Wes Anderson

Rushmore screenplay, Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson, Faber & Faber, 1999 2. Bottle Rocket Blu-ray, Criterion Collection, 4 December 2017 3. Close-ups: Wes Anderson, Sophie Monks Kaufman, William Collins, 2018 4. NPR.org, Terry Gross, ...

Author: Ian Nathan

Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group USA

ISBN: 9780711256002

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The definitive reference for all Wes Anderson fans. Loaded with rich imagery and detailed analysis of his incredible films – including the classics The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom as well as Anderson's highly anticipated new releaseThe French Dispatch – this is the first book to feature all of Wes Anderson's movies in a single volume. Acclaimed film journalist Ian Nathan provides an intelligent and thoughtful examination of the work of one of contemporary film’s greatest visionaries, charting the themes, visuals, and narratives that have come to define Anderson’s work and contributed to his films an idiosyncratic character that's adored by his loyal fans. From Anderson’s regular cast members – including Bill Murray and Owen Wilson – to his instantly recognisable aesthetic, recurring motifs and his scriptwriting processes, this in-depth collection will reveal how Wes Anderson became one of modern cinema’s most esteemed and influential directors. Presented in a slipcase with 8-page gatefold section, this stunning package will delight all Wes Anderson devotees and movie lovers in general. Unauthorised and Unofficial.

The Cinema of Wes Anderson

9 In his introduction to the Rushmore screenplay, Anderson recounts the story of the day he had a private screening of the film for Pauline Kael, fulfilling a childhood dream of his (he and Owen Wilson ...

Author: Whitney Crothers Dilley

Publisher: Columbia University Press

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Wes Anderson is considered one of the most important directors of the post-Baby Boom generation, making films such as Rushmore (1998) and The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) in a style so distinctive that his films are often recognizable from a single frame. Through the travelogue The Darjeeling Limited (2007) and the stop-motion animation of Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), his films examine issues of gender, race, and class through dysfunctional family dynamics, with particular focus on masculinity and male bonding. Anderson's auteur status is enriched by his fascination with Truffaut and the French New Wave, as well as his authorship of every one of his screenplays, drawing on influences as diverse as Mark Twain, J. D. Salinger, Roald Dahl, and Stefan Zweig. Works such as Moonrise Kingdom (2012) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) continue to fascinate with their postmodern, hyper-nostalgic attention to detail. This book explores the filmic and literary influences that have helped make Anderson a major voice in 21st century "indie" culture, and reveals why Wes Anderson is one of the most inventive filmmakers working in cinema today.


Rushmore is the second work from the team of Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson following the success of their debut screenplay and film Bottle Rocket.

Author: Wes Anderson

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Rushmore is the second work from the team of Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson following the success of their debut screenplay and film Bottle Rocket. It is a refreshingly offbeat comedy about young Max Fish, a precocious pupil at a conservative private school. He is a live wire, a teenager full of madcap entrepreneurial schemes that usually in failure. His personal life becomes similarly complicated when he falls for his elegant teacher, Rosemary Cross, and finds himself vying for her favor with Herman Blume-who is portrayed in the film by Bill Murray-the wealthy father of two of his classmates. Max ultimately proves himself a figure of some tenacity as he negotiates the minefield of love, desire, and adolescence.At the Toronto Film Festival, Screen International called Rushmore "a real charmer filled with surprise twists and emotions that avoid sentimentality . . . A little gem."

The Encyclopedia of Sexism in American Films

The female characters are treated gently but predictably in Rushmore. This does not detract from ... Wes, and Owen Wilson. Rushmore: A Screenplay. ... LaForce, R. J. “Rushmore and the Style and Substance of Wes Anderson.” Birth.Movies.

Author: Salvador Jimenez Murguía

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The treatment—and mistreatment—of women throughout history continues to be a necessary topic of discussion, in order for progress to be made and equality to be achieved. While current articles and books expose troubling truths of the gender divide, modern cinema continues to provide problematic depictions of such behavior—with a few heartening exceptions. The Encyclopedia of Sexism in American Films closely examines the many, pervasive forms of sexism in contemporary productions—from clueless comedies to superhero blockbusters. In more than 130 entries, this volume explores a number of cinematic grievances including: the objectification of women’s bodies the limited character types available for female performers the lack of sexual diversity on the screen the limited range of desirable traits for female performers the use of gratuitous sex the narrow focus on heteronormative depictions of courtship and romance The films discussed here include As Good as It Gets (1999), Beauty and The Beast (2017), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Do the Right Thing (1989), Easy A (2010), The Forty-Year-Old Virgin (2005), Hidden Figures (2016), Lost in Translation (2003), Mulholland Drive (2001), Showgirls (1995), The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Star Wars (1977), Thelma & Louise (1991), Tootsie (1982), The Witches of Eastwick (1987), and 9 to 5 (1980). By digging deeply into more insidious forms of sexual/gender discrimination, this book illuminates one more aspect of women’s lives that deserves to be understood. Offering insights and analysis from more than fifty contributors, The Encyclopedia of Sexism in American Films will appeal to scholars of cinema, gender studies, women’s studies, and cultural history.

Wes Anderson Why His Movies Matter

Rushmore Production Notes, http:rushmore.shootangle.com/ academy/ films / rushmore / library/ rushmore_press_kit. pdf. Anderson, Wes, and Owen Wilson. (1999). Rushmore (classic screenplay). London: Faber & Faber. Bazin, Andre. (1967).

Author: Mark Browning

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This is the first full-length study devoted to the films of Wes Anderson, one of the most distinctive filmmakers working today. • A bibliography

100 Greatest Cult Films

... Wiseau served as the vanguard for a new wave of trash auteurs that includes Neil Breen, James Nguyen, and Josh Rad. RUSHMORE (1998) Director: Wes Anderson Screenplay: Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson Cast: Jason Schwartzman (Max Fischer), ...

