Rhetoric Across Borders

Although the volume includes only a select representation of the work presented at the conference, each section features the diverse perspectives offered in Composition and Communication.

Author: Anne Teresa Demo


ISBN: 1602357374

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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RHETORIC ACROSS BORDERS features twenty-one essays and six excerpts from the "In Conversation" panels convened at the sixteenth Biennial Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Conference. Participants engaged the conference theme of "Border Rhetorics" in ways that not only reinvigorated the border as a conceptual metaphor but also challenged boundaries within rhetorical scholarship. Although the volume includes only a select representation of the work presented at the conference, each section features the diverse perspectives offered in Composition and Communication. The first section, Between Materiality and Rhetoric, explores points of interface between rhetoric and materiality. Working from diverse periods and disciplinary orientations, the authors illuminate how attending to the mutuality between materiality and rhetoric engenders a productive revision and/or expansion of our approaches to essential aspects of rhetorical inquiry. The second section, Crossing Cultures: Refiguring Audience, Author, Text, and Borders, explores how various forms of translation, migration, and liminality can refigure our understanding of the interplay between audience, author, and text. Essays in the third section, Remapping the Political, examine the diverse genres that broaden our understanding of the res publica and the tactics employed to circumscribe politics. In the fourth section, Contesting Boundaries: Science, Technology, and Nature, authors consider how shifting notions of expertise and competing epistemologies alter our conceptions of science and the environment. The selected essays in the final section, Teaching Across Divides, explore the different boundaries that shape teaching in rhetoric and composition. Here, the authors reflect on the challenges and rewards gained by explicitly engaging the borders and boundarywork that often remains invisible to our students. These organizational groupings reflect thematic through-lines in the submissions as well as a confidence in Burke's perspective by incongruity as a method fitting the exploration of various borderlands. The volume concludes with fragments from select "In Conversation" panels that cover a range of issues from activism and intersectionality to publishing and rhetorical theory. ABOUT THE EDITOR: Anne Teresa Demo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at Pennsylvania State University. A past recipient of the National Communication Association's Golden Monograph award, her articles have appeared in the Quarterly Journal of Speech, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Rhetoric and Public Affairs, and Women's Studies in Communication. She is the coeditor of Rhetoric, Remembrance, and Visual Form: Sighting Memory (Routledge, 2012) and The Motherhood Business: Communication, Consumption, and Privilege (University of Alabama Press, forthcoming).

Crossing Borders Drawing Boundaries

The concept of “border” calls for attention, and the authors in this collection respond by describing it, challenging it, confounding it, and, at times, erasing it.

Author: Barbara Couture

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781607324034

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With growing anxiety about American identity fueling debates about the nation’s borders, ethnicities, and languages, Crossing Borders, Drawing Boundaries provides a timely and important rhetorical exploration of divisionary bounds that divide an Us from a Them. The concept of “border” calls for attention, and the authors in this collection respond by describing it, challenging it, confounding it, and, at times, erasing it. Motivating us to see anew the many lines that unite, divide, and define us, the essays in this volume highlight how discourse at borders and boundaries can create or thwart conditions for establishing identity and admitting difference. Each chapter analyzes how public discourse at the site of physical or metaphorical borders presents or confounds these conditions and, consequently, effective participation—a key criterion for a modern democracy. The settings are various, encompassing vast public spaces such as cities and areas within them; the rhetorical spaces of history books, museum displays, activist events, and media outlets; and the intimate settings of community and classroom conversations. Crossing Borders, Drawing Boundaries shows how rich communication can be when diverse cultures intersect and create new opportunities for human connection, even while different populations, cultures, age groups, and political parties adopt irreconcilable positions. It will be of interest to scholars in rhetoric and literacy studies and students in rhetorical analysis and public discourse. Contributors include Andrea Alden, Cori Brewster, Robert Brooke, Randolph Cauthen, Jennifer Clifton, Barbara Couture, Vanessa Cozza, Anita C. Hernández, Roberta J. Herter, Judy Holiday, Elenore Long, José A. Montelongo, Karen P. Peirce, Jonathan P. Rossing, Susan A. Schiller, Christopher Schroeder, Tricia C. Serviss, Mónica Torres, Kathryn Valentine, Victor Villanueva, and Patti Wojahn.

Challenges in Strategic Communication and Fighting Propaganda in Eastern Europe

... also help transport propaganda themes across borders. Certain narratives are
recycled from country to country. Latvia-specific narratives circulate in Polish pro-
Kremlin media or Serbian nationalism and anti-NATO rhetoric cross the border ...

