Save the Cat

"Save the Cat" is just one of many ironclad rules for making your ideas more marketable and your script more satisfying - and saleable.

Author: Blake Snyder

Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions

ISBN: 1932907009

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 195

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This ultimate insider's guide reveals the secrets that none dare admit, told by a show biz veteran who's proven that you can sell your script if you can save the cat!

Save the Cat Goes to the Movies

Designed for screenwriters, novelists, and movie fans, this book gives readers the key breakdowns of the 50 most instructional movies from the past 30 years.

Author: Blake Snyder


ISBN: 1615931724

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 312

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Provides advice for budding screenwriters on how to handle the challenges of writing a Hollywood script and includes insider information on the most popular genres in Hollywood as well as references to 500 movie "cousins" to help guide the script writing process.

Save the Cat Writes a Novel

Revealing the 15 "beats" (plot points) that comprise a successful story--from the opening image to the finale--this book lays out the Ten Story Genres (Monster in the House; Whydunit; Dude with a Problem) alongside quirky, original insights ...

Author: Jessica Brody

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 9780399579752

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 320

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The first novel-writing guide from the best-selling Save the Cat! story-structure series, which reveals the 15 essential plot points needed to make any novel a success. Novelist Jessica Brody presents a comprehensive story-structure guide for novelists that applies the famed Save the Cat! screenwriting methodology to the world of novel writing. Revealing the 15 "beats" (plot points) that comprise a successful story--from the opening image to the finale--this book lays out the Ten Story Genres (Monster in the House; Whydunit; Dude with a Problem) alongside quirky, original insights (Save the Cat; Shard of Glass) to help novelists craft a plot that will captivate--and a novel that will sell.

Save the Cat Strikes Back

Screenwriter Blake Snyder, author of Save the Cat!(R) and Save the Cat!(R) Goes to the Movies, has delivered the book countless readers and students have clamored for.

Author: Blake Snyder

Publisher: Save the Cat Press

ISBN: 0984157603

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 181

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Inspired by questions from workshops, lectures, and emails, Blake Snyder provides new tips and techniques to help screenwriters create stories that resonate.

Save the Cat Goes to the Indies

From international sensations like The Blair Witch Project to promising debuts like Pi, from small films that acquired cult status like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to Euro-blockbusters like The Full Monty, from unexpected gems like Before ...

Author: Salva Rubio

Publisher: Save the Cat!(r) Press

ISBN: 0984157662

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 328

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In his best-selling book, Save the Cat!(r) Goes to the Movies, Blake Snyder provided 50 beat sheets to 50 films, mostly studio-made. Now his student, Salva Rubio, applies Blake s principles to 50 celebrated non-studio films (again with 5 beat sheets for each of Blake s 10 genres). From international sensations like The Blair Witch Project topromising debuts like Pi, from small films that acquired cult status like Texas Chain Saw Massacre to Euro-blockbusters like The Full Monty, from unexpected gems like Before Sunrise to textbook classics such as The 400 Blows, from Dogville to Drive and Boogie Nights to Cinema Paradiso, here are 50 movies that fit both the independent label and Blake Snyder s 15 beats. You ll find beat sheets for works from Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, David Lynch, Roman Polanski, Danny Boyle, David Mamet, Spike Jonze, Charlie Kaufman, Sofia Coppola, Stephen Frears, David Hare, Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, and the Coen Brothers, among other renowned writers and directors. You ll see how hitting the beats creates a story that resonates for audiences the world over. Why is this important? Because it gives both writers and moviegoers a language to analyze film and understand how filmmakers can effectively reach audiences. And especially if you are a writer, this book reveals how screenwriters who came before you tackled the same challenges you are facing with the film you want to write or the one you are currently working on."

Save the Cat Workbook

This book provides a template for: The title and loglines The premise (1 page) Character profiles (3 pages) The 15 beats that Snyder identifies - one per page A storyboard - ideally used with sticky Post-Its, but this isn't essential - you ...

