Sams in a Dry Season

familiar with, more on the order of a British ale, say Wat- ney's, one of those, made perfect historical (empirical?) sense for an India ale to resemble a British ale, but enough pseudo- historical bullshit, Sams, mark one thing well, ...

Author: Ivan Gold

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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Two decades after writing the acclaimed Nickel Miseries and Sick Friends, Ivan Gold has broken his silence and produced a novel which brings back the character Jason Sams. Combining fiction and memoir about triumph over the blackness of alcoholism, Sams in a Dry Season tracks Jason as he drowns in liquor and then, after several eye-opening experiences, puts down the bottle for good.

Air Power in Three Wars WWII Korea Vietnam

As early as 1 January 1971 , a B - 52 strike in the vicinity of Ban Karai Pass was subjected to a SAM launch . The SAMs became a continuous threat in Laos by the time of the 1971–1972 dry season . More than 160 SAMs were launched in the ...

Author: William W. Momyer


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Air power in three wars

As early as 1 January 1971, a B-52 strike in the vicinity of Ban Karai Pass was subjected to a SAM launch. The SAMs became a continuous threat in Laos by the time of the 1971-1972 dry season. More than 160 SAMs were launched in the ...


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The Literary Mafia

Lionel Trilling to Sam Astrachan, May 17, 1960, LTP. 81. Dan Wakefield, New York in the Fifties (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1992), 31. 82. Ivan Gold, Sams in a Dry Season (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1990), 122. 83.

Author: Josh Lambert

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300251425

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An investigation into the transformation of publishing in the United States from a field in which Jews were systematically excluded to one in which they became ubiquitous "Readers with an interest in the industry will find plenty of insights."--Publishers Weekly "From the very first page, this book is funnier and more gripping than a book on publishing has any right to be. Anyone interested in America's intellectual or Jewish history must read this, and anyone looking for an engrossing story should."--Emily Tamkin, author of Bad Jews In the 1960s and 1970s, complaints about a "Jewish literary mafia" were everywhere. Although a conspiracy of Jews colluding to control publishing in the United States never actually existed, such accusations reflected a genuine transformation from an industry notorious for excluding Jews to one in which they arguably had become the most influential figures. Josh Lambert examines the dynamics between Jewish editors and Jewish writers; how Jewish women exposed the misogyny they faced from publishers; and how children of literary parents have struggled with and benefited from their inheritances. Drawing on interviews and tens of thousands of pages of letters and manuscripts, The Literary Mafia offers striking new discoveries about celebrated figures such as Lionel Trilling and Gordon Lish, and neglected fiction by writers including Ivan Gold, Ann Birstein, and Trudy Gertler. In the end, we learn how the success of one minority group has lessons for all who would like to see American literature become more equitable.

Air Power in Three Wars World War II Korea Vietnam Illustrated Edition

The SAMs became a continuous threat in Laos by the time of the 1971-1972 dry season. More than 160 SAMs were launched in the course of the campaign causing the loss of ten aircraft. The first AC-130 shot down by a SAM in Laos occurred ...

Author: General William W. Momyer USAF

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 9781786250728

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[Includes over 130 illustrations and maps] This insightful work documents the thoughts and perspectives of a general with 35 years of history with the U.S. Air Force – General William W. Momyer. The manuscript discusses his years as a senior commander of the Air Force – strategy, command and control counter air operations, interdiction, and close air support. His perspectives cover World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Now Read this II

... 295 Salvation on Sand Mountain : Snake Handling and Redemption in Southern Appalachia , 52 , 194 Salzman , Mark , 97 , 281 Sam and His Brother Len , 79 , 179 The Same River Twice , 88 Sams in a Dry Season , 161 Sams , Ferrol , 97 ...

Author: Nancy Pearl

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Offers an annotated listing of 1,000 acclaimed or award-winning novels, each with a plot summary, indication of suitability for a discussion group, list of subject headings, and recommendations for similar titles.

To be Continued

Sams in a Dry Season. Houghton, 1990. In the 1960s, Jason Sams goes to California to be a writer, but all he finds there is the hedonistic life of sex and alcohol. In the 1970s, Sams is fired from his job at Boston University.

Author: Merle Jacob

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Main entries by author, then series. Title and subject index also included.

Creating from the Spirit

... like Faulkner, prey to an early death, like Fitzgerald, or ending in suicide by shotgun, like Hemingway. Ivan Gold, who dramatizes the destructive effects of the alcohol- creativity myth in his novel Sams in a Dry Season, ...

Author: Dan Wakefield

Publisher: Beech River Books

ISBN: 9780982521441

Category: Creative ability

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"A journalist/novelist debunks many of the myths associated with the creative process and shows how to access our natural perceptions and hidden resources to attain clarity of mind, body and spirit. Includes interviews and examples of 'creators from the spirit'"--Provided by publisher.

The Existential drinker

In Ivan Gold's Sams in a Dry Season (1990), for instance, the author's fictionalised self (Jason Sams) looks back scathingly at the fact he ever bought into the whole romantic myth of the big-drinking ...

Author: Steven Earnshaw

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781526134721

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Looks at the nineteenth-century convergence of a new kind of excessive, habitual drinking, and a new way of thinking about the self, which we came to label ‘existential’.


A review of Ivan Gold's Sams in a Dry Season A Mixed Bag . A review of Adult Children of Alcoholics Remember , E. Nelson Hayes , editor . Missed Opportunities . A review of Hilary Spurling's Paul Scott : The Life of the Author of the ...



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