Ancient Mediterranean Sea in Modern Visual and Performing Arts

Sailing in Troubled Waters Rosario Rovira Guardiola ... (2004),59 Trilogia del
naufragio (Shipwreck Trilogy) by Lina Prosa (2007– 13),60 and Rumore di acque
(Noise in the Waters) by Marco Martinelli (2010).61 This last production deserves

Author: Rosario Rovira Guardiola

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474298612

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When thinking about the Mediterranean, Fernand Braudel's haunting words resound like an echo of the sea and its millenary history. From Prehistory until today, the Mediterranean has been setting, witness and protagonist of mythical adventures, of encounters with the Other, of battles and the rise and fall of cultures and empires, of the destinies of humans. Braudel's appeal for a long durée history of the Mediterranean challenged traditional views that often present it as a sea fragmented and divided through periods. This volume proposes a journey into the bright and dark sides of the ancient Mediterranean through the kaleidoscopic gaze of artists who from the Renaissance to the 21st century have been inspired by its myths and history. The view of those who imagined and recreated the past of the sea has largely contributed to the shaping of modern cultures which are inexorably rooted and embedded in Mediterranean traditions. The contributions look at modern visual reinterpretations of ancient myths, fiction and history and pay particular attention to the theme of sea travel and travellers, which since Homer's Odyssey has become the epitome of the discovery of new worlds, of cultural exchanges and a metaphor of personal developments and metamorphoses.

Encounters with the Real in Contemporary Italian Literature and Cinema

Loredana Di Martino, Pasquale Verdicchio ... Thus, while Crialese's Terraferma [
Terra Firma] and Martinelli's Rumore di Acque [Noise in the Waters] succeed in
making audiences engage critically with the subject by evoking the “real,” ...

Author: Loredana Di Martino

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443862288

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This volume explores the Italian contribution to the current global phenomenon of a “return to reality” by examining the country’s rich cultural production in literature and cinema. The focus is particularly on works from the period spanning the Nineties to the present day which offer alternatives to notions of reality as manufactured by the collusion between the neo-liberal state and the media. The book also discusses Italy’s relationship with its own cultural past by investigating how Italian authors deal with the return of the specter of Neorealism as it haunts the modern artistic imagination in this new epoch of crisis. Furthermore, the volume engages in dialogue with previous works of criticism on contemporary Italian realism, while going beyond them in devoting equal attention to cinema and literature. The resulting interactions will aid the reader in understanding how the critical arts respond to the triumph of hyperrealism in the current era of the virtual spectacle as they seek new ways to promote cognitive transformations and foster ethical interventions.

Transmedia Creatures

Marco Martinelli, “Rumore di acque / Noise in the Waters,” trans. Thomas
Simpson, California Italian Studies 2, no. 1 (2011): 26. doi: ismrg_cisj_9010. 27.
J.M.W. Turner, Slave Ship (Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying,
Typhoon ...

Author: Francesca Saggini

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9781684480623

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On the 200th anniversary of the first edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Transmedia Creatures presents studies of Frankenstein by international scholars from converging disciplines such as humanities, musicology, film studies, television studies, English and digital humanities. These innovative contributions investigate the afterlives of a novel taught in a disparate array of courses - Frankenstein disturbs and transcends boundaries, be they political, ethical, theological, aesthetic, and not least of media, ensuring its vibrant presence in contemporary popular culture. Transmedia Creatures highlights how cultural content is redistributed through multiple media, forms and modes of production (including user-generated ones from “below”) that often appear synchronously and dismantle and renew established readings of the text, while at the same time incorporating and revitalizing aspects that have always been central to it. The authors engage with concepts, value systems and aesthetic-moral categories—among them the family, horror, monstrosity, diversity, education, risk, technology, the body—from a variety of contemporary approaches and highly original perspectives, which yields new connections. Ultimately, Frankenstein, as evidenced by this collection, is paradoxically enriched by the heteroglossia of preconceptions, misreadings, and overreadings that attend it, and that reveal the complex interweaving of perceptions and responses it generates. Published by Bucknell University Press. Distributed worldwide by Rutgers University Press.

Border Lampedusa

Original version in Italian:“Per anni questi nomi, con illoro carico di carne e ossa,
sono andatilontano dal luogo della loro ... The second act, Rumore di acque (
Noise in the waters), presents the monstrous character of a nameless general 98

Author: Gabriele Proglio

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319593302

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This book analyses the European border at Lampedusa as a metaphor for visible and invisible powers that impinge on relations between Europe and Africa/Asia. Taking an interdisciplinary approach (political, social, cultural, economic and artistic), it explores the island as a place where social relations based around race, gender, sex, age and class are being reproduced and/or subverted. The authors argue that Lampedusa should be understood as a synecdoche for European borders and boundaries. Widening the classical definition of the term ‘border’, the authors examine the different meanings assigned to the term by migrants, the local population, seafarers and associative actors based on their subjective and embodied experiences. They reveal how migration policies, international relations with African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries, and the perpetuation of new forms of colonization and imperialism entail heavy consequences for the European Union. This work will appeal to a wide readership, from scholars of migration, anthropology and sociology, to students of political science, Italian, African and cultural studies.

