Savage Africa

OF Discovery and Adventure in Africa . ... The amount of travel literature which HARPER & BROTHERS have published relating to Africa makes a curious list , and illustrates ... 8vo , Cloth , $ 3 50 . ringtone : Reade's Savage Africa .

Author: William Winwood Reade

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Tour in equatorial, south-western, and north-western Africa; with notes on the habits of the gorilla; on the existence of unicorns and tailed men; on the slave trade; on the origin, character, and capabilities of the negro and on the future civilization of Western Africa.

Savage Africa Second edition

It is certain that the woolly hair , the prognathous development , and the deep black skin of the typical negro , are not peculiar to the African continent . The debasement of the negroes is , on the whole , more physical than mental .

Author: William Winwood READE


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Hunger and Work in a Savage Tribe

Three Years in Savage Africa. London. Dornan, S. S. 1908. The Bechuana. P.R.S.A., Vol. VIII, No. 1. Dornan, S. S. 1925. Pygmies and Bushmen of the Kalahari. London. Dornan, S. S. 1928. Rain-making in South Africa. B.S., Vol. III, No. 2.

Author: Audrey Richards

Publisher: Routledge

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Hunger and Work in a Savage Tribe examines the cultural aspects of food and eating among the Southern Bantu, taking as its starting point the bold statement 'nutrition as a biological process is more fundamental than sex'. When it was first published in 1932, with a preface by Malinowski, it laid the groundwork for sociological theory of nutrition. Richards was also among the first anthropologists to establish women's lives and the social sphere as legitimate subjects for anthropological study.

Colonial Cinema in Africa

trade “Savage South Africa,” which is to be produced at Earls Court this summer.”29 In addition to daily stage shows, the troupe became the subject of Landing of Savage South Africa at Southampton (1899), a British Mutoscope and ...

Author: Glenn Reynolds

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In recent decades historians and film scholars have intensified their study of colonial cinema in Africa. Yet the vastness of the continent, the number of European powers involved and irregular record keeping has made uncovering the connections between imagery, imperialism and indigenous peoples difficult. This volume takes up the challenge, tracing production and exhibition patterns to show how motion pictures were introduced on the continent during the "Scramble for Africa" and the subsequent era of consolidation. The author describes how early actualities, expeditionary footage, ethnographic documentaries and missionary films were made in the African interior and examines the rise of mass black spectatorship. While Africans in the first two decades of the 20th century were sidelined as cinema consumers because of colonial restrictions, social and political changes in the subsequent interwar period--wrought by large-scale mining in southern Africa--led to a rethinking of colonial film policy by missionaries, mining concerns and colonial officials. By World War II, cinema had come to black Africa.

The Old Guard

Indeed , the relations of wife and child , as we understand them , are unknown in savage Africa . A negro's women are simply his property . He buys as many as he can , and sells or kills whenever he pleases .



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Central Africa Japan and Fiji

It will be seen from these facts that the custom of kidnapping , and selling into slavery , all defence- less and conquered natives , had been made part and parcel of savage African life . Among the White Nile tribes , at one time ...

Author: Emma Raymond Pitman


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History in Africa

399-401; Raponda-Walker, Dictionnaire, p. 203. In contrast to the African traditions regarding Pygmies, some Europeans first considered them as part animal. Savage believed that they belonged to the sub-genus Troglodytes, ...



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