Shards of Glass

The floor was practically carpeted in shards of glass. Like the door, legends of
Vampires and other creatures not having reflections because they were “soulless
” was just human interpretation of strange behavior. It wasn't that they didn't have

Author: Jeremy Varner

Publisher: Jeremy Varner

ISBN: 9780983623144

Category: Fiction


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As a child, Nathaniel Leone watched one of the most important events in human history. Creatures of legend were revealed to the world as more than just fairy tales. Vampires, Werewolves, Elves, and countless other entities came out of the shadows united as “Alters” – an offshoot of humanity long hiding from the rest of the world. Together, the Alters founded a new nation, “Argyre”, and declared their intention to take their place in society once and for all. The world was different now, everything changed, and Nate’s life had to change with it. Now a rookie in the Cascadia branch of the Alter Control Task Force, Nate works for the very people who shook up the world. Tasked with policing superhuman creatures and the humans who interact with them, Nate and the other agents of the ACTF stand between the two sides on Argyre’s behalf so that other governments won’t do worse. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done – not even crime is exactly the same since the reveal. Finding evidence of a new Alter drug ring, Nate gets dragged into a more dangerous situation than he imagined. With the evidence bringing up more questions than answers and witnesses not providing much to go on, he soon discovers that his suspect might be more than a drug dealer. They may be a murderer, a Shapeshifter, and closer than he thinks.

Shards of Glass

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Author: Amanda Lynn Petrin

Publisher: Amanda Lynn Petrin

ISBN: 9781999188610

Category: Young Adult Fiction

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At the end of the pew was a man I hadn’t seen since he abandoned us nearly ten years ago…my father. Fifteen-year-old Rachel Glass lives a quiet but happy life in upstate New York. When her reality is shattered by a tragic act of school violence, she is forced to move her life across the country, to Los Angeles, California. There, Rachel comes face to face with her estranged father and the family he replaced her with. In this unfamiliar environment, she must overcome the trauma of her past, deal with her present circumstances and prepare for an uncertain future all while living with the first person to ever break her heart. Order your copy of Shards of Glass to meet Rachel and get lost in this emotional, coming of age story about loss, love and what makes a family.

A Thousand Shards of Glass

CONTENTS Introduction: A Thousand Shards of Glass 1 Dying the American
Way 2 Thanks for the Dance, Mr. Vidal 3 The Believers 4 Dear LordClint,Who Art
inCarmel 5 Remaining Seated OTHER VOICES 6 Bringing Back the Draft 7 ...

Author: Michael Katakis

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781471131455

Category: Social Science

Page: 144

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A visceral and eviscerating lament for the USA, the country Katakis loved but can no longer bear to live in. Once upon a time, Michael Katakis lived in a place of big dreams, bright colours and sleight of hand. That place was America. One night, travelling where those who live within illusions should never go, he stared into the darkness and glimpsed a faded flag where shadows gathered, revealing another America. It was a broken place, bred from fear and distrust - a thousand shards of glass - filled with a people who long ago had given away all that was precious; a people who had been sold, for so long, a foreign betrayal that finally came from within, and for nothing more than a handful of silver. These essays, letters and journal entries were written as a farewell to the country Michael loves still, and to the wife he knew as his 'True North'. A powerful and personal polemic, A Thousand Shards of Glassis Michael's appeal to his fellow citizens to change their course; a cautionary tale to those around the world who idealise an America that never was; and, crucially, a glimpse beyond the myth, to a country whose best days could still lie ahead.

Mirror Images and Shards of Glass

Philip M. Butera Mirror Images and Shards of Glass Beautifully Dangerous Poetry
"Philip's beautifully dangerous poetry captivates the reader with intensely
revealing intimacy". Teresa Ann Frazee - Artist and Poet, Founder of the Boca
Museum ...

Author: Philip M. Butera

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491714171

Category: Poetry

Page: 212

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Travel with Philip past words into imagery and imagination - surreal and metaphysical. Imagine the great poets, composers and painters creating inside your thoughts where there are no edges and a center is unconceivable. Every artist working their genius on a swirling palette of lush options, each giant filling in moments with grand expression and evocative exploration - never symmetric but illusionist and provoking. Penetrate your mind, leave convention and enter the realm of inclusion of all that could be imaginable. These poems have the power of conveyance all that is needed is for you to start reading and stepping into your dreams or nightmares.

Shards of Glass

This book analyzes the differences within the thought processes as well as structural brain differences between political conservatives and political liberals.

