Honor and Shadows

Honor and Shadows is a 10,000-word prequel novelette set just before the start of Hunt the Stars.

Author: Jessie Mihalik

Publisher: NYLA

ISBN: 9781641972284

Category: Fiction

Page: 72

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Honor and Shadows is a 10,000-word prequel novelette set just before the start of Hunt the Stars. Captain Octavia Zarola needs an infusion of credits—fast—if she’s going to keep her close-knit bounty hunting crew paid and fed. Tracking down an escaped embezzler on a backwater planet should be a piece of cake, but bounties are rarely as easy as they seem. As the crew closes in on their quarry, the hunt becomes entangled with a local criminal overlord, and Tavi will have to decide what’s more important: money or honor, and how much she’s willing to risk for either one.

Shadows in the Starlight

A ten year veteran of the Providence Rhode Island vice squad Gwen "GiGi" Gellman began her life as a foundling and is used to being on her own.

Author: Elaine Cunningham

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781429968119

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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A ten year veteran of the Providence Rhode Island vice squad Gwen "GiGi" Gellman began her life as a foundling and is used to being on her own. So when she finds herself unemployed and on the outs after a standard bust goes bad resulting in a bloodbath, she welcomes the occasion to break from routine. She scrapes together enough capital to start her own PI business specializing in "family problems." But, in doing so she never guessed that she would uncover her own mysterious and mystical past. When GiGi becomes involved in the case of a missing wife and child, she initially dismisses the matter as good sense on the wife's part--she knows the husband to be less than stellar in his role. But, as her investigation progresses GiGi discovers a pattern of lies and deceptions, some of which expose hidden ties to her own mystifying existence. Otherworldly powers try to intercede, and soon GiGi finds not only her own life threatened, but those of her friends and family as well. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Starlight in the Shadows

War brews on two fronts. Friends are now Foes. Enemies have become Allies. Not everyone can make it out alive.

Author: Amber Lewis


ISBN: 1737054175


Page: 0

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The saga continues...Astra struggles to find her place in her world turned upside-down. Those she felt she could trust more than anyone in the world have betrayed her. Her newest friends are the only thing keeping her going, but time is against them as a war builds on two fronts and every turn holds a new danger.Alak took a chance and made a choice that put him behind enemy lines, but for the first time in his life he finally feels truly useful. Every move he makes must be carefully calculated or everything falls apart. If he messes up, a lot of people could very well die.Even though they're miles apart, they're working together, desperate to save Callenia and the surrounding kingdoms. If only they had more time. If only they had more allies. If only they could be together.

Starlight Through the Shadows and Other Gleams from the King s Word

Author: HardPress

Publisher: Hardpress Publishing

ISBN: 131442954X


Page: 188

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Shadow s Light

Razor lines of starlight began to etch themselves into Ekaitzal's perfect olive skin and his face contorted in pain. Shadows flowed over his skin like strands of silk and healed the wounds as they formed. Ekaitzal held her as though he ...

Author: Danica Belber

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480991736

Category: Fiction

Page: 460

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Shadow’s Light By: Danica Belber In this beautiful and dangerous world, there isn’t peace among the races of the Siphthan, Arvai, and Harpies, but there isn’t open war. Until the King of the Siphthan destroys the Arvai city of Skalin. Aramay and Hayden barely escape the slaughter. Aramay just wants to get her friend to safety – and ignore her own unsettling dreams and growing, inexplicable powers. As they journey, the two become involved in a Siphthan rebellion and gain wary and unexpected allies of Siphthan, Arvai, and Harpies. When Aramay meets the Durani, the elements in physical form, myth becomes reality. The Durani have great power – but nothing, they say, compared to Aramay herself. She is the immortal Darnae, powerful beyond anything she can conceive – powerful enough to harm those she loves the most. Filled with magic and danger, dark fears and fragile hopes, Shadow’s Light is a rich fantasy of the beauty and chaos of self-discovery.


They come bearing the Windwalker amulet, though the gift of a magical artifact does not guarantee a warm welcome—especially when it’s carried by a drow elf.

Author: Elaine Cunningham

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

ISBN: 9780786960217

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 933


Crossing the wide realms of the Faerûn in search of adventure, the dark elf princess Liriel Baenre and her companion Fyodor find themselves in the barbarian’s homeland of Rashemen. In a land ruled by witches, Liriel must disguise herself lest she spark the people’s hatred of dark elves. Yet from the deep tunnels of the Underdark, eyes glittering with malice are watching her every move, preparing for vengeance. “…When [Elaine Cunningham] writes about the Forgotten Realms, she can see inside my head, somehow, and capture things the way I imagine them. She makes the fantastic real.” –Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms and author of Elminster Must Die

Warriors Power of Three 5 Long Shadows

She was barely more than a shadow; starlight flickered at her paws. She was followed by a silvery gray tom whose green eyes stretched wide as he approached the badger. The starlight that shone around him made him seem a cat formed out ...

Author: Erin Hunter

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061973710

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 368

View: 990


Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues with the fifth book in the Power of Three series! The fifth book in this third series, Warriors: Power of Three #5: Long Shadows, brings more adventure, intrigue, and thrilling battles to the epic world of the warrior Clans. As doubt sweeps through the forest, Jaypaw, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf are determined to convince the Clans that StarClan is still vitally important to the warrior code. But darkness lurks in the most unexpected places, and one cat is about to reveal a secret that will rock ThunderClan to its core.


... horror in the world, I am unable to see the light. Shed no tears for me; I am already dead. What you see before you is just a shadow waiting to diminish. Starlight. z- The last number has been danced, . 1 the. TheLast Waltz Memory 57.

Author: Aren K. Manahan

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475963533

Category: Poetry

Page: 160

View: 996


SHADOWS A Collection of Broken Dreams and Heartaches Inspired by William Blake’s Illuminations, Shadows, a collection of free-form poetry and short stories by author Aren K. Manahan, fuses text and images to go beyond thought and evoke emotion. The focus of this collection is heartache—not only how it affects people, but also how they choose to deal with it. Manahan peels back all superficial layers to focus on the hurt and pain within each of us. Shadows follows various characters as they spiral out of control and try to grasp a sense of reality they once felt. These narratives push you to go beyond the text and feel deeply for these characters—either hatred or pity—as they highlight the hurt that we all feel at times. What becomes apparent is that some are able to cope with the pain, while others are not—and it destroys them. Shadows reminds us that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a happy ending. We have all had shadows pass through our lives at one point in time, and the time has come to confront them and move on with life.