Round Trip to America

"Historians of migration will welcome Mark Wyman's new book on the elusive subject of persons who returned to Europe after coming to the United States.

Author: Mark Wyman

Publisher: Cornell University Press

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"Historians of migration will welcome Mark Wyman's new book on the elusive subject of persons who returned to Europe after coming to the United States. Other scholars have dealt with particular national groups . . . but Wyman is the first to treat . . . every major group . . . . Wyman explains returning to Europe as not just the fulfillment of original intentions but also the result of 'anger at bosses and clocks, nostalgia for waiting families, ' nativist resentment and heavy-handed Americanization programs, and a complex of other problems. . . . Wyman's 'nine broad conclusions' about the returnees deserve to be read by everyone concerned with international migration."--Journal of American History

1995 American Travel Survey

All other foreign destinations 2,271 5.5 How Americans Travel Figure 3 . Principal Means of Transportation by Round Trip Distance : 1995 ( In millions ) 194 Other Commercial airplane 1 7 185 174 8 7 160 140 Three out of four household ...



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Approximately 80,000 randomly selected households nationwide were interviewed for the American Travel Survey. The survey collected information about all trips of 100 miles or more, one way, taken by household members in 1995. This profile summarizes the survey results for the nation as a whole. Subsequent reports, tabulations, and electronic files will provide information on travel for census regions and divisions, states, and metropolitan areas, as well as more detailed information for the United States.

Thrift and Thriving in America

Ibid., 37–41; Mark Wyman, Round Trip to America: The Immigrants Return to Europe, 1880–1930 (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1993), 109–13. 129. Emmons, Butte Irish, 301–9. 130. Soyer, Jewish Associations, 157. 131.

Author: Joshua Yates

Publisher: OUP USA

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Thrift and Thriving in America is a collection of groundbreaking essays on the significance of thrift throughout American history. It reveals thrift as a dynamic moral ideal and practice that not only provides insight into evolving meanings of material wellbeing, but also into the changing understandings of the good life and the good society more generally.

New Immigrants and the Radicalization of American Labor 1914 1924

Wyman, Round-Trip to America, 113–118; Mackaman, “Life and Labor in Ely, Minnesota,” 42. 59. “Injustice to Foreign Workmen,” Znanje, 24 November 1919, Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey. 60. “They Are Going,” Magyar Tribune, ...

Author: Thomas Mackaman

Publisher: McFarland

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Millions of immigrants from eastern and southern Europe were by 1914 doing the dirtiest, most dangerous jobs in America's mines, mills and factories. The next decade saw major economic and demographic changes and the growing influence of radicalism over immigrant populations. From the bottom rungs of the industrial hierarchy, immigrants pushed forward the greatest wave of strikes in U.S. labor history--lasting from 1916 until 1922--while nurturing new forms of labor radicalism. In response, government and industry, supported by deputized nationalist organizations, launched a campaign of "100 percent Americanism." Together they developed new labor and immigration policies that led to the 1924 National Origins Act, which brought to an end mass European immigration. American industrial society would be forever changed. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Times New Roman'}

America the Vietnam War and the World

29 In so doing , the following chapters travel along several avenues that sometimes intersect . ... Class , Ethnicity , and Nationalism Reconsidered ( New York , 1992 ) ; Mark Wyman , Round - Trip to America : The Immigrants Return to ...

Author: Andreas W. Daum

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052100876X

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Publisher's description: "This book presents new perspectives on the Vietnam War, its global repercussions, and the role of this war in modern history. The volume reveals 'America's War' as an international event that reverberated all over the world: in domestic settings of numerous nation-states, combatants and non-combatants alike, as well as in transnational relations and alliance systems. The volume thereby covers a wide geographical range-from Berkeley and Berlin to Cambodia and Canberra. The essays address political, military, and diplomatic issues no less than cultural and intellectual consequences of 'Vietnam'. The authors also set the Vietnam War in comparison to other major conflicts in world history; they cover over three centuries, and develop general insights into the tragedies and trajectories of military conflicts as phenomena of modern societies in general. For the first time, 'America's War' is thus depicted as a truly global event whose origins and characteristics deserve an interdisciplinary treatment."

Commercial Travelers Guide to Latin America

Pan American - Grace Airways . - Operates three weekly round trips between Buenos Aires and Santiago , Chile , with stops at Córdoba and Mendoza ; one of these schedules connects with the international service to and from the United ...

Author: United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce


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A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves

141 over two decades more than 100,000 went: H. Brett Melendy, “Filipinos,” in Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic ... 154 Rosalie's doubts had ample precedent: Mark Wyman, Round-Trip to America: The Immigrants Return to Europe, ...

Author: Jason DeParle

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781984877758

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One of The Washington Post's 10 Best Books of the Year "A remarkable book...indispensable."--The Boston Globe "A sweeping, deeply reported tale of international migration...DeParle's understanding of migration is refreshingly clear-eyed and nuanced."--The New York Times "This is epic reporting, nonfiction on a whole other level...One of the best books on immigration written in a generation."--Matthew Desmond, author of Evicted The definitive chronicle of our new age of global migration, told through the multi-generational saga of a Filipino family, by a veteran New York Times reporter and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist. When Jason DeParle moved into the Manila slums with Tita Comodas and her family three decades ago, he never imagined his reporting on them would span three generations and turn into the defining chronicle of a new age--the age of global migration. In a monumental book that gives new meaning to "immersion journalism," DeParle paints an intimate portrait of an unforgettable family as they endure years of sacrifice and separation, willing themselves out of shantytown poverty into a new global middle class. At the heart of the story is Tita's daughter, Rosalie. Beating the odds, she struggles through nursing school and works her way across the Middle East until a Texas hospital fulfills her dreams with a job offer in the States. Migration is changing the world--reordering politics, economics, and cultures across the globe. With nearly 45 million immigrants in the United States, few issues are as polarizing. But if the politics of immigration is broken, immigration itself--tens of millions of people gathered from every corner of the globe--remains an underappreciated American success. Expertly combining the personal and panoramic, DeParle presents a family saga and a global phenomenon. Restarting her life in Galveston, Rosalie brings her reluctant husband and three young children with whom she has rarely lived. They must learn to become a family, even as they learn a new country. Ordinary and extraordinary at once, their journey is a twenty-first-century classic, rendered in gripping detail.


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