Author: Optimal Publishing


ISBN: 9798616422682


Page: 89

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Writing Skills Reference | Film Screenwriting | Guided Prompts For Easy Screenwriting Capturing your thoughts, mapping out your story and outlining your screenplay is essential if you are to write with clarity and purpose. This notebook is designed to help you do just that, by employing the techniques and ideas in Blake Snyder's seminal (and entertaining) work on screenwriting "Save The Cat". If you haven't read it yet, please do - it will provide a fresh perspective on how to write successfully for screen. This book provides a template for: The title and loglines The premise (1 page) Character profiles (3 pages) The 15 beats that Snyder identifies - one per page A storyboard - ideally used with sticky Post-Its, but this isn't essential - you can use a pencil and eraser! 88 pages - space for 4 screenplay plans Features: 8.5" x 11.5" large format high quality white interior Glossy cover Softcover for easy carrying and storage IDEAL GIFT FOR SCREENWRITERS - PERFECT COMPANION TO "SAVE THE CAT"

Miss Curiosity Saves the Cat

Megan Lukas. “May I be of service to the PRINCESS today?” “Why certainly Sir
Dad, we've a kitten to save!” So out in the storm went Gemma and crew, And.

Author: Megan Lukas

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781457567537

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 26

View: 499


On a cold, stormy day Gemma hears a cry for help and bravely ventures outside on a rescue mission. Enlisting the help of Mom and Dad, and by using her head, Gemma looks, feels, and listens for clues to track down and befriend the stranded fluffy creature! In this case, curiosity most definitely saves the cat!

The Cat Lover s Bundle Homer s Odyssey and Love Saves the Day 2 Book Bundle

I wasstayingina friend's spare bedroom while I tried to save upforan affordable
place to live, for example, but I would neverbeableto move into a more
reasonablypriced pet-freebuilding. Therewas no pointin even consideringa
relationship with ...

Author: Gwen Cooper

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780804180375

Category: Pets

Page: 640

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As an acclaimed writer of both fiction and nonfiction, Gwen Cooper touches readers with heartwarming and often surprising insights into the bond between humans and their animal companions. Featuring Cooper’s inspiring memoir, Homer’s Odyssey, and her cat-narrated novel, Love Saves the Day, this eBook bundle is perfect for readers who’ve ever known unswerving feline devotion, fallen asleep with a purring kitten nestled in their arms, or wondered what their cat was really thinking. HOMER’S ODYSSEY A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat “Touching . . . one not to miss.”—USA Today The last thing Gwen Cooper wanted was another cat. She already had two, not to mention an underpaying job and a recently broken heart. Then Gwen’s vet called with a story about a three-week-old eyeless kitten who’d been abandoned. It was love at first sight. Everyone warned that Homer would be an “underachiever,” but the kitten nobody believed in quickly grew into a three-pound dynamo who scaled seven-foot bookcases, survived alone for days after 9/11 in an apartment near the World Trade Center, and even saved Gwen’s life when he chased off a home intruder. By the time Gwen met the man she would marry, Homer had taught her the most valuable lesson of all: Love isn’t something you see with your eyes. LOVE SAVES THE DAY A Novel “Prudence [is a] sassy but sensitive feline heroine.”—Time When five-week-old Prudence meets a woman named Sarah in a deserted construction site on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, she knows she’s found the human she was meant to adopt. For three years their lives are filled with laughter, tuna, catnaps, music, and the unchanging routines Prudence craves. Then one day Sarah doesn’t come home. When Sarah’s estranged daughter and her husband arrive with boxes, Prudence knows that her life has changed forever. Poignant, insightful, and laugh-out-loud funny, Love Saves the Day is the story of a mother, a daughter, and the irrepressible feline who becomes the bridge between them. Prudence, a cat like no other, is sure to steal your heart. Praise for Gwen Cooper Homer’s Odyssey “Moving, insightful, and often hilarious, Homer’s Odyssey is about a blind cat with a spirit of epic proportions. Read and rejoice!”—Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig “Cooper is a genial writer with both a sense of humor and a gift for conveying the inner essence of an animal. . . . The indefatigable feline should be an inspiration to us all.”—The Christian Science Monitor “A wonderful book for animal lovers.”—Temple Grandin, author of Animals in Translation Love Saves the Day “[A] poignant tale . . . [Gwen Cooper] once again demonstrates her compassionate fluency in felinespeak and proves equally adept at conveying complex human emotions with flair and sensitivity.”—Booklist “A reason to stand up and cheer . . . Once again Gwen Cooper shines her light on the territory that defines the human/animal bond.”—Jackson Galaxy, star of My Cat from Hell and author of Cat Daddy “A charming story of love lost and found . . . Love Saves the Day eloquently explains why so many of us would do anything at all for our pets.”—Barbara Delinsky, New York Times bestselling author of Escape


