Senses of Place

Eight respected ethnographers explore and evoke the ways in which people experience, express, imagine, and know the places in which they live.

Author: Steven Feld

Publisher: James Currey Publishers

ISBN: 0933452950

Category: Social Science

Page: 293

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Eight respected ethnographers explore and evoke the ways in which people experience, express, imagine, and know the places in which they live.

Senses of Place Senses of Time

Bringing together case studies from Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and Mexico, this book examines the link between senses of place and senses of time.

Author: G.J. Ashworth

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351901123

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Bringing together case studies from Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and Mexico, this book examines the link between senses of place and senses of time. It suggests that not only do place identities change through time, but imagined pasts also provide resources which the present selects and packages for its own contemporary purposes and for forwarding to imagined futures. The reasons behind the creation of place image are also explored, setting them within political and social contexts. In its three main sections - Heritage in the Creation of Senses of Place; Heritage and Conflicting Identities; and Heritage and the Creation of Senses of Place - the book examines the creation of place identities at the urban, rural, regional and international scales. It questions how senses of place interact with senses of ethnic/cultural identity, what the roles of government, media, residents and tourists are in creating senses of place, and how and why all these variables change through time.

Sense of Place Health and Quality of Life

This important book brings together work related to sense of place and health, broadly defined, from the perspective of a variety of fields and disciplines.

Author: John Eyles

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754673324

Category: Science

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This important book brings together work related to sense of place and health, broadly defined, from the perspective of a variety of fields and disciplines. It will give the reader an understanding of both the range of applications of this construct withi

Sense of Place Health and Quality of Life

consistently portrays sense of place as the product of the relationship between people and places. Individuals establish relationships with a variety of different places throughout their lives and the quality or strength of these ...

Author: Allison Williams

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351901154

Category: Science

Page: 248

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A significant body of theoretical and empirical studies describes 'sense of place' as an outcome of interconnected psychological, social and environmental processes in relation to physical place(s). Sense of place has been examined, particularly in human geography, in terms of both the character intrinsic to a place as a localized, bounded and material entity, and the sentiments of attachment/detachment that humans experience and express in relation to specific places. Scholars in a wide range of disciplines are increasingly exploring the relationship between place and health, and recently, the field of public health has been encouraged to recognize sense of place as a potential contributing factor to well-being. It is evident that over the last few decades, sense of place has developed into a versatile construct. This important book brings together work related to sense of place and health, broadly defined, from the perspective of a variety of fields and disciplines. It will give the reader an understanding of both the range of applications of this construct within approaches to human health as well as the breadth of research methodologies employed in its investigation.

Sense Of Place

... residents to see a place from the inside rather than the outside, to understand “the totality of perceptions and knowledge of a place gained by residents through their long experience of it, and intensified by their feelings for it.

Author: Barbara Allen

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813185095

Category: Social Science

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Despite the homogenization of American life, areas of strong regional consciousness still persist in the United States, and there is a growing interest in regionalism among the public and among academics. In response to that interest ten folklorists here describe and interpret a variety of American regional cultures in the twentieth century. Their book is the first to deal specifically with regional culture and the first to employ the perspective of folklore in the study of regional identity and consciousness. The authors range widely over the United States, from the Eastern Shore to the Pacific Northwest, from the Southern Mountains to the Great Plains. They look at a variety of cultural expressions and practices -- legends, anecdotes, songs, foodways, architecture, and crafts. Tying their work together is a common consideration of how regional culture shapes and is shaped by the consciousness of living in a special place. In exploring this dimension of regional culture the authors consider the influence of natural environment and historical experience on the development of regional culture, the role of ethnicity in regional consciousness, the tensions between insiders and outsiders that stem from a sense of regional identity, and the changes in culture in response to social and economic change. With its focus on cultural manifestations and its folkloristic perspective this book provides a fresh and needed contribution to regional studies. Writ¬ten in a clear, readable style, it will appeal to general readers interested in American regions and their cultures. At the same time the research and analytical approach make it useful not only to folklorists but to cultural geographers, anthropologists, and other scholars of regional studies.

A Sense of Place

... identity is a complex mix of a feeling of community , a shared cultural , ethnic and social background , and an attachment to place - a mix that is much more localized than the feeling of being Canadian or being American .

Author: Christian Riegel

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 0888643101

Category: Literary Criticism

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As more and more children enter our nation`s court system, recognition is growing that they can be competent and credible witnesses when trial procedures accommodate their special needs. This video was produced to assist in the efforts being made to find ways to make it possible for children`s voices to be heard in court without harm to them or to the rights of defendants. Through a dramatic presentation of a criminal court trial involving two child witnesses alleged to be sexually abused, the video highlights issues relevant to any kind of case in which children are called upon to testify. The film shows how judges can make proceedings less intimidating to children, and also shows how such measures in no way compromise the search for truth.

