Rhetor Response

This book presents both opportunities and challenges to writing studies, a field whose burgeoning disciplinary independence ironically relies on a sizable underclass of specialists in literature rather than writing.

Author: Peter H. Khost

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781607327769

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Bridging the disciplinary divide between writing and literature, Rhetor Response introduces the concept and pedagogical applications of “literary affordances”—the ways in which readers “use” and integrate literature into their own writing or lives. Unconcerned with authorial intent, interpretive meaning, or critical reception, “affordance” signifies a shift in focus from what literary texts mean and do to what one can do with them. This book presents both opportunities and challenges to writing studies, a field whose burgeoning disciplinary independence ironically relies on a sizable underclass of specialists in literature rather than writing. Incorporating elements of rhetorical theory, literary criticism, pedagogical methodology, political critique, and psychological and philosophical memoir, Peter H. Khost complicates and revives the relevance of literature—from belles lettres to fanfiction—by turning from interpretation to affordance in order to identify readers’ applications of literary textual features to unrelated lived situations. Rhetor Response theorizes and exemplifies literary affordance as a constructive step toward professional reconciliation, as well as an entry into greater textual power and pleasure for students and readers. It is a one-of-a-kind resource for college writing program administrators, faculty and scholars in English and writing studies, and graduate and advanced undergraduate students across both disciplines.

Rhetorical Criticism

Rather than being forced by the situation to respond in a fitting manner , the
rhetor is seen as having the freedom to define the situation in a particular way
and then to select a response to that definition . A rhetor ' s perception of the
situation ...

Author: Sonja K. Foss


ISBN: IND:30000081695474

Category: Rhetorical criticism

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Offers students an excellent example of the diversity & breadth of rhetorical criticism.

Nonverbal Communication in Political Debates

In response to Bitzer's concept of the rhetorical situation, Richard Vatz (1973)
suggested that rhetoric is not driven by any ... For Consigny, then, rather than
requiring a particular response, the situation is an instrument for the rhetor to use
in the ...

Author: John S Seiter


ISBN: 9781498585231


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Nonverbal Communication in Political Debates presents a framework for understanding the role of nonverbal behavior in political debates, including an examination of candidates' attempts to undermine opponents while presenting themselves as likeable. Theory and historical examples underline the importance of nonverbal elements in political contests.--Edward A. Hinck, Central Michigan University

I E Harbrace Guide to Writing

RHETOR The rhetor ( also called speaker , writer , or sender ) is the person who
identifies ( or creates ) the exigence and prepares a fitting rhetorical response , a
response that forwards his or her purpose . AUDIENCE The rhetor also needs to

Author: Glenn


ISBN: 1428230270



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The Rhetoric of Nuna Dual Tsuny

She writes : Here we begin an inquiry into the role of the rhetor's conscious
assessment of situations and choices in response to those assessments . In the
traditional view articulated by Campbell , “ Central to any competent
communication is ...

Author: Nicol Nixon-Augusté


ISBN: UCLA:L0098340771

Category: Cherokee Indians

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The History and Theory of Rhetoric

Having assessed these elements , the astute rhetor discovers the limits of what
can properly or effectively be said to improve that particular situation . The rhetor
then composes the right rhetorical response by uttering rhetoric that is dictated to

Author: James A. Herrick

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: UCSC:32106011375323

Category: Rhetoric

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The History and Theory of Rhetoric offers an accessible discussion of the history of rhetorical studies in the Western tradition, from ancient Greece to contemporary American and European theorists. By tracing the historical progression of rhetoric from the Greek Sophists of the fifth century B.C. to contemporary studies - such as the rhetoric of science and feminist rhetoric - this book teaches what rhetoric is and what unites differing rhetorical theories throughout history. The History and Theory of Rhetoric uses concise contemporary examples throughout and emphasizes the relevance of rhetoric to today's readers. For anyone interested in Rhetorical Theory.

The Rhetorical Interpretation of Scripture

It is not discovered ' but ' created ' by the rhetor from the situation as certain facts
are given salience and meaning . The rhetorical response controls the situation ,
not the other way around . Rhetoric is not situational , but situations are ...

