Riddles at Work in the Early Medieval Tradition

Together, the chapters reveal that there is no single, right way to read these texts but rather a multitude of productive paths - some explored here, some awaiting future work.

Author: Megan Cavell


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The first collection devoted solely to early medieval riddles, Riddles at work showcases recent research in this popular, new field. It brings together studies of Old English and Latin riddles, authors at various stages of their careers and a range of approaches, aiming to map out both the state of the field now and its future directions.

Poet of the Medieval Modern

As Nicholas Howe asserts in his essay on ' The Cultural Construction of Reading ' , reading in early medieval ... The Crafting of Sound in the Riddles of the Exeter Book ' , in Riddles at Work in the early medieval tradition , ed .

Author: Francesca (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Brooks, University of York)

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Studies the work of the Anglo-Welsh poet and artist David Jones (1895-1974) to explore how modern British poetry has engaged with the early medieval past in its renegotiation of local, religious, and national identities.

The Anonymous Old English Homily Sources Composition and Variation

Professor Scragg's published work includes editions of Old English poetry and prose, notably The Battle of Maldon and The ... Book Riddles: Incongruity in Feþegeorn (R. 31),” in Riddles at Work in the Early Medieval Tradition: Words, ...


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The Anonymous Old English Homily: Sources, Composition, and Variation unites important new manuscript and source discoveries with studies on the complex transmission and revision of early medieval English preaching texts.

Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association

drawn with Aldhelm's Enigmata, the most famous of the Anglo-Latin riddle collections. ... so far as to suggest that “[i]n view of the seriousness of Aldhelm's theme”4 we should call Symphosius' work 'riddles' and Aldhelm's 'mysteries', ...

Author: Geoffrey D. Dunn

Publisher: The Australian Early Medieval Association Inc.


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The journal welcomes papers on historical, literary, archaeological, cultural, and artistic themes, particularly interdisciplinary papers and those that make an innovative and significant contribution to the understanding of the early medieval world and stimulate further discussion. For submission details please see the association website: www.aema.net.au. Submissions then may be sent to [email protected]

The Keys of Middle earth

In several cases these puzzles are drawn from earlier Latin enigmata ('mysteries') which were popular in the classical and early medieval tradition; in other instances they seem to be without source. They are varied, ranging from the ...

Author: S. Lee

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230503816

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The Keys of Middle-Earth uniquely introduces the reader to the world of Medieval Literature through the fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien. Using key episodes in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, readers are taken back to the works of Old, Middle English and Old Norse literature that so influenced Tolkien. The original texts are presented with helpful new translations to help the reader approach the medieval poems and tales, and introductory essays draw on recent scholarship and Tolkien's own unpublished notes. Presenting a new era of Tolkien studies, this book will be of use to students (and teachers) of Medieval/Old English literature and general readers interested in the origins of Tolkien's most widely-known works.

The Muse at Play

Symphosius' myriad strategies work in concert in the same way that Symphosius allows other pluralities, such as multiple answers, to remain in non-conflicting ... Alcuin's Disputatio Pippini and the Early Medieval Riddle Tradition.

Author: Jan Kwapisz

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110270617

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Riddles and other word games are widespread in classical literature and played a crucial role in shaping Greek and Roman cultural discourses, yet few efforts have been made to treat them in all their variety and complexity. This volume, the fruit of a conference held in May 2011 by the Institute of Classical Studies of the University of Warsaw, gathers contributions on a range of topics linked by the theme of linguistic play. With its broad spectrum of approaches, the book serves as companion to a fascinating but somewhat neglected area of ancient culture - the domain of the Playful Muse.

Irish Influence on Medieval Welsh Literature

Bateson, J. D., Enamel-Working in Iron Age, Roman and Sub-Roman Britain: The Products and Baudiš, Techniques, J., 'Cu ́Ro ́i BAR and ... Bayless, M., 'Alcuin's Disputatio Pippini and the Early Medieval Riddle Tradition', in Humour, ...

Author: Patrick Sims-Williams

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Patrick Sims-Williams provides an approach to some of the issues surrounding Irish literary influence on Wales, situating them in the context of the rest of medieval literature and international folklore.

Voice and Voicelessness in Medieval Europe

The notion of voice was central to ancient and early medieval theories of cognition and language, and the same people who ... Riddles entered the AngloSaxon tradition through the work of the shadowy lateantique writer Symphosius; ...

Author: Irit Ruth Kleiman

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137397065

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Twelve medieval scholars from a wide range of disciplines, including law, literature, and religion address the question: What did it mean to possess a voice - or to be without one - during the Middle Ages? This collection reveals how the philosophy, theology, and aesthetics of the voice inhabit some of the most canonical texts of the Middle Ages.

Early Medieval Britain c 500 1000

BOX 14.6 An Old English riddle There came walking a young man, to where he knew was useful sometimes; still, at times, he grew tired though stronger than her at first, weary due to work. Under the girdle, there began to grow what good ...

Author: Rory Naismith

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108341547

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Early medieval Britain saw the birth of England, Scotland and of the Welsh kingdoms. Naismith's introductory textbook explores the period between the end of Roman rule and the eve of the Norman Conquest, blending an engaging narrative with clear explanations of key themes and sources. Using extensive illustrations, maps and selections from primary sources, students will examine the island as a collective entity, comparing political histories and institutions as well as societies, beliefs and economies. Each chapter foregrounds questions of identity and the meaning of 'Britain' in this period, encouraging interrogation and contextualisation of sources within the framework of the latest debates and problems. Featuring online resources including timelines, a glossary, end-of-chapter questions and suggestions for further reading, students can drive their own understanding of how the polities and societies of early medieval Britain fitted together and into the wider world, and firmly grasp the formative stages of British history.

Women in Early Medieval Europe 400 1100

s Much later in the Middle Ages , records of legal disputes refined but retained the gendered division of equipment and labor . ... learned tradition reminded teachers and students that clothwork demeaned and demasculinized males .

Author: Lisa M. Bitel

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521597730

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