Saved from Oblivion

More specifically, this book focuses on the major forms of self-documentation that have been in use since the late nineteenth century and covers traditional diaries, snapshot photography, home movies/videos, and web-based media such as web ...

Author: Andreas Kitzmann

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 0820461954

Category: Art

Page: 204

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What lies behind our need to rigorously document the thoughts, deeds, images, and sounds of everyday life? And more curiously, why would anyone want to spend time going over such material? At any given point someone is using a pen, a camera, a web cam, or a computer to document with varying degrees of detail, personal thoughts, observations, or glimpses of private space and life. And for each of these, there is usually at least one person reading, watching, and even responding. Saved from Oblivion is a comparative analysis of how individuals have used various media technologies to document their everyday lives. More specifically, this book focuses on the major forms of self-documentation that have been in use since the late nineteenth century and covers traditional diaries, snapshot photography, home movies/videos, and web-based media such as web cams and online diaries or journals.

Saved from Oblivion

Before being black-listed in the McCarthy era, Bernard Vorhaus was one of the foremost silent film directors in America, working for studios such as Paramount and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Author: Bernard Vorhaus


ISBN: UOM:39015049670048

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 158

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Before being black-listed in the McCarthy era, Bernard Vorhaus was one of the foremost silent film directors in America, working for studios such as Paramount and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. This autobiography, replete with insight into the techniques and personas of early cinema, is an important as well as entertaining look at the early history of the medium that shaped the twentieth century.

Rug Art Rescued from Oblivion

Rug Art-RESCUED FROM OBLIVION is a delightful tale of discovery, but a sad reflection on the lack of preservation of North America's most endangered art form that has literally and figuratively been "tramped on" for much too long.

Author: Suzanne Conrod

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452002385

Category: Art

Page: 216

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Rug Art-RESCUED FROM OBLIVION is a delightful tale of discovery, but a sad reflection on the lack of preservation of North America's most endangered art form that has literally and figuratively been "tramped on" for much too long. Abandoned for more than half a century in the basement of a damp and mould filled former New Glasgow, Nova Scotia rug pattern factory, a determined research team found amazing pen and ink rug art created by an artist who is said to have studied in the same New York art class with noted folk artist Norman Rockwell. Under a leaking sewage pipe in that same factory they unearthed amazing hand cut Mystery stencils that are now rewriting the arts heritage . Their discovery heralds the oldest known commercial designs recovered in Canada, and possibly in North America and a unique pattern printing system hitherto unknown. The searchers found, and rescued from imminent oblivion some 550 pieces of original pen and ink art created by the 1892 factory founder John Garrett and his son Frank. In acquiring remnants of the oldest known rug pattern factory in the world (1892) they also unearthed three unique hand-carved full size rug pattern blocks and a mass of records of early pattern designs from across North America. An intriguing bonus was the salvaging of some 300 hand cut stencils created by a talented unknown artist. Measuring only 3x5" in size-each contained two rug pattern designs. Designated the MYSTERY PATTERNS preliminary research indicates they are the oldest Canadian rug designs ever discovered and possibly the oldest in the world.

Earth to Centauri Black Hole Oblivion One Ship One Crew No Escape

"If you liked Star Trek Voyager, you'll love this book,"- Amazon reviewer (The First Journey) "Earth To Centauri: Alien Hunt is a craftily written sci-fi that opens the doors to a whole new world of thrill and enigma,"- Amazon reviewer An ...

Author: Kumar L

Publisher: Earth to Centauri

ISBN: 9353822408

Category: Fiction

Page: 296

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One Ship. One Crew. No Escape. Captain Anara and her spaceship Antariksh, face off the most powerful entity in the entire Universe - a black hole! She saved the mega-city from the alien killers, but one alien escaped and headed back to his home planet. He sets off a gigantic explosion in space while travelling at the speed of light, putting in motion a chain of events which result in the formation of a naked singularity - a black hole. It will swallow Earth in less than a year, yet Antariksh is helpless, caught in the event horizon of the black hole from where nothing, not even light can escape. Inexorably drawn towards their doom, the crew desperately try to breakout. Will Anara save her ship or perish in her efforts to safeguard Earth? She must face her deepest fears and insecurities to answer the final question - what is her own life worth against that of eight billion people? "If you liked Star Trek Voyager, you'll love this book,"- Amazon reviewer (The First Journey) "Earth To Centauri: Alien Hunt is a craftily written sci-fi that opens the doors to a whole new world of thrill and enigma,"- Amazon reviewer

Grinnell America s Environmental Pioneer and His Restless Drive to Save the West

“Certain it is that Dr. Grinnell's work will stand as a monument,” declared the Yale Review, “not alone to its author but to the people whose life and character he has saved from oblivion.” Ruth Bunzel, a protégée of Franz Boas and an ...

