Rhetor Response

This book presents both opportunities and challenges to writing studies, a field whose burgeoning disciplinary independence ironically relies on a sizable underclass of specialists in literature rather than writing.

Author: Peter H. Khost

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781607327769

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 264

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Bridging the disciplinary divide between writing and literature, Rhetor Response introduces the concept and pedagogical applications of “literary affordances”—the ways in which readers “use” and integrate literature into their own writing or lives. Unconcerned with authorial intent, interpretive meaning, or critical reception, “affordance” signifies a shift in focus from what literary texts mean and do to what one can do with them. This book presents both opportunities and challenges to writing studies, a field whose burgeoning disciplinary independence ironically relies on a sizable underclass of specialists in literature rather than writing. Incorporating elements of rhetorical theory, literary criticism, pedagogical methodology, political critique, and psychological and philosophical memoir, Peter H. Khost complicates and revives the relevance of literature—from belles lettres to fanfiction—by turning from interpretation to affordance in order to identify readers’ applications of literary textual features to unrelated lived situations. Rhetor Response theorizes and exemplifies literary affordance as a constructive step toward professional reconciliation, as well as an entry into greater textual power and pleasure for students and readers. It is a one-of-a-kind resource for college writing program administrators, faculty and scholars in English and writing studies, and graduate and advanced undergraduate students across both disciplines.

Rhetoric and Biblical Interpretation

In response to human actions, God adjusts his view of the place of human beings
in the world in 3.175. This re-envisioning is the 'point' of the Paradise narrative:
God's activity in the world is conceptualiZed as a response to human action—a ...

Author: Dale Patrick

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781850752226

Category: Bible

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Encyclopedia of Rhetoric and Composition

... New Rhetoric challenges the presumed authority of the rhetor-as-author/
originatorand blends the notions of rhetor and au-- dience, anticipating later
collaborative and dia-logic visions of the rhetor-audience relationship. Reader-
Response ...

Author: Theresa Enos

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135816063

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Rhetoric of Romans

Stowers, Diatribe, p. 2. These are the opposite views of the rhetor's response to
the rhetorical situation (of Lloyd Bitzer and Richard Vatz, respectively) rejected by
Scott Consigny in his article on 'Rhetoric and its Situations', pp. 175-76, 183.

Author: Neil Elliott

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 1451415125

Category: Religion

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In The Rhetoric of Romans, Neil Elliott presents a rhetorical- critical reading of the letter that indicates that Paul wrote, not to counter Jewish opponents or aspects of the Jewish religion, nor to legitimize the law-free gentile church, but to warn against elements of the Hellenistic church's Christology and an incipient Christian supersessionism that threatened the collection in Jerusalem and the heart of his apostolic work.

Eminent Rhetoric

Thus the Reagan-Bush rhetoric is consistently emotional — verging on hysterical
— when something as large as women ... Both responses are desirable to the
reactionary rhetor, but the third way women can respond is not: to see through
the ...

Author: Elizabeth A. Fay

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0897893093

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Examines the unacknowledged political uses of language in modern culture that cause power imbalances among speakers and listeners, especially women.

Rhetorical Criticism

The situation presents a problem , and rhetoric comes into existence as a
response to that problem or as an effort to resolve ... Rather than being forced by
the situation to respond in a fitting manner , the rhetor is seen as having the
freedom to ...

Author: Sonja K. Foss


ISBN: IND:30000081695474

Category: Rhetorical criticism

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Offers students an excellent example of the diversity & breadth of rhetorical criticism.

American Rhetoric

Context and Criticism Lewis Perry Thomas W. Benson, Edwin Erle Sparks
Professor of Rhetoric Thomas W Benson, PhD. SEVEN ... situational , and
generic dimensions of discourse influence rhetor invention and potential
audience response .

Author: Thomas W. Benson

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809315092

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Nine fresh views of the interconnections of historical, critical, and theoretical scholarship in the field of American rhetoric. Stephen T. Olsen addresses the question of how to determine the disputed authorship of Patrick Henry’s "Liberty or Death" speech of March 23, 1775. Stephen E. Lucas analyzes the Declaration of Independence as a rhetorical action, designed for its own time, and drawing on a long tradition of English rhetoric. Carroll C. Arnold examines the "communicative qualities of constitutional discourse" as revealed in a series of constitutional debates in Pennsylvania between 1776 and 1790. James R. Andrews traces the early days of political pamphleteering in the new American nation. Martin J. Medhurst discusses the generic and political exigencies that shaped the official prayer at Lyndon B. Johnson’s inauguration. In "Rhetoric as a Way of Being," Benson acknowledges the importance of everyday and transient rhetoric as an enactment of being and becoming. Gerard A. Hauser traces the Carter Administration’s attempt to manage public opinion during the Iranian hostage crisis. Richard B. Gregg ends the book by looking for "conceptual-metaphorical" patterns that may be emerging in political rhetoric in the 1980s.


