John Clare Society Journal 13 1994

We see gipsies as a race . We account for all that we find different about gipsies , and their uncertain relationship with settled society , by reference to race . The fate of European gipsies in this century and the heightened modern ...

Author: Tom Bates

Publisher: John Clare Society

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The official Journal of the John Clare Society, published annually to reflect the interest in, and approaches to, the life and work of the poet John Clare.


See also Spectator, 9 October 1712, for 'wizards, Gypsies and cunning men' who thrive on the curiosity of the gullible. 4. A New Canting Dictionary: Comprehending All the Terms, Antient and Modern, Used in the Several Tribes of Gypsies, ...

Author: David Cressy

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780191080524

Category: History

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Gypsies, Egyptians, Romanies, and—more recently—Travellers. Who are these marginal and mysterious people who first arrived in England in early Tudor times? Are claims of their distant origins on the Indian subcontinent true, or just another of the many myths and stories that have accreted around them over time? Can they even be regarded as a single people or ethnicity at all? Gypsies have frequently been vilified, and not much less frequently romanticized, by the settled population over the centuries. Social historian David Cressy now attempts to disentangle the myth from the reality of Gypsy life over more than half a millennium of English history. In this, the first comprehensive historical study of the doings and dealings of Gypsies in England, he draws on original archival research, and a wide range of reading, to trace the many moments when Gypsy lives became entangled with those of villagers and townsfolk, religious and secular authorities, and social and moral reformers. Crucially, it is a story not just of the Gypsy community and its peculiarities, but also of England's treatment of that community, from draconian Elizabethan statutes, through various degrees of toleration and fascination, right up to the tabloid newspaper campaigns against Gypsy and Traveller encampments of more recent years.

The Gipsies Advocate

Or, Observations on the Origin, Character, Manners, and Habits, of the English Gipsies, to which are Added Many ... This was soon made clear to their understandings by comparisons , when the master of the gang cried , “ I see it , I see ...

Author: James Crabb


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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Generative organs , Male See Reproductive system , Male Geographical distribution of animals and plants See Animal distribution Plant distribution * Germans in Pennsylvania * Pennsylvania Germans Gilds See Guilds Gipsies See Gypsies ...

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Trees in Nineteenth Century English Fiction

It is an active choice to see beyond the ... He felt indeed almost distracted with his fears, and shutting his eyes till he arrived at the village to prevent his seeing either Gipsies or ghosts, he rode on a full gallop all the way.

Author: Anna Burton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000367614

Category: Literary Criticism

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This is a book about a longstanding network of writers and writings that celebrate the aesthetic, socio-political, scientific, ecological, geographical, and historical value of trees and tree spaces in the landscape; and it is a study of the effect of this tree-writing upon the novel form in the long nineteenth century. Trees in Nineteenth-Century English Fiction: The Silvicultural Novel identifies the picturesque thinker William Gilpin as a significant influence in this literary and environmental tradition. Remarks on Forest Scenery (1791) is formed by Gilpin’s own observations of trees, forests, and his New Forest home specifically; but it is also the product of tree-stories collected from ‘travellers and historians’ that came before him. This study tracks the impact of this accumulating arboreal discourse upon nineteenth-century environmental writers such as John Claudius Loudon, Jacob George Strutt, William Howitt, and Mary Roberts, and its influence on varied dialogues surrounding natural history, agriculture, landscaping, deforestation, and public health. Building upon this concept of an ongoing silvicultural discussion, the monograph examines how novelists in the realist mode engage with this discourse and use their understanding of arboreal space and its cultural worth in order to transform their own fictional environments. Through their novelistic framing of single trees, clumps, forests, ancient woodlands, and man-made plantations, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Thomas Hardy feature as authors of particular interest. Collectively, in their environmental representations, these novelists engage with a broad range of silvicultural conversation in their writing of space at the beginning, middle, and end of the nineteenth century. This book will be of great interest to students, researchers, and academics working in the environmental humanities, long nineteenth-century literature, nature writing and environmental literature, environmental history, ecocriticism, and literature and science scholarship.

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The Gipsy

Thus he gained an instant insight into the nature of the plan which the keeper had conceived , although he saw not the details ; and he answered , “ I do see , Harvey , I do see ! That is to say , I see what you mean ; but I do not see ...

Author: George Payne Rainsford James


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A List of Masques Pageants c

Gipsies , The Masque of . Jonson , Ben . ( Horace , 1640. ) Golden Age Restored , The . Jonson , Ben . ( 1616. ) Haddington , Viscount , Masque at the mar . riage of . Jonson , Ben . n.d. Hampton Court , Royal Masque at . See Vision of ...

Author: Walter Wilson Greg


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Observations on Popular Antiquities

Both differed essentially from the sixtythat out of every thirty Gipsy words eleven four crania of other persons belonging to ... and in See upon the subject of Gipsies the following which the Gipsies themselves conversed ; for books ...

Author: John Brand



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