Author: John Taliaferro

Publisher: Liveright Publishing

ISBN: 9781631490149

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 512

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Before Rachel Carson, there was George Bird Grinnell—the man whose prophetic vision did nothing less than launch American conservation. George Bird Grinnell, the son of a New York merchant, saw a different future for a nation in the thrall of the Industrial Age. With railroads scarring virgin lands and the formerly vast buffalo herds decimated, the country faced a crossroads: Could it pursue Manifest Destiny without destroying its natural bounty and beauty? The alarm that Grinnell sounded would spark America’s conservation movement. Yet today his name has been forgotten—an omission that John Taliaferro’s commanding biography now sets right with historical care and narrative flair. Grinnell was born in Brooklyn in 1849 and grew up on the estate of ornithologist John James Audubon. Upon graduation from Yale, he dug for dinosaurs on the Great Plains with eminent paleontologist Othniel C. Marsh—an expedition that fanned his romantic notion of wilderness and taught him a graphic lesson in evolution and extinction. Soon he joined George A. Custer in the Black Hills, helped to map Yellowstone, and scaled the peaks and glaciers that, through his labors, would become Glacier National Park. Along the way, he became one of America’s most respected ethnologists; seasons spent among the Plains Indians produced numerous articles and books, including his tour de force, The Cheyenne Indians: Their History and Ways of Life. More than a chronicler of natural history and indigenous culture, Grinnell became their tenacious advocate. He turned the sportsmen’s journal Forest and Stream into a bully pulpit for wildlife protection, forest reserves, and national parks. In 1886, his distress over the loss of bird species prompted him to found the first Audubon Society. Next, he and Theodore Roosevelt founded the Boone and Crockett Club to promote “fair chase” of big game. His influence among the rich and the patrician provided leverage for the first federal legislation to protect migratory birds—a precedent that ultimately paved the way for the Endangered Species Act. And in an era when too many white Americans regarded Native Americans as backwards, Grinnell’s cries for reform carried from the reservation, through the halls of Congress, all the way to the White House. Drawing on forty thousand pages of Grinnell’s correspondence and dozens of his diaries, Taliaferro reveals a man whose deeds and high-mindedness earned him a lustrous peerage, from presidents to chiefs, Audubon to Aldo Leopold, John Muir to Gifford Pinchot, Edward S. Curtis to Edward H. Harriman. Throughout his long life, Grinnell was bound by family and sustained by intimate friendships, toggling between the East and the West. As Taliaferro’s enthralling portrait demonstrates, it was this tension that wound Grinnell’s nearly inexhaustible spring and honed his vision—a vision that still guides the imperiled future of our national treasures.

An Oblivion s Indigo

But he destroys instead of saving those he touches. All of those men he killed were unfairly denied eternal life. He... he also killed the pilot of your craft, though that happened without your knowing." "WHAT? Why didn't you stop him?

Author: Aetre


ISBN: 9781430305897

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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Two colonies set out from Earth. One would travel the solar system and return in fifty years. The other, by design, would never come back. The crew of the returning ship, however, finds that during its absence, it missed a rather crucial planetary event: the Apocalypse. Soon the last remaining humans--those in the second, wandering colony--are about to be thrust into a final battle for souls between the forces of good and evil. Evil is much better prepared for the fight, though. The futures of both mankind and the afterlife depend upon the actions of all the humans caught in the struggles. Even though the forces they are up against are no less powerful than deity, humans with enough willpower can sometimes do amazing things...

Logos and Muthos

I would note that in poetry a-lētheia does not mean “un-hiddenness” but “un-forgottenness,” which is to say, whatever is rescued from oblivion by being remembered. The word lēthē, or oblivion, and its contrary, anamnēsis, ...