The 112 blog posts in this book have been carefully curated and edited from Blake's originals. We have selected posts that we believe are timeless, resonating as powerfully today as on the day Blake wrote them.

Author: Blake Snyder

Publisher: Save the Cat! Press

ISBN: 0984157670

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 210

View: 447


From 2005 until his death in 2009, Blake Snyder wrote his 3 best-selling Save the Cat!(r) books along with 209 blogs on the Save the Cat!(r) website. The 112 blog posts in this book have been carefully curated and edited from Blake's originals. We have selected posts that we believe are timeless, resonating as powerfully today as on the day Blake wrote them. In addition, we've created 10 chapters in which we've bundled posts according to categories, to simplify your search for the information, encouragement and enthusiasm that were Blake's hallmarks: - Ideas and Concepts - Themes - Titles and Loglines - Genres - Heroes - Structure - Dialogue - The Pitch - Going Pro - Inspiration. Enjoy these meaningful and helpful lessons in screenwriting... and life. Also included are photos that have never been published

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

"Never!" cried Santa. "Let's call Pete the Cat!" In this rockin' new spin on the traditional tale The Night Before Christmas, Pete the Cat proves that giving your all in the spirit of Christmas is the totally groovy thing to do.

Author: Eric Litwin

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062110657

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 40

View: 616


A New York Times bestselling Pete the Cat holiday picture book! Spend the holidays with your favorite blue cat! In this rockin' spin on the traditional tale The Night Before Christmas, Pete the Cat proves that giving your all in the spirit of Christmas is the totally groovy thing to do. The fun never stops—don’t miss Pete’s other spin on a holiday classic, Pete the Cat’s 12 Groovy Days of Christmas. Don't miss Pete's other adventures, including Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses, Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues, Pete the Cat and the New Guy, Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie, Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes, and Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party.

Raindance Writers Lab

Save The Cat The American author and screenwriter, Blake Snyder, has
developed a very useful story organisation device and he has written two books:
Save The Cat and Save The Cat Goes To The Movies. Both books describe the ...

Author: Elliot Grove

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136055690

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 272

View: 477


If you're looking for a straightforward, practical, no-nonsense guide to scriptwriting that will hold your hand right the way through the process, read on! The Raindance Writers' Lab guides you through the tools that enable you to execute a strong treatment for a feature and be well on the way to the first draft of your script. Written by the creator of the Raindance Film Festival himself, Elliot Grove uses a hands-on approach to screenwriting based on his many years of experience teaching the subject for Raindance training. He uses step-by-step processes illustrated with diagrams and charts to lend a visual structure to the teaching. Techniques are related to real-life examples throughout, from low budget to blockbuster films. The Companion Website contains interviews with British writers and directors as well as a handy series of legal contracts, video clips and writing exercises. In this brand new 2nd edition, Grove expands on his story structure theory, as well as how to write for the internet and short films. The website also contains sample scripts and legal contracts, a writing exercise illustrated with a video clip, a folder full of useful hyperlinks for research, and a demo version of Final Draft screenwriting software.

