Saying Kaddish

In Saying Kaddish you will find suggestions for conducting a funeral and for observing the shiva week, the shloshim month, the year of Kaddish, the annual yahrzeit, and the Yizkor service.

Author: Anita Diamant

Publisher: Schocken

ISBN: 9780805212181

Category: Religion

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The definitive guide to Judaism’s end-of-life rituals, revised and updated for Jews of all backgrounds and beliefs From caring for the dying to honoring the dead, Anita Diamant explains the Jewish practices that make mourning a loved one an opportunity to experience the full range of emotions—grief, anger, fear, guilt, relief—and take comfort in the idea that the memory of the deceased is bound up in our lives and actions. In Saying Kaddish you will find suggestions for conducting a funeral and for observing the shiva week, the shloshim month, the year of Kaddish, the annual yahrzeit, and the Yizkor service. There are also chapters on coping with particular losses—such as the death of a child and suicide—and on children as mourners, mourning non-Jewish loved ones, and the bereavement that accompanies miscarriage. Diamant also offers advice on how to apply traditional views of the sacredness of life to hospice and palliative care. Reflecting the ways that ancient rituals and customs have been adapted in light of contemporary wisdom and needs, she includes updated sections on taharah (preparation of the body for burial) and on using ritual immersion in a mikveh to mark the stages of bereavement. And, celebrating a Judaism that has become inclusive and welcoming. Diamant highlights rituals, prayers, and customs that will be meaningful to Jews-by-choice, Jews of color, and LGBTQ Jews. Concluding chapters discuss Jewish perspectives on writing a will, creating healthcare directives, making final arrangements, and composing an ethical will.

Straight Talk

I discovered that the issue of a daughter saying Kaddish for her father first appears in the halachic ( legal ) ... he would not allow a daughter to say Kaddish as it might change the accepted social custom of women not saying Kaddish .

Author: Sally Berkovic

Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.

ISBN: 0881256617

Category: Orthodox Judaism

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Writing in the first person to her daughters, Berkovic relates stories from her upbringing to reconcile the contradictions between the opportunities of modern life and the constrictions of Orthodox practice. Originally published as Under my hat by Joseph's Bookstore, London in 1997. The subtitle on the cover and spine reads "my dilemma as a modern orthodox Jewish woman." No indexing is included. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

An Encyclopedia of American Synagogue Ritual

inally , mourners recited kaddish for twelve months . However , as twelve months was the time allotted for the maximum period of pun- ishment by the heavenly courts , the practice of a mourner saying kaddish for twelve months might be ...

Author: Kerry M. Olitzky

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313308144

Category: Judaism

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This encyclopedia presents historical accounts of Jewish rituals, the meaning behind their development, and descriptions of how the rituals are practiced among different Jewish communities. Entries discuss how the rituals evolved over time and what they are designed to symbolize. Whether practiced in the personal or public realm, the rituals included in this volume are generally acknowledged as such by the Jewish community, even if they are not practiced by large segments of the community. Comparisons are drawn among rituals as they are practiced by Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Orthodox Jews. This volume brings together a wealth of information about the often complicated rituals practiced in Jewish communities throughout North America. Readers desiring to learn more about Jewish rituals will appreciate the mix of historical and practical concerns each entry details. Specific information is readily accessible in the encyclopedic format. Entries are cross-referenced throughout, and each concludes with references for further research. An index is included.

The Rav

reach the boundary line , all you can say is : " I surrender to the will of the Almighty . ... 13.12 Women Saying Kaddish Related by Dr. Joel B. Wolowelsky , " Modern Orthodoxy and Woman's Self - Perception , " Tradition , vol .

Author: Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff

Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.

ISBN: 0881256153

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"This first volume recounts the details of the lives of the Rav and his forebears. This volume and the next constitute a scholarly attempt to detail the quests and ideas of one of the major personalities of modern American Jewish Orthodoxy". -- Jacket.