Author: William Wians

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438427430

Category: Philosophy

Page: 289

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Explores the philosophical dimensions present in the works of ancient Greek poets and playwrights.

Remembering the Reformation

35 Pondering on the reasons for the urns' survival, Browne is quick to point out that they were in fact saved by oblivion: having lain in a grave of obscurity, they remained unmolested while the prominence of richer tombs attracted ...

Author: Alexandra Walsham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429619922

Category: History

Page: 308

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This stimulating volume explores how the memory of the Reformation has been remembered, forgotten, contested, and reinvented between the sixteenth and twenty-first centuries. Remembering the Reformation traces how a complex, protracted, and unpredictable process came to be perceived, recorded, and commemorated as a transformative event. Exploring both local and global patterns of memory, the contributors examine the ways in which the Reformation embedded itself in the historical imagination and analyse the enduring, unstable, and divided legacies that it engendered. The book also underlines how modern scholarship is indebted to processes of memory-making initiated in the early modern period and challenges the conventional models of periodisation that the Reformation itself helped to create. This collection of essays offers an expansive examination and theoretically engaged discussion of concepts and practices of memory and Reformation. This volume is ideal for upper level undergraduates and postgraduates studying the Reformation, Early Modern Religious History, Early Modern European History, and Early Modern Literature.

Department of the Interior and related agencies appropriations for 1986

... from the last decade to the 19th and earliest decades of the 20th century will be saved from oblivion . I do mean oblivion because no matter how many copies exist on the shelf they all through inevitable chemistry disintegrate ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Department of the Interior and Related Agencies


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119519333



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The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

109 In response to the new content, the ESRB conducted a new review of Oblivion, showing to its reviewers the content ... ”Bethesda Confirms Oblivion Expansion For Xbox Live Distribution”114. ... ”How modders saved Oblivion”117.


Publisher: PediaPress




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The Trace Factory

Hence, battles for the “inscription” of objects and practices on the heritage “lists” are based on an immense system of knowledge, beliefs and arguments about what deserves to be saved from oblivion (Davallon 2003; Heinich 2009): a ...

Author: Yves Jeanneret

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119720287

Category: Psychology

Page: 284

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The collection and treatment of traces which reveal who we are and what we do naturally piques our interest when it pertains to others, and anxiety when it concerns ourselves. Do we truly know what a trace is? And if knowledge is power, how vulnerable are we in the public sphere? The demonstrability of a trace hides the complexity of the process that allows it to be produced, interpreted and used. This book proposes a reasoned approach to the analysis of the 'trace' as an object and as a sign. By following such an approach, the reader will understand how the media participates in the creation and deployment of traces, and the issues raised by what can be traced on social media. The Trace Factory offers a historical perspective, returning to the founding theories of collecting and producing traces linked to knowledge and power in society. Observing technology and information through the prism of these theories, a large number of devices and their uses are evaluated. This book offers itself as a tool of thought and work for researchers, professionals and social actors of all kinds who are confronted with the existence, treatment and interpretation of the traces of society and culture.

Cultural Heritage as Civilizing Mission

restored, recovered, and saved from oblivion. These missions were justified on the conviction of their moral superiority before the colonial subjects, who were considered so ignorant and incompetent that they required “proper” guidance, ...

Author: Michael Falser

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319136387

Category: Social Science

Page: 355

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This book investigates the role of cultural heritage as a constitutive dimension of different civilizing missions from the colonial era to the present. It includes case studies of the Habsburg Empire and German colonialism in Africa, Asian case studies of (post)colonial India and the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia, China and French Indochina, and a special discussion on 20th-century Cambodia and the temples of Angkor. The themes examined range from architectural and intellectual history to historic preservation and restoration. Taken together, they offer an overview of historical processes spanning two centuries of institutional practices, wherein the concept of cultural heritage was appropriated both by political regimes and for UNESCO World Heritage agendas.

Hypertext Handbook

6 Part of this passage is based on a similar argument pursued in my book Saved From Oblivion : Documenting the Daily from Diaries to Web Cams ( New York : Peter Lang , 2004 ) , 4–5 , 36 . 7 Katherine Hayles .