Author: D. Sultănescu

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 9781614999430

Category: Political Science

Page: 144

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In 2019, Eastern Europe will celebrate 30 years since the fall of communism, but this celebration takes place in a context of increased geopolitical competition in the region. The Western democratic model is under attack, not only in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, but also in the core countries of the EU, and even in the United States. The messages and methods of dissemination used by anti-Western propaganda may differ with each national context, but the effect is the same – the slow, but progressive erosion of trust in democratic values and the institutions which embody them. This book presents papers from the NATO Advanced Research Workshop “Challenges in strategic communication and fighting propaganda in Eastern Europe. Solutions for a future common project” held in Chisinau, Moldova, on 25-27 April 2018. The workshop brought together institutional, academic and civic experts from the social sciences, journalism, computer science, and international relations to share insights into security and strategic communication, as well as research results and expertise on the impact of social media and technological innovation, with the aim of shaping a new project with a common methodology to monitor, collect, process and interpret data on strategic communication and devise efficient tools to counteract anti-Western propaganda. With contributions about Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, the Western Balkans and the USA highlighting challenges such as detecting propaganda, identifying the groups most vulnerable to its influence and building mechanisms to strengthen trust, the book will be of value to all those with an interest in defending the Western democratic model.

Creating Continuity Across Borders

These assumptions and the rhetoric through which they were expressed
constituted a political idiom in which various groups could communicate with one
another , ' though not without conflicts over how these ideas should be applied ...

Author: Judith A. Boruchoff


ISBN: UCSC:32106016374768

Category: Chicago ( Ill.)

Page: 624

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Occupational Therapies Without Borders E Book

FIGURE 6-1 □ 'This hereditarily ill person will cost our national community
60,000 Reichmarks over the course of his ... the language of policy have become
entwined in what Duffy (2013) describes as falsehoods, distortions, and ugly

Author: Dikaios Sakellariou


ISBN: 9780702065101

Category: Medical

Page: 672

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The new edition of this landmark international work builds on the previous two volumes, offering a window onto occupational therapy practice, theory and ideas in different cultures and geographies. It emphasizes the importance of critically deconstructing and engaging with the broader context of occupation, particularly around how occupational injustices are shaped through political, economic and historical factors. Centering on the wider social and political aspects of occupation and occupation-based practices, this textbook aims to inspire occupational therapy students and practitioners to include transformational elements into their practice. It also illustrates how occupational therapists from all over the world can affect positive changes by engaging with political and historical contexts. Divided into six sections, the new edition begins by analyzing the key concepts outlined throughout, along with an overview on the importance and practicalities of monitoring and evaluation in community projects. Section Two explores occupation and justice emphasizing that issues of occupational injustice are present everywhere, in different forms: from clinical settings to community-based rehabilitation. Section Three covers the enactment of different Occupational Therapies with a focus on the multiplicity of occupational therapy from the intimately personal to the broadly political. Section Four engages with the broader context of occupational therapy from the political to the financial. The chapters in this section highlight the recent financial crisis and the impact it has had on people's everyday life. Section Five collects a range of different approaches to working to enable a notion of occupational justice. Featuring chapters from across the globe, Section Six concludes by highlighting the importance and diversity of educational practices. Comprehensively covers occupational therapy theory, methodology and practice examples related to working with underserved and neglected populations Gives a truly global overview with contributions from over 100 international leading experts in the field and across a range of geographical, political and linguistic contexts Demonstrates how occupational injustices are shaped through political, economic and historical factors Advocates participatory approaches which work for those who experience inequalities Includes a complete set of new chapters Explores neoliberalism and financial contexts, and their impact on occupation Examines the concept of disability Discusses theoretical and practical approaches to occupational justice

Methodologies for the Rhetoric of Health Medicine

Engaged Rhetoric Across Borders Health care practitioners and students of “first
world” nations travel across national borders each year for transnational health
programs, and the complicated, temporary relationships that are established ...