The Concise Code of Jewish Law A guide to prayer and religious observance in the daily life of the Jew

a mourner to say Kaddish for a period of eleven months from the day of burial of his father or mother.2 Thus , if the burial took place on the tenth of Elul , the Kaddish should be said until and including the ninth day of Av . In a ...

Author: Gersion Appel

Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.

ISBN: 0870682989

Category: Religion

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The Journey of a Humbled Heart

Saying Kaddish Anyone who feels close to the deceased may elect to say kaddish. However, children are obligated to say kaddish, as are parents who lose a child. Saying kaddish is especially helpful to surviving spouses since it offers ...

Author: Jay Alan Goldfarb

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452533555

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 368

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Jay Goldfarb is a modern day philosopher, professional Life Guide, and motivational speaker who, as a result of his own extremely intimate spiritual journey, helps guide others to achieving what Jay calls, a "Humbled Heart". You have the power to create absolutely anything you want in your life, including a life of purpose. Your natural state is one of infinite abundance. By connecting with your natural state you will naturally achieve what I call "a Humbled Heart". "Although we all define it differently and we all go about finding it in our own very intimate and unique way; I believe we all have this innate desire to achieve a Humbled Heart. Simply put, Jay describes a Humbled Heart as "a deep level of peace and happiness that touches you at your core. It is the spiritual essence of who you are". Jay shares his gifts through insightful concepts and philosophies, as well as providing the tools and exercises that has helped guide numerous individuals along their personal journey towards attaining a deeper level of peace and happiness, and manifesting the life they were meant to live. Jay shares this methodology though lectures, seminars, workshops, and open forum discussions that helps people to empower their lives with astonishing results. Jay shares very specific concepts, philosophies, and tools with fun improvisational exercises that will open your mind and broaden your perspective. Jay applies his unique methodology to helping individuals, couples, and groups achieve, develop, and embrace a deeper level of peace and happiness, a heightened sense of spiritual awareness, a better understanding of "self", and ultimately to manifest a purposeful life. If living the life you dream about is appealing to you, than this book is a must read. For more information on services call Jay at: 513-312-4579. E-mail at: [email protected]

Challenge and Conformity

Saying Kaddish at the graveside may be more difficult, and depends on the attitude of the rabbi conducting the funeral. Though the saying of Kaddish for a parent at the thrice-daily formal serv- ices for eleven months after the death is ...

Author: Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9781800858725

Category: Social Science

Page: 337

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Orthodox Jewish women are increasingly seeking new ways to express themselves religiously, and important changes have occurred in consequence in their self-definition and the part they play in the religious life of their communities. Drawing on surveys and interviews across different Orthodox groups in London, as well as on the author’s own experience of active participation over many years, this is a thoroughly researched study that analyses its findings in the context of related developments in Israel and the USA. Sympathetic attention is given to women’s creativity and sophistication as they struggle to develop new modes of expression that will let their voices be heard; at the same time, the inevitable points of conflict with the male-dominated religious establishment are examined and explained. There is a focus, too, on the impact of innovations in ritual: these include not only the creation of women-only spaces and women’s participation in public practices traditionally reserved for men, but also new personal practices often acquired on study visits to Israel which are replacing traditions learned from family members. This is a much-needed study of how new norms of lived religion have emerged in London, influenced by both the rise of feminism and the backlash against it, and also by women’s new understanding of their religious roles.

A Fierce Local

Saying. Kaddish. in. Dublin? M. y father died in October 1987. Upon the death of a loved one, numerous observances are mandated by Jewish law, but it's up to the individual to decide which, if any, he or she will follow.

