Road Infrastructure Inclusive Development and Traffic Safety in Korea

3. road way and a non-public road way; 32. At a crossroad and near to a crossroad; 33. At a crossroad and on a curved or a kinked road; 34.

Author: OECD

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This report combines empirical research on the relationship between road infrastructure, inclusive economic development and traffic safety with an assessment of policies and governance structures to help governments find ways to create effective, safe and inclusive transport infrastructures.

River Road

The summer after Emmy died, and after Evan had moved out, it was the Peugeot we took west into the mountains, racing down dark, winding country roads as if ...

Author: Carol Goodman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781501109928

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From the award-winning author of The Lake of Dead Languages comes a “gripping read with emotion-charged twists and turns” (Tess Gerritsen) about a professor accused of killing her student in a hit-and-run accident. Nan Lewis—a creative writing professor at a university in upstate New York—is driving home from a faculty holiday party when she hits a deer. Yet when she gets out of her car to look for it, the deer is gone. Eager to get home before the oncoming snowstorm, Nan is forced to leave her car at the bottom of her snowy driveway to wait out the longest night of the year… The next morning, Nan is woken up by a police officer at her door with terrible news—one of her students, Leia Dawson, was killed in a hit-and-run on River Road the night before, and because of the damage to her car, Nan is a suspect. In the days following the accident, Nan finds herself shunned by the same community that rallied around her when her own daughter was killed in an eerily similar accident six years prior. When Nan begins finding disturbing tokens that recall the her daughter’s death, Nan suspects that the two accidents are connected. As she digs further, she discovers that everyone around her, including Leia, has been hiding secrets. But can she uncover them, clear her name, and figure out who really killed Leia before her life is destroyed for ever?

The Silk Road Central Asia Afghanistan and Iran

Beckwith, C. Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present. Princeton, NJ, and Oxford: Princeton University ...

Author: Jonathan Tucker

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780857739261

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Stretching from the ancient Chinese capital of Xian across the expanses of Central Asia to Rome, the Silk Road was, for 1,500 years, a vibrant network of arteries that carried the lifeblood of nations across the world. Along a multitude of routes everything was exchanged: exotic goods, art, knowledge, religion, philosophy, disease and war. From the East came silk, precious stones, tea, jade, paper, porcelain, spices and cotton; from the West, horses, weapons, wool and linen, aromatics, entertainers and exotic animals. From its earliest beginnings in the days of Alexander the Great and the Han dynasty, the Silk Road expanded and evolved, reaching its peak during the Tang dynasty and the Byzantine Empire and gradually withering away with the decline of the Mongol Empire. In this beautifully illustrated book, which covers the Central Asian section of the Silk Road - from Lake Issyk-kul through Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, the Kyzyl Kum Desert, Khiva and Merv to Herat, Kabul and Iran - Jonathan Tucker uses travellers' anecdotes and a wealth of literary and historical sources to celebrate the cultural heritage of the countries that lie along the Silk Road and illuminate the lives of those who once travelled through the very heart of the world.

The Road

But this I have heard of the “bad” roads. ... Heaven pity the tramp who is caught “underneath” on such a road – for caught he is, though the train be going ...

Author: London J.

Publisher: Рипол Классик

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Jack London (1876–1916) was an American novelist, journalist and social activist. Pioneering the genre of magazine fiction and prototyping science fiction, he became one of the first writers, who gained worldwide fame and a large fortune. This book is an autobiographical memoir full of London’s experiences living as a hobo during the economic crisis in the United States, hopping freight trains, begging for money or food, and making up stories for the police to avoid prison term. He also describes his arrest and the time in the thirty days in the Erie County Penitentiary, a place of “unprintable horrors,” as he mentions in the book.

The Great Medicine Road Part 2

We set out early Monday morning [July 30] and found the road crossed one hill and then turning short off to the right, ascends for several miles very ...

Author: Michael L. Tate

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806153186

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During the early weeks of 1848, as U.S. congressmen debated the territorial status of California, a Swiss immigrant and an itinerant millwright forever altered the future state’s fate. Building a sawmill for Johann August Sutter, James Wilson Marshall struck gold. The rest may be history, but much of the story of what happened in the following year is told not in history books but in the letters, diaries, journals, and other written recollections of those whom the California gold rush drew west. In this second installment in the projected four-part collection The Great Medicine Road: Narratives of the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails, the hardy souls who made the arduous trip tell their stories in their own words. Seven individuals’ tales bring to life a long-ago year that enriched some, impoverished others, and forever changed the face of North America. Responding to often misleading promotional literature, adventurers made their way west via different routes. Following the Carson River through the Sierra Nevada, or taking the Lassen Route to the Sacramento Valley, they passed through the Mormon Zion of Great Salt Lake City and traded with and often displaced Native Americans long familiar with the trails. Their accounts detail these encounters, as well as the gritty realities of everyday life on the overland trails. They narrate events, describe the vast and diverse landscapes they pass through, and document a journey as strange and new to them as it is to many readers today. Through these travelers’ diaries and memoirs, readers can relive a critical moment in the remaking of the West—and appreciate what a difference one year can make in the life of a nation.

