Be Free or Die The Amazing Story of Robert Smalls Escape from Slavery to Union Hero

Robert Smalls,” The Boston Daily Globe, October 8, 1903; ORN, 1, 12:804, 825–26; ORA, 1, 14:13–15; “Capt. Robert Smalls Addresses the General Conference of 1864, Daniel A. Payne, Presiding,” The A.M.E. Church Review 70 (1955): 23; ...

Author: Cate Lineberry

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***Finalist for the Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize*** Henry Louis Gates, Jr: "A stunning tale of a little-known figure in history." Candice Millard: “Be Free or Die makes you want to stand up and cheer.” The astonishing true story of Robert Smalls’ amazing journey from slave to Union hero and ultimately United States Congressman. It was a mild May morning in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1862, the second year of the Civil War, when a twenty-three-year-old slave named Robert Smalls did the unthinkable and boldly seized a Confederate steamer. With his wife and two young children hidden on board, Smalls and a small crew ran a gauntlet of heavily armed fortifications in Charleston Harbor and delivered the valuable vessel and the massive guns it carried to nearby Union forces. To be unsuccessful was a death sentence for all. Smalls’ courageous and ingenious act freed him and his family from slavery and immediately made him a Union hero while simultaneously challenging much of the country’s view of what African Americans were willing to do to gain their freedom. After his escape, Smalls served in numerous naval campaigns off Charleston as a civilian boat pilot and eventually became the first black captain of an Army ship. In a particularly poignant moment Smalls even bought the home that he and his mother had once served in as house slaves. Cate Lineberry's Be Free or Die is a compelling narrative that illuminates Robert Smalls’ amazing journey from slave to Union hero and ultimately United States Congressman. This captivating tale of a valuable figure in American history gives fascinating insight into the country's first efforts to help newly freed slaves while also illustrating the many struggles and achievements of African Americans during the Civil War.

Robert Smalls Contestant Vs William Elliott Contestee

In 1884 these candidates had contested with each other for the seat in the Forty - ninth Congress , and Smalls was returned by about 4,000 majority , the official vote standing for Robert Smalls 8,419 , and for William Elliott 4,584 ...



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African Americans in the Military

184 Smalls, Robert tour of Italy in 1945. At war's end he appeared again at the Diamond Horseshoe, and in 1950 he opened his own nightclub, Noble's. Noble Sissle retired to Tampa, Florida, in 1970, and died at home on December 19, 1975.

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Throughout much of the United States's history

From Slavery to Public Service Robert Smalls 1839 1915

These terms were accepted by Henry McKee , and from 1857 Robert became his own master as far as employment was concerned . Shortly before this occurred , Smalls was married to Hannah Jones , a slave of Samuel Kingman , and also offered ...

Author: Okon Edet Uya


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"Robert Smalls, the black Civil War hero, began his public career by running a Confederate vessel out of Charleston harbor and turning it over to the Union naval blockade. He went on to become a controversial political figure in Reconstruction Era South Carolina. In this study, Mr. Uya sketches a portrait of one of the most colorful personalities of the Reconstruction decades, placing his career and contributions in balanced, historical perspective." --page 4 of cover.

Black Americans in Congress 1870 2007

Yearning to Breathe Free : Robert Smalls of South Carolina and his Families ( Columbia : University of South Carolina Press , 2007 ) . Congressman Robert Smalls : A Patriot's Journey From Slavery to Capitol , DVD , produced by Adrena ...



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From the publisher: Provides a comprehensive history of the more than 120 African Americans who have served in the United States Congress. Written for a general audience, this book contains a profile of each African-American Member, including notables such as Hiram Revels, Joseph Rainey, Oscar De Priest, Adam Clayton Powell, Shirley Chisholm, Gus Hawkins, and Barbara Jordan. Individual profiles are introduced by contextual essays that explain major events in congressional and U.S. history. Illustrated with many portraits, photographs, and charts.