Author: Dwayne Willis


ISBN: 9798675729999


Page: 220

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This book analyzes the differences within the thought processes as well as structural brain differences between political conservatives and political liberals. Under no circumstance does this book make any suppositions as to intelligence or educational achievement, as both sides appear equally matched in that respect.

Shards of Glass

The author recounts the abuse she suffered as a child and tells how she has endured, coped, survived and healed from her past.

Author: C. W. Seymore

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1483922650

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 216

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The author recounts the abuse she suffered as a child and tells how she has endured, coped, survived and healed from her past.

Shards of Glass

Bronwyn Davies Shards of Glass : Children Reading and Writing Beyond
Gendered Identities ( rev . ed . ) Bronwyn Davies Constructing Critical Literacies
Peter Freebody , Allan Luke , and Sandy Muspratt Constructing Gender and
Difference ...

Author: Bronwyn Davies

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: UOM:39015056283651

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 215

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"Shards of Glass looks at the processes through which gender is constituted from a poststructuralist perspective: at the usual ways knowledge is constructed in classrooms, the nature of femininities and masculinities, and the children's experience of sexuality. The author challenges us to work with children to allow them as speaking subjects to invent, invert and break old structures and speak/write into existence other ways of being. The new edition involves a refining and developing of the theoretical framework and analysis."--Cover.

Shards of Glass

Her mind, her soul, and especially her body . . . Daniel could take it all, no matter how hard she tries to hold her own. Obsession can be dangerous . . . Glass can cut . . . Shards of Glass even deeper . . .

Author: Arianne Richmonde

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 150840996X

Category: Erotic stories

Page: 200

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Ingénue actress Janie Cole is in love with her director, Daniel Glass. He's controlling, he's demanding, and he's a perfectionist, and Janie wants nothing more than to be his shining star. Tall, dark, and devastating, and with eyes so blue they sear, she cannot get him out of her mind, or her dreams. Just one problem though: Daniel's married. But when his wife dies in a freak accident, and Daniel casts Janie in his erotic romance movie, Janie's fantasies become a reality, and it terrifies her. Her mind, her soul, and especially her body . . . Daniel could take it all, no matter how hard she tries to hold her own. Obsession can be dangerous . . . Glass can cut . . . Shards of Glass even deeper . . .

Glass Bead Workshop

workshopwisdom. If a spot on the globe that you blow for a shard is too thin, the
globe will pop, and bits of glass as thin as tissue paper will float through the air.
These fragments are potentially dangerous if ...

Author: Jeri Warhaftig

Publisher: Lark Books

ISBN: 9781600591235

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 143

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Glass beadmaking has exploded in popularity--and those artists who have successfully mastered the basics want more techniques to enhance their repertoire. Jeri Warhaftig, a respected and experienced teacher, offers intermediates her time-tested, workshop-based approach to expanding their beadmaking skills. In each superbly illustrated and illuminating chapter, she focuses on using current tools, new materials, and innovative methodology to produce a singular bead--with several variations for every one. The possibilities, from sandblasting to metal inclusions, are stupendous: Craft sculptural flower beads; create a lightweight, hollow seashell-shaped bead; and go for the "wow” factor with geode beads that enclose decorative elements within a layer of glass. Helpful tips are sprinkled throughout, and a gallery of additional work will inspire.

Excavations at Tall Jawa Jordan

Introduction Five seasons of excavation in Building 600 at Tall Jawa (1991–1995
) produced 878 glass shards, of which 254 are diagnostic.1 Diagnostic shards ...

Author: P. M. Michèle Daviau

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004175525

Category: History

Page: 540

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This book presents the fourth volume of excavations of a Late Antique house in central Jordan, with a detailed study of its construction and contents including its mosaic floors, pottery, coins, inscribed lamps in Greek and Arabic as an example of material culture during a period of cultural change; includes multimedia [data]images] on DVD.

40 Great Glass Fusing Projects

Lay out the bowl, beginning with the large glass pieces. Place them in the center
of the circle drawn on the kiln paper. Overlap the glass pieces working outward
from the central shards. Two to three contact points with each piece of glass will ...

Author: Lynn Haunstein

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811758758

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 176

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Whether you are new to glass fusing or a veteran glass crafter, you will find fresh ideas in this book.

General Aviation Security

Annealed Glass Annealed glass also known as windowpane glass; it breaks
easily and provides the least amount of protection of all of the glazing materials. It
breaks into shards of glass that are sharp and can be used as a weapon.