Author: Lisa Meloncon

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781315303741

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 314

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Cover -- Title -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- List of Figures and Tables -- Contributors -- 1 Manifesting Methodologies for the Rhetoric of Health & Medicine -- 2 Historical Work in the Discourses of Health and Medicine -- 3 Ecological Investments and the Circulation of Rhetoric: Studying the "Saving Knowledge" of Dr. Emma Walker's Social Hygiene Lectures -- 4 Infrastructural Methodology: A Case in Protein as Public Health -- 5 Health Communication Methodology and Race -- 6 Bringing the Body Back Through Performative Phenomenology -- 7 "No Single Path": Desire Lines and Divergent Pathographies in Health and Medicine -- 8 Rhetorically Listening for Microwithdrawals of Consent in Research Practice -- 9 Medical Interiors: Materiality and Spatiality in Medical Rhetoric Research Methods -- 10 Ethical Research in "Health 2.0": Considerations for Scholars of Medical Rhetoric -- 11 Negotiating Informed Consent: Bueno aconsejar, mejor remediar (it is good to give advice, but it is better to solve the problem) -- 12 Translingual Rhetorical Engagement in Transcultural Health Spaces -- 13 Assemblage Mapping: A Research Methodology for Rhetoricians of Health and Medicine -- 14 Medicalized Mosquitoes: Rhetorical Invention in Genetic Engineering for Disease Control -- 15 Experiments in Rhetoric: Invention and Neurorhetorical Play -- Index

Mestiz Scripts Digital Migrations and the Territories of Writing

appeals make a compelling case for enlarging the frameworks that composition
and rhetoric specialists use to study and ... Anzaldúa herself argues for the need
to think across cultures and borders and the building of unity between Chicanos ...

Author: Damián Baca

Publisher: New Concepts in Latino America

ISBN: UOM:39015076139396

Category: History

Page: 210

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Conventional scholarship on written communication positions the Western alphabet as a precondition for literacy. Thus, pictographic, non-verbal writing practices of Mesoamerica remain obscured by representations of lettered speech. This book examines how contemporary [email protected] scripts challenge alphabetic dominance, thereby undermining the colonized territories of "writing." Strategic weavings of Aztec and European inscription systems not only promote historically-grounded accounts of how recorded information is expressed across cultures, but also speak to emerging studies on "visual/multimodal" education. Baca-Espinosa argues that [email protected] literacies advance "new" ways of reading and writing, applicable to diverse classrooms of the twenty-first century.

The Rhetorics of US Immigration

Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2012. De La Garza, Antonio Tomas, D.
Robert DeChaine, and Kent A. Ono. “(Re)Bordering the Scholarly Imaginary: The
State and Future of Rhetorical Border Studies,” in Rhetoric Across Borders, ed.

Author: E. Johanna Hartelius

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271076539

Category: Social Science

Page: 312

View: 316


In the current geopolitical climate—in which unaccompanied children cross the border in record numbers, and debates on the topic swing violently from pole to pole—the subject of immigration demands innovative inquiry. In The Rhetorics of US Immigration, some of the most prominent and prolific scholars in immigration studies come together to discuss the many facets of immigration rhetoric in the United States. The Rhetorics of US Immigration provides readers with an integrated sense of the rhetorical multiplicity circulating among and about immigrants. Whereas extant literature on immigration rhetoric tends to focus on the media, this work extends the conversation to the immigrants themselves, among others. A collection whose own eclecticism highlights the complexity of the issue, The Rhetorics of US Immigration is not only a study in the language of immigration but also a frank discussion of who is doing the talking and what it means for the future. From questions of activism, authority, and citizenship to the influence of Hollywood, the LGBTQ community, and the church, The Rhetorics of US Immigration considers the myriad venues in which the American immigration question emerges—and the interpretive framework suited to account for it. Along with the editor, the contributors are Claudia Anguiano, Karma R. Chávez, Terence Check, Jay P. Childers, J. David Cisneros, Lisa M. Corrigan, D. Robert DeChaine, Anne Teresa Demo, Dina Gavrilos, Emily Ironside, Christine Jasken, Yazmin Lazcano-Pry, Michael Lechuga, and Alessandra B. Von Burg.

Florida Without Borders

Weeding through this humanitarian rhetoric begs the question , if we are
wholeheartedly committed to Afghan women ' s rights struggle , then why did we
pick up and leave without stabilizing the situation ? Furthermore , how can the ...

Author: Sharon Kay Masters

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105132211728

Category: Social Science

Page: 195

View: 928


Florida without Borders: Women at the Intersections of the Local and Global highlights the problems facing women around the world by featuring papers that explore womens activism across borders regarding gender and human rights, issues regarding women and poverty, globalization, economic value of immigrant labor, militarism and human trafficking. Also discussed are the opportunities and obstacles women face when they act to counter the negative impact of these forces. This anthology is a collection of essays by feminist scholars and students who examine discourses on border crossings, political and cultural censorship, gendered codes of conduct, prescribed behavior for women and the activism that emerges to address identity formation, to advance contested meanings and to build coalitions. Throughout the essays, the authors investigate the concepts of the gendered body in the context of global activism, the uses of womens bodies in domestic, military, and sexual service, and the breaching of the bodys borders and boundaries in the project of feminist social change.

