Shoot Your Novel

Want to write a visually powerful novel? Shoot Your Novel takes an in-depth look at cinematic technique for fiction writers. No other writing craft book teaches you the secret of how to "show, don't tell.

Author: C. S. Lakin


ISBN: 099138945X

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Want to write a visually powerful novel? Shoot Your Novel takes an in-depth look at cinematic technique for fiction writers. No other writing craft book teaches you the secret of how to "show, don't tell." Best-selling authors of every genre know the secret to hooking readers--by showing, not telling, their story. But writers are not taught how to "show" scenes in a cinematic way. Without a clear, concise, and precise method for constructing dynamic scenes, a writer will likely end up with a flat, lifeless novel.Filmmakers, screenwriters, and movie directors utilize cinematic technique to create visual masterpieces, and novelists can too--by adapting their methods in their fiction writing. By "shooting" your novel, you can supercharge your story!Inside, you'll learn: * The real secret to "show, don't tell" and how it's all about "the moment" * More than a dozen "camera shots" novelists can borrow from screenwriters and directors to create powerful, active scenes * Instruction on how to piece camera shots together to create cinematic scene segments * Examples from novels and screenplays showcasing each facet of cinematic technique * How to devise a thematic image system of key shots, motifs, and images * Ways to use colors, shapes, sounds, and angles for purposeful subliminal effect Shooting your novel with a filmmaker's eye will transform your good novel into a great one and will change forever the way you approach constructing your scenes. No other book gives you such deep, thorough instruction in cinematic technique for fiction writing. Here's what some best writing instructors and best-selling authors have to say about this essential writing craft book: "With such an extensive amount of experience in the screenwriting and filmmaking process, it comes as no surprise that C. S .Lakin writes with a trustworthy authority and wealth of insight when it comes to the craft of building dynamic scenes within novels.

All I Did Was Shoot My Man

... Butterfly A Red Death Devil in a Blue Dress OTHER FICTION The Last Days of
Ptolemy Grey The Tempest Tales Diablerie Killing Johnny Fry The Man in My
Basement Fear of the Dark Fortunate Son The Wave Fear Itself Futureland
Fearless ...

Author: Walter Mosley

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101552315

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Zella Grisham never denied shooting her boyfriend. That’s not why she did eight years of hard time on a sixteen-year sentence. It’s that the shooting inadvertently led to charges of grand theft. Talk about bad luck. Leonid McGill has reasons to believe she’s innocent. But reopening the case is only serving to unsettle McGill’s private life even further—and expose a family secret that’s like a kick to the gut. As the case unfolds, as the truth of what happened eight years ago becomes more damning and more complex than anyone dreamed, McGill and Zella realize that everyone is guilty of something, and that sometimes the sins of the past can be too damaging to ever forget. Or ever forgive.

The Royal Diary

Other books written and translated by Ana Claudia Antunes Contemporary
Suspense / Mystery The Royal Diary in ... (with Gary Jones) Shoot Your Novel (
with C. S. Lakin) in Portuguese: Filme Sua Novela Also Writing the Heart of Your
Story ...

Author: Ana Claudia Antunes

Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

ISBN: 9781633399273

Category: Fiction

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A Princess forced to be married to a Prince as she tried in vain to become a Queen, going against her will of having her son to be one day a King. A Queen who had a peculiar interest on that Princess. An Accident that took the Princess' life. A Murderer who will never be convicted. This is no fiction at all. This is the reality, and the royalty. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WORK, A BOOK LIKE NO OTHER AROUND THE SUBJECT. SO DON'T EXPECT TO FIND SOMETHING CLOSE TO ANYTHING THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY READ AND BEFORE COMING TO CONCLUSIONS PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS AND READ THOUGHTS BETWEEN THE LINES OR YOU WILL ONLY BE DISAPPOINTED BY YOUR OWN LACK OF VISION. SO BE READY TO READ AN OUT OF THIS WORLD ACCOUNT FROM A UNIQUE VOICE. YOU 'VE BEEN WARNED. AND THEN YOU MIGHT BE AWARDED WITH A DIFFERENT VIEW PER SE OVER LIFE ITSELF.

Film Budgeting Or How Much Will it Cost to Shoot Your Movie

or story line . In the case of an original screenplay , i . e . , one whose author has
conceived of both the plot and then written the detailed script , these rights are ...

Author: Ralph Stuart Singleton

Publisher: Lone Eagle Publishing Company, LLC

ISBN: UOM:39015040675475

Category: Business & Economics

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Applicable to any size film project, from major feature films and movies for television to industrial films and smaller projects, veteran film producer Ralph Singleton instructs readers on how to convert a production schedule into a detailed production budget.

