Shimmering Images

The chapters moved through inventorying the shimmering intelligibility of filmic
and bodily surface, historically marked practices of light, and their engendering
technological apparatus. In each I have tried to parse how shimmering images
can ...

Author: Eliza Steinbock

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9781478004509

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 248

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In Shimmering Images Eliza Steinbock traces how cinema offers alternative ways to understand gender transitions through a specific aesthetics of change. Drawing on Barthes's idea of the “shimmer” and Foucault's notion of sex as a mirage, the author shows how sex and gender can appear mirage-like on film, an effect they label shimmering. Steinbock applies the concept of shimmering—which delineates change in its emergent form as well as the qualities of transforming bodies, images, and affects—to analyses of films that span time and genre. These include examinations of the fantastic and phantasmagorical shimmerings of sex change in Georges Méliès's nineteenth-century trick films and Lili Elbe's 1931 autobiographical writings and photomontage in Man into Woman. Steinbock also explores more recent documentaries, science fiction, and pornographic and experimental films. Presenting a cinematic philosophy of transgender embodiment that demonstrates how shimmering images mediate transitioning, Steinbock not only offers a corrective to the gender binary orientation of feminist film theory; they open up new means to understand trans ontologies and epistemologies as emergent, affective, and processual.

Shimmering Images

Where did Shimmering Images come from ? I made them up a long time ago —
not the images , of course . I simply named something I saw in my head ,
something I used in my writing process , something that worked for me , and it
worked so ...

Author: Lisa Dale Norton

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1429953071

Category: Reference

Page: 144

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Rich, funny, and moving personal narratives depend on a few key moments in time to anchor the story and give it impact. Shimmering Images teaches the aspiring memoirist how to locate key memories using Lisa's technique for finding, linking, and fleshing out those vibrant recollections of important moments and situations. Shimmering Images will address: *the difference between memoir and autobiography *how to claim your voice *the art of storytelling *honesty, truth, and compassion in writing *authentic dialogue and the need for specificity Readers will learn how to craft a short piece of narrative nonfiction grounded in their core memories and master a technique they can use over and over again for writing other narratives. A must-have book for anyone who has treasured Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott or Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg.

Shimmering Images

Steinbock argues that transgender embodiment and cinematic aesthetics have something in common, namely 'shimmering'.

Author: Elizabeth Anne Steinbock


ISBN: OCLC:741196359


Page: 238

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Brown Trans Figurations

Steinbock, Shimmering Images, 9. 25. Steinbock, Shimmering Images, 10.
Steinbock engages Barthes's The Neutral. 26. Barthes, The Neutral, 6. 27. My
uses of “being with” and “having” are heavily influenced by Jennifer A.
González's essay ...

Author: Francisco J. Galarte

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9781477322130

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

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Within queer, transgender, and Latinx and Chicanx cultural politics, brown transgender narratives are frequently silenced and erased. Brown trans subjects are treated as deceptive, unnatural, nonexistent, or impossible, their bodies, lives, and material circumstances represented through tropes and used as metaphors. Restoring personhood and agency to these subjects, Francisco J. Galarte advances “brown trans figuration” as a theoretical framework to describe how transness and brownness coexist within the larger queer, trans, and Latinx historical experiences. Brown Trans Figurations presents a collection of representations that reveal the repression of brown trans narratives and make that repression visible and palpable. Galarte examines the violent deaths of two transgender Latinas and the corresponding narratives that emerged about their lives, analyzes the invisibility of brown transmasculinity in Chicana feminist works, and explores how issues such as transgender politics can be imagined as part of Chicanx and Latinx political movements. This book considers the contexts in which brown trans narratives appear, how they circulate, and how they are reproduced in politics, sexual cultures, and racialized economies.

The Keeper Chronicles The Complete Collection The Keeper Chronicles Books 1 5

They stood around her once more, shimmering images against a blank canvas of
black. Flashes of light blinded her, memories spooled forth on fast forward both
shifting and switching. New York sights flared into existence, a hospital room, ...