Rhetoric Through Media

... computer and a moderate amount of technical expertise can set up a web site .
Electronic messages cross borders with ease - - much of the information
exchanged during the siege of the Russian Parliament in 1989 was exchanged
through ...

Author: Gary Thompson

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: 0205266444


Page: 658

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This book enhances readers abilities to view the media critically and to write and think for academic purposes. This book devotes most of its chapters to activities basic to writing: making observations, looking for associations, analyzing and classifying texts, developing insights, gathering further information, and shaping what is written for particular audiences and purposes.

Rethinking Education Across Borders

This book focuses on critical issues and perspectives concerning globally mobile students, aspects that have grown in importance thanks to major geopolitical, economic, and technological changes around the globe (i.e., in and across major ...

Author: Uttam Gaulee

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811523991

Category: Education

Page: 330

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This book focuses on critical issues and perspectives concerning globally mobile students, aspects that have grown in importance thanks to major geopolitical, economic, and technological changes around the globe (i.e., in and across major origins and destinations of international students). Over the past few decades, the field of international higher education and scholarship has developed robust areas of research that guide current policy, programs, and pedagogy. However, many of the established narratives and wisdoms that dominate research agendas, scope, and foci have become somewhat ossified and are unable to reflect recent political upheavals and other changes (e.g. the Brexit, Trump era, and Belt and Road Initiative) that have disrupted a number of areas including mobility patterns and recruitment practices, understanding and supporting students, engagement of global mobile students with their local counterparts, and the political economy of international education at large. By re-assessing established issues and perspectives in light of the emerging global/local situations, the contributing authors – all experts on international education – share insights on policies and practices that can help adapt to emerging challenges and opportunities for institutions, scholars, and other stakeholders in international higher education. Including theoretical, empirical, and practitioner-based methods and perspectives provided by scholars from around the world, the book offers a unique and intriguing resource.

Education Across Borders

Information and Communications Technology ( ICT ) skills , logical principles for
working with evidence , skills for taking standardized tests , and knowledge of the
rhetorical conventions of formal academic English . The linguistic domain ...

Author: Malcolm H. Field


ISBN: STANFORD:36105128108342

Category: Comparative education

Page: 333

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Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders : An International Reader weaves a rich fabric of thematically
arranged rhetorical and analytical readings that are far reaching in origin and
encompass a variety of disciplines . International perspectives , as well as
writings ...

Author: Anna Joy

Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015055802790

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 638

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[This book includes] rhetorical and analytical readings that are far reaching in origin and encompass a variety of disciplines. International perspectives, as well as writings from authors in the United States, blend with a text-wide rhetorical emphasis that includes guidelines for writing information papers, response papers, and comparative essays. Classroom-tested questions and topics for writing combine with contextual information about the writers and their countries to make [this book] a global learning adventure. -Back cover.

Rhetoric and Writing on the US Mexico Border and Beyond

Drawing on intercultural rhetoric and composition, second-language/bilingualism studies, and cultural and border studies, this book proposes a US-Mexico border theory and methodology of multilingual writing.

Author: Barry Thatcher

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1138645451


Page: 288

View: 821


Drawing on intercultural rhetoric and composition, second-language/bilingualism studies, and cultural and border studies, this book proposes a US-Mexico border theory and methodology of multilingual writing. Assessing how US, Mexican, and border cultures encourage distinct rhetorical patterns and expectations in writing classrooms, this book develops a theory of multilingual border rhetoric based on a framework of six rhetorical capabilities and explores how students develop these capabilities and function across many rhetorical contexts. Advancing research, theory, and practice for the teaching of writing on both sides of the US-Mexico border, this volume at the same time offers institutional and programmatic suggestions.

Readings on the Rhetoric of Social Protest

Bandy , Joe , and Jackie Smith , Eds . Coalitions across Borders : Transnational
Protest and the Neoliberal Order . Lanham , MD : Rowman and Littlefield , 2004 .
Brooks , D . Christopher . “ Faction in Movement : The Impact of Inclusivity on the

Author: Charles E. Morris

Publisher: Strata Publishing Company

ISBN: STANFORD:36105132849675

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 559

View: 730


Community Literacy and the Rhetoric of Local Publics

In the name of social justice , this public borderland creates a community - based
intercultural dialogue that extends across borders of race , class , status , power ,
and discourse to accommodate multiple discursive codes . Negotiation — The ...