Author: Dennis L. Stamps

Publisher: Burns & Oates

ISBN: UOM:39015042799521

Category: Bible

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These essays, embracing methodological explorations, practical applications and links to theological and historical analysis, provide the biblical scholar with an up-to-date portrait of rhetorical analysis.

Carleton Papers in Applied Language Studies

In his view , meaning resides in a situation and the situation prescribes the
response which fits ” ( p . 10 ) . In response to Bitzer ' s notions , Vatz argues in
The Myth of Rhetorical Situation ( 1973 ) that situations do not exist outside of the
rhetor ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105123079548

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Mitsprache Rederecht Stimmgewalt

genderkritische Strategien und Transformationen der Rhetorik Doerte Bischoff,
Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf ... Invitational rhetoric – which asks only that a listener
listen , and in response , the rhetor listens , both sides taking turns at being ...

Author: Doerte Bischoff


ISBN: STANFORD:36105127422694

Category: Gender identity in literature

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Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students

Rhetors may use these figures to emphasize a point or to draw attention away
from something , to hesitate , apologize , interrupt ... Here , of course , the rhetor
does not expect a reply ; indeed , she expects the audience to fill in the response
for ...

Author: Sharon Crowley

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

ISBN: UOM:39015064897898

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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This rhetoric revives the classical strategies of ancient Greek and Roman rhetoricians and adapts them to the needs of contemporary writers and speakers. This is a fresh interpretation of the ancient canons of composing: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery. It shows that rhetoric, as it was practiced and taught by the ancients, was an intrinsic part of daily life and of communal discourse about current events. This book gives special emphasis to classic strategies of invention, devoting separate chapters to stasis theory, common and special topics, formal topics, ethos, pathos, extrinsic proofs, and Aristotelian means of reasoning. The authors' engaging discussion and their many contemporary examples of ancient rhetorical principles present rhetoric as a set of flexible, situational practices. This practical history draws the most relevant and useful concepts from ancient rhetorics and discusses, updates, and offers them for use in the contemporary composition classroom. Individuals interested in reading about the ancient canons of composing. Crowley Ancient_Rhetorics_for_Contemporary_Students SMP Page 1 of 1

The Responsibilities of Rhetoric

Agency emerges in three ways through artistry : the rhetor ' s performance as an
appropriate response to a rhetorical ... of mentors that emerges ideally as an
ability to respond well and appropriately to the contingencies of circumstance ” (
4 ) .

Author: Rhetoric Society of America. Conference

Publisher: Waveland PressInc

ISBN: 1577666232

Category: Social Science

Page: 371

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The Responsibilities of Rhetoric combines reflections on today's globalized world with responsive glances toward the rhetoric of the future. A product of the 2008 conference of the Rhetoric Society of America, thirty-one contributors ask, if rhetors are responsible and responsive to their publics, if rhetoricians instruct and empower those who learn from them, what are the responsibilities of rhetoric in our time? Their discussions implicate the promotion of public reason in society, the ability to unite publics and communities, the commitment to provide visions of the possible, and the responsibility to prepare students to think and deliberate in contemporary society.

The Rhetoric of Ruben Berrios

Dependency , the long - range dreadful result of Operation Bootstrap , offered
independence advocates an opportunity to denounce colonialism and to
advocate their ideology . The Rhetor's Response to the Rhetorical Situation The
1970s ...

Author: Elizabeth Hernandez


ISBN: IND:32000004613909

Category: Political oratory

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Rubén Berríos Martínez, President of the Puerto Rican Independence Party for over two decades, has advocated independence for Puerto Rico through many means. He has been considered to be the best contemporary political speaker in Puerto Rico by both followers and foes.

John Muir and the Hetch Hetchy Debate

If a rhetor raises a particular topic , her opponent can : incorporate it , argue that it
is irrelevant , argue the opposite side , or ignore it . In the case of the ... By
responding to a particular topic , a rhetor tends to give it credibility as an
important ...