Author: Ph.D, Daniel J. Benny

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781466578890

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 347

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After 9/11, the initial focus from the U.S. government, media, and the public was on security at commercial airports and aboard commercial airlines. Soon, investigation revealed the hijackers had trained at flight schools operating out of general aviation airports, leading to a huge outcry by the media and within the government to mandate security

GCE AS Level Health and Social Care Single Award Book for AQA

The bacteria enter the body through contaminated deep wounds such as dog
bites involving the long canine teeth , pitchfork or garden fork accidents ,
penetrating shards of glass and even occasionally thorn pricks . In such incidents
, the skin ...

Author: Neil Moonie

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 0435471562

Category: Medical care

Page: 208

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Exactly matched to the AQA specifications, this Student Book gives candidates all of the mandatory units they need to complete the Single Award.

The New Stained Glass

Flashed Antique glass ; has second color layer on top of base color which can be
exposed by sandblasting or acid etching away parts of the top layer to create
design . Fractures and streamers “ Confetti ” glass has shards of colored glass
and ...

Author: George W. Shannon

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 189556980X

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

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“Well-illustrated...techniques, equipment and safety are all covered in detail...a good addition.”—Library Journal. “More than 20 patterns...illustrated with color photographs. ...Designs are simple, ranging from flowers, to art deco-type angles.”—Booklist.

Vehicle Extrication Levels I II Principles and Practice

In 1929, the first laminated safety glass was produced. It was created by heating
a layer of clear plastic film between two layers of plate glass. This process held
the two pieces of glass together and prevented big shards of glass from flying in ...

Author: Iafc

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 9781449652555

Category: Medical

Page: 300

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The ability to remove a trapped victim from a vehicle or other machinery is vital for fire and rescue personnel. Based on the 2008 edition of NFPA 1006, Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications, this text provides rescue technicians with the knowledge and step-by-step technical instruction needed to fully understand all aspects of vehicle extrication incidents. Vehicle Extraction: Levels I & II: Principles and Practice: Addresses the latest hybrid and all-electric vehicles, such as the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, Provides extensive coverage of agricultural extrication for incidents involving tractors and other machinery, and Includes National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reports, where applicable, to stress safety and lessons learned. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

Sea Glass

When we moved to California, we lived near the Pacific Ocean, and in both
locations I became familiar with sea glass. As a child I had no way of knowing
that these gem-like stones were originally broken shards of bottle glass that
somehow ...

Author: Gilda Frantz

Publisher: Fisher King Press

ISBN: 9781771690201

Category: Psychology

Page: 248

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Sea Glass: A Jungian Analyst's Exploration of Suffering and Individuation explores experiences many of us encounter in the course of a lifetime, including those of early childhood. As we mature we can begin to become aware that suffering, when made conscious, can lead us on a path toward higher consciousness, toward the experience of wholeness or individuation. The examples related in this book are told as a storyteller might and include the all-too-human experiences of loneliness, loss, shame, abandonment, aging, disenfranchisement, working with dreams, dealing with the opposites, striving to find one's creativity, and relationship issues. Now in her mid-eighties Gilda Frantz’s shares with us what she has learned from life and from being a Jungian analyst. She has written a feeling, intuitive wise woman’s shorter version of her own Memories, Dreams, Reflections. Personal insights links essays on subjects drawn from her life and work, there is poignancy and an affirmation of indomitable spirit in her musings. She knows first hand about difficult childhoods, early widowhood, aging, death of a beloved grandchild, and closeness to the end of life. She knows about suffering and the creativity and soul growth that can go hand in hand. These are themes in her own life and in her observations of others. Sea Glass is an apt metaphor for this book—to discover why requires reading it. —Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. author of Goddesses in Everywoman, Goddesses in Older Women, and Close to the Bone. You could be listening to the storyteller by the fire, or to your favorite aunt at the kitchen table—the one who always makes you laugh—so vital and engaging is the narrative voice in Sea Glass. In fact, you are reading the gathered writings of Gilda Frantz, a beloved Jungian elder in the classical tradition. Frantz is on intimate terms with the gods and their myths. She has personal experience of alchemy, individuation, dreams, and the creative process, all of which she describes in accessible and lively language. Sea Glass sparkles with gems, including Frantz’ interview with the film director Fellini and her amplification of the story of Pinocchio. Like the sea glass for which she names her book, Frantz has had a difficult life, been thrown about on waves of fortune, battered on the rocks of childhood poverty, parental divorce, early widowhood, and the death of a son and granddaughter. Her wit and wisdom has been polished to a fine glow. She is eloquent in her reflections on the meaning of suffering. Sea Glass is most luminous when addressing the toughest topics—loneliness, grief, abandonment, aging, and death. It is a comfort and an inspiration—strong medicine for the soul.—Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Author of The Sister from Below: When the Muse Gets Her Way and The Motherline: Every Woman's Journey to Find Her Female Roots