Author: Elenore Long

Publisher: Reference Guides to Rhetoric a

ISBN: UOM:39015077603556

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 295

View: 568


Offering a comparative analysis of "community-literacy studies," COMMUNITY LITERACY AND THE RHETORIC OF LOCAL PUBLICS traces common values in diverse accounts of "ordinary people going public." Elenore Long offers a five-point theoretical framework. Used to review major community-literacy projects that have emerged in recent years, this local public framework uncovers profound differences, with significant consequence, within five formative perspectives: 1) the guiding metaphor behind such projects; 2) the context that defines a "local" public, shaping what is an effective, even possible performance, 3) the tenor and affective register of the discourse; 4) the literate practices that shape the discourse; and, most signficantly, 5) the nature of rhetorical invention or the generative process by which people in these accounts respond to exigencies, such as getting around gatekeepers, affirming identities, and speaking out with others across difference. COMMUNITY LITERACY AND THE RHETORIC OF LOCAL PUBLICS also examines pedagogies that educators can use to help students to go public in the course of their rhetorical education at college. the concluding chapter adapts local-public literacies to college curricula and examines how these literate moves elicit different kinds of engagement from students and require different kinds of scaffolding from teachers and community educators. A glossary and annotated bibliography provide the basis for further inquiry and research. ABOUT THE AUTHOR After completing a postdoctoral fellowship through Pittsburgh's Community Literacy Center and Carnegie Mellon University, Elenore Long continued to direct community-literacy initiatives with Wayne Peck and Joyce Baskins. With Linda Flower and Lorraine Higgins, she published LEARNING TO RIVAL: A LITERATE PRACTICE FOR INTERCULTURAL INQUIRy. They recently published a fifteen-year retrospective for the COMMUNITY LITERACY JOURNAL. She currently directs the composition program and Writers' Center at Eastern Washington University. ADVANCE PRAISE . . . "COMMUNITY LITERACY AND THE RHETORIC OF LOCAL PUBLICS is the perfect entry to the exuberant practice of literacy in community. It brings contemporary research to life-in people, stories, and purposes. And it documents the amazingly diverse ways ordinary people go public. Moreover, Elenore Long's imaginative theoretical framework lets us understand and critically compare alternative images of local public life-from the literate worlds of church women, writing groups, and street gangs to the performances of community organizing, street theater, and local think tanks. Long's analytical and profoundly rhetorical insight is to compare community literacies in terms of their framing metaphors, privileged practices, and processes of rhetorical invention. And that is perhaps what makes the final chapter such a pedagogical powerhouse-a brilliantly critical and concrete guide to supporting our students and ourselves in local literate action." -Linda Flower, Carnegie Mellon "Elenore Long's COMMUNITY LITERACY AND THE RHETORIC OF LOCAL PUBLICS begins to articulate a history for community literacy studies, and such a history is essential for helping us figure out where we are going with this area of inquiry. Long provides a new set of tools as well, and her local publics framework, in particular, will prove valuable to researchers and teachers alike." -Jeff Grabill

Evidence based Health Policy

... When research evidence is adopted across national borders to support similar
policy rhetoric , the researcher may be ... seeming agreement ' when one
examines the translation of common policy rhetoric across countries , such as
primary ...

Author: Vivian Lin

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: IND:30000092691371

Category: Medical

Page: 374

View: 167


This work provides a critical perspective on the interplay between evidence generation and policy formulation. The book is illustrated by 11case studies of health policy making that reveal how evidence was used in particular policy making contexts. This provides insights from people who have been involved in the policy process.

Crossing Borders

If , then , it were admitted that usury and rhetoric share an identical structure of "
excess , " it would not be unreasonable to expect that Pound will fulminate
against rhetoric and writing in the same ways that he attacks usury and Judaism .

Author: Robert C. Holub


ISBN: UOM:39015029182584

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 244

View: 750


Crossing Borders explores the question of what happens to theory when it literally crosses borders from one culture to another. The author investigates the histories of reception theory, poststructuralism and deconstruction in postwar Germany and the United States. He looks at how imported theories assume a place in the political discourse of a country, and how indigenous intellectual traditions and prejudices affect, modify, or even distort foreign theories.

Journal of Borderlands Studies

Why and how do people meet across and / or at borders and communicate
borders ? What is the context of ... Are border regions truly micro - scale
laboratories of a macrointegration process , or is this merely political rhetoric ?
Should or can ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822030945562

Category: Borderlands


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