The Cinematic Novel and Postmodern Pop Fiction

Other writers and writing teachers have even made suggestions for writers on
how to write cinematic novels. Again ... of her book Shoot Your Novel: Cinematic
Techniques to Supercharge Your Novel (Morgan Hill, CA: Ubiquitous Press,

Author: Décio Torres Cruz

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9789027261816

Category: Literary Criticism

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Décio Torres Cruz approaches connections between literature and cinema partly through issues of gender and identity, and partly through issues of reality and representation. In doing so, he looks at the various ways in which people have thought of the so-called cinematic novel, tracing the development of that genre concept not only in the French ciné-roman and film scenarios but also in novels from the United States, England, France, and Latin America. The main tendency he identifies is the blending of the cinematic novel with pop literature, through allusions to Pop Art and other postmodern cultural trends. His prime exhibits are a number of novels by the Argentinian writer Manuel Puig: Betrayed by Rita Hayworth; Heartbreak Tango; The Buenos Aires Affair; Kiss of the Spider Woman; and Pubis angelical. Bringing in suggestive sociocultural and psychoanalytical considerations, Cruz shows how, in Puig’s hands, the cinematic novel resulted in a pop collage of different texts, films, discourses, and narrative devices which fused reality and imagination into dream and desire.

A Dictionary of Writers and their Works

Blonde Faith (2007) Fiction This Year You Write Your Novel (2007) Non-Fiction
The Tempest Tales (2008) Fiction The ... (2011) Fiction Twelve Steps Toward
Political Revelation (2011) Non-Fiction All I Did Was Shoot My Man (2012)
Fiction ...

Author: Christopher Riches

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192518507

Category: True Crime


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Over 3,200 entries An essential guide to authors and their works that focuses on the general canon of British literature from the fifteenth century to the present. There is also some coverage of non-fiction such as biographies, memoirs, and science, as well as inclusion of major American and Commonwealth writers. This online-exclusive new edition adds 60,000 new words, including over 50 new entries dealing with authors who have risen to prominence in the last five years, as well as fully updating the entries that currently exist. Each entry provides details of a writer's nationality and birth/death dates, followed by a listing of their titles arranged chronologically by date of publication.


A Novel of New York and Hartford Frederic Beecher Perkins ... It's your turn : so
now for your song or your story.” “Well,” said ... I am at the present moment
pursued for a debt by one who will cast me into prison, and therefore I will shoot

Author: Frederic Beecher Perkins


ISBN: UCAL:B3327556

Category: Hartford (Conn.)

Page: 278

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One Way to Write Your Novel

Frankly , the one time I approve of very is when you shoot a Very pistol . Any
other time you use very , shoot yourself instead . Very is at once a handy - and
ridiculous - word . Very is supposed to heighten the words it modifies . Very , as
pointed ...

Author: Dick Perry

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 0911654135

Category: Creative writing

Page: 161

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My Novel Or Varieties in English Life

Several tenants , indeed , had offered themselves ; but your true country squire is
slow in admitting upon his own property a rival neighbour . Some wanted
shooting . “ That , " said the Hazeldeans , who were great sportsmen and strict ...

Author: Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton

Publisher: London : Routledge

ISBN: OXFORD:300009534

Category: English literature


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The Braque Connection Book 3

A Genevieve Lenard Novel Estelle Ryan. and was about to ... “There are a lot of
missing pieces in your story, but it sounds plausible.” Manny ... And you really
need to make sure the safety is on, else you can shoot your own dick off.” “Why
are ...

Author: Estelle Ryan

Publisher: Estelle Ryan


Category: Fiction

Page: 377

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Forged masterpieces. Hidden messages. A desperate swan song. When world-renowned nonverbal communication expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard wakes up in an unknown location, drugged and kidnapped, it pushes the limits of her autism coping skills. For the last year, Russian philanthropist and psychopath Tomasz Kubanov has been studying Genevieve just as she and her team have been studying him. Now forged paintings and mysterious murders are surfacing around her team, with evidence pointing to one of them as the killer. Genevieve knows Kubanov is behind these senseless acts of violence. What she doesn't understand are the inconsistencies between his actions and the cryptic messages he sends. Something has triggered his unpredictable behaviour, something that might result in many more deaths, including those she cares for. Because this time, Kubanov has nothing to lose.

Don t Shoot Your Mule

I patted the rhinestone stopper into place and wrapped the pink glass in toilet paper. This is how I would keep the worst day of my life with me-in a tiny, secret bottle.