Rumore Di Acque Noise in the Waters

"The heretical approach to politically committed theatre carries on in RUMORE DI ACQUE, the monologue composed in 2010 by Teatro delle Albe's playwright and director, Marco Martinelli."—Franco Nasi

Author: Marco Martinelli

Publisher: Bordighera Incorporated

ISBN: 1599540665

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Drama. Italian Studies. Translated from the Italian by Thomas Simpson. In its first founding manifestoes of the 1980s, Teatro delle Albe defined itself as "Politttttttical Theatre," with seven t's, to declare with irreverent irony its distance from the era's reigning, ideologically muscle-bound political theatre, turgid and smug in its certainties and judgements. Because in Italian the word 'politico' means 'political' but the word 'polittico,' with two t's, means 'polyptych' – that is, a painting consisting of multiple images – the invention of the ironic term 'politttttttico' also intended to trumpet the urgency of observing Italy's community (the polis) from multiple viewpoints, fixing a fiercely ingenuous gaze on a plural reality. Unafraid of finding surprise in the ordinary, the company declared that it would create theatrical actions composed of multifaceted representations, aimed at an audience in search of questions rather than confirmation of received thought. "The heretical approach to politically committed theatre carries on in RUMORE DI ACQUE, the monologue composed in 2010 by Teatro delle Albe's playwright and director, Marco Martinelli."—Franco Nasi

L Anello che non tiene

reflective surface : " a specchio d ' acque " ( REBORA , Poesia italiana , 187 ) , "
acqua di nube / che oggi rispecchia nei fossi ... It is also possible to imply the
reflectiveness of the water ' s surface by referring to the visual presence of sky ,
clouds or ... sound by moving water becomes a predictable component of the
referential dynamic as well : " mormorio d ' acque ... d ' acqua / diroccata e
lontana " ( CAPRONI , 52 ) , " rumore dell ' acqua in movimento " ( QUASIMODO ,
176 ) , " i tocchi ...



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58 mostra internazionale d arte cinematografica

... Garde Home Movie ( Film di Stan Brakhage : film domestico d ' avanguardia )
cm ; Silent Sound Sense Stars Subotnick and Sender , 1963 ... Song VIII ( Canto
VIII ) cm ; 1965 Black Vision ( Visione nera ) cm ; Fire of Waters ( Fuoco d ' acque
) cm ; Pasht cm ; The Art of Vision ... Dreaming ( Io . . . sognante ) cm ; Loud
Visual Noises ( Forti rumori visuali ) cm ; Marilyn ' s Window ( La finestra di
Marilyn ) cm ...


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Lotus International

Un lato accentuatamente frontale - volto verso il bordo dell'abitato - definito dalla
prevalenza di muro, dal raduno delle finestre in un ... “Il monumento offre lunghi
canali per l'acqua''- allusione alla reale presenza e al rumore dell'acqua del rio
che scende a fondovalle. ... the water to flow through' - an allusion to the “real
presence'' and sound of the waters of the stream flowing through the valley-



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General Medicine

Author: Bozzano G Luisa

Publisher: Elsevier Science Limited

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Basic tables contain English definitions followed by equivalent terms in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Part 2 contains foreign term with a reference to entry number in the basic tables.

La Poetica Dell oggetto

... Diana's lover at seeing her " tutta ignuda ” ( naked body / completely nude )
bathing in the “ gelide acque ” ( icy waters ) . As the shepherhess dips the veil
into the waters , and , we can imagine , watches it bend with the movement of the
water ... faint than her heart , the stopwatch deepens this sounded silence in its
ticking that is " senza rumore , ” that has no sound . ... That the “ luce di lampo ”
can change these objects ( mutarvi ) into something “ rich and strange " intimates
1 -- - - 1 ...

Author: Nicole Antoinette Lopez


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The Journal of the American Medical Association

As it dissolves only slowly in the water , it settles gradually to the bottom and at
once a lively generation of carbonic dioxid ... Contributo allo studio dei rumori
musicali endocardici . ... Sulla prova dell ' acqua acetica , etc . ... Ueber die
Diagnostik der accidentellen Herzgeräusche im Kindesalter ( heart sounds in
children ) .



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In sc na

Acroterio di sarcofago Già nel Museo Kircheriano Marmo lunense Alt . cm 41 ;
largh . cm 43 Roma , Museo Nazionale Romano , Palazzo Massimo alle Terme ,
inv . n . ... dei diversi rumori , che dagli urli della tempesta al mormorio delle foglie
e al mormorio della foresta e delle acque ... noises , from the howling of the
tempest to the murmuring of leaves , and the murmuring of the forest and of
waters ...

Author: Nicola Savarese

Publisher: Mondadori Electa

ISBN: UCSD:31822037119245

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Mediterranean Continental Shelf

Entro le acque territoriali la zona di sicu Inside territorial waters , any safety zone
rezza , su richiesta del titolare del ... They temente isolati dai rumori , ventilati ,
riscalda- must also be adequately sound - proofed , ventiti quando occorra e ...

Author: Umberto Leanza


ISBN: 0379209624

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