Author: Harvey Gould

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462033690

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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After a twelve-year courtship, author Harvey Gould, a nice Jewish boy from Chicago, marries Karen Duffy, a beautiful, Irish-Catholic lass from Manhattan. Karen instills in Harvey her love of horses, family history, and Ireland itself, and the two embark on twenty years of adventures in the Old Sod. In this memoir, Gould offers a vivid picture of what it’s like to travel and live in Ireland. From riding in foxhunts to Irish step-dancing on a pub’s dirt floor to drinking Guinness directly from the tap, A Fierce Local presents a firsthand look into Irish history, its social customs, and its culture. He also writes of returning to the tiny village of Adare, where they became so integrated into the local life the residents accept them as two of their own and bestow on them the honored moniker of “fierce locals.” A Fierce Local also narrates Gould’s personal story as he’s diagnosed with a terminal disease and given five years to live. His battle teaches him universal lessons and deepens his ardor for life, his wife, and for Ireland. With humor and pathos, this account shares tales about the country’s people and places—the site of a never-ending love affair.

Jewish Views of the Afterlife

Devoting time for saying Kaddish on a daily basis makes it possible for a person to be in touch with their experience of mourning and to pay attention to feelings that emerge in response to loss of a loved one. Since the act of saying ...

Author: Simcha Paull Raphael

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9780742566491

Category: Religion

Page: 579

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The second edition of the classic Jewish Views of the Afterlife features new material on the practical implications of Jewish afterlife beliefs, including funeral, burial, shiva, and more. With an updated look at how views on life after death have changed in recent years, Simcha Paull Raphael guides the reader through 4,000 years of Jewish thought on the afterlife by investigating pertinent sacred texts produced in each era. Through a compilation of ideas found in the Bible, Apocrypha, rabbinic literature, medieval philosophy, medieval Midrash, Kabbalah, and Hasidism, the reader learns how Judaism conceived of the fate of the individual after death throughout Jewish history. While many affirm a belief in the afterlife, a scarce few are aware of where these teachings can be found in Jewish literature. Among the topics discussed in this fascinating volume are heaven and hell, Olam Ha-Ba (The World to Come), Gan Eden, resurrection of the dead, immortality of the soul, and divine judgment prior to death. Both historical and contemporary, this book provides a rich resource for scholars and lay people, for teachers and students, and makes an important Jewish contribution to the growing contemporary psychology of death and dying.

Judaism For Dummies

Saying Kaddish The Mourner's Kaddish is a prayer written mostly in Aramaic (which is similar to Hebrew). Jews recite it at the end of most synagogue services and at funerals. Here's the first paragraph: Yitgadal v'yitkadash sh'may raba, ...

Author: Ted Falcon

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119643111

Category: Religion

Page: 448

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Your plain-English guide to Judaism Whether you're interested in the religion or the spirituality, the culture or the ethnic traditions, Judaism For Dummies explores the full spectrum of Judaism, dipping into the mystical, meditative, and spiritual depth of the faith and the practice. In this warm and welcoming book, you'll find coverage of: Orthodox Jews and breakaway denominations; Judaism as a daily practice; the food and fabric of Judaism; Jewish wedding ceremonies; celebrations and holy days; 4,000 years of pain, sadness, triumph, and joy; great Jewish thinkers and historical celebrities; and much more. Updates to the "recent history" section with discussions of what has happened in the first decade of the twenty-first century including: the expansion of orthodox political power in Israel; expansion of interfaith work; unfortunate recent anti-Semitic events; and other news Expanded coverage of Jewish mysticism and meditation, which has become increasingly popular in recent years New coverage on Jewish views of morality, including birth control, homosexuality, and environmental concerns Revised recipes for traditional Jewish cooking, updated key vocabulary, and Yiddish phrases everyone should know Jews have long spread out to the corners of the world, so there are significant Jewish communities on many continents. Judaism For Dummies offers a glimpse into the rituals, ideas, and terms that are woven into the history and everyday lives of Jewish people as near as our own neighborhoods and as far-reaching as across the world. Judaism For Dummies (9781119643074) was previously published as Judaism For Dummies (9781118407516). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product.