Author: Andreas Kitzmann

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 082047441X

Category: Computers

Page: 121

View: 731


Hypertext Handbook provides a condensed and straightforward introduction to the main issues, concepts, and developments in both the application of hypertext technology and its interpretation by the academic community. It offers a concise history of the medium in a manner that will help readers to better understand contemporary directions in digital media technology. Hypertext Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to this complex concept and is designed to inform and inspire students and scholars alike.

The History of Christina Queen of Sweden

cdo d saved from oblivion , which extends no farther than the first part of her reign ; nor is it known whether the continued her plan to a later period . She also wrote remarks on two abridgments , digested under her own inspection ...

Author: Jacques Lacombe


ISBN: NYPL:33433066605027

Category: Sweden

Page: 302

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The Rise and Fall of the Future

These details are discussed in Amanda Kooser, “Elektro: 1939 Smoking Robot Saved from Oblivion,” C/NET, April 5, 2012, news/ elektro-1939-somking-robot-saved- from-oblivion. 36. Ibid. 37.

Author: Gordon Arnold

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476641010

Category: History

Page: 210

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Mid-20th century America envisioned a wondrous future of comfort, convenience and technological advancement. Popular culture--including World's Fairs, science fiction and advertising--fed high hopes even when war and hardship threatened. American ingenuity and consumer culture promised to deliver flying cars, undersea cities, household robots and space travel. By the 1960s political assassinations, the civil rights and women's movements, the Vietnam War and the "generation gap" eroded that optimism, refocusing attention on the issues of the present. The nation's utopian dream was brief but revealing. Based on a wide range of sources, this book takes a fresh look at America's precipitous fall from futurism to disillusionment.

Proceedings American Philosophical Society vol 93 no 7

... Marius , How the Huron - Wyandot language and constitution of the Iroquois confederacy , 141 was saved from oblivion , 226 Bartley , J. O. , and D. L. Sims , Pre - nineteenth century Collecting materials for a political history of ...


Publisher: American Philosophical Society

ISBN: 1422381145



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Ethnologia Europaea 36 1

The preservation of the ruin was simply a means of ensuring that the intangible memory of those whose lives and devotion it commemorated were saved from oblivion ” ( Sweet 2004 : 242 ) . Sweet further underlines that the buildings or ...

Author: Orvar Löfgren

Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press

ISBN: 8763506912


Page: 69

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This volume starts out with two contrasting studies of monuments. How does the seemingly stability of stone and bronze hide a constantly changing cultural use? Anne Eriksen looks at the history of ruins in Norway. The murmur of ruins turns out to be a speech of modernity, a way of emotionalising place and history. Viktoriya Hryaban discusses the fate of socialist monuments in Ukraine and shows how the attempts to create alternative post-socialist memorials reproduce a traditional Soviet cultural grammar. Lace is a dominating decorative element in many Turkish Dutch homes. It has become a sign of "Turkishness" but as Hilje van der Horst points out, people's relations to this mundane domestic element mirror some important conflicts and ideas about modernity and ethnicity. From the cultural media of monuments and lace, the discussion moves on to two more classic mass media and their role in identity politics. Stijn Reijnders explores a popular Dutch game show that has managed to survive for decades, becoming something of a national institution for some, an example of an outmoded genre for others. How does the involvement mirror ideas of an imagined national community? Finally, Silke Meyer looks at an 18th century national stereotype of "The German quack" in English popular debate and mass media. How did this caricature of Germanness become an alter ego of the English?

Prospects for Immortality

Most religions offer the promise of a soul that can be saved from oblivion , of an identity that is eternal [ 6 ] . So fear of death can be tempered by religion that offers the promise of everlasting existence . The Saved Consciousness ...

Author: J Robert Adams

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351842143

Category: Psychology

Page: 170

View: 422


"Prospects for Immortality: A Sensible Search for Life After Death" theorizes how matters concerning the birth of the universe, its ultimate fate, and the creation, evolution, and final destiny of life on earth co-exist with regenerated consciousness. Readers of this volume will be prompted to think about the basic concepts of life, death, and consciousness in a unique way. Written in a style that entertains and informs, author J. Robert Adams speculates on how the transfer of memory and consciousness into the hereafter occurs in conjunction with the physical, chemical, and historical facts already established by science.