Author: Christopher J. Olson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442211049

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The term “cult film” may be difficult to define, but one thing is certain: A cult film is any movie that has developed a rabid following for one reason or another. From highly influential works of pop art like Eraserhead and Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! to trash masterpieces such as Miami Connection and Fateful Findings, thousands of movies have earned recognition as cult classics over the years, and new movies rise to cult status every year. So how do viewers searching for the best or most important cult films decide where to start? In 100 Greatest Cult Films, Christopher J. Olson highlights the most provocative, intriguing, entertaining, and controversial films produced over the last century. The movies included here have either earned reputations as bona fide cult classics or have in some way impacted our understanding of cult cinema, often transcending traditional notions of “good” and “bad” while featuring memorable characters, unforgettably shocking scenes, and exceptionally quotable dialogue. With detailed arguments for why these films deserve to be considered among the greatest of all time, Olson provides readers fodder for debate and a jumping-off point for future watching. A thought-provoking and accessible look at dozens of cinematic “treasures,” this resource includes valuable information on the films, creators, and institutions that have shaped cult cinema. Ultimately, The 100 Greatest Cult Films offers readers—from casual cinephiles, film scholars, and avid fans alike—a chance to discover or re-discover some of the most memorable films of all time.

Uncle John s Bathroom Reader Plunges Into Texas Bigger and Better

Famous for: (Owen) Shanghai Noon; (Luke) Old School Did you know: Owen was expelled from Dallas's St. Mark's Academy in the tenth grade, which inspired his Rushmore screenplay. Younger brother Luke stayed at St. Mark's, where he still ...

Author: Bathroom Readers' Institute

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Uncle John ropes, wrassles, and rides into the Lone Star State in this updated, king-sized grab-bag of all things Texas. Packed with 60 new pages, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into Texas Expanded Edition! is bigger and badder than the previous edition. This cowboy-sized collection of Texas talents, truisms, and tales offers fans everything they love about the Lone Star State: its colorful history, fascinating figures, good grub, bona fide Texas brews, and much more. Like what? How about . . . * Cowboy street cred: How to tell a drugstore cowboy from the real deal. * Hogs gone wild! * The funniest Texas tombstones. * A few facts about the grand Rio Grande. * Oil myths, rodeo clowns, water wars, and all the weird, wild, and wonderful things that can be found only deep in the heart of Texas.

Oddball Texas

For a while it was a true buyer's market, and you could pick up one of these works of art for about $500. That's what Texan Harvey Gough paid. We risked nuclear Armageddon for this? Owen Wilson based his Rushmore screenplay on his ...

Author: Jerome Pohlen

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

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This amusing travel guide to the Lone Star State doesn't waste travelers' time telling them where to find antiques in the Hill Country, take breathtaking hikes through Big Bend, or gaze upon the Alamo. Instead, it guides television fans to a modern replica of the Munsters's mansion, leads the nonsqueamish to the world's only Cockroach Hall of Fame, and points the curious towards a small town filled with hippo statues. Among other things, Texas is home to Goliath-sized roadside attractions, and directions are provided on how to reach the World's Largest Six-Shooter, World's Largest Rattlesnake, and World's Largest Wooden Nickel. The accompanying photographs and maps instruct visitors on how to get to these and other extraordinary spots, including the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, the Celebrity Shoe Musuem, Alley Oop's Fantasyland, and the Birthplace of Fritos. A dose of wacky Texas history is also included with answers to questions such as "Did a UFO really crash into a windmill northwest of Fort Worth in 1897? "and "What does an Abilene Kinko's have to do with the early retirement of Dan Rather?"

Naked Screenwriting

They bought a novel for him called The Wreck of Mary Deare, and Hitchcock requested me as his screenwriter. ... I looked down about halfway and thought to myself, “What the hell is a screenwriter doing on Mount Rushmore?

Author: Lew Hunter


ISBN: 9781538137963


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Through interviews with world-renowned UCLA screenwriting professor Lew Hunter, Oscar-winning screenwriters and multiple award-winners reveal their Hollywood secrets in crafting brilliant stories and methodology. Interviewees include Francis Ford Coppola, William Golden, Alexander Payne, Ernest Lehman, Horton Foote and Billy Wilde.

The Aspiring Screenwriter s Dirty Lowdown Guide to Fame and Fortune

What follows is an actual sample coverage of the script for the movie Rushmore, released in 1999. ... 1997 TITLE: RUSHMORE GENRE: Coming of Age Comedy/Drama AUTHOR: Wes Anderson LOCATION: Private School/Large City FORM/PP:SP/111 CIRCA: ...

Author: Andy Rose

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

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A humorous and pithy guide to the craft of writing a screenplay and the business of being a screenwriter. Seeing your name on the silver screen beneath the words "Written By" is a moment most writers only dream of. But for those daring and talented few, brave enough to take their hopes to Hollywood, there are clear and tangible steps to achieve that goal if one knows the path. The Aspiring Screenwriter's Dirty Lowdown Guide to Fame and Fortune provides that path. And Andy Rose has walked it. With years of experience with every major film studio and network, and dozens of successful screenplays, Andy knows the business. He’s here to debunk the big screen and teach you how to write a blockbuster screenplay and equally important, how to sell it. Andy has worked with the best: Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, David Geffen, and Jeff Katzenberg to name a few. He has filled this book with real life examples to learn from including contracts, screenplays, treatments, press, and more. For anyone who’s ever dreamed of writing a screenplay, for anyone who’s wondered how to sell one, this is a must read.