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"Divided into 15 sections covering a specific scientific discipline, this work includes sections on key concepts, glossaries, and biographies of prominent researchers in that field, chronologies, and information unique to that particular discipline."--"Outstanding Reference Sources," American Libraries, May 2001.

The Basics of Earth Science

Newton , David , E. Oryx Frontiers of Science Series : Recent Advances and Issues in Chemistry . ... McGraw - Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology . 3d ed . ... Scientific American Science Desk Reference .

Author: Robert E. Krebs

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

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The basic concepts found in introductory earth science courses in high school and college are presented and explained.

Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments Inventions and Discoveries of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Science and Technology in World History : An Introduction . Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press ... Science and Technology Department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh , comp . ... Scientific American Science Desk Reference .

Author: Robert E. Krebs

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313324336

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The Middle Ages and the Renaissance were a period of scientific and literary reawakening. This reference work describes more than 75 experiments, inventions, and discoveries of the period, as well as the scientists, physicians, and scholars responsible for them. Individuals such as Leonardo da Vinci, Marco Polo, and Galileo are included, along with entries on reconstructive surgery, Stonehenge, eyeglasses, the microscope, and the discovery of smallpox.

Scientific American

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Teaching Science to English Language Learners

Morris, C. (1991). Academic Press dictionary of science and technology. San Diego, CA: Academic. Ridpath, I. (2007). Oxford dictionary of astronomy. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Scientific American: science desk reference ...

Author: Joyce Nutta

Publisher: Routledge

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Books in the Teaching English Language Learners (ELLs) across the Curriculum Series are written specifically for pre- and in- service teachers who may not have been trained in ELL techniques, but still find themselves facing the realities and challenges of today's diverse classrooms and learners. Each book provides simple and straightforward advice on how to teach ELLs through a given subject area, and how to teach content to ELLs who are at different levels of English language proficiency than the rest of their class. Authored by both language and content area specialists, each volume arms readers with practical, teacher-friendly strategies, and subject-specific techniques. Teaching Science to English Language Learners offers science teachers and teacher educators a straightforward approach for engaging ELLs learning science, offering examples of easy ways to adapt existing lesson plans to be more inclusive. The practical, teacher-friendly strategies and techniques included here are proven effective with ELLs, and many are also effective with all students. The book provides context-specific strategies for the full range of the secondary sciences curriculum, including physical science, life science, earth and space science, science as inquiry, and history and nature of science and more. A fully annotated list of web and print resources completes the book, making this a one volume reference to help science teachers meet the challenges of including all learners in effective instruction. Special features: practical examples of science exercises make applying theory to practice simple when teaching science to ELLs an overview of the National Science Education Standards offers useful guidelines for effective instructional and assessment practices for ELLs in secondary grades graphs, tables, and illustrations provide additional access points to the text in clear, meaningful ways.

Discoveries and Inventions in Literature for Youth

A Guide and Resource Book Joy L. Lowe, Kathryn I. Matthew ... 138 Science of Everyday Things , 197 Science to the Rescue , 134 Scientific American Desk Reference , 209 Scientific American : How Things Work Today , 185 Scientific ...

Author: Joy L. Lowe

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0810849151

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A compilation of books and other resources that are appropriate for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Venture Investing in Science

Source: Scientific American Science Desk Reference (Norwalk, CT: Easton, 1999). Newton's Principia provided a new language that explained the motions of heavenly bodies as well as things on Earth. Newton's science illuminated the cosmos ...

Author: Douglas W. Jamison

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231544702

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Over the past decade, software companies have increasingly monopolized the flow of venture capital, starving support for scientific research and its transformative discoveries. New medicines, cheaper and faster personal computers, and other life-changing developments all stem from investment in science. In the past, these funds led to steam engines, light bulbs, microprocessors, 3D printers, and even the Internet. In Venture Investing in Science, the venture capitalist Douglas W. Jamison and the investment author Stephen R. Waite directly link financial support to revolutionary advancements in physics, computers, chemistry, and biology and make a passionate case for continued investing in science to meet the global challenges of our time. Clean air and water, cures for intractable diseases, greener public transportation, cheaper and faster communication technologies—these are some of the rich opportunities awaiting venture capital investment today. Jamison and Waite focus on how early-stage companies specializing in commercializing transformative technologies based on deep science have been shunned by venture capitalists, and how the development of such companies have been hampered by structural changes in capital markets and government regulation over the past decade. The authors argue that reinvigorating science-based technological innovation is crucial to reactivating the economic dynamism that lifts living standards and fuels prosperity over time.

Academic Encounters The Natural World Student s Book

Scientific American Science Desk Reference. New York: John Wiley, 1999. Sills, Alan D. Earth Science the Easy Way. Hauppage, NY: Barron's Educational Series, 2003. Simon, Seymour. The Brain: Our Nervous System. New York: William Morrow ...

Author: Jennifer Wharton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521715164

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A content-based reading, writing, listening, and speaking set that introduces students to topics in Earth science and biology.

Handbook of Terahertz Technology

Stuart Berg Flexner: Scientific American Science Desk Reference, Random House, Inc.; New York; 1993. The National Archives and Electronic Records for Preservation.” n.d. (presented in early 1990s). The Sciences, An Integrated Approach, ...

Author: Neil Sellers

Publisher: Scientific e-Resources

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Terahertz radiation - also known as submillimeter radiation, terahertz waves, tremendously high frequency (THF), T-rays, T-waves, T-light, T-lux or THz - consists of electromagnetic waves within the ITU-designated band of frequencies from 0.3 to 3 terahertz. Wavelengths of radiation in the terahertz band correspondingly range from 1 mm to 0.1 mm. Because terahertz radiation begins at a wavelength of one millimeter and proceeds into shorter wavelengths, it is sometimes known as the submillimeter band, and its radiation as submillimeter waves, especially in astronomy. The book presents information about Terahertz science, Terahertz photodetectors and Terahertz Lasers. A special emphasis is given to room temperature operation of long wavelength photodetectors based on novel quantum dots. Moreover, a complete analysis of systems based on Quantum Cascade structures to detect far infrared wavelengths is provided. Finally, the book presents Terahertz laser principles considering multi-color lasers in this range of wavelengths. It is written as a background for graduate students in the Optics field.

The Story of Chemistry

As cited by Hudson J in Ref . 2 , p . 148 . 5. Dubos R. 1960. Louis Pasteur : Free Lance of Science . p.187 . New York : Da Capo Press , Inc. 6. ... Scientific American Science Desk Reference . p.83 . New York : John Wiley & Sons ...

Author: N.C. Datta

Publisher: Universities Press

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Chemistry touches every aspects of our life, but we are largely ignorant of it. A general reader has access to many popular books in the various areas of physics and astornomy, but in the area of chemistry there is virtually no accessible material. One common perception is that chemistry is a difficult subject, which is partially true.