Although rhetorical situation invites response , it obviously does not invite just
any response . ... Any student of rhetoric could have given odds that President
Johnson , in a major address , would speak to the significance of these events ,
and ...

Author: William A. Covino

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: UOM:39076001670889

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 835

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*HA02, Rhetoric: Concepts, Definitions, Boundaries, William A. Covino(University of Illinois at Chicago), David A. Jolliffe(University of Illinois at Chicago), U1581-0, 640 pp., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4, 0-02-325321-5, paperbound, 1995, $22.50nk, August*/RHETORIC provides a comprehensive overview of the major concepts of rhetorical theory, developed throughout history to the present. The text is divided into four parts: an introduction, defining rhetoric conceptually and historically and interrogating the definitions it proposes; a glossary, providing explanations of important concepts, periods, and individuals; a selection of perspectives by major scholars; and a collection of 13 readings and related commentaries, focusing on the relationship of rhetoric to other fields.


Any student of rhetoric could have given odds that President Johnson , in a major
address , would speak to the significance of these events , and he did ; his
response to the situation generated by the events was fitting . Suppose that
Johnson ...

Author: Walter R. Fisher


ISBN: UOM:39015004752625

Category: Rhetoric

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Jeremiah s and Ezekiel s Sign Acts

(See the following section, “Rhetor Response' for discussion of the prayer.) The
prayer thus functioned as a rhetorical argument from authority. Through
Jeremiah's questions to God, the people were informed that Jeremiah, when he
performed ...

Author: Kelvin G. Friebel

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780567176066

Category: Religion

Page: 535

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The books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel contain the majority of the biblical accounts of prophetic sign-actions. By analysing these two prophets' actions according to the terms and concepts used in studies of nonverbal communication and rhetoric, this work seeks to bring conceptual and terminological clarity to the discussion of prophetic sign-acts and to enhance the perception of the prophets as persuasive communicators. Rather than prophetic sign-acts being viewed as having a magical derivation or as being inherently efficacious in bringing about what they portray, the sign-acts are viewed as being primarily forms of nonverbal communication whose purpose was to have a persuasive impact upon spectators.

The History and Theory of Rhetoric

Rhetoric Is Responsive Fourth , rhetorical discourse typically is a response either
to a situation or to a previous rhetorical ... token , any rhetorical statement , once
advanced , is automatically an invitation for other would - be rhetors to respond .

Author: James A. Herrick

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: UCSC:32106011375323

Category: Rhetoric

Page: 303

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The History and Theory of Rhetoric offers an accessible discussion of the history of rhetorical studies in the Western tradition, from ancient Greece to contemporary American and European theorists. By tracing the historical progression of rhetoric from the Greek Sophists of the fifth century B.C. to contemporary studies - such as the rhetoric of science and feminist rhetoric - this book teaches what rhetoric is and what unites differing rhetorical theories throughout history. The History and Theory of Rhetoric uses concise contemporary examples throughout and emphasizes the relevance of rhetoric to today's readers. For anyone interested in Rhetorical Theory.

The Rhetoric of Western Thought

With the first reports of the assassination , there immediately developed a most
urgent need for information ; in response , reporters created hundreds of
messages . Later as the situation altered , other exigences arose : the fantastic
events in ...

Author: James L. Golden


ISBN: UCSC:32106006782061

Category: Rhetoric

Page: 256

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The Rhetoric of Ruben Berrios

Dependency , the long - range dreadful result of Operation Bootstrap , offered
independence advocates an opportunity to denounce colonialism and to
advocate their ideology . The Rhetor's Response to the Rhetorical Situation The
1970s ...

Author: Elizabeth Hernandez


ISBN: IND:32000004613909

Category: Political oratory

Page: 594

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Rubén Berríos Martínez, President of the Puerto Rican Independence Party for over two decades, has advocated independence for Puerto Rico through many means. He has been considered to be the best contemporary political speaker in Puerto Rico by both followers and foes.

Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric

THEORETICAL PROBES defeated by Labour . Any student of rhetoric could have
given odds that President Johnson , in a major address , would speak to the
significance of these events , and he did ; his response to the situation generated
by ...

Author: Richard L. Johannesen

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: UOM:39015005301026

Category: Rhetoric

Page: 403

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After the Fall

Rhetoric in the Aftermath of Dissent in Post-communist Times Noemi Marin ...
Accordingly , identity or voice , in my view , becomes both a dynamic and an
inherent dimension of the rhetor ' s reinvention of the self in response to exile .
Identity ...

