Selected Writings of John Darcy Noble

Doll collectors and scholars alike will welcome this collection of 35 articles by the renowned John Darcy Noble. curator emeritus of the prestigious Toy Collection at the Museum of the City of New York.

Author: John Darcy Noble

Publisher: Portfolio Press

ISBN: 9780942620269

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Doll collectors and scholars alike will welcome this collection of 35 articles by the renowned John Darcy Noble. curator emeritus of the prestigious Toy Collection at the Museum of the City of New York. Selected from the many stories published in Dolls magazine between 1982 and 1995, this group focuses on some of Mr Noble's favourite antique dolls. Gathered together for the first time ever, these articles cover a wide range of important antiques, from the very earliest rare 17th and 18th century woodens to popular 19th century china heads, mysterious English waxes and the classic, precious French bisques. Always a champion of personal expression, Mr Noble pays equal homage to home-made cloth creations and paper dolls of the past, finding them evocative examples of folk art, and a key to understanding social history.


He also regularly updates a weblog on the topic : . page 80 : Essays by Rob Reiner and Hillary Clinton on the ... THREE : THE LURE OF THE TOY page 96 : On John Darcy Noble , see his Selected Writings of John Darcy Noble ...

Author: Christopher Noxon

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Explores the ways in which a new breed of adult that is reluctant to grow up is transforming American culture, examining manifestations of the phenomenon and how it affects business, family relationships, and recreational activities.

The Fashion Doll

Noble , John ( 1971 ) Beautiful Dolls , New York : Hawthorn Books . ( 1999 ) Selected Writings of John Darcy Noble : Favorite Articles From Dolls Magazine , Cumberland ( Maryland ) : Portfolio Press . ( 2000 ) Rare and Lovely : Dolls of ...

Author: Juliette Peers

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Feminists have argued that the Barbie doll perpetuates unrealistic standards of feminine beauty and undermines the credibility of women. Yet, for every mother who disapproves of Barbie, there is a young daughter who adores her. Barbie has enjoyed a prosperous and important history in Western culture, but she is simply the most high-profile of a series of iconic dolls produced in the past 150 years. For the first time, this history is explored to reveal how intimately connected dolls have been to fashion and culture, from their early history right up to the present day. The prominence of haute couture in popular culture suggests that the link between fashion marketing and dolls should be an obvious one. Yet to date this connection has not been adequately interrogated. Peers' original and shrewd analysis fills a major gap in cultural studies by examining the doll's associations with concepts of femininity and fashionability.

Congregational Communion

by John Darcy Noble in Contemporary Doll Magazine , November 1992 . ... Selected Pieces of Sekiguichi Doll Garden . ... Books The Ultimate Doll Book , Caroline Goodfellow , Dorling Kindersley , London , G.B. , 1993 .

Author: Francis J. Bremer

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Puritan studies is one of the most heavily researched areas of scholarship in both England and the United States. In this in-depth exploration of the relationship between Puritans in England and New England, Francis J. Bremer challenges the view that the colonists turned away from English Puritans in the 1640s. Rather, he convincingly demonstrates that the two communities retained a complex, symbiotic connection - a communion - throughout the seventeenth century, and that the clergy on both sides of the Atlantic saw themselves as closely linked in their spiritual mission. Focusing on the interaction between social experience and the shaping of belief, Bremer thoroughly analyzes how Puritan clergymen of a congregational persuasion came together in a godly communion and examines how that communion sustained them in times of trouble and physical dispersal. He explains the social forces that led to the articulation of early Congregationalism and details the significance of trans-Atlantic religious exchanges through correspondence, associations, publications, and other devices. Bremer traces the first-generation Puritans from their formative years at Cambridge University through the creation of a network of clerical friendships, through the flight to Holland and to New England, to the death of Oliver Cromwell and the beginnings of division within Congregationalism. This thought-provoking volume makes a solid contribution to Puritan studies and offers a basis for further discussions of the trans-Atlantic aspects of the Congregational community.

Dolls Toys and Childhood

The Fabulous Dollhouse of the Twenties , by John Darcy Noble , Dover Publications , New York . 1976 . ... The Child Emerges - it is essential to search through the books that belong to the humanities , of which we are a part .

Author: Ruth E. Mathes


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Issues of the Exchequer

Dower assigned to Margaret , the widow of John Darcy , chevalier , on taking her oath she would not marry again without ... commission to order certain weights , rates , and scales , for regulating the weight of the noble , half noble ...

Author: Frederick Devon


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Issues of the exchequer

Payment to John Robard, of London, scrivener, for writing twelve books on hunting“ for the use of the Lord the King. Dower assigned to Margaret, the widow of John Darcy] chevalier, on taking her oath she would not marry again without ...

Author: Frederick Devon

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The Athen um




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Mightier Than the Sword

Juana Inés de la Cruz, Selected Writings , trans. ... from John Adams to Timothy Pickering, August 6, 1822,; “[The] liberty of speaking and writing...guards our other liberties ...

Author: Rochelle Melander

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Throughout history, people have picked up their pens and wielded their words--transforming their lives, their communities, and beyond. Now it's your turn! Representing a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, Mightier Than the Sword connects over forty inspiring biographies with life-changing writing activities and tips, showing readers just how much their own words can make a difference. Readers will explore nature with Rachel Carson, experience the beginning of the Reformation with Martin Luther, champion women's rights with Sojourner Truth, and many more. These richly illustrated stories of inspiring speechmakers, scientists, explorers, authors, poets, activists, and even other kids and young adults will engage and encourage young people to pay attention to their world, to honor their own ideas and dreams, and to embrace the transformative power of words to bring good to the world.