Semiconductor Quantum Dots

11 Coulomb Effects in the Optical Spectra of Highly Excited Semiconductor Quantum Dots Selvakumar V. Nair 11.1 Introduction The physics of quantum dots is often likened to that of atoms and molecules because of the discrete nature of ...

Author: Y. Masumoto

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783662050019

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Semiconductor quantum dots represent one of the fields of solid state physics that have experienced the greatest progress in the last decade. Recent years have witnessed the discovery of many striking new aspects of the optical response and electronic transport phenomena. This book surveys this progress in the physics, optical spectroscopy and application-oriented research of semiconductor quantum dots. It focuses especially on excitons, multi-excitons, their dynamical relaxation behaviour and their interactions with the surroundings of a semiconductor quantum dot. Recent developments in fabrication techniques are reviewed and potential applications discussed. This book will serve not only as an introductory textbook for graduate students but also as a concise guide for active researchers.

Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Chapter 3 QUANTUM CONFINEMENT REGIMES In their pioneering investigations of quantum confinement in semiconductor ... For very small quantum dots one speaks of the strong confinement regime , where the individual motions of the electron ...

Author: Ladislaus B nyai

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9810213905

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Semiconductor Quantum Dots presents an overview of the background and recent developments in the rapidly growing field of ultrasmall semiconductor microcrystallites, in which the carrier confinement is sufficiently strong to allow only quantized states of the electrons and holes. The main emphasis of this book is the theoretical analysis of the confinement induced modifications of the optical and electronic properties of quantum dots in comparison with extended materials. The book develops the theoretical background material for the analysis of carrier quantum-confinement effects, introduces the different confinement regimes for relative or center-of-mass motion quantization of the electron-hole-pairs, and gives an overview of the best approximation schemes for each regime. A detailed discussion of the carrier states in quantum dots is presented and surface polarization instabilities are analyzed, leading to the self-trapping of carriers near the surface of the dots. The influence of spin-orbit coupling on the quantum-confined carrier states is discussed. The linear and nonlinear optical properties of small and large quantum dots are studied in detail and the influence of the quantum-dot size distribution in many realistic samples is outlined. Phonons in quantum dots as well as the influence of external electric or magnetic fields are also discussed. Last but not least the recent developments dealing with regular systems of quantum dots are also reviewed. All things included, this is an important piece of work on semiconductor quantum dots not to be dismissed by serious researchers and physicists.

Single Semiconductor Quantum Dots

2.1 Introduction Semiconductor optically active quantum dots (QDs) are structures confining the motion of charge carriers (electrons and holes) in regions of space with nanometric sizes. They are typically based on the use of ...

Author: Peter Michler

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540874461

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This book reviews recent advances in the field of semiconductor quantum dots via contributions from prominent researchers in the scientific community. Special focus is given to optical, quantum optical, and spin properties of single quantum dots.

Electronic Raman Spectroscopy on Semiconductor Quantum Dots

There is a variety of di erent quantum dot structures that have received varying attention over the years. This work concentrates on di erent self- assembled quantum dots. Other notable quantum dot systems include deep- mesa etched ...

Author: Thomas Brocke

Publisher: Cuvillier Verlag

ISBN: 9783867274043


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Semiconductor Quantum Dots

The rationale for this book is twofold: to provide a useful guide to synthetic chemists and materials scientists who wish to prepare quantum dots and related materials by solution methods, and to highlight the evolution of the chemistry ...

Author: Mark Green

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry

ISBN: 9781782628354

Category: Science

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Quantum dots are nano-sized particles of semiconducting material, typically chalcogenides or phosphides of metals found across groups II to VI of the periodic table. Their small size causes them to exhibit unique optical and electrical properties which are now finding applications in electronics, optics and in the biological sciences. Synthesis of these materials began in the late 1980’s and this book gives a thorough background to the topic, referencing these early discoveries. Any rapidly-expanding field will contain vast amounts of publications, and this book presents a complete overview of the field, bringing together the most relevant and seminal aspects literature in an informed and succinct manner. The author has been an active participant in the field since its infancy in the mid 1990’s, and presents a unique handbook to the synthesis and application of this unique class of materials. Drawing on both his own experience and referencing the primary literature, Mark Green has prepared. Postgraduates and experienced researchers will benefit from the comprehensive nature of the book, as will manufacturers of quantum dots and those wishing to apply them.

Capture and Relaxation in Self Assembled Semiconductor Quantum Dots

B 65 085316 Inoshita T and Sakaki H 1997 Density of states and phonon-induced relaxation of electrons in semiconductor quantum dots Phys. Rev. B 56 R4355 Landölt-Bornstein Group III Condensed Matter Series1970-2014 Numerical Data and ...

Author: Robson Ferreira

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers

ISBN: 9781681740898

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This is an overview of different models and mechanisms developed to describe the capture and relaxation of carriers in quantum-dot systems. Despite their undisputed importance, the mechanisms leading to population and energy exchanges between a quantum dot and its environment are not yet fully understood. The authors develop a first-order approach to such effects, using elementary quantum mechanics and an introduction to the physics of semiconductors. The book results from a series of lectures given by the authors at the Master’s level.

Semiconductor Quantum Dots And Rods For In Vivo Imaging And Cancer Phototherapy

Semiconductor QDs, also called semiconductor metalloid-crystal nanostructures, are small nanoparticles that are usually ... solution and their quantum yield obviously decreases when they are transferred 2 Semiconductor Quantum Dots and ...

Author: Chu Maoquan

Publisher: #N/A

ISBN: 9789813142909

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Cancer is fast becoming one of the main causes of death worldwide. Unfortunately many cases are diagnosed at an advanced incurable stage, and these lives are usually lost. Early diagnosis and treatment are very important for increasing disease curability. In recent years, novel techniques for cancer diagnosis and therapy have been developed, and nanobiomedicine appears to show the most promising results. The application of nanotechnology to biology and medicine in cancer diagnosis is termed nanobiomedicine. Nanoparticles 1–100 nm in size usually have unique physical and/or chemical properties, and this has attracted great attention in the cancer research. Preparation and biomedical applications of the nanoparticles are key components in nanobiomedicine. Semiconductor nanocrystals, including quantum dots (QDs) and quantum rods (QRs), have been extensively investigated for drug delivery, biomedical imaging and tumor target therapy. In Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Rods for In Vivo Imaging and Cancer Phototherapy, the QD and QR optical properties, sentinel lymph node mapping, in vivo tumor target imaging, self-illuminating QDs for in vivo imaging, in vivo cancer photothermal therapy and photodynamic therapy, QD-graphene nanosheet, and QD-magnetic hybrid nanocomposites for bioimaging and cancer therapy are discussed. This book may interest under- and postgraduate students in the field of bioengineering (especially cancer phototherapy) and medical professions alike.

Optical Properties of Semiconductor Quantum Dots

This book presents an overview of the current understanding of the physics of zero-dimensional semiconductors.

Author: Ulrike Woggon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3662148129

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This book presents an overview of the current understanding of the physics of zero-dimensional semiconductors. It concentrates mainly on quantum dots of wide-gap semiconductors, but touches also on zero-dimensional systems based on silicon and III-V materials. After providing the reader with a theoretical background, the author illustrates the specific properties of three-dimensionally confined semiconductors, such as the size dependence of energy states, optical transitions, and dephasing mechanisms with the results from numerous experiments in linear and nonlinear spectroscopy. Technological concepts of the growth concepts and the potential of this new class of semiconductor materials for electro-optic and nonlinear optical devices are also discussed.