Author: Patricia Ann Roberts


ISBN: UCAL:C2928603

Category: Conservation of natural resources

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In the Wake of Violence

80 In this response may be seen many of the basic moves of distancing utilized
by other nonviolent movement rhetors . ... his emotional response , “ I was
saddened , " a reaction to radical - wing violence that varies according to the
rhetor .

Author: Cheryl R. Jorgensen-Earp

Publisher: MSU Press

ISBN: UOM:39015074060800

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 349

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In the Wake of Violence explores the immediate and longer term aftermath of violence committed by independent radicals involved in single-issue movements-the arson of a Vail ski resort by environmentalists, the murder of Dr. John Britton by an antiabortion activist, and the torching of a University of California research laboratory by animal rights activists among them: how the perpetrators of the violence and the majority of reformers involved in their movements rhetorically framed the violent act for a potentially outraged public.

Reading as Rhetorical Invention

But discourse must do more than simply communicate ; it must enable the rhetor
to control the responses of the audience in more or less predictable ... Otherwise ,
it would be impossible to predict human response with any degree of accuracy .

Author: Doug Brent

Publisher: Urbana, Ill. : National Council of Teachers of English

ISBN: STANFORD:36105033281036

Category: Education

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Noting that teaching the research paper seldom gets below surface conventions, this book surveys the work of key theorists in rhetoric, past and present, and seeks to change the way teachers and students think about the relationship between writers and readers. Focusing on theorists who see the creation of knowledge as a social process, the book discusses reader response and discourse processing theories and develops a model of how an individual evolves a set of beliefs about the world. Chapters of the book are: (1) Starting Points; (2) Reading as Construction; Reading as Communication; (3) From Interpretation to Belief; (4) The Rhetoric of Reading as a Critical Technique; and (5) Implications for Teaching and for the Art of Rhetoric. Each chapter includes footnotes, and a five-page bibliography is attached. (NKA)

Criticism of Oral Rhetoric

Because the rhetor is admittedly trying to influence , it is understood that
haphazard , unpurposeful behaviors by him are inappropriate for the duration of
the rhetorical engagement . In Bitzer ' s terms the rhetor promises a “ fitting "
response to ...

Author: Carroll C. Arnold

Publisher: Merrill Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:39015003937797

Category: Oratory

Page: 401

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Journal of Business and Technical Communication

Vatz argues that a rhetor arbitrarily creates his own context by what information
he chooses to take in . ... a translator and words are always evocative , there can
be no such thing as a fitting or appropriate response ; a response simply is .



ISBN: OSU:32435024208415

Category: Business communication


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Inside Language

( 7 ) Finally , the situation controls the rhetorical response in the same sense that
the question controls the answer and the problem controls the solution . Not the
rhetor and not persuasive intent , but the situation is the source and ground of ...

Author: Jennifer MacLennan

Publisher: Scarborough, Ont. : Prentice Hall Allyn and Bacon Canada

ISBN: 0130112674

Category: College readers

Page: 400

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The Anchor Bible Dictionary O Sh

Author: David Noel Freedman

Publisher: Anchor Bible

ISBN: 0385193637

Category: Religion

Page: 1230

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He has been called ""the most sublime of all the Spanish mystics."" Dark Night of the Soul stnads as one fo the greatest contributions to the literature of mysticism. Edited by E Allison Peers.

Rhetorical Criticism

Again , there may be accidents of a given response that will prove to be singular ,
but on the whole — we assume — there will be only a finite number of rhetorical
strategies available to a rhetor in any given situation , and his playing his own ...

Author: Edwin Black


ISBN: UOM:49015000900515

Category: Art oratoire

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This is a book that, almost singlehandedly, freed scholars from the narrow constraints of a single critical paradigm and created a new era in the study of public discourse. Its original publication in 1965 created a spirited controversy. Here Edwin Black examines the assumptions and principles underlying neo-Aristotelian theory and suggests an alternative approach to criticism, centering around the concept of the "rhetorical transaction." This new edition, containing Black's new introduction, will enable students and scholars to secure a copy of one of the most influential books ever written in the field.