Mountain Road

Roads. and. Wrong. Roads. Adam Colbert noticed odd things in the old Albuquerque neighborhoods where he ran every morning from his house on Mountain Road.

Author: Al Stotts

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532066764

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Journalism professor Adam Colbert has come home to Albuquerque after a reporting career that took him all over the world. A nineteenth century adobe house with a mansard roof that he admired as a boy is now his home on Mountain Road. He loves the old neighborhood and the road that once connected Albuquerque with the Sandia Mountains. But some unwelcome new neighbors are the organizers of a twenty-week abortion ban initiative on the fall municipal election ballot. Adam’s journalism students write investigative stories about the initiative and its backers, which puts him in the crosshairs of a corrupt university regent who supports the anti-abortion campaign. Two women, one a young anti-fascist vagabond and the other a gorgeous and ambitious graduate student, enter his life and dramatically influence his political activism and his romantic experience.

Milwaukee Road s Freight carrying Capacity

Our next witness is Mr. Worthington Smith , who is president of the Milwaukee Road . Mr. Smith , we welcome you . Are you accompanied by anyone ?

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights


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Bitter Wash Road

Rather than drive through the town, keeping to the highway, he turned off, intending to reach Tiverton via the back roads that ran north and west of the ...

Author: Garry Disher

Publisher: Soho Press

ISBN: 9781616956998

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A modern western set in an isolated Australian bush town with a soaring crime rate, where a local constable with a troubled past must investigate the death of a teenage girl whose murder threatens to set the dusty streets ablaze. Constable Paul Hirschhausen—“Hirsch”—is a recently demoted detective sent from Adelaide, Australia’s southernmost booming metropolis, to Tiverton, a one-road town in the country three hours north. Hirsch isn’t just a disgraced cop; the internal investigations bureau is still trying to convict him of something, even if it means planting evidence. When someone leaves a pistol cartridge in his mailbox, Hirsch suspects that his career isn’t the only thing on the line. But Tiverton has more crime than one cop can handle, due largely to the town’s stagnant economy, rural isolation, and entrenched racism and misogyny. When the body of a 16-year-old local girl is found on the side of the highway, the situation in Tiverton gets even more sinister, and whether or not Hirsch finds her killer, there’s going to be hell to pay.

Amnesia Road

... the European finance, tear down all the ugly residential blocks of the dictatorship, and go back in time, back to the dirt roads among the olive trees, ...

Author: Luke Stegemann

Publisher: NewSouth Publishing

ISBN: 9781742244839

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'At both ends of the world, I have found confusion and profound disagreement about how to read the story of the past, about who should write or speak it, and what parts of it should be written or spoken about at all.' Amnesia Road is a compelling literary examination of historic violence in rural areas of Australia and Spain. It is also an unashamed celebration of the beautiful landscapes where this violence has been carried out. Travelling and writing across two locations – the seldom-visited mulga plains of south-west Queensland and the backroads of rural Andalusia – award-winning Australian Hispanist Luke Stegemann uncovers neglected history and its many neglected victims, and asks what place such forgotten people have in contemporary debates around history, nationality, guilt and identity. 'This book will come to be regarded as a classic of Australian literature.' — Nicolas Rothwell 'Daring and original: an eloquent and moving meditation on place, memory and history.' — Mark McKenna 'Amnesia Road swept me away in lyrical storytelling, though veiled inside is a brutally complex shared history exposing the deliberate annihilation of the relationship between landscapes and their kin. Stegemann has lifted the dark shadowy veil of this denial, invisibility and silence to shift the direction of historical redemptive memory so the action of healing can begin.' — Brook Andrew 'Luke Stegemann explores with extraordinary tenderness and understanding the aftermaths of the frontier massacres in Australia and the atrocities of civil war Spain. He offers new insights about amnesia and the forgetting of the violent past and sets a roadmap to acknowledge and come to terms with the past. A brilliant achievement.' — Lyndall Ryan 'In this absorbing meditation on spectacular beauty and unfathomable cruelty, Luke Stegemann seamlessly joins his passionate love of two soils, Queensland in Australia and Andalusia in Spain. Amnesia Road displays that combination of warm empathy and cool appraisal essential in the best kind of history.' — Frank Bongiorno 'By turns beautiful and shocking, Stegemann's book reflects with a coolly objective, emotionally spare voice on the murderous pasts of Andalusia and south-west Queensland. Amnesia Road probes, with sharp intelligence, what history looks like when it can't be remembered and what it means to remember the otherwise forgotten dead.' — Francis O'Gorman, Saintsbury Professor of English Literature, University of Edinburgh

Quality Control in Road Construction

... routiers - Mesure de la profondeur au sable ( Draft Operational Procedure - Geometrical roughness of road surfacings — Measurement of depth of sand ) .