The Other Side of the Coin

When he took off the bulletproof vest, he found more shards of glass stuck to it.
He looked at himself in the mirror. Shards of glass were still clinging to his head
and shoulders, blood was flowing down his back, his chest was severely bruised

Author: J.E.F. Séguin

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595629176

Category: Fiction

Page: 164

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When Lieutenant Albert Stone arrives at the homicide scene of a prominent entrepreneur who had recently been exonerated of rape, he discovers the remnants of a grizzly slaughter. The businessmans head is almost completely severed from the rest of his body, and documents strewn about the scene implicate the decedent in the crimes for which he had been absolved. This unusual juxtaposition of evidence is nothing new to Lieutenant Stone. Police had tagged the suspected perpetrator with the name Jack, a man who has obvious ties to organized crime. Jack has committed numerous crimes over the past eight years, crimes that some might actually consider a form of justice, as he preys upon people who have committed a serious crime and subsequently escaped justice from the legal system. Lieutenant Stone is convinced that Jack is also responsible for the shooting death of his partner a year earlier, so he is particularly vigilant about bringing Jack to justice. However, as the lieutenant continues to investigate the case, he repeatedly discovers that what may often seem contradictory at face value may just be The Other Side of the Coin.

A Face Like Glass

that the underside had the cold smoothness of glass. ... For a little age she stood
staring at the image in the glass. ... Only when she was exhausted did Neverfell
drop to her knees, the dancing traplight glinting on the tiny shards of glass that ...

Author: Frances Hardinge

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447225942

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 496

View: 820


A Face Like Glass is an astonishing and imaginative novel from the Costa Award winning author of The Lie Tree, Frances Hardinge. In the underground city of Caverna the world's most skilled craftsmen toil in the darkness to create delicacies beyond compare – wines that can remove memories, cheeses that can make you hallucinate and perfumes that convince you to trust the wearer, even as they slit your throat. The people of Caverna are more ordinary, but for one thing: their faces are as blank as untouched snow. Expressions must be learned, and only the famous Facesmiths can teach a person to show joy, despair or fear – at a price. Into this dark and distrustful world comes Neverfell, a little girl with no memory of her past and a face so terrifying to those around her that she must wear a mask at all times. For Neverfell's emotions are as obvious on her face as those of the most skilled Facesmiths, though entirely genuine. And that makes her very dangerous indeed . . . 'Everyone should read Frances Hardinge. Everyone. Right now.' - Patrick Ness, author of A Monster Calls.

Studio Anywhere

Spanning two chairs with a 2x4-foot sheet of glass gave me a transparent
platform to work on. I first tried using shards of ice around the bottle, but they kept
looking cloudy, so I switched to fragments of broken glass instead. On the glass
top, ...

Author: Nick Fancher

Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 9780134084183

Category: Photography

Page: 264

View: 412


What’s your definition of a photo studio? Is it a room with a white seamless backdrop or a cyc wall? Maybe it’s simply anywhere you’re in control of the lighting. In a perfect world, where every day is a breezy 72 degrees with partial cloud coverage, we would all have a 5,000-square-foot studio–and the entire catalog of B&H™ in our equipment lockups. But the reality is that you may have an outdated DSLR with two decent lenses (which took you several years to save up for), and all you have at your disposal is an unfinished basement, your garage, or the empty conference room at your office. That’s where Studio Anywhere comes in. With photographer Nick Fancher as your guide, you’ll learn how to get portfolio-ready photos while working in some of the most problematic scenarios imaginable. Whether shooting a corporate portrait, a test shoot with a model, or a promo shoot with a band, you’ll discover that most of the time, there’s no need for an expensive studio–you just have to get creative. Studio Anywhere is a resource for photographers to learn through behind-the-scenes photos and lighting diagrams from a range of photo shoots–but it doesn’t stop there. Because directing a photo shoot involves more than simply knowing how to wield a camera or process a raw file, Nick also lets you in on the aesthetic decisions he makes in his signature photos, inspiring you to develop your own vision. And, finally, he describes his Lightroom and Photoshop workflow so you can learn how to deftly navigate post-processing. Shows how to create images with minimal equipment that is within reach of anyone’s budget Takes you through the entire shoot, from concept to lighting to exposure to post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop Teaches how to build a portfolio without a dedicated studio space