The Civil War Generation

10 Robert Smalls : From Slavery to Congress It was shortly after midnight , May 13 , 1862 , as a dark - clad figure slipped among the cotton bales on Charleston's Southern Dock and scrambled up the plank of a small steamer , the Planter ...

Author: Norman K. Risjord

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Americans in the middle decades of the nineteenth century were a people with boundless energy capable of heroic deeds, monumental achievements, and tragic errors. In The Civil War Generation, his newest volume in The Representative Americans series, noted scholar Norman K. Risjord uses biographical sketches to create a composite portrait of the United States during and immediately after the Civil War. Risjord begins his study with Stephen A. Douglas and Frederick Douglass, who provide two different viewpoints on the events leading to the conflict, while Harriet Tubman represents a form of social activism during the same years. Profiles of Stonewall Jackson and William Tecumseh Sherman, as well as infantryman James Anderson, give the reader an insightful view of the men fighting the war. Risjord then leads the reader inside both the Northern and Southern governments as well as the Reconstruction Era through the eyes of people such as William H. Seward and Thaddeus Stevens. Looking at the postwar period, Risjord examines the social and economic changes the conflict wrought, describing the lives of Clara Barton and Cornelius Vanderbilt. As the nation's eyes turned westward, the tragic tale of Crazy Horse unfolds, as well as the chronicle of two of the first scientists to explore the new land. Masterfully written and eminently readable, The Civil War Generation brings to life one of our nation's most turbulent decades and will be of great value to students of the Civil War.

The Escape of Robert Smalls

In the early hours of May 13, 1862, in the midst of the deadly U.S. Civil War, an enslaved man named Robert Smalls was about to carry out a perilous plan of escape.

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The mist in Charleston Inner Harbor was heavy, but not heavy enough to disguise the stolen Confederate steamship, the Planter, from Confederate soldiers. In the early hours of May 13, 1862, in the midst of the deadly U.S. Civil War, an enslaved man named Robert Smalls was about to carry out a perilous plan of escape. Standing at the helm of the ship, Smalls impersonated the captain as he and his crew passed heavily armed Confederate forts to enter Union territory, where escaped slaves were given shelter. The suspenseful escape of the determined crew is celebrated with beautiful artwork and insightful prose, detailing the true account of an unsung American hero.

Black Troops White Commanders and Freedmen During the Civil War

Robert Smalls , on the thirteenth day of May , eighteen hundred and sixtytwo , did capture the steamer Planter , with all the armament and ammunition for Fort Ripley , at the city of Charleston , taking her out and turning her over to ...

Author: Howard Westwood

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Recounting the experiences of black soldiers in the Civil War In the ten probing essays collected in this volume, Howard C. Westwood recounts the often bitter experiences of black men who were admitted to military service and the wrenching problems associated with the shifting status of African Americans during the Civil War. Black Troops, White Commanders and Freedmen during the Civil War covers topics ranging from the roles played by Lincoln and Grant in beginning black soldiery to the sensitive issues that arose when black soldiers (and their white officers) were captured by the Confederates. The essays relate the exploits of black heroes such as Robert Smalls, who single-handedly captured a Confederate steamer, as well as the experiences of the ignoble Reverend Fountain Brown, who became the first person charged with violating the Emancipation Proclamation. Although many thousands were enlisted as soldiers, blacks were barred from becoming commissioned officers and for a long time they were paid far less than their white counterparts. These and other blatant forms of discrimination understandably provoked discontent among black troops which, in turn, sparked friction with their white commanders. Westwood's fascinating account of the artillery company from Rhode Island amply demonstrates how frustrations among black soldiers came to be seen as "mutiny" by some white officers.

Black Congressmen During Reconstruction

19 Robert Smalls ( 1839-1915 ) House of Representatives , South Carolina Republican Forty - fourth , Forty - fifth and Forty - ninth Congresses March 4 , 1875 , to March 3 , 1879 July 19 , 1882 , to March 3 , 1883 March 18 , 1884 , to ...

Author: Stephen Middleton

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Provides a biographical and documentary portrait of the twenty-two African American legislators who served the United States in Congress between 1870 and 1901.