Eloquent Silence

Case fourteen Nansen Cuts the Cat in Two Nansen saw the monks of the eastern
and western halls fighting over a cat. He seized the cat and told the monks, “Ifany
of you can say a word, you will save the cat.”No one answered, so Nansen ...

Author: Nyogen Senzaki

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780861715596

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 433

View: 955


This new book, Eloquent Silence, brings depth and breadth to our knowledge and appreciation of this historic figure. For the first time, we can read Nyogen Senzaki's commentaries on the complete Gateless Gate, as well as on several cases from the Blue Rock Collection and the Book of Equanimity; and transcriptions of his talks on Zen, esoteric Buddhism, the Lotus Sutra, what it means to be a Buddhist monk, and many other subjects. Eloquent Silence also includes poems in Nyogen Senzaki's beautiful calligraphic hand (and his own translations); two early letters to his teacher, Soyen Shaku (who represented Japan at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893), as well as a partial autobiography of Soyen Shaku; a series of letters in response to an article by Nyogen Senzaki that was severely critical of the Japanese Zen establishment; and rare photographs. Roko Sherry Chayat has edited Nyogen Senzaki's words with sensitivity and grace, retaining his wry, probing style yet bringing clarity and accessibility to these remarkably contemporary teachings.

The Conscience

One generates the plan to save the Picasso , tests it by his interest , and finds that
the more important value , cat ' s life , will be violated : it will die in the fire . Hence
, one will save its life first , giving up the Picasso . It is irrational to save the ...

Author: Moshe Kroy

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 0470508566

Category: Conscience

Page: 228

View: 119


Crimes of the Future

cat. is. being. cut. In order to go beyond the dead end apparently brought by such
nihilism, we may turn toward the philosophical core of Mishima's novel. It lies in a
... He held up the cat and said: “If you can give an answer, you will save the cat.

Author: Jean-Michel Rabaté

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441155634

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

View: 434


The decade since the publication of Jean-Michel Rabaté's controversial manifesto The Future of Theory saw important changes in the field. The demise of most of the visible French or German philosophers, who had produced texts that would trigger new debates, then to be processed by Theory, has led to drastic revisions and starker assessments. Globalization has been the most obvious factor to modify the selection of texts studied. During the twentieth century, Theory incorporated poetics, rhetorics, aesthetics and linguistics, while also opening itself to continental philosophy. What has changed today? The knowledge that we live in a de-centered world has destabilized the primacy granted to a purely Western canon. Moreover, much of contemporary theory remains highly allusive and this is often baffling for students. Theory keeps recycling itself, producing authentic returns of basic theses, terms and concepts. Canonical modern theorists often return to classical texts, as those of Plato, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche. And now we want to know: what is new? Crimes of the Future explores the past, present and potential future of Theory.

Your Cat Simple New Secrets to a Longer Stronger Life

According to the popular theory of that time, house cats didn't exercise, were
bored with indoor life, had nothing to do but eat all day, became lazy and
unmotivated, and obesity naturally resulted. It was the cat's fault, again. In an
effort to save ...

Author: Elizabeth M. Hodgkins, D.V.M., Esq.

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781429993449

Category: Pets

Page: 304

View: 339


In this controversial new book, dedicated veterinarian Elizabeth M. Hodgkins, D.V.M., Esq. raises the alarm regarding the dry food we feed our cats and the nutritional diseases that result. Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life turns today's conventional wisdom of cat care on its head with completely new, yet remarkably easy-to-follow guidelines for every cat owner. From kitten-rearing to the adult cat's middle years to caring for the geriatric cat, Dr. Hodgkins explores the full spectrum of proper cat care, as well as the many deadly feline diseases that are rampant. This indispensible manual belongs on every modern cat owner's shelf.