Author: Noemi Marin

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 143310055X

Category: Political Science

Page: 188

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Noemi Marin analyzes famous writers from the area as critical intellectuals and exiles in order to explore the role of rhetoric and identity in writers' own experiences during the long history of communism. Along with examinations of discursive relationships among power, culture and resistance in works by George Konrad, Andrei Codrescu, and Siavenka Drakulic before and after the fall of communism, Marin proposes specific dimensions for a rhetoric of exile pertinent to communist Eastern and Central Europe. After the Fall shows how critical works on identity, culture, and communist history by the writers studied aid in reconstituting a rhetoric of dissidence, identity, and legitimation in the public discourse of a changing Europe. The book offers a unique perspective on the complex contexts of political transition, in which competing public discourse on freedom and democracy intersect with totalitarian regimes, unsettled societies, and issues of resistance.

The Responsibilities of Rhetoric

Yet these five definitions ought to initially be examined separately to determine
how rhetorical agency is produced through multiple points of origin that dialogue
with one another through an author or rhetor ' s skillful crafting in response to a ...

Author: Rhetoric Society of America. Conference

Publisher: Waveland PressInc

ISBN: 1577666232

Category: Social Science

Page: 371

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The Responsibilities of Rhetoric combines reflections on today's globalized world with responsive glances toward the rhetoric of the future. A product of the 2008 conference of the Rhetoric Society of America, thirty-one contributors ask, if rhetors are responsible and responsive to their publics, if rhetoricians instruct and empower those who learn from them, what are the responsibilities of rhetoric in our time? Their discussions implicate the promotion of public reason in society, the ability to unite publics and communities, the commitment to provide visions of the possible, and the responsibility to prepare students to think and deliberate in contemporary society.

The Rhetoric of Nuna Dual Tsuny

She writes : Here we begin an inquiry into the role of the rhetor's conscious
assessment of situations and choices in response to those assessments . In the
traditional view articulated by Campbell , “ Central to any competent
communication is ...

Author: Nicol Nixon-Augusté


ISBN: UCLA:L0098340771

Category: Cherokee Indians

Page: 340

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Linked Courses for General Education and Integrative Learning

The course that resulted focused on four concepts associated with writing:
rhetoric, genre, identity, and values. ... of a textual response or may be called into
existence because someone—a rhetor—decides that a textual response is
necessary ...

Author: Margot Soven

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9781579228798

Category: Education

Page: 288

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Research indicates that of the pedagogies recognized as “high impact”, learning communities – one approach to which, the linked course, is the subject of this book – lead to an increased level of student engagement in the freshman year that persists through the senior year, and improve retention. This book focuses on the learning community model that is the most flexible to implement in terms of scheduling, teacher collaboration, and design: the linked course. The faculty may teach independently or together, coordinating syllabi and assignments so that the classes complement each other, and often these courses are linked around a particular interdisciplinary theme. Creating a cohort that works together for two paired courses motivates students, while the course structure promotes integrative learning as students make connections between disciplines. This volume covers both “linked courses” in which faculty may work to coordinate syllabi and assignments, but teach most of their courses separately, as well as well as “paired courses” in which two or more courses are team taught in an integrated program in which faculty participate as learners as well as teachers. Part One, Linked Course Pedagogies, includes several case studies of specific linked courses, including a study skills course paired with a worldview course; a community college course that challenges students’ compartmentalized thinking; and a paired course whose outcomes can be directly compared to parallel stand-alone courses Part Two, Linked Course Programs, includes a description of several institutional programs representing a variety of linked course program models. Each chapter includes information about program implementation, staffing logistics and concerns, curriculum development, pedagogical strategies, and faculty development. Part Three, Assessing Linked Courses, highlights the role of assessment in supporting, maintaining, and improving linked course programs by sharing assessment models and describing how faculty and administrators have used particular assessment practices in order to improve their linked course programs.

Frederick Douglass s Curious Audiences

The purpose of the last chapter was to present an argument about the value
placed on reform rhetoric in the era when Frederick ... of popular Northern
audiences, have negative expectations of, but a positive response to, Douglass
as a rhetor.

Author: Terry Baxter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135876982

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 194

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This book attempts to answer a fundamental question: How did Douglass manage to persuade anyone about the evils of slavery, and even impress viewers with his personal qualities, when his speeches were commonly considered mere entertainment, in the same category as Barnum's circus acts? In answering this question, Terry Baxter provides a means of understanding the positive responses of Frederick Douglass's white audiences and African American celebrities' roles as both objects of consumption and vehicles for social change.