Author: Kester James Finley

Publisher: Kester James Finley


Category: Fiction

Page: 1507

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Supernatural evil and magic collide as the Keepers are pulled into an epic struggle to protect the veil between two worlds from unseen forces threatening to doom them all in this complete five book spell-slinging, darkness chasing, devilishly haunting adventure fantasy set in the modern world. Join Truddie Mae, Gordy, Niles, and a complete cast of superpowered individuals as they battle a nefarious plot to destroy the universe as secrets uncover lies and friends turn to enemies. Danger lurks around every corner and, as the stakes are raised, the Keepers will need to join forces to face the greatest threats ever to slip into their reality. As the war rages on, will a thrown together family save the day, or will sinister plans finally prevail? *Included in this set are all five complete eBooks of The Keeper Chronicles series as listed below. * Bitter Awakenings (Book 1): Southern charm meets devilish intent. Pulled from her tranquil existence by the veil’s calling out for assistance, Truddie Mae will once again dive headfirst into terror forcing her to reawaken old wounds and explore old haunts. Against a ticking monstrosity of devouring darkness, will she and the others stop new this threat, or will time run out for them all? Twisted Reunions (Book 2): Three people can keep a secret if two are dead. A simple excursion leads to a discovery threatening the Keepers on every level. Forced to act as leader, Truddie Mae must rally remaining teammates and dig deeper into the mystery of their magical lives. New threats and unseen forces strike back, this time with more bite. Sometimes the past rises to the top no matter how deep you bury the bodies. Struggling to maintain the veil while dodging a conspiracy, will her group unearth the agenda meant to end them before it finally does? Withering Haunts (Book 3): Danger has never been so close to home... safety never so far away. With everyone a possible threat, fear, and suspicion rule the day. Driven by duty to protect the veil, doubts soon become ominous when a late-night phone call of panic ends up being the tip of an even darker iceberg waiting to sink them all. New threats emerge, foes become friends, and truths become lies. A new global menace looms on the horizon. Can the remaining Keepers thwart the increasing danger or will nefarious plans finally bear fruit and force their magical lives to wither away? Jagged Remains (Book 4): Sometimes, to stop unspeakable evil one must battle themselves... Danger lurks behind every tree, every whisper. The veil is eroding while teammates remain lost. For Truddie Mae, abandoning safety for answers will soon find her plunging deeper into the magical darkness. As panic and desperation collide, will her magic find a way? Sinister players are finally revealed, and the truth is earth-shattering. The battle to save our reality is reaching its darkest hour. Will they be able to stop a doomed future, or will they all become jagged remains of a broken past? Frayed Endings (Book 5): For every start, an end. With every dusk, a new dawn. As old friends offer help and plans unfold to keep two worlds apart, Truddie Mae will soon find that stopping the coming storm may be a losing battle for them all. As the Keepers battle to prevent a universe ending disaster, they'll learn that the coils of their supernatural lives are frayed on both ends and that sometimes the simplest of cuts are the deadliest.

Shimmering Substance

Hays has always been interested in what have been described as 'poor images -
images extracted from magazines, postcards, ... Using the found image as a
basis he creates oil paintings that seek to elevate the mundane to something of ...

Author: Catsou Roberts


ISBN: STANFORD:36105112783290

Category: Art

Page: 120

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The Alcalde

... documented, from 1903-17, photography's dramatic shift from early pictorial
work to the modern images of Paul Strand ... May 22, 2005 Twister: Moving
Through Color, 1965-75; Be swept up in a 1960s world of twisting, shimmering





Page: 112

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As the magazine of the Texas Exes, The Alcalde has united alumni and friends of The University of Texas at Austin for nearly 100 years. The Alcalde serves as an intellectual crossroads where UT's luminaries - artists, engineers, executives, musicians, attorneys, journalists, lawmakers, and professors among them - meet bimonthly to exchange ideas. Its pages also offer a place for Texas Exes to swap stories and share memories of Austin and their alma mater. The magazine's unique name is Spanish for "mayor" or "chief magistrate"; the nickname of the governor who signed UT into existence was "The Old Alcalde."

Images of God

Psalm 36 : 10 Image : The Shimmering Tree A tree shimmers reflectively in the
light ! The same tree standing in the shadow of a fall day presents a drab and
dark image . Its colors are flat and uninspired . But when God ' s light falls , a
magic ...

Author: Leo Holland


ISBN: 087793276X

Category: Religion

Page: 110

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Yeats s Daimonic Renewal

The poet ' s carefully established context of reverie , evocation , and the discovery
of autonomous images that choose ... seem to us like the fluid , shimmering
images that we see mirrored in water , but the spirit world itself has the constancy
of ...

Author: Herbert J. Levine

Publisher: Umi Research Press

ISBN: UOM:39015008248968

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 169

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Snowy Egret

Although the poems are thematically well within the conventions of Romantic
poetry , the shimmering images and realized detail raise the poems above mere
imitations of Romantic writing . As his interest in creating dramatic poetry
intensified ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112009745750

Category: Nature in literature


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Hemingway and the Natural World

13 Green Hills of Africa begins as a pastoral evocation of Africa , given in
shimmering images apprehended in reverence and wonder . But the images are
shadowed by the malign presence of the hunter , and soon turn darkly
ambivalent — for ...