Author: Beth Duke

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1475102259


Page: 200

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"Don't miss this wonderful read. I loved it." -Haywood Smith, NY Times and USA Today best selling author of The Red Hat Club, Ladies of the Lake, and Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch "I flipped the little wire to pop the bottle open and held it next to my nose. Then I cried. I let all my tears fill it up, back and forth between my eyes. One tear at a time, I was able to catch enough to come to the very top. I patted the rhinestone stopper into place and wrapped the pink glass in toilet paper. This is how I would keep the worst day of my life with me-in a tiny, secret bottle." - Delaney Robinson, "Don't Shoot Your Mule" This highly anticipated sequel to "Delaney's People" takes readers on a turbulent, surprise-filled journey from Depression Era rural Alabama through 2011's devastating tornadoes and their impact on Delaney's family and friends. Family ties, love, loss, betrayal and a characteristic dead mule combine in a perfect book for devotees of Southern literature.

Your Novel Proposal

TREATMENT ( continued ) Bren Early tried organizing and guiding for hunting
parties — taking rich Easterners out for a look at the Wild West and a chance to
shoot big horn and mule deer . The trouble was , Bren ' s temperament got in the

Author: Blythe Camenson

Publisher: Writers Digest Books

ISBN: UOM:39015050258170

Category: Reference

Page: 246

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Offers a step-by-step guide to the publishing process, including examples of synopses and queries

It Happened One Day

A Novel Marjorie Bartholomew Paradis ... She nodded eagerly , and drew the
document from her pocketbook . ... We take care of the reservations and
everything you're to have a section - Nesbit is to shoot your book , couldn't get a
finer man ...

Author: Marjorie Bartholomew Paradis


ISBN: MINN:31951002036261L

Category: Families

Page: 315

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Seven Russian Short Novel Masterpieces

And how about shooting ? " “ Go on , Ivan Nikiforovich ; when will you be
shooting ? At the Second Coming , possibly . You , as far as I know , and as
others will recall , have yet to shoot your first duck , and the Lord God has not
given you a ...

Author: Leo Hamalian


ISBN: IND:30000092015605

Category: Russia

Page: 480

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My novel by Pisistratus Caxton or Varieties in English life

... otherwise called the “ Casino : " > Hazeldeans , had been uninhabited and that
the said gentleman did not shoot neglected . Several tenants , indeed , - lived in
great seclusion - - and , having had offered themselves ; but your true no family ...

Author: Edward George E.L. Bulwer- Lytton (1st baron.)


ISBN: OXFORD:590631994



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The Craft of Crime

S: Yes, and being true to your character. “Would this have really happened at the
end? Is this the way to end this story? Do you have to end a story with your
character shooting himself? Would he shoot himself?” You say, “Isn't it possible
he ...

Author: John C. Carr


ISBN: UOM:39015011813907

Category: Authors

Page: 349

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Interviews with Ed McBain, James McClure, June Thomson, Jane Langton, Gregory Mcdonald, Robert B. Parker, Emma Lathen, Dick Francis, Ruth Rendell, Peter Lovesey, Janwillem van de Wetering, Mark Smith.

50 Famous Tanks

... you believe you can satisfy , you must make an important decision : Shall you
shoot your pictures and then submit them ? ... You can rewrite and polish a letter
so that it conveys your idea and arouses the editor ' s enthusiasm for your story .

Author: George Bradford

Publisher: ARCO

ISBN: PSU:000015763402

Category: Photography

Page: 158

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Discusses the skills and training needed for a career in photography and the opportunities in that field.

The Witches Of Avignon

This is the first book from the trilogy Memoirs of An Amazon: The Witches of Avignon (The Past) The Pierrot's Love (The Present) Out Of The Blue (The Future)

Author: Ana Claudia Antunes

Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

ISBN: 9781633396791

Category: Religion

Page: 109

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How the witches entered the world of imagery, through the realms of imagination or through images that in fact were already there in the eye of the civilization? How about the Amazons? Were they legends, really? Or did they exist, and perhaps they still do? May you find the answers to some of the most mysterious puzzles of ancient times in this book based upon facts. This is the first book from the trilogy Memoirs of An Amazon: The Witches of Avignon (The Past) The Pierrot's Love (The Present) Out Of The Blue (The Future)


How the protagonist - a marvelous diorama of tempera many of your books have
been made into movies ? ments that ... An that we shoot my novel Una de dos (
One of two ) . offshoot of this question , seen from a U . S . perspec I accepted ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822030114805

Category: Arts, Latin American


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