Author: Michel Ruban

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 905809264X

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A translation and fully updated version of the French title "Controles de qualit en construction routi re", 1987. This book presents the total panorama of the methods and means available to the various interveners.

The Road to Shenzhen

Who once said that originally there were no roads on the land?” “It was Lu Xun. At the end of his short story titled Hometown, he wrote: 'At first there is ...

Author: Huang Guosheng

Publisher: Mereo Books, mereobook, mereobooks

ISBN: 9781861518071

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It is the early 1990s and Zhou Haonan, an innocent young man from a rural family in China's West Canton Province, travels to the `golden city' of Shenzhen to seek his fortune. Kind and caring but highly ambitious, he works as an international businessman, becomes a Sanda boxing champion and even sells his blood as he spends the next 20 years striving desperately to achieve his dream of a Shenzhen permanent residence permit and a home of his own. Despite a string of humiliating failures and disasters and cruel treatment by the women who enter his life, he somehow manages to get back on his feet and carry on through all the setbacks which life throws at him. The Road to Shenzhen is one of very few novels ever to be written in English by a Chinese author who has lived all his life in China.ÿ

Twelve Years down the Road

In the back roads dog tracks there were no photo finishes, close races usually ended with the judges bare knuckle fighting and the rabbit was always skinned ...

Author: Alan Neil

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491719299

Category: Fiction

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Astronomy and some religions believe that life is a series of cycles. That is certainly reflected in the tale of Al and rsquo;s long, adventurous life; the cycle spun him in many different directions over the years. Twelve Years down the Roadshares a collection of stories and events detailing the diversity of Al and rsquo;s unique life. From early childhood, he lived with his parents and two brothers in the woods of East Texas on a family farm surrounded by a national forest with a wildlife management area across the road. These stories reveal how he met the love of his life Betty, what he learned by delivering the Dallas Morning News, how he fared at his fi rst job in the Mississippi Delta in the middle of KKK country, how he perceived his work at a Texas prison, and how he came to work in Siberia for a pipeline company. As Al reflects on the cycles his long and varied life, he shares the stories that shape a person and make a man a man.

The Road to Co operation

My title, The Road to Co-operation, is borrowed impertinently from Hayek's The Road to Serfdom. The roads lead in different directions: Hayek's concern was ...

Author: Gordon Pearson

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781317017295

Category: Business & Economics

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This critical and informed protest against the absurdity and dishonesty of neoclassical economic theory as it has progressed through the 20th century down to the present, sheds new light on the predicament faced in 2012. In The Road to Co-operation, Pearson highlights the dangers of using unrealistic mathematical models of human, organisational and market behaviour to guide policy prescriptions. He shows the damage done to real economies, markets, firms and people, by the unwarranted trust in unregulated markets, proclaimed by Friedman and colleagues, promulgated by academia and adopted by the financial-political-corporate nexus, now dominant in Anglo-American jurisdictions. Though real markets work better than known alternatives, Pearson makes the crucial distinction between the real and the speculative-financial, where totally different realities apply. Failure to make that distinction has transformed financial sectors from supportive of the real economy, to exploitative and sometimes fraudulent. Pearson provides a comparative analysis of corporate governance theory, law, and practice in different jurisdictions, including the self-destruction of post-mature Anglo-American governance with the more robust custom and practice in the industrial economies of Germany and Japan and emerging economies of China and India, which all exercise care for their real economic strengths and provide object lessons for governance in UK and US. The Road to Co-operation proposes realistic changes in policy and practice, in the context of sustainability, which would be prerequisite to recapturing real long term economic success on a co-operative and non-exploitative foundation. It will be invaluable for today's business faculty, students and practitioners as well as the 'madmen in authority'.

Lessons from the Road

They provide traction for taking off and traction for stopping as well as traction for simply moving down the road. They must be strong enough of ...

Author: Duane Watkins

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781600344459

Category: Religion

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LESSONS FROM THE ROAD is a devotional book with a twist. When you complete this book and the exercises within you will be drawn closer to God through His Son Jesus.