A Sense of Place

The local environment Getting to know the area where we live and grow up helps us to develop our 'sense of place'. What are the main features of your local area? Buildings? Green spaces? Traffic? People? What can you smell?

Author: Susan Ogier

Publisher: Evans Brothers

ISBN: 9780237535797

Category: Art and design

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Designed for elementary students, this series inspires creativity based on observations and sensory perceptions. Famous works of art and art history introduce thoughtful projects. Covering techniques for textiles, landscapes, depicting movement, and using found objects in art, these books are sure to inspire young artists.

The Postsouthern Sense of Place in Contemporary Fiction

Having thus dispossessed himself from family and friends , Blackie self - consciously embarks upon a search for " Whitey's place in the city " ( 57 ) . But this search inevitably founders on the fact that Blackie associates Whitey with ...

Author: Martyn Bone

Publisher: LSU Press

ISBN: 0807130532

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 296

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For generations, southern novelists and critics have grappled with a concept that is widely seen as a trademark of their literature: a strong attachment to geography, or a "sense of place." In the 1930s, the Agrarians accorded special meaning to rural life, particularly the farm, in their definitions of southern identity. For them, the South seemed an organic and rooted region in contrast to the North, where real estate development and urban sprawl evoked a faceless, raw capitalism. By the end of the twentieth century, however, economic and social forces had converged to create a modernized South. How have writers responded to this phenomenon? Is there still a sense of place in the South, or perhaps a distinctly postsouthern sense of place? Martyn Bone innovatively draws upon postmodern thinking to consider the various perspectives that southern writers have brought to the concept of "place" and to look at its fate in a national and global context. He begins with a revisionist assessment of the Agrarians, who failed in their attempts to turn their proprietary ideal of the small farm into actual policy but whose broader rural aesthetic lived on in the work of neo-Agrarian writers, including William Faulkner and Eudora Welty. By the 1950s, adherence to this aesthetic was causing southern writers and critics to lose sight of the social reality of a changing South. Bone turns to more recent works that do respond to the impact of capitalist spatial development on the South -- and on the nation generally -- including that self-declared "international city" Atlanta. Close readings of novels by Robert Penn Warren, Walker Percy, Richard Ford, Anne Rivers Siddons, Tom Wolfe, and Toni Cade Bambara illuminate evolving ideas about capital, land, labor, and class while introducing southern literary studies into wider debates around social, cultural, and literary geography. Bone concludes his remarkably rich book by considering works of Harry Crews and Barbara Kingsolver that suggest the southern sense of place may be not only post-Agrarian or postsouthern but also transnational.

Making Sense of Place

definition ... there is no clear consensus on what the concept of sense of place should contain or how it should be constructed and measured scientifically'. in this introductory chapter, which draws on previous work by the authors ...

Author: Ian Convery

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 9781843838999

Category: History

Page: 352

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Essays dealing with the question of how "sense of place" is constructed, in a variety of locations and media.

A Sense of Place

sense. of. place? Children can more easily move, feel, notice and stretch their bodies, and learn about themselves and others when they are outdoors. Teachers and carers also benefit from time outdoors. There are always natural teaching ...

Author: Annie Davy

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472953667

Category: Education

Page: 128

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Being outside and connecting with nature is key to young children's learning and wellbeing, especially in a busy, fast-changing and digitalised world. Outdoors, children can more easily connect to their bodies, and learn about themselves and others and how to be in the world. They use their senses to explore, understand and become mindful of the earth and the people around them. But how can Early Years practitioners best support young children as they engage with nature, while also passing on the values about the future of the planet? Annie Davy presents tried-and-tested strategies that support the wellbeing and learning journey of children through mindfulness, with a focus on learning outdoors and connecting with the world. A Sense of Place is an easily accessible guide that will make outdoor learning more interesting and fun, while also supporting children's development of resilience and resourcefulness so that they can survive and thrive in the world as they grow.

Sense of Place and Place Attachment in Tourism

There has been several call for attention to the role of sense of place in disaster recovery, as well as the role of place identity and dependence in motivating people to return and attempt to rebuild their communities (Bonaiuto et al., ...

