Rhetorical Analysis

This being said, it nonetheless remains for me to note the points of correspondence between rhetorical analysis and historical criticism. The first one concerns the history of composition: it is clear that the concern it shows for ...

Author: Roland Meynet

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780567589866

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The analysis of biblical rhetoric has been developed only in the last 250 years. The first half of this book outlines the history of the method known as rhetorical analysis in biblical studies, illustrated by numerous texts. The work of Lowth (who focused on 'parallelism'), Bengel (who drew attention to 'chiasmus'), Jebb and Boys (the method's real founders at the turn of the ninteenth century) and Lund (the chief exponent in the mid-twentieth century) are all discussed, as is the current full blooming of rhetorical analysis. The second half of the book is a systematic account of the method, testing it on Psalms 113 and 146, on the first two chapters of Amos, and many other texts, especially from Luke. Translated by Luc Racaut.

Handbook of Rhetorical Analysis

Designed to Accompany the Author's Practical Elements of Rhetoric John Franklin Genung. 1 STUDY OF SENTENCES IN PREVIOUS SELECTIONS . - > LET us look at a few sentences in previous Selections , choosing especially such as reveal an ...

Author: John Franklin Genung


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Rhetorical Analysis Lloyd F Bitzer s The Rhetorical Situation

Abstract In his 1969 academic thesis entitled The Rhetorical Situation, Professor Lloyd F. Bitzer examines the role that context plays in crafting effective discourse. This essay is an analysis of that thesis.

Author: Gabriel Sutton

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 9783656368618

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Essay from the year 2010 in the subject Rhetoric / Elocution / Oratory, grade: Undergraduate 300 Level, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, course: Rhetorical Theory Since 1900, language: English, abstract: In his 1969 academic thesis entitled The Rhetorical Situation, Professor Lloyd F. Bitzer examines the role that context plays in crafting effective discourse. This essay is an analysis of that thesis. Bitzer states that the rhetorical situation determines which rhetorical devices to use, the type of diction that is appropriate and the complexity of the discourse. He discusses the relationship between language and argument; language plays a primitive role, one that links human activity to the message. The essay ends by differentiating between rhetoric and the craft of persuasion.

Rhetoric and stylistics

It was not until the middle of the 20th century that rhetoric found its way back into literary studies in Germany: Research on literary topoi, rhetorical devices and affections form the basis of rhetorical research within literary ...

Author: Ulla Fix

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

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Rhetoric and stylistics deal with successful human communication and the arrangement of language in texts. As the most influential of all language-related disciplines, rhetoric has an ancient tradition and is presently experiencing a remarkable revival. Stylistics analyzes the structures of texts with regard to their semantic potential and their function in the life of the individual and in society. The handbook offers surveys of theoretical approaches, forms of linguistic practice and practical contexts from antiquity to the present.

Rhetorical Hermeneutics

Implicit analysis occurs when the analyst neither understands nor describes what she is doing as a form of rhetorical analysis , but it would be recognized as such by someone familiar with rhetoric . An analysis of a given scientific ...

Author: Alan G. Gross

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 079143110X

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Examines the nature of rhetorical theory and criticism, the rhetoric of science, and the impact of poststructuralism and postmodernism on contemporary accounts of rhetoric.

Handbook of Rhetorical Analysis

book aspires to contribute ; its desire being , not to finish off the student in rhetoric , but to open the gate and set ... Yet with whatever is here attempted , it is not for a moment claimed that this rhetorical analysis lays bare ...

Author: John Franklin Genung


ISBN: UVA:X002399496

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A Rhetorical Analysis of the Preaching of Evangelist Hiram S Walters President of the West Indies Union Conference of Seventh day Adventists

Chapters III and IV analyze the preaching of Evangelist Walters , using as guidelines , the criteria and constituents of rhetoric as amplified by the 20th century rhetoricians essentially within the classical tradition .

Author: Harold Repton Bennett


ISBN: MSU:31293030577435

Category: Evangelists

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Rhetorical Audience Studies and Reception of Rhetoric

objects judged suitable for rhetorical analysis, including social movement discourse, protest rhetoric, and music, for example. As the scope of rhetorical criticism broadened by theories (such as Kenneth Burke's) that advanced the ...

Author: Jens E. Kjeldsen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319616186

Category: Political Science

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This book examines the reception of rhetoric and the rhetoric of reception. By considering salient rhetorical traits of rhetorical utterances and texts seen in context, and relating this to different kinds of reception and/or audience use and negotiation, the authors explore the connections between rhetoric and reception. In our time, new media and new forms of communication make it harder to distinguish between speaker and audience. The active involvement of users and audiences is more important than ever before. This project is based on the premise that rhetorical research should reconsider the understanding, conceptualization and examination of the rhetorical audience. From mostly understanding audiences as theoretical constructions that are examined textually and speculatively, the contributors give more attention to empirical explorations of actual audiences and users. The book will provide readers with new knowledge on the workings of rhetoric as well as illustrative and guiding examples of new methods of rhetorical studies.

Rhetoric and Redaction in Trito Isaiah

Muilenburg's two main aims in rhetorical criticism were to define the limits of the individual units or poems , and then to analyse their structure and the arrangement of their component parts . To this end , he paid attention to ...

Author: Paul Allan Smith

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004103066

Category: Religion

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This study develops a whole series of new proposals concerning the structure, growth, authorship, and historical background of Isaiah 56-66 by using insights drawn from rhetorical and stylistic criticism.