on parties and voters. It reflects on the 1980 publication of Small Worlds by David Elkins and Richard Simeon, which outlined how and why voters and policies differ across Canadian provinces. Using recent data, the essays in this collection provide a comparative re-examination of the impact of regions. The book explores attitude divergence in Canada and in the US, the role and impact of regional parties in Quebec, Scotland and Bavaria, the impact of multi-level governance on how citizens understand and discharge their duties and the capacity of sub-state political systems to influence general political attitudes. The result is an empirical and analytical contribution to regionalism and federalism studies that demonstrates how and why regions matter. This book was published as a special issue of Regional and Federal Studies.