Author: Ning Chris Chen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000390735

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 178

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Place is integral to tourism. In tourism, almost all issues can ultimately be traced back to human–place interactions and human–place relationships. Sense of place, also referred to as place attachment, topophilia, and community sentiment, has received significant attention in tourism studies because it both contributes to, and is affected by, tourism. This book, written by notable authors in the field, examines sense of place and place attachment in terms of a typology of sense of place/place attachment that includes genealogical/historical, narrative/cultural, economic, ideological, cosmological, and dynamic elements. Dimensions of place attachment such as place identity, place dependence, and affective attachment are discussed as well as place marketing, place making, and destination management. Complete with a range of illustrative international cases and examples ranging from Santa Claus to the importance of place in indigenous and traditional cultures, this book represents a substantial addition to knowledge on the inseparable relationship between tourism and place and will be of great interest to all upper-level students and researchers of Tourism.

Creating a Sense of Place in School Environments

As place in its fullest sense is known to be not physical but experiential, as Kim Dovey emphasizes the intangible experience of place, citing Tuan's description of it as a “center of meaning constructed by experience” and Relph's ...

Author: Sun-Young Rieh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429805738

Category: Architecture

Page: 164

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Creating a Sense of Place in School Environments guides its readers to the characteristics that tend to generate a sense of place through children’s vivid descriptions of their school and provides a body of critical information that can be employed to design a better school environment that can imprint cherished childhood memories. The childhood school environment calls for special attention regarding the sense of place it creates. The sense of place in childhood both affects children's current quality of life and frames their lasting world view. It is well known that children's cognitive development is closely related to their place attachment to their surroundings, and that children’s adaptation to a given environment depends on how such place attachment can be created. Therefore, it is natural that people’s identity in the world is the accumulation of their experience of place while in childhood. Cross-checking between the imprint of adults' memories of places in school and children’s current "lived experience" of their favorite school place confirmed that certain spatial configurations, which the author herein refers to as "place generators" can generate positive attributes of physical settings that construct a sense of place and last as lifelong memories. It is an ideal read for academics, students, and professionals.

No Sense of Place

It is intricate because the word “sense” and the word “place" have two meanings each: “sense” referring to both perception and logic; “place” meaning both social position and physical location. The pun is serious because each of these ...

Author: Joshua Meyrowitz

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198020578

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 432

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How have changes in media affected our everyday experience, behavior, and sense of identity? Such questions have generated endless arguments and speculations, but no thinker has addressed the issue with such force and originality as Joshua Meyrowitz in No Sense of Place. Advancing a daring and sophisticated theory, Meyrowitz shows how television and other electronic media have created new social situations that are no longer shaped by where we are or who is "with" us. While other media experts have limited the debate to message content, Meyrowitz focuses on the ways in which changes in media rearrange "who knows what about whom" and "who knows what compared to whom," making it impossible for us to behave with each other in traditional ways. No Sense of Place explains how the electronic landscape has encouraged the development of: -More adultlike children and more childlike adults; -More career-oriented women and more family-oriented men; and -Leaders who try to act more like the "person next door" and real neighbors who want to have a greater say in local, national, and international affairs. The dramatic changes fostered by electronic media, notes Meyrowitz, are neither entirely good nor entirely bad. In some ways, we are returning to older, pre-literate forms of social behavior, becoming "hunters and gatherers of an information age." In other ways, we are rushing forward into a new social world. New media have helped to liberate many people from restrictive, place-defined roles, but the resulting heightened expectations have also led to new social tensions and frustrations. Once taken-for-granted behaviors are now subject to constant debate and negotiation. The book richly explicates the quadruple pun in its title: Changes in media transform how we sense information and how we make sense of our physical and social places in the world.

Sense of Place

It involves placemaking and design, heritage, economic development and retailing, landscape, transport, ... site appraisal and the longterm focus on place) can be used to look at spaces in new ways and give communities a strong sense of ...

Author: Sean O'Leary

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750959001

Category: History

Page: 160

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The modern Irish planning system was introduced on 1 October 1964, when the Local Government (Planning and Development) Act, 1963 came into force ‘to make provision, in the interests of the common good, for the proper planning and development of cities, towns and other areas’. Given the popular image of a post-Celtic-Tiger landscape haunted by ghost estates, ongoing efforts to address the notoriety of some public housing schemes and the fall-out from a planning corruption tribunal which spanned fifteen years, the time is ripe for reflection and analysis on the successes, innovations and failures of the Irish planning system. This book traces the evolution of land-use planning in Ireland from early settlements to the present day and discusses its role in meeting social, environmental and economic challenges and opportunities.

Constructing a Sense of Place

The sense of place, combined with cultural preferences, religious customs, ethnic affiliation, socioeconomic position, social contacts and political leanings led to the emergence of a Mizrahi ethno-class in the towns, 'trapped' on the ...