Author: Robert Edward Fleming

Publisher: Caxton Press

ISBN: UOM:39015047735702

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 269

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The essays in this volume are the product of The Seventh International Hemingway Conference, held in Sun Valley, Idaho in 1996 and cited as trend-setting by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Well-known and highly experienced scholars join with new or seldom-heard voices in Hemingway studies to reconsider his literary relationship to the natural world. Their critical terrain includes Hemingway's upbringing in the tradition of hunter-naturalist Theodore Rooseve

Observer s Handbook

An inverted image of the object is therefore seen and the illusion of a sheet of
water is thus created . ... As the stratification which produces superior mirage is
stable , the images are clear and well defined in contrast to the shimmering
images ...



ISBN: PSU:000053735577

Category: Meteorology


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In Search of Shimmering Images on the Water . ” It recounted my going to see the
apartment while it was still under construction . It also told of my Mother ' s
worrying about my non - existent mistress and her telling Sang - In ' s Mom to
come ...

Author: Sun-wŏn Yi


ISBN: STANFORD:36105131768868

Category: Fiction

Page: 186

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The Heritage of Traditional Malay Literature

Human beings are also capable of correctly embodying these idea - images in
some kind of material , in other words , to create a thing , in ... Firstly , a stream of
beautiful , shimmering images should be prevented from flooding the soul .

Author: V. I. Braginskiĭ

Publisher: Brill Academic Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015060584854

Category: History

Page: 890

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Traditional literature, or 'the deed of the reed pen' as it was called by its creators, is not only the most valuable part of the cultural heritage of the Malay people, but also a shared legacy of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. Malay culture during its heyday saw the entire Universe as a piece of literature written by the Creator with the Sublime Pen on the Guarded Tablet. Literature was not just the creation of a scribe, but a scribe himself, imprinting words on the 'sheet of memory' and thus shaping human personality. This book, the first comprehensive survey of traditional Malay literature in English since 1939, embraces more than a millennium of Malay letters from the vague data of the seventh century up to the early beginnings of the modern literatures in the late nineteenth century. The long path trodden by traditional Malay literature is viewed in historical and theoretical perspectives as a development of integral system, caused by cultural and religious changes, primarily by gradual Islamization. This changing system considered in the entirety of its genres and works, is seen both externally and internally: from the point of view of modern scholarship and through the examination of indigenous concepts of literary creativity, poetics and aesthetics. The book not only repesents an original study based on a specific historico-theoretical approach, but it is also a complete reference-work and an indispensable manual for students.

Admiralty Weather Manual 1938

As the stratification which produces superior mirage is stable the images are
clear and well defined in contrast to the shimmering images of the inferior mirage
. The images produced by superior mirage are not always exactly in the same ...

Author: Great Britain. Admiralty


ISBN: CHI:17492356

Category: Logbooks

Page: 496

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Hollywood s Revolutionary Decade

The reverberations of the electronically driven music find their shimmering
images on the screen ; a guitarist faces a mirror image of himself , and his two
images flank a third image of a drummer , perspiring and intent . Sounds and
images ...

Author: Charles Champlin

Publisher: Daniel & Daniel Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105020188442

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 189

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A collection of reviews first appearing in the Los Angeles Times for motion pictures made from 1969 to 1980.

Take Ten

shifting images with little detail , smudged colour , and slowed down movement
giving the whole film a very painterly and often ... The film is full of ritual events
and objects of mystical significance , with shimmering images of fire and dancing

Author: Jonathan Hacker

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015021876373

Category: Science

Page: 434

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Study of ten British directors and their work, each comprising an essay, interview and reference section, and covering the spectrum from "art house" to Hollywood. The essay examines their aims and preoccupations, and views their work in this light.

Art on Paper

... suggested an and every one of these shimmering images . overlapping double
image , whereas the full gath Ferran writes , “ When I try to reflect on these ered
cotton petticoats seemed to want to overlap images the two things I keep coming



ISBN: UCSD:31822034351437

Category: Drawing


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Science in Elementary Education

A regular convex lens forms a perfect candle flame image on a sheti of paper
held several inches away . But if you form the ... Almost everyone has seen wavy ,
shimmering images produced when viewing objects through heated air . A
similar ...

Author: Peter C. Gega

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: UOM:39015010244997

Category: Science

Page: 631

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Library Journal

By overlaying and solarizing images , Teske created his own view of familiar
faces . This is the ... Here are the results — shimmering images not only of the
country ' s underwater world but its jungles , tribal warfare rites , and rare tropical
birds .



ISBN: IND:39000030161942

Category: Libraries


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