A Planet Named Greenleaf

A Sick Cat Rascal, Jack Martin's bond mate alerted him to another problem soon
after the bonding of Tara and Buddy. ... and fired him from the job, turning the cat
over to some other animal doctor who was trying to save the cat but failing.

Author: Dolores Strandberg

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469119311

Category: Fiction

Page: 185

View: 102


A teenager named Celt believes her parents have been killed runs away and becomes a stowaway on a spaceship carrying supplies to a new colony on a planet named Greenleaf. Adopted into a family on Greenleaf she and an odd kitten she befriends find many adventures as she grows up. The new planet becomes home in spite of strange animals wreaking havoc among the human population. They defend their new home even though the animals and strange trees are not the only problems that arise. Strange unexpected things happen; more than one cat finds a home here; kidnappers make another attempt to steal her away, foiled by the cats and her new friends. Carving out new homes take time and make for many more adventures as she grows up learning much more about the cats. Her parents are found alive but captive of the villains. Again she finds more adventures as she and her friends return to Earth to rescue her parents. Then with the unexpected help given by the cats they return to Greenleaf for more exciting adventures.

Cat Whispers

The sick looking cat Maurice described was indeed very sick. He had cancer in
his bottomjaw and it had to be removed. Both, the cancer and thejaw. Drastic as it
may sound, it did save the cat. For a while he had to have a tube placed through

Author: Aleksandra Milaszewska

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462837344

Category: Fiction


View: 272


Think Like a Cat

Data Tracking Put a calendar on your refrigerator and keep track of when your cat
inappropriately eliminates or sprays and ... If there is an accurate diagnosis and
the appropriate drug is used , it could save a cat with a behavior problem from ...

Author: Pam Johnson-Bennett

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101552674

Category: Pets

Page: 432

View: 825


America's favorite cat behavior expert, author of Catwise and Cat vs. Cat, offers the most complete resource for cat owners of all stripes, now fully updated. "The queen of cat behavior" - Steve Dale, author of My Pet World Think it's impossible to train a cat? Think again! By learning how to think like a cat, you'll be amazed at just how easy it is. Whether you are a veteran cat lover, a brand-new owner of a sweet kitten, or the frustrated companion of a feline whose driving you crazy, Pam Johnson-Bennett will help you understand what makes your cat tick (as well as scratch and purr). Topics range from where to get a cat to securing a vet; from basic health care to treating more serious problems; choosing an inrresistible scratching post and avoiding litterbox problems. A comprehensive guide to cat care and training, she helps you understand the instincts that guide feline behavior. Using behavior modification and play therapy techniques, she shares successful methods that will help you and your cat build a great relationship.


when he remembered how he had scared off the French canal-boat cat, who had
become worried that he might not be himself. Take it ... Obviously they've not
succeeded yet, but their professional enterprises—well, it could be the saving of

Author: Zizou Corder

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101042717

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 559


When his parents are kidnapped, what's ten-year-old Charlie Ashanti to do? Rescue them, that's what! He doesn't know who has taken his parents, or why. But he does know that one special talent will aid him on his journey--his amazing ability to speak Cat. Charlie calls on his clever feline friends--from stray city cats to magnificent caged lions--for help. With them by his side, Charlie uses wit and courage to try to find his parents before it's too late. With its whirlwind action and suspense, Lionboy is a nonstop page-turner. This mother-daughter writing team will fascinate readers of all ages with their Cat-speaking hero! "A zinger of a story, told with a J.K. Rowling-like blend of humor, drama and headlong plotting." --The Washington Post

The Journal of Comparative Medicine and Surgery

Our animal - trainers are apt to be careful hereafter how , in seeking to save the
cost of pumice - stone soap or sand - paper , they wash their faces by rubbing
them against the ... A Police officer went to the rescue of the cat and landed it
safely .




Category: Veterinary medicine


View: 278