Author: Haim Yacobi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351949330

Category: Architecture

Page: 370

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While it is widely recognized that architects and their architecture play a key role in constructing a sense of place, the inherent nexus between an architectural ideology and the production of national space and place has so far been neglected. Focusing on the Zionist ideology, this book brings together practising architects and academics to critically examine the role of architects, architecture and spatial practices as mediators between national ideology and the politicization of space. The book first of all sets out the wider context of theoretical debates concerning the role of architecture in the process of constructing a sense of place then divides into six main sections. The book not only provides an innovative new perspective on how the Israeli state had developed, but also sheds light on how architecture shapes national identity in any post-colonial and settler state.

A Sense of Place

So I think that for a traveler, a person who spends a month in a place, what does that person bring back? ... Whether you're writing travel stories or novels, one of your many strengths is creating a sense of place.

Author: Michael Shapiro

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 9781932361810

Category: Travel

Page: 312

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In A Sense of Place, journalist/travel writer Michael Shapiro goes on a pilgrimage to visit the world's great travel writers on their home turf to get their views on their careers, the writer's craft, and most importantly, why they chose to live where they do and what that place means to them. The book chronicles a young writer’s conversations with his heroes, writers he's read for years who inspired him both to pack his bags to travel and to pick up a pen and write. Michael skillfully coaxes a collective portrait through his interviews, allowing the authors to speak intimately about the writer's life, and how place influences their work and perceptions. In each chapter Michael sets the scene by describing the writer's surroundings, placing the reader squarely in the locale, whether it be Simon Winchester's Massachusetts, Redmond O'Hanlon's London, or Frances Mayes's Tuscany. He then lets the writer speak about life and the world, and through quiet probing draws out fascinating commentary from these remarkable people. For Michael it’s a dream come true, to meet his mentors; for readers, it's an engaging window onto the twin landscapes of great travel writers and the world in which they live.

A Sense of Place

The Life and Work of Forrest Shreve Janice Emily Bowers. The Life and Work of Forrest Shreve s Janice Emily Bowers A Sense of Place A Sense of Place The Life. A Sense of Place Front Cover.

Author: Janice Emily Bowers

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816510726

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 195

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Forrest Shreve (1878-1950) was an internationally known plant ecologist who spent most of his career at the Carnegie Institution's Desert Laboratory in Tucson, Arizona. Shreve's contributions to the study of plant ecology laid the groundwork for modern studies and several of his works came to be regarded as classics by ecologists worldwide. This first full-length study of Shreve's life and work demonstrates that he was more than a desert ecologist. His early work in Maryland and Jamaica gave him a breadth of expertise matched by few of his ecological contemporaries, and his studies of desert plant demography, the physiological ecology of rain-forest plants, and vegetational gradients on southwestern mountain ranges anticipated by decades recent trends in ecology. Tracing Shreve's development from student to scientist, Bowers evokes the rigors and delights of fieldwork in the first half of this century and shows how Shreve's sense of place informed his scientific thoughtÑmaking him, in his own words, "not an exile from some better place, but a man at home in an environment to which his life can be adjusted without physical or intellectual loss."

Sense of Place in Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism

How would management be different if approached from a perspective that honors sense of place values ? There is no clear framework or approach for incorporating place - based values into existing management strategies .

Author: Jennifer Farnum


ISBN: MINN:31951D02977060P

Category: Geographical perception

Page: 59

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Understanding sense of place and related concepts often presents challenges for both managers and researchers. Inconsistent application of terms, questions regarding their origin, and a lack of awareness of research findings contribute to the ambiguity of these concepts. This integrative review of research provides relevant, current information on the role of sense of place in natural-resourcebased recreation and tourism. Special focus is given to the foundations of place attachment, how place attachment may differ among user types, and the relation of place attachment to other psychological phenomena such as attitudes. The role of theory in place attachment also is addressed, and gaps in theoretical and empirical work are identified. This review provides specific recommendations for managers and others wanting to better understand the dynamics of sense of place.

A Sense of Place

94 lives in the shadow of the Coppola name , and has found its place in the market . ... We have to watch some of these people , and see if they get that feeling , and then we have to encourage that feeling in them .

Author: Steven Kolpan

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415920043

Category: Cooking

Page: 234

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"Gustave Niebaum's Inglenook Estate, started in 1879, was one of the Napa Valley's first established vineyards and the birthplace of its premium wine industry. Generations after Niebaum's death, the vineyard was sold to Heublein, the wine and spirits monolith, who broke up the land and changed the Inglenook brand from a premium, connoisseur wine to a mass-market jug wine.".

A Sense of Place

Rather than being located exactly at the park boundaries , stations occupy sites that enhance the sense of arrival in a unique and special place . At the same time , the entrance stations are meant to be symbols of the National Park ...



ISBN: